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    That's Novel Interviews NM Silber & Cori Williams

    in Books

    NM Silber on Amazon:  http://amzn.to/1Em7gbt  N.M. Silber is a USA Today Bestselling author, and practicing attorney, who has survived the Philadelphia criminal court system, largely by having a sarcastic sense of humor. She used her experiences there as a starting place to build her humorous cast of characters and sexy story lines, and she employs her knowledge of legal practice, courtroom procedure, and how lawyers really think, in every one of her novels. 

    She has been a #1 Bestselling author in Romantic Comedy on Amazon, and a Top 20 Bestselling author there, and at Barnes & Noble. She was voted an Amazon Reader's Choice Best New Author for 2013, and has been ranked as a Top 100 author there overall. She has stated that her goal is to write books that genuinely make readers feel good.

    Cori Williams on Amazon:  http://amzn.to/1N1TfI8  Cori "C.A." Williams is the author of The Journey Series, Imperfect Perfection Series, Midnight Ballerina, and the soon to be released Frozen Dreams; all of the New Adult Genre. When she's not busy typing away at a new book, she's also trying to juggle three little ones. Not to mention a self-admitted lip-gloss addict, wine drinker (as long as its Moscato) and of course, book lover.


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    At Eye Level - Don't Privilege on Me

    in Entertainment

    It's gotten to the point where a person can't just be offended by anything without being accused of some sort of privilege. What's up with that? Why does the fact that you piss me off make me privileged? What's a cranky old fart supposed to do? What's with you kids today, anyway?

    If you're a regular listener, you've probably realized by now that we're being sarcastic here. We understand the concept of various types of privilege and how many are blind to it. We joke a lot about "loading a case of Evian into the Escalade and heading to the summer house" but it's not too far off from what it's like. Too many people don't realize how good they have it and think that life is just as easy for everyone else as it is for them. It even breeds contempt for others, because the privileged person can't see the obstacles the other person has to overcome.

    So, if you're not feeling too privileged, join us and share your experiences. What types of privilege do you enjoy?

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    WOI Presents Writer's Cafe with Willow Cross

    in Writing

    On this episode of Writer's Cafe author Juila Lake Mills will be joining Willow to discuss all things writing!  The show will air Friday June 5th at 10 am EST.

    Author Bio:  Julia Lake Mills

    I am a sarcastic, southern woman that would rather spend all day laughing than a minute crying. I have 2 of the most amazing daughters ever created, a menagerie of animals and a voracious appetite for reading. I decided to write the stories running through my brain and am having an absolute blast!! I read my first book, Dr Suess' Cat in The Hat, by myself at 4 and have been hooked ever since. I believe a good book along with shoes, makeup and purses will never let a girl down. I know for a fact that all heroes in all the books I have ever read or will ever write pale in comparison to my hero, my dad! I am a sucker for a happy ending and love some hot sweaty sex with a healthy dose of romance. I am still working on my story but can guarantee you that it will contain as love and laughter as I can cram into it!!!!! Dare to Dream! Have the Strength to Try EVERYTHING! Never Look Back!

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    Sacred Sunday~I Corinthians Chapter 4/Fools For Christ

    in Spirituality

    Paul of Tarsus: Professional House Sitter

    The apostles are like house sitters taking care of God's place while he's temporarily out of town. Sure, you have to check the references for your house sitter, but other than that, you're good. And Paul's references—namely Jesus—are pretty ironclad. That's why the Corinthians shouldn't judge his work against the work of others. God has already vouched for him. It's not like Paul is never going to face judgment—but that, friends, is up to God himself. In short: don't do God's job for him, Corinthians. But then again, Paul tells them, maybe it's cool for you guys to judge in God's place because you're so amazing. Sarcasm alert! After all, the Corinthians are the greatest, right? They're rich as kings! They have power and wisdom and strength and everyone loves them! They're the best! (Not.) And the poor apostles—like Paul—are just poor and weak and hungry and thirsty and homeless and beaten and weary and… okay, we get it Paul.

    Daddy Dearest

    Look, Paul says, sarcastic comments aside, he's not trying to be a jerk. He doesn't want to embarrass the Corinthians or make them feel bad. Um, okay… He's kind of acting like their dad. Um, Paul, isn't that God's metaphor? Paul watches over them along with Jesus like a father. So do as he says, kids. Paul tells them that he's sending Timothy to Corinth so that he can remind the little children of the church how they should be acting. And if Paul doesn't hear a good report… well, then, he is going to have to come down there, young church! And he might be bringing his belt with him. Run, kids! Thanks to www.shmoop.com

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    LOAD Episode 2

    in Film

    Eulalio Magana and Ross Miller release their pent up LOAD about what's in the news today and just plain anything that is annoying them this week (mainly each other)

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    @KEMTopTalk Welcomes Author @Master_Vyle

    in Fun

    Master Vyle joined us last week when I interviewed Venus Lux. He comes back to discuss his projects and his books he has written. Perhaps read a little excerpt. Join us LIVE at 9PM.

