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    Authors Corner - Next Stop Nina

    in Sports

    Author's Corner:  Next Stop; Nina

    Laurie & Mike Kehoe and discuss with Robin Raven her background and writings at 10pm ET / 7pm PT

    There's something different about Nina; she never felt comfortable in this world. As she struggles to cope with the pain of her present and past, the young girl's life is changed through the beauty of art. When Nina grows up and winds up in over her head in a dark place, she finds herself somehow transported to another time when nothing is quite what it seems. She must fight the horrors of her past all over again. Along the way, she faces greater challenges than she imagined and enjoys sweet surprises when she discovers true love. This is a character-driven novel with a heroine who faces suicidal depression on her own terms, and that's just the beginning. At its heart, Next Stop: Nina is a love story that takes on the types of love that change us and allow us to discover the truth in ourselves.

    Robin Raven is the human who once belonged to the greatest dog that ever lived. Born in Mobile, Alabama, Robin grew up in a nearby town called Saraland, and her hometown is a lovely place that still inspires her. As an adult, Ms. Raven has mostly lived in Los Angeles and New York City, so she also considers those cities to be home. Next Stop: Nina is Robin’s debut novel. She blogs at RobinRaven.com. If she’s not reading or writing, you can probably find Robin daydreaming about adopting a rescue donkey. Delicious vegan food rocks her world. So does effective altruism. In addition to being an author, Robin has worked as a professional actress.

    www.SportzAddix.com 646-378-1303

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    #CincoDeMAYO "Tha Wetback Extravaganza"

    in Podcasting

    Starting Wednesday, San Jose Police is staffing up for the Cinco de Mayo holiday, bringing in 100 extra police officers to man downtown and the city's east side. Downtown businesses on Santa Clara Street are concerned the partying could get out of control.

    Trump shifts to VP search, could name Cabinet picks pre-convention

    California unions crush bid to open their books

    Cinco de Mayo beer sales outpace St. Patrick's Day and Super Bowl

    and it's time to get drunk & High ....... it's PARTY TIME..................


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    El Fracaso de La Iglesia Cristiana (pte 2)

    in The Bible

    Como seres humanos, es nuestra naturaleza de equivocarnos de vez en cuando tambien fracasar en ciertas cosas.  ¿Qué tal espiritualmente?  Hoy en día existen tantas  religiones cristianas que uno puede simplimente escoger cuál es la religion más atrativa.  Si estas religiones cristianas e  iglesias son gobernados por hombres imperfectos, que pasa cuando esa religión o una iglesia fracasa?  ¿Qué quede ser dicho a una persona que ha sido traicionada o si tal persona se sienta defraudada? ¿Para donde vaya a doblar?  Si tantas iglesias y religiones cristiansas utilizan La Biblia Santa para justificar sus enseñanzas y fracasan a sus miembros como puede una persona seguir recibiendo la guianza espiritual?  En el programa de hoy, vamos a explorar en La Biblia Santa el fracaso de la iglesia cristiana.

  • test para llamar a karina

    in Christianity

    test para llamar a karina menesses

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    How To Get The Respect You Deserve

    in Romance

    THIS WEEK:  We are discussing how to gain the respect and cooperation of your peers, partners, friends, family, supervisors, and subordinates. In large cities, large companies, and large industries alike, it is easy to get lost and go unrecognized. Since no one wants that, lets deal with how we put our personal footprint in the worlld. Log on Wednesday at 11pm to eplore this topic with me and join the fun.

    Reasons To Love is a talk experience with advice for all the relationships in your life including love. Every Wednesday at 11PM, CARLíN helps you navigate all of your relationships for more meaningful connections. The foundations for casual encounters, business, love, family and friendly relationships are all the same.

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    Bongo Boy Artist LISA COPPOLA

    in Culture

    “Wonder If” - RB3 The Red Bank Blues Band is a diversely talented group, featuring blues, R&B and classic soul. All the musicians live locally in New Jersey.

    The band has steadily become an audience favorite over the past years throughout the tri cities. Lead vocalist Lisa Coppola is a known for her music video "Just A Little Time" which has been featured on National TV with Bongo Boy TV recently in Season 5 Episode 1076.  The band is bringing their original blues song "Wonder If" as a welcoming addition to this release.


    Web Site RB3 The Red Bank Blues Band http://www.theredbankbluesband.com

    Web site: Lisa Coppola http://www.lisacoppola.com

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    Talking Sports with the 12th Man

    in Sports

    General Sports Talk with your hosts Robert Ford, JaQuan Jenkins & Andre Peterson.

    Topics to include:

    1. Are the Warriors trying to bring Steph Curry back to soon?

    2. NBA Playoffs

    3. Lakers co-owner reveals 5 players that he would like to keep for the future.

    4. Report: Chris Bosh season is over.

    5. Leandro Barbosa secret to longevity is horse medicine.

    6. Cavs 3 point shooting tonight.

    7. Raptors taking offense to LeBron James comments about Dwayne Wade

    8. Byron Scott feels like the Lakers blindsided him.

    9. NFL Draft recap

    10. The worst QB situations in the NFL right now. 

    11. Top Cities that deserve a new pro sports team.

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    Mr. Edwards talks - you better listen!

    in News

    Tune in tonight to hear long-time civil rights activist, historian and host of Minneapolis Television Network's Black Focus talk about the current event happening in the Twin Cities and across the world. His co-host Don Allen is on assignment in New York City. 


