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    Lower Your Taxes Big Time - Sandy Botkin Joins Jim Paris Live

    in Christianity

    Author of Lower Your Taxes Big Time, Sandy Botkin, joins Jim Paris Live.  On this episode - how starting a small home based business can substantially reduce your taxes, tax consequences of buying and selling Bitcoin, how to reduce your taxes to as low as possible - maybe even zero.

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    Taxes Made Easy w/ TaxBot's Creator Sandy Botkin

    in Business

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    Don't Face Tax Season without TaxBot!
    Click Here & Get Your TaxBot Today! The closer we get to tax day we are all spending more time focusing on getting our records organized and many of us are wishing we did more of that throughout the last year. TaxBot app is a fantastic tool for your iPhone that helps you do exactly that! It tracks milages, stores pictures of your receipts and keeps your 
    Join us tonight with TaxBot's creator Sandy Botkin to learn all about what TaxBot can do for you and your taxes!
    Sandy is #1 tax trainer in North America, best selling author of Lower Your Taxes Big Time, and has been featured tax expert at Donald Trump & Tony Robbins Seminars.  Sandy has also been a guest on Fox, CNN, ABC, and other news outlets for tax expert questions.
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    CKNM Shaun Murphy, Peter Karp, Jeff Chaz & CKNM Sandy Carroll

    in Music

    Show # 322


    Shaun Murphy returns to The Couch to share her latest release It Won’t Stop Raining.  Shaun has brought the Blues out in full-force on this one.  We’ll talk about the making of this album and plans are in her future.

    Peter Karp has released The Arson’s Match, a live concert in NYC where his long-time friend and collaborator Mick Taylor participated.  The result is something incredibly special.  I’ll speak with Peter about his career…and where he is headed in the future.

    Jeff Chaz sat with us during the IBC Preview shows this past January and he has just released his latest album, Sounds Like The Blues To Me.  We’ll delve deeper into Jeff’s history and play music from the album.

    Sandy Carroll released Last Southern Belle back in February.  It has a more country flavor about it, so I never received a copy.  When I found out about the album I reached out to Sandy and scheduled this return.  I told Sandy, doesn’t matter what some call it, if it is Sandy Carroll music, it belongs on The Couch.

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    On the Road to Heaven and Sacred Hoop (April Edition)

    in Spirituality

    April 27, 2016

    On the Road to Heaven with Denise Iwaniw & Sandra Harrick @ 8 PM EST

    "The Wounded Healer" - Join Denise Iwaniw and Sandy Harrick as they dive into 60 minutes of conversation for the soul. You don’t want to miss out on this month’s topic. 

    Alchemy in the Modern World with Neshi Lokotz & Minnie Kansman @ 9 PM EST

    "Intention - A State of Being" - What would happen if you stopped intending an action but became your intention? The concept of Intention as a state of being rather than an act of doing is a different way of experiencing life. This is a profound shift in consciousness. Are you ready to have this conversation? Join Minnie and Neshi for this lively discussion about Intention.

    Please view our Disclaimer for our radio programming.


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    A more sure word of Prophecy

    in Christianity

    Jesus was born in a manger that we might be born to life eternal. He became part of the human family that we might become part of the heavenly family. He lived in the midst of dust and poverty that we might live amid riches beyond description. He spent long nights in prayer that we might spend eternal ages in the presence of God. He went homeless that we might live in the mansions He is preparing for us. Our precious Saviour trod wearily the sandy trails of Old Palestine that we might walk with tireless feet on the golden streets of the New Jerusalem. He accepted in our behalf the crown of thorns that He might be able to place on our heads the crowns of victory. He died the death that was ours that we might live forever the glorious life that is His.


    in Motivation

    We welcome the Beverly Cunningham Outreach Program to the studio. April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention month. Our special guest Roderick Cunningham, is the Founder of BCOP.

    The foundation's mission is to provide individual and group counseling, advocacy and rehabilitation services to survivors of domestic violence. The foundation also seeks to be an outlet for community youth who are at risk of becoming victims of violence, substance abuse or who are impacted by health issues.

