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    Steve Elwart forecast in World Geopolitics for 2012

    in Current Events

         Steve Elwart is a Senior Analyst for the Koinonia Institute and has been a member of the 
    Institute since 2006.  He has spent 40 years in the Oil Industry, covering all areas of the  industry from the wellhead to the gas pump.  In those 40 years, Steve has had the  opportunity to work not only in private industry, but also as a consultant with numerous  governmental agencies.  As a Subject Matter Expert on energy, automation, and  cybersecurity, Steve has worked with two presidential administrations, several cabinet level  departments, as well as numerous congressional staffs and state commissions. Steve has also  served as interim pastor of his church. Elwart is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State  of Mississippi.  Steve has brought his varied experiences to others in as diverse places as the Sandia National  Laboratories, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, University of Alberta in Edmonton, and  United States Military Academy at West Point. Steve is a contributor to World Net Daily’s  “G2 Bulletin” and has lectured extensively across the United States and Canada. He was also  one of the speakers at the Koinonia Institute’s 2010 Strategic Perspectives Conference. 

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    DERIUS D. SWINTON-Author & Speaker

    in Entertainment

    Derius D. Swinton presently serves as the executive director of Swinton & Associates, LLC,  AKA The SOAR Group was interviewed by national radio host Sonya Swinton of Internet Celebrity Magazine & Radio Show. 

    Swinton & Associates is a nationally recognized minority small business that specializes in professional development training, motivational speeches and consulting services. Derius D. Swinton is an extraordinary, dynamic, highly engaging and informative professional motivational speaker, trainer, facilitator and professional life coach. Internationally recognized for his non-traditional approach, his speeches, training, workshops and seminars are truly an experience to behold.

    During 2009, Derius published his first book, ‘Soar Beyond Your Limitations.” This book is about helping individuals transform their dream into a reality, overcoming obstacles, and accomplishing personal and professional goals. Soar Beyond Your Limitations is the long awaited initial publication from Derius Swinton.  This compelling and thought provoking book taps into Derius' 25 plus years of experience speaking and training on the national and international stage.

     Derius has received numerous awards and honors. Using non-traditional and innovative approaches are what led to Derius’ selection as one of only 13 individuals to represent the United States at the International Educational Fellowship Program in China.  Other honors include the Outstanding Leadership Award, sponsored by Reader’s Digest; the Virginia Collaborative Leadership Program Award, and the 2006 Amigo Award, sponsored by New Mexico Diversity Committee and Sandia National Laboratories.

    For more info: www.swintonandassoc.org

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    Getting as Far Off the Grid as Possible

    in Paranormal

    Planet X Special Report with Marshall Masters Getting as Far Off the Grid as Possible - Energy Efficiency Expert, Daniel Dean The handwriting is on the wall when it comes to energy. We're going to see a continuing escalation in energy prices as the dollar weakens and global demand increases for oil. What does this mean for us.  A future where we begin to see rolling brownouts and blackouts as commonplace occurrences.
    So the question for each of us is, how do we prepare for this? Buy a few extra boxes of candles and expect to muddle through.  Or, get as far off the grid as possible?  While folks on main street are waiting to see how things work out, corporations and wealthy Americans are turning to people like Daniel Dean in the droves, to engineer their homes and survival bunkers to be completely self-sufficient and off the grid. Why, because they know what is coming!
    A certified energy efficiency expert Dan has worked with notable institutions like Sandia laboratories and the Department of Information Agency and is the CEO and chief engineer for Greenland Energy Dynamics (www.gedyn.com).  A highly successful alternative energy products company, based in Dallas, Texas.
    According to Dan, his clientele can afford technologies beyond the reach of most American families.  However, he also sees a wide range of practical and affordable options for families on limited budgets.  In this vitally important interview, he'll talk about what main street families can begin doing today, to get themselves as far off the greatest possible, so please tune in and be sure to call in with your questions. 

