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    The Sanctity of Life by Brent Yim

    in Religion

    On this episode of Remnant X Radio we will be airing a teaching by Brent Yim entitled, "The Sanctity of Life." Please check out our website @RemnantXRadio.com and send us a friend request on facebook @RemnantXRadio ThePride!

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    Angel Help for Mediums ...plus in Hour 2: James Martinez - Sanctity!

    in Spirituality

    A Double Feature!

    IN THE FIRST HOUR: The Angels Monday Show! - Angel Help for Mediums! - Hosts Maria Maas, JaniceFuchs and Dax Carlisle discuss how Mediums can work with Angelsr! ...and Take Your Calls for Angels Messages!  - Show time will be 1pm Pacific - 3pm Central - 4pm Eastern....

    IN THE SECOND HOUR: The AfterLife Connections Show! - James Martinez!  -  This week, James Martinez returns to the show, discussing Scantity! 2pm Pacific - 4pm Central - 5pm Eastern - 10pm UK  ...Be Sure to grab a VIP Pass for this show! LifeScapeRadio.com/VIP

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    in Religion

    It is high time that a world should be made to understand.   Many diversely contentious representations that cannot agree, all claiming to have authority in the Holy Name is NOT a COVENANT nor a BLESSING, but a CURSE against the the honor and sanctity of all that is Divine Will!   All such false testimony is a damning device against the salvation of mankind.  May our people arise!

    No matter how many are the words of men, they cannot change nor ultimately impede the eventuality YAH foreordained.   Blessed are they who when the TRUTH shall appear, YAH finds them reasonable, humble and loving of the truth and peace to hear, discern and obey it.  


    The answers are contained in these verses. (Isaiah 55:1-60:12>-64:9)(Mat.5:1-<5-26>-<6:9-15>-8:1, Hebrews 10:26-12:18, Rev.2:26-3:6, Rom.12:5, Eph.2-4)     Hear tonight and TOMORROW NIGHT what will prepare us to better understand what must occur in us that we again be reconciled as a people consecrated unto YAH beyond the infirmities of the nations.  O ISRAEL!  Let US NOW who are consecrated unto YAH for the cause of PEACE honorable unto YAH on earth be WISE LEARN the TRUTH that we CEASE to CURSE OURSELVES!      What is covered on this show is fundamental toward understanding what is planned to be spoken of tomorrow night.    For PEACE in HOLY NAME'S SAKE!   Let us HEAR and REASON TOGETHER! (Isaiah 1:1-9>-<18-20>-31)   Hallelu'YAH!

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    The road to a successful marriage

    in Islam

    In America marriages failing are a common thing, and whats even sadder Muslim marriages dissolve worse then the non-Muslim marriages. What can we do as an Ummah to bring the sanctity and patience back into the Muslim marriages. Tune in tonight as we speak with Shaikh Daoud Bojang of the Marriage counseling center in Jonesboro Ga. As he helps to draw us a road map leading to an successful marriage. Call in and speak to the Host and the Shaikh 1 (855) 968-2756 #5   

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    Hard Starboard Radio: The Bogus Sanctity Of "Non-Christians"

    in Politics Conservative

    Jonathan Gruber's "pants inferno" and how his turn in Darrell Issa's barrel protected ObamaCare; Why are "non-Christian" sensibilities sacred?; Why is it not just permissible, but required, that Christians be mocked and persecuted to "preserve, protect, and defend" "non-Christian" sensibilities?; Would any Baptist with a child's corpse in his trunk not be arrested?  Of course not - but for Muslims, that is apparently now a constitutional right; While we lament passage of another "Cromnibus," let us celebrate the fall from power of Harry (G)Reid and his depraved obstructionism; and, time-permitting, today's Morning Jolt.