    Domestic Violence doesn’t just affect the victim but also the community as a whole. We are always looking for advocates to assist us in not only raising awareness of this crime but also with outreach programs.

    Tune in, learn some facts, how you can help and become aware of domestic violence, human trafficking and HIV/AIDS.

    See you on the radio

  • How to Get Men to Do Their Part in Relationships

    in Self Help

    Ken Bechtel is the host of the Speaking of Partnership podcast. For over 15 years, he has shared his insights and amusement as a speaker and educator to help women and men understand and appreciate each other so they can develop deep connections and healthy, life-long relationships.

    Join us as Ken shares tips on how to get men to take responsibility for their share in a relationship---without whining or nagging!

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    Special Show with Island Girl from Maui, Hawaii - World Malaria Day 4.25.16

    in Current Events

    We have a very special show today! It's World Malaria Day and we are raising awareness to End Malaria around the world. Listen to Sandy Conway and her special guests about the impact this tribe is making to save the lives of children all over the planet. Every 5 seconds a child dies from something totally preventable. Let's take it a step further; that's 12 lives every minute of the day. Her mission is to raise awareness about the 3 Primary Killers that are totally preventable and steal the lives of children every single day.  World Impact Solutions has given her the weapons to fight against Malnutrition, Dirty Water, and Mosquito Born Diseases. But she can't do it alone. Everyone needs to get involved! Make sure to tune in so you can find out how you can save the lives of children with her. Sandy Conway says, "Everyone has the right to life and if we can be a miracle for someone else, we can be the change we wish to see in the world". She has comitted herself to be a Voice for those who do not have one! As long as she is breathing, she will share this message of hope to the world. Go check out her website Catch the Wave Hawaii and read her story further. She has great information about this mission she is so passionate about. Will you catch the wave and save a life? I hope this show inspires you to do something. 

  • 02:42

    "Lessons From The Thorns"

    in Christianity

    This program wiill focus on the riveting story of Sandy Anderson the author of "Lessons from the thorns". A story chronicalling the events from childhood and the abuse she endured. Suffering mishaps and misfortunes along the way enduring through her faith in Jesus, culminating in an unbelievable success story..

    The interview will hear the purpose an objective behind writing the book. A great story of a wonderful person. The second segment of the program will be an interview with a farmer who is on the cutting edge of providing rich organic food. 

    The third segment will feature natural cures to common diseases, and ways to strengthen your immune system.

  • 01:59

    DPR Presents Sandy Johnson

    in Entertainment

    Dpr Presents Spiritual Awakenings. Featuring Special guest Psychic Sandy Johnson whose areas of specialty are: Soul Mate& Twin Flame Relationships, Career & Creativity. Sandys use of Tools & Abilities such as: Tarot, Astrology, Mediumship, Spirit Guidance & Psychic  Clairvoyance to provide the very best services to her clients.

    Sandy can be contacted by visiting her website: www.sanbfs.wordpress.com

    Tune in and tell all your firiends as a few lucky callers will receive a free demostrations of what Sandy Johnson has to offer.


    Hosted by Drew Pillow  

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    Major League Fantasy Baseball Weekly Show, Episode #10

    in Baseball

    Join Lou Landers and Kyle Amore live on Thursday April 21st, 2016 from 8-10pm EST for episode #10 of Major League Fantasy Baseball Weekly. We will discuss player positions and help prepare you for the coming draft season. This will run every Thursday as a live broadcast that will take live callers at 323-870-4395. Our Thursday night show will do some weekly recaps, player updates, and preview the coming week end games.

    Our guests this week are Lenny Melnick and Joe Iannone. Lenny Melnick is a fantasy baseball legend and a pioneer in the business. He is credited with starting the very first fantasy baseball show in 1993 along with Irwin Zwilling and Sandy Stolle. He also has a website which you can find at lennymelnickfantasysports.com where you can find all his work, and it is a great overall free community. Joe is a veteran writer with majorleaguefantasysports.com, a tenured fantasy baseball expert, and a big part of our community.

    You can find our shows on I-Tunes. Just search for Major League Fantasy Sports in the podcasts section. For Android users go to "Podcast Republic," then download that app, and search for "Major League Fantasy Sports Show"