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    Leigh! at Lunch with Nancy Pearcey

    in Education

    Nancy R. Pearcey, editor-at-large of The Pearcey Report, is joining the faculty at Riven- dell Sanctuary and will begin leading classes in the Fall of 2011. She is also a columnist at Human Events and a fellow at the Discovery Institute. Previously she was the Francis A. Schaeffer Scholar at the World Journalism Institute, where she taught a worldview course based on her book Total Truth, winner of the 2005 ECPA Gold Medallion Award for best book on Christianity and Society. She has also served as professor of worldview studies at Philadelphia Biblical University, during which time she wrote her most recent book, Saving Leonardo: A Call to Resist the Secular Assault on Mind, Morals, and Meaning.
    Nancy has addressed staffers on Capitol Hill and at the White House; actors and screenwriters in Hollywood; scientists at labs such as Sandia and Los Alamos; students and faculty at Stanford, Dartmouth, Princeton, USC, Ohio State, and the University of Georgia; as well as educational and activist groups, including the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C. She has appeared on NPR and C-SPAN. In addition to Saving Leonardo and Total Truth, Nancy is author of The Soul of Science and co-author of How Now Shall We Live? (with novelist Harold Fickett and former White House operative Charles W. Colson). She contributed the Foreword to The Right Questions, and chapters to Of Pandas and People, Mere Creation, Pro-Life Feminism, Genetic Ethics, Signs of Intelligence, Reading God's World, Uncommon Dissent, and the Phillip Johnson Festschrift titled Darwin's Nemesis. Nancy and Rick are homeschooling the second of their two sons.

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    Nutition Edition Part 1

    in Fitness

    Nutrition Is the 80 Percent of physical results. It is imperative that good nutrition is carried out, join the conversation as we talk to Registered dietitian Sandia Waller about the importance in Nutrition.

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    The Reluctant Healer With Author David Elliott

    in Paranormal


    David Elliott is an acclaimed international healer, author,
    teacher and lecturer. He is recognized as one of the foremost
    teacher/trainers of spiritual healers working today.

    Born and raised on a farm in Kentucky, David Elliott moved to
    Miami in 1986 to pursue an acting career. He then ventured to Los
    Angeles, acting in films, television shows, and commercials throughout
    the 1980s and early ’90s. After a meeting with mystic healer, Tim
    Heath, David learned about his unique ability to hear, feel,
    and work with energy; the healing work got easier, and the “reluctant”
    phase of his life dissipated. By 1997, his acting career had ended and
    he was seeing many clients a week. David recalls, “The Universe
    obviously had a plan for me, so I decided to get out of the way and do
    the healing work. It has opened all the doors that I wanted to walk
    through.” David has enjoyed a successful healing practice for the past
    15 years. He travels throughout the country and world training healers,
    and was recently in Verona, Italy training healers.

    David has been featured in various media outlets, including
    Yogi Times and Bravo channel’s Flipping Out. He is also to be featured
    in the upcoming documentary, “Thirsting For God,” produced by Susan
    Nichols. It is a raw and unflinching film about Leanne Whitney's
    passionate journey finding her spirituality." He was also featured in
    the documentary, Hollywood Religions, by Channel 4 in London.

    David resides in Los
    Angeles and in Sandia Park, New Mexico.

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    Finding Power and Purpose in a Stressed Out World, with best-selling author, Thomas Crum

    in Self Help

    Thomas Crum is a best-selling author and presenter in the fields of conflict resolution, peak performance, and stress management. His latest book, "Three Deep Breaths: Finding Power and Purpose In A Stressed Out World" has just been released in paperback. (Berrett/Koehler Publishers, June, 2006.)
    Tom is known throughout the world for the Thomas Crum Approach, his best-selling books, audio and visual materials, and live presentations to help people become centered under conflict, more resourceful when facing challenges, and more effective under stress. For over 30 years, Tom has been a teacher of Aikido, a graceful martial art which uses energy rather than force to resolve conflicts, and he includes principles and movements from Aikido, Tai Chi Chuan, Qi gong, and other mind-body arts in his presentations. His presentations are experiential events with excitement, color, and unique value.
    Acclaimed as “more than another talking head,” Tom conducts presentations worldwide for management and employees at all levels in corporations, government and non-profit organizations. His corporate clients include Amgen, Diebold, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Alcan, Sandia National Labs, Intel, various universities and the U.S. Government. He is a popular keynote and plenary presenter, with appearances at many international conferences and associations including the American Society of Training and Development, Franklin Covey, the Ken Blanchard Companies, Systems Thinking in Action, and Global Institute for Leadership Development.
    Thomas Crum books, audio and visual materials and other products have been acclaimed throughout the world. In addition to "Three Deep Breaths", his books include "The Magic of Conflict", which has been honored by placement on the best seller’s list, and "Journey To Center", which has delighted readers with stories that inspire and motivate.