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    The New Push In America Toward Euthanasia

    in Moms and Family

    Massachusetts rejected New Jersey accepted fortunately Christie will veto it but the push towards euthanasia is national and the citizens of the US need to wake up and be aware. The sanctity of life is now being challenged at the the end of life instead of the beginning. Obamacare due to its cost is pushing this legislation due to the simple fact of cost. After holding up the nation all of your life once you are out of the work force and in need of extended care the state has determined you are not worth the cost. We are becoming a brutal nation.

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    Healing4innerpeace welcomes Nathan Eberly on Earths Transition March 2015

    in Self Help

    We will be discussing the ancient galactic races that are walking among us and have always been here.  Most of the earth human DNA has been given to us by more evolved races from throughout creation.

    The truths of our political and religious old paradigm cults and organizations and their crimes against the innocent children and homeless in our society.  The political leader’s crimes against humanity and lack of respect for the sanctity of life on earth are ending NOW.  Nathan is here to share the changes that are happening throughout the world that affects our present culture and society. 

    On an uplifting note, this spring will be major revelations changes happening in your community to benefit all life.  Look towards your trees, flowers, parks, and animal life.  Etc.




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    Heartline: Sanctity of Life Ministries

    in Women

    Heartline with Rita Schulte

    For more info on Rita and her new book "Shattered" please visit her web site at www.ritaschulte.com

    Today's Show:

    Stan Kellner serves as CEO of Sanctity of Life Ministries, a pro-life ministry serving Fairfax County through Pregnancy Help Centers in Alexandria and Fairfax. Our Fairfax location is equipped as a medical facility offering free ultrasound scans. We will be expanding our ultrasound services to Alexandria in 2013.

    Sanctity of Life Ministries, founded in 1984, exists to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and affirm life in the womb. We fulfill our mission as we offer compassionate support, education and medical services to those who face challenging sexual health decisions.

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    Still Turning their Baacks

    in Moms and Family

    Police still in rift with mayor. The sanctity of life still a question in society and needs to be settled!

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    The Road to Recovery hosted by Daniel Czuba a recovering Alcoholic

    in Business

    Tonight Sunday 03-15-2015 our show is going to review some letters , writings sent in by listeners. We will continue to discuss in depth problems facing those who are working a program to recover from ANY TYPE/KIND of Addiction. Recovery of this type is NOT LIMITED to ONLY alcohol - however one can find help and assistance to overcome just about any kind of addicition that may be plaguing your life or that of someone close to you. Call in at 323-580-5755 as this is a LIVE Talk Show designed to encourage callers to call-in with comments, questions, or to share their personal experiences in the hopes that we can all learn more about Recovery and what it may take to enjoy a life FREE from Drugs - Alcohol or of course any addiciton. We are NOT Doctors or Counselors, or Therapists - but some of us have faced our Demons and found the sanctity of living a drug or alcohol free life and not feel bad or less than for making this healthy decision. JOIN US!!! The show airs from 7 to 9 PM CST and we welcome any and all callers, comments. If you can't make it tonight join us next week or any Sunday from 7 yo 9 PM CST.

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    St. Colette

    in Religion

    Rebroadcast of the long running radio program, "The Ave Maria Hour", a presentation of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement. www.AtonementFriars.org

    St. Colette -- Colette was the daughter of a carpenter named DeBoilet at Corby Abbey in Picardy, France. She was born on January 13, christened Nicolette, and called Colette. Orphaned at seventeen, she distributed her inheritance to the poor. She became a Franciscan tertiary, and lived at Corby as a solitary. She soon became well known for her holiness and spiritual wisdom, but left her cell in 1406 in response to a dream directing her to reform the Poor Clares. She received the Poor Clares habit from Peter de Luna, whom the French recognized as Pope under the name of Benedict XIII, with orders to reform the Order and appointing her Superior of all convents she reformed. Despite great opposition, she persisted in her efforts. She founded seventeen convents with the reformed rule and reformed several older convents. She was reknowned for her sanctity, ecstacies, and visions of the Passion, and prophesied her own death in her convent at Ghent, Belgium. A branch of the Poor Clares is still known as the Colettines. She was canonized in 1807. Her feast day is March 6th.