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  • Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio Presents: Don Peak of Kentucky

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    Don Peak is a professional trophy multi specie freshwater angler, with 3 Kentucky Master Angler Awards over 150 trophy and Big-fish awards. An accomplished deer hunter, a former competitive shooter, with many awards, a former competitive bodybuilder and gym owner, wilderness survival instructor and wilderness guide, mentioned in several OUTDOOR LIFE magazine issues, Louisville Courier Journal Newspaper and pictured in North American Fisherman magazine....and Bigfoot hunter and investigator. Like most people who enjoy the outdoors, Don never gave much thought to whether Bigfoot existed or not...but if Bigfoot did exist, it would almost have to be in the pacific north west...not in his home state of Kentucky. At least that's what he thought, until July 2004 while wade fishing a creek for small-mouth bass in the eastern mountains of Kentucky. Join us as we find out how Don Peak discovered Saquatch that day. Don Peak has three FB pages: Don Peak Wilderness Adventures that deals with his hunting and investigating Bigfoot https://www.facebook.com/Don-Peak-Wilderness-Adventures-278317298973130/timeline/ Don Peak North American Guides a business venture, wilderness guiding in 2016 https://www.facebook.com/Don-Peak-North-American-Guides-424527297756728/timeline/    https://www.facebook.com/GoFishingWithDonPeak?pnref=story

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    Bob Garrett will step down for one night and be interviewed by Randy Lodder

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    Thats right folks I will give up my set as host and turn it over for one night, to long time resarcher Randy Lodder. Randy has done field work in WA and has had experiences in Canada. Randy has been a soldier and tree planter and has had his first signting at age seven. The guys at the Big Thicket Watch will have a few questions for Randy too.

    Tune in on this Sunday at 9pm central time the 28th. This should be a could show.

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    SC EP:36 Bigfoot in my backyard

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    We will be speaking to two witnesses who had encounters with the creatures at close range. Both guests tonight describe encounters with these creatures at close range and on their property. One of the Sasquatch encounters was in Washington and the other was in Texas.



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    Alaska Bigfoot with Robert Alley & Charlie Thompson

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    Dr. Robert Alley, a retired professor of Anatomy and Physiology has been a Sasquatch researcher since 1974, holds degrees in anthropology, physical therapy and chiropractic, and is best known as the author of  “Raincoast Sasquatch,” an excellent introduction to sasquatches in general, and particularly to the surprisingly rich historical reports, Native beliefs, as well as continuing reports and evidence of  Sasquatches in the Pacific coastal rain forests.

    "Raincoast Sasquatch" is constantly picked as one of the best bigfoot books ever writtem..

    Charlie Thompson has been researching Alaska's sasquatch for many years and owns the Saquatch Tracker website  www.sasquatchtracker.com

    Thompson has personally discovered several sets of tracks in his area and also heard tree knocking sounds while camping.  Thompson uses the experience he gained while working on an archaeology degree to survey and record the site of each encounter that is reported to him. 


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    Beyond The Edge Of Reality

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    paranormal talk we all do all things paranormal from udo's to bigfoot. we also talk conspiracy thoeries and paranormal wierd news.

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    More Friends from the Blackfeet Nation

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    This week, if all goes well, we will have several people from the Blackfeet Nation in Browning Montana on the show to share their experiences with "Bigfoot".
    If all goes well, we will have Bruce Schildt who you may remember from a previous show.  Billy Little Plume who had the "bear story", and possibley Hirahm  whos dog brought home the leg and foot as seen in the movie "Bigfoot Lives", along with some other surprise guests from the reservation.
    Join us as we open the lines and learn more about the unique views on the subject of Bigfoot from these First Nation People.

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    Christopher Noel

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    Chris Noel author and Sasquatch researcher will join us this Sunday night to discuss his new book Saquatch Rising 2013 " Dead Giants Tell no Tales". This show shoiuld be very interesting as we touch upon some very current subjects facing the bigfoot communiity, the DNA study and the possible killing of a Bigfoot. So please Join us Sunday night 9 pm for more Bigfoot Tonight Radio. Lets Talk Bigfoot !

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    I am back BIG-FOOT too

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    We will discuss paranormal and other outer ideas tune in and call free discussion as always.