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    5% Series: The History of Allah's Paradise (Asbury Park). An Interview w/ TRUST

    in Culture

    The 5 PERCENTERS FORUM presents:



    Growing up as a child in the Nation of Islam, “Trust Allah” at 13 years old first heard and accepted the teachings of the 5% Nation in 1969 in Asbury Park, NJ. After leaving his Muslim household at 14 years old, he became a ward of the state and was placed in the care of the first family in the 5% Nation (Eyezame and Earth) in Neptune, NJ.

    As part of the first wave of 5 Percenters who came immediately after the assassination of the Father Allah, The Firstborns of Allah's Paradise all were taught by and bonded with the 5% Elders, the Firstborns of Mecca and Medina, Allah's Sons (A-Allah and B-Allah) and the First Fruits of Allah's 5% while attending the 1969-70 Parliaments at Mt. Morris Park, Fort Greene and were instrumental in the first annual Show & Prove in Mecca (Harlem) 1971. They were the first to bring busloads from out of town to 5% functions. Allah's Paradise became "a home away from home" for many 5% in New York City, and the city became recognized as a stronghold for the 5% Nation to this very day.

    TRUST Allah and others moved to Newark and other New Jersey cities in the early 1970s and helped spread the teachings of the 5% Nation.

    Today TRUTH is recognized as a prolific teacher in the Black Community via his Study Groups in History and the Knowledge of Self, and is recognized as a strong historian of 5% Nation and Nation of Islam history.

    Don't miss this powerful interview!

    with co-hosts Wakeel Allah, Understanding Allah, Allahmal Allah and YOU (THE CALLERS)!

    Wed. 5/4/16 at 8pm EST 
    Call in # (646)595-4289

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    Live Your Music – Margaux Joy and Guest Maria Carbonell 05/04/16

    in Lifestyle

    I am happy to have Maria Carbonell as my guest for 05/04/16.

    Maria Carbonell is founder of Sama Ayurveda, the first and only Green Certified Ayurveda Spa and Healing Studio in Santa Barbara, California. She focuses on the health, healing, and beauty for a woman’s soul.

    In Spring 2015 Maria felt an intuitive calling to close a physical location and begin making the transition to assist women around the world who are struggling to bring harmony to their heart and soul and align with who they truly are as they move through major life transitions.

    Maria acts as a compassionate guide to help women find the root cause of where they may be out of alignment, return to the memory of who they are, redefine their path and purpose, heal from loss, and re-ignite their passion through a self-discovery process guided by the ancient wisdom traditions and specific programs she has created called The Discomfort Cure and 5-Senses Pleasure Healing.
    Maria is an aromatherapist, energy healer, herbalist, Ayurvedic practitioner/educator and Intuitive Life Coach. She has published an e-book called The Art of Retreat, a how-to guide for personal retreats, giving every busy woman permission to pause and connect to their inner wisdom and give their body the renewal and restful state to help rebalance their mind and body.

    She lives in Ojai, California where she maintains her health, healing, and beauty garden, hosts the Lit Up Life Soul Summit, offers personalized Rasayana Nature Retreats and Health, and Life and Soul Coaching for women around the world.

    To connect with Maria Carbonell online, please visit her websites:


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    #EverythingisPolitical 5.4! Bro Mel & Brett Buckner #Truth2OurPeople

    in Politics

    #EverythingIsPolitical #SpeakTruth2OurPeople - Apostle SB Barber with commentator/analysts Bro Mel Reeves on Dateline; Brett Buckner on Now What?! 
    Business Wednesday Best Resources. SB Barber Morning Show presented by GRACE Media Network & GMSNewsChannel. This is your destination - Click "Follow" button above. Thank you!

    GMSbuzz & Contact Link:
    *Sat., 5.7 YiG Stars & Stop bullying Now Movement present TEENS REAL RAW REALITY LIVE Emergency Broadcast, Tune-In 646-595-3620 Talk2Us. We invite you to join LIVE Audience @ Harrison Park, 503 Irving Ave N, Mpls Outside.

    GoFund for BroSun Kirk Washington, Jr
    Twitter @BrettBuckner

    SBBMS Music Playlist: ABRADSHAW "Revolution".

    SBBMS definition of Best Resources are identifiable spiritual & natural suppliers of Resources to elevate & benefit an individual, a community, a nation.

    Send us your questions/comments before, during, after the broadcast. Join us on Twitter@GMNetwork, Facebook@GMNLiveTv, YouTube@GMNLiveTv or Instagram@GMNLiveTv -- SB Barber Morning Show with Apostle Shena SB Barber is produced by ShenaBarber.com and presented by GRACE Media Network.