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    The Sanctity of Life by Brent Yim

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    On this episode of Remnant X Radio we will be airing a teaching by Brent Yim entitled, "The Sanctity of Life." Please check out our website @RemnantXRadio.com and send us a friend request on facebook @RemnantXRadio ThePride!

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    Hard Starboard Radio: The Bogus Sanctity Of "Non-Christians"

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    Jonathan Gruber's "pants inferno" and how his turn in Darrell Issa's barrel protected ObamaCare; Why are "non-Christian" sensibilities sacred?; Why is it not just permissible, but required, that Christians be mocked and persecuted to "preserve, protect, and defend" "non-Christian" sensibilities?; Would any Baptist with a child's corpse in his trunk not be arrested?  Of course not - but for Muslims, that is apparently now a constitutional right; While we lament passage of another "Cromnibus," let us celebrate the fall from power of Harry (G)Reid and his depraved obstructionism; and, time-permitting, today's Morning Jolt.

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    Heartline: Sanctity of Life Ministries

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    Heartline with Rita Schulte

    For more info on Rita and her new book "Shattered" please visit her web site at www.ritaschulte.com

    Today's Show:

    Stan Kellner serves as CEO of Sanctity of Life Ministries, a pro-life ministry serving Fairfax County through Pregnancy Help Centers in Alexandria and Fairfax. Our Fairfax location is equipped as a medical facility offering free ultrasound scans. We will be expanding our ultrasound services to Alexandria in 2013.

    Sanctity of Life Ministries, founded in 1984, exists to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and affirm life in the womb. We fulfill our mission as we offer compassionate support, education and medical services to those who face challenging sexual health decisions.

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    Sarge Says: Officer Darren Wilson Was Justified In His Shooting Of Mike Brown!

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    Love him or hate him, Sarge is a man who fully commits to whatever he believes in yet respects your right to disagree.

    Even if you are rubbed the wrong way by his logic, he is still the man that you want by your side if you're fighting a common enemy.

    That being said, the conversation that I had with him on this pleasant winter night was no less an intense affair, as a matter of fact, if there was any snowfall within the sound of his voice, surely it would have melted from the intensity of his words.

    Tonight ol' Sarge meant business and he wasn't about to let the masses sway him from what he felt was the undisputed TRUTH!

    While we started speaking on the corrosion of the family unit in the Black community and touched on the sanctity and benefits of marriage, it wasn't too long before Sarge kicked into full gear after I asked him about his feelings on the Ferguson Missouri situation with Officer Darren Wilson and Mike Brown.

    What transpired in his reaction was nothing short of a force of nature as he aggressively explained why Officer Darren Wilson was 100% correct in his shooting and killing Mike Brown the way that he did.

    Sarge also challenged anyone who feels any different to indulge him with the facts and not emotion as he welcomes a thorough debate with anyone who is willing to sit down with him to convince him otherwise.

    Of course at this point I felt like Don King promoting a potential mega million dollar boxing match, but since the debate is not about money, it would be a spectacle to see Sarge in the heat of a verbal battle nonetheless!

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    YAH has NOT jeopardized the secure sanctity of His coming Holy Kingdom into the hands of men whose FLESHLY orientation is unstably conflicted in allegiance to the lesser conscience any foreign nation. (Revelation 6:12-<7:2>-7:16)   Mankind was made to be a habitation for the Holy SPIRIT led continuously after ONE CONSCIENCE in ETERNAL AGREEMENT with YAH!   The ELECT then are they whose EYS must open to discern that allegiances to the many contentious MISopinions of this earth are ALL the echoes of FALLEN INSTABILITIES that can NEVER FULLY CONFORM anyone fully to APPEASE YAH unto ALL HIS  MAJESTIC ONENESS!   Only in PURE PERFECT AGREEMENT in the MOST HIGH does man find his PURPOSE!    Messiah did not die that CONFUSION arise!  The MANY DENOMINATIONS are the SNARING OBSTACLES, not LIBERATION unto ABSOLUTION!     The ELECT therefore are they who AWAKEN knowing to AWAIT the SUDDEN UNEXPECTED appearance of the KING who attain by FAITH beyond ALL WORLDLY VEILS, the POWER to become the SONS and DAUGHTERS of YAH!

    James 1:1  Yacob, a servant of YAH and of the Lord Yeoshu haKurti, to the twelve tribes scattered among the gentiles, greeting.  2  My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations  3  Knowing this, that the trying of your FAITH cultivates CONSTANCY.  4  But let CONSTANCY make manifest her PERFECT WORK, that ye may be PERFECT and COMPLETE unto nothing lacking.  5  If any of you lack WISDOM, let him ASK of YAH, that gives to all men liberally who NOT MOCK; and it shall be given him.6  But let him ASK unto FAITH unto NOTHING WAVERING. For he that WAVERS is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. 7  For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord.  8  A DOUBLE-MINDED MAN IS UNSTABLE IN ALL HIS WAYS!