    Of course we can't have a show without comments on our Reality TV tube and all the sarcastic words of wisdom from Altanta Housewives the renuion of Real Housewives of Beverly HIlls and of course the new craze that seems to be lighting up television with Married at First Sight Season Two and arranged marriages. Do they really work out or not? How would they beneift you if you were arranged with someone you didn't know but a panel of experts believe your commonalities can keep you together.

    Follow Master Vyle on Twitter @Master_Vyle and his blogs www.houseofmastervyle.blogspot.com and mastervylepresents.blogspot.com

    Follow us @KEMTopTalk and listen to all past shows here www.kemtoptalk.com

    Join us in Vegas Aug. 14-16 sign up now as rooms are getting booked up fast www.eventsbymblue.com

    And follow your host here @MarabelleBlue


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    power of perception Music with Irenka

    in Spirituality

    Here is my bio :


    "Music is the plant that makes life more breathable" and "Changing the world one song at a time" are some of Irenka's mottos. She's not the conventional rebel, no tattoos, no BS, but she certainly doesn't fear crossing the ocean on her own and defying the charts with lovely titles like "A Reason To Hate Me", the sarcastic jazzy tune "I Don't Need No Lover" or her darkest track "It Burns" about physical abuse.

    A true artist on a mission, a modern gypsy who loves to surprise, challenge the status quo, and utilize the power of music to relieve pain, bring joy and laughter, all while making you dance, sing and everything in between.


    From the streets of Brussels, Belgium, to Paris, from Paris to England, from England to the United States, it's no surprise her colorful music crosses borders and genres with such ease. Whether playing Jimmy Van Zant's benefit concert in Alabama, an indie music festival in Bisbee, Arizona, sharing the stage with the Leftovers in San Francisco, or with Colin Huntley and Livision in Austin, Irenka will put on a show, for any crowd, any stage, any day. Her shows include some crowd interaction and is pretty edgy, moody and eclectic from pop to jazz, rock, hip hop, industrial and dark electro. Always there to surprise you with the unexpected.


    Baked out of ROCK and SOUL, POP and HEART. It's sweet and sour, it's warm but fresh, it's cheesy then spicy. Ready to have a taste?.....




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    UGP #345 The Aggadore Comedy Hour

    in Politics Conservative

    Due to technical difficulties the show did not air quite as planed...I managed to turn on David Milliner's mic just before I lost all control of the show. Like the professional he is, Aggadore picked up the show and ad libbed for two hours on the Professor's behalf. With our heart felt thanks we encourage you to sit back and enjoy our friend witty and sarcastic slant on the world...

    --The Professor

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    Super Bowl XLIX: Desert Smackdown…Seahawks, Patriots, and Katy Perry’s Breasts

    in Comedy

    Jay, Matt, and the IWS Radio team are celebrating Super Bowl XLIX and helping you to make your Super Bowl festivities a touchdown. IWS Radio has your Smart Car Keys to the Game®, along with insight and bold predictions from Sarcastic Sam, Slyder Balzcock, Bobby Kraft, Party Marty, John McCain, and the adorable young woman who answers the phones at the Vatican Embassy in Washington, D.C.

    Jay and Matt are talking about the game, taking a satirical look at the cities of Boston and Seattle, and broadening your knowledge with fun facts about the State of Arizona. Super Bowl Party foods and etiquette are on the table as well, along with talk about under inflated balls and Katy Perry’s over-inflated breasts.

    All of that plus your phone calls at 661.244.9852, as IWS Radio tackles Super Bowl XLIX.   

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    Indie Cypher Show (Failed Thuggin)

    in Indie Music

    Join Perfect Ego & Baby Doll to discuss WHEN THUGGIN’ GOES WRONG. Since when was talking hella shyt on the internet considered THUGGED OUT?? Tune in or call the ladies and share your thoughts and stories on failed thug missions. It’s going to be a hilarious show!

    While Perfect Ego and Baby Doll give the best of sarcastic satire and disrespectful love tap opinions on current events and juicy gossip, the show focuses on revealing the best of Independent Entertainment as a whole, plays music and interviews the best independent music artists, producers, film directors, models, freelance photographers, writers, actors, etc. 

    For the latest in news, entertainment, & more check us out at www.TheGrid10.com!

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    Bill Pickle is hot "In the Pickle Barrel"; Rev Foster Clark “Life Empowering Words - Faith for your

    in Education

    9AM - 11AM EST: Join Bill as he takes exception to some actions and comments by (being sarcastic) his President, In addition, Frank V. Vernuccio, Jr., J.D., editor-in-chief of the New York Analysis of Policy & Government and syndicated radio host will be jumping "In the Pickle Barrel". Vernuccio and Bill will be taking a indepth analyisis of the SOTU speech. Exactly what was the President saying and was he accurate in his comments.

    Join in the discussions by entering the online chat room or talk live to with Bill and his guest by calling 602-753-1822.

    11AM-NOON EST: Rev Foster Clark

    “Life Empowering Words - Faith for your week”