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    Chef Alex's Fast Food Friday: Burgers and Sandwiches!!

    in Cooking

    On this episode of Fast Food Friday on the Chef Cardinale's Cooking Show, Chef Alex will be taking about Hamburgers and sandwiches! Hamburgers and Sandwiches have become some popular that they are easy to cook and don't take too long to make. You can get a quick burger or sandwich from Mcdonalds, Wendys, Subway, Chick-fila, and more! Chef Alex will tell you the good and bad of getting a sandwich at a restaurant. Also Chef Alex will share his copy cat sandwich recipes at home so you can enjoy a tasy sandwich with out having to drive to the restaurant. 

    Some of our recipes include: Filet ol' fish sandwich, Chef Alex's McChicken, Bacon Double Cheeseburger, Mushroom Burger, Crispy Chicken Sandwich, and much more!

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    Wraps VS Sandwiches, Dark Beer, Beer Snobs, PBS, Voyage of the MiMi

    in Comedy

    Join us for deep discussions about various crap such as why sandwiches are better than wraps, beer snobbery, old PBS shows, and more!

    Visit our website: http://www.hypersloth.me/

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    Sandwiches with Chef Alex

    in Food

    On this episode we will be talking about all the different types of Sandwiches. I will be going over hot sandwiches, cold sandwiches, grinders, open faced sandwiches, and more. I will be giving out my delicious Buffalo Chicken Wrap recipe and my Tuna Melt recipe. Tune in for an awesome show.
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    Gland Sandwiches

    in Comedy

    This week stand up comedian and SNL Weekend Update anchor, Michael Che is in the studio.

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    Sherrod Small @Sherrod_Small
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  • 01:18

    Gland Sandwiches

    in Comedy

    This week stand up comedian and SNL Weekend Update anchor, Michael Che is in the studio.

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    Sherrod Small @Sherrod_Small
    Kurt Metzger @KurtMetzger
    Kaytlin Bailey @KaytlinBailey


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    *CLINK!* Chat & Catch Up w/ @SimonMajumdar!

    in Entertainment

    Food expert, author of Fed, White, and Blue: Finding America with My Fork, Eat My Globe and Eating for Britain: A Journey Into the Heart (and Belly) of the Nation, journalist, and a TV personality whose roles as judge on Cutthroat Kitchen, Iron Chef America and The Next Iron Chef has earned him the title of Food Network’s “toughest critic".

     He shares how he found & followed his passion -- it is a fascinating story that starts with serendipity & a fate conspiracy beginning with a life saving dahl!

     He is generous, kind and so very well-spoken.  We enjoyed learning more about him and listening as he spoke of his travels around the world where he truly has embraced his mantra: "Go Everywhere, Eat Everything"!

    Simon shares what he thinks is the common thread that weaves our  meals together and describes the generosity of spirit he has continuously encountered.  Folks always want to have him taste their jams, tomato sauce, spirits and more...he has a wonderful practice of paying it forward that you need to hear!  

     What is his favorite bubbly? Of course, you KNOW we asked! What does he pair his fave with? Listen & find out :) He tells us what some of the tastiest sandwiches he has devoured around the world. *stomach growling* & what is next for him!

    TUNE IN!

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    C.D. - The BSA Marilyn Mosby Indictment of the 6BPD; to Justice or "Rushtice"?

    in Current Events

    As-Salaam-Alaikum / God's Peace Upon You,

    First, I must correct myself. When we aired the first show on this topic, I said that Baltimore's State's Attorney indicted without Grand Jury, the 6 officers in the death of Freddie Gray.

    Now that the "ham sandwiches" will stand trial as charged, we need to further examine, what happened to Freddie Gray, before, during and after the altercation with the BPD, which led to his untimely death.

    Clearly, there are many in the black community who are pleased with things thus far, viewing this as a sort of vindication for the disappointment of there being no indictments in the Eric Garner and Michael Brown cases. 

    On the other hand, the feeling has been expressed that Ms. Mosley levied the initial charges from a biased, unprincipled position, even suggesting a conflict of interest. 

    Is there reason to celebrate?

    Is "justice" finally to be served?

    In Waco, Texas, May 18th, at the Twin Peaks restaurant, a deadly shootout ensued, between two rival biker-gangs, the Banditos and Cossacks, in which 9 were killed and many, wounded.

    Amidst the reports of further planned attacks, there are some in the black community who point to how the press seems to set a contrasting tone in how each party is described. Absent in the description of the bikers, was the word "thug".

    How much time will the black community spend on this, in relation to that which we need to do, to repair ourselves and our communities, so that no one will ever have reason or purpose to so describe us?


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    E's Teahouse and Things Reawakening Garden Street

    in Entrepreneur

    E's Garden Tea House and Things is revolutionizing the tea industry by letting their customers create a blend that combines their favorite herbs and spices. With thousands of natural flavors from the Caribbean and around the world you have the opportunity to create a tea and call it yours!

    The management and staff of E's Garden Teahouse and Things believe that the calming sensation that comes from drinking tea is universal, and that the ingredients should reflect the various countries and cultures around us. Their primary focus is to bring you a diverse selection of flavors, and mix them to create a perfect drink. E's Garden Teahouse and Things offers an assortment of local and imported teas and complimenting pastries and sandwiches. 

    Don't know much about pairing flavors? That's OK! Their Smart Mixer will help you choose herbs and spices that complement one another.

    Want to learn more about the E's Garden Teahouse and Things or just want to talk? Send an email to them at: 

    support@esgardenteahouseandthings.com  or  eteahouseandthings@gmail.com

    E's Garden Tea House and Things 
    #2A Commandant Gade 
    Charlotte Amalie
    St. Thomas, VI 00802

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    SuperADDmom's Solution to Setting Yourself Up for Daily Success

    in Self Help

    Mother's Day guilt plagues many moms with ADHD who already question if they are good enough. When reality is sometimes the laundry isn't done and sometimes dinner is bologna sandwiches, how do we embrace this day of celebrating our Momminess?

    ADHD and Ability Coach, Ril Giles, is SuperADDmom. Listen as she describes her experiences helping us answer this question. 

    We laugh, we cry, no...not really...well, we do laugh...a lot...and talk about how no mom is alone. The path of motherhood can be a challenge for any woman. When you have ADHD that path can seem, in some ways, more challenging AND in other ways more fun!

    Access Here 4 Tools I Use to Get My ADD Kids to Do Their Chores

    Visit Ril at www.superADDmom.com or on all of the social media sites as SuperADDmom

    Twitter     Facebook     Google+    Instagram     Pinterest

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    Visit: SeeinADHD.com

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