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    There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between what the MAN'S governing entities have called "EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THEIR LAW"; and what is TRUE DIVINE RIGHTEOUSNESS!  Under a SYSTEM wherein both the PEOPLE and their RULER refuse to seek ABSOLUTION, should other than CONFUSION be EXPECTED?   When is comes to JUSTICE, blessed are they who know what it means to say, "THEY WHO WAIT FOR THE LORD SHALL RENEW THEIR STRENGTH!"    Where none knows what before YAH is JUSTICE, there can be NO JUSTICE!   Shall men continually INSULT the MOST HIGH expecting to be FAVORED?

    The TRUTH of the matter is that throughout this earth entire, a world has FORGOTTEN the TRUE WAY of LIFE unto PEACE!   For what present WESTERN STATUS QUO has believed was "CHRISTIAN CONVERSION of the WORLD" was in fact, ALL a HOAX!   Shall we expect the MOST HIGH to DEFEND us while we INSULT HIM caring NOTHING for the SANCTITY of HIS DIVINE WILL?

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    Did Jesus Have Sex?

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    Another controversial book, the Lost Gospel is being released today based on ancient manuscripts that claim Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and had children. Is such an assertion a mockery of the sanctity of Christ? Can sexuality and spirituality mix? Let's talk about the sacred fire, conception, procreation, chastity and abstinence in the context of the last two thousand years.   

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    Dare we believe the 45,000 denominations we see among us TODAY is truly representative of the integrity of the ONE TRUE FAITH that was once delivered to the saints? (Jude)  Both Yeoshu and His apostles forewarned the congregations, as did the prophets before them, of after their DEMISE, immediately forth-coming MURDEROUS TIMES, treacherously defiling INTRUSIONS wrought of INTERNATIONAL PERSECUTIONS that DID indeed lead to what has ever since THEN been a rise of FALSE PROPHETS who would NEVER thenceforward tell the WHOLE TRUTH!    The apostles admonished the faithful to guard and preserve the SANCTITY of the FAITH!   For if THEY who were CALLED did not, there was NONE else among men who could or would do so!   Certainly not among the ruling principalites and powers more concerned with their thrones and pulpits could not be counted reliable!   The apostles warned that AFTER THEIR DEATHS would come in ravening wolves, NONE thereafter to preserve nor restore the FAITH till the RETURN of MESSIAH HIMSELF!   Unto the END of ALL LIES, this was GREAT EXPECTATION of the EARLY CHURCH! WHY is it that the NOW forthcoming prophesied TIMES OF RESTITUTION for the RESTORATION of ALL THINGS, FEW are even remotely PREPARED for it among TODAY'S CHURCHES?   The GREAT RESTORATION to come will put an END to ALL the DIVERSELY MISrepresentive FACTIONS that have been a MOCKERY against the FAITH!     Consider the definition of the word, CHURCH as an "UNWORLDLY" INSTITUTION.   It leaves one to question, ARE these institutions CHURCHES at all?   Or are they disguised havens for mass misconceit?   (2Kepa 1-3, Jude, Yacob, Matthiah 24:14-24, Amos 8:11-12, 2Thess.2 .. Isaiah 11-14, 56-57, 59-62, 35:3-5, 29:8-16>-32:8) (Col.1-2) (Malachi) (Revelation 6-7, 13-14)

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    Guardian Angels: A Study On The Seraphic Guardians of Destiny

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    This week on the Cosmic Citizen we will begin a study of Paper 113, The Seraphic Guardians of Destiny, as presented in The Urantia Book. 

    This paper gives an in depth overview of those beings that humankind lovingly refers to as Guardian Angels, the same beings known in the Urantia Book as The Seraphic Guardians of Destiny.  If you believe in angels, and even if you don't, this Paper will likely intrigue and inspire you. if you know angels exist and have pondered what they do, how they function, what universal laws they abide by, and how they help and serve humanity, you won't want to miss the next two shows. Perhaps you have already perused the amazing teachings on angels in The Urantia Book, and if so, this episode will no doubt serve to refresh and inspire.

    "Angels do not invade the sanctity of the human mind; they do not manipulate the will of mortals... The guardian of destiny influences you in every possible manner consistent with the dignity of your personality; under no circumstances do these angels interfere with the free action of the human will. Neither angels nor any other order of universe personality have power or authority to curtail or abridge the prerogatives of human choosing."

    "For seraphim, the surest way of achieving the Paradise Deities is by successfully guiding a soul of evolutionary origin to the portals of Paradise. Therefore is the assignment of guardian of destiny the most highly prized seraphic duty."

    Have you had an encounter with an angel?  Do you have some wisdom or insight to share concerning your faith in angelic help? If so, we'd like to hear about it. Give us a call at 646-716-8158 and let's talk.

    Please join us as we explore the ministry of Guardian Angels, our unseen, tireless and faithful servants.

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    In With The Knews: The Sanctity of Life

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    Weds, Feb 22 at 11pm est...8pm pac...The Sanctity of Life....How important is life to you? Is all life sacred? Let us know what u think!
    Call in and tell us @ (626) 414-3414
    Thank you for your support!

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    POWERFUL SHOW TONITE!    YAH says HE is the GREAT I AM that I .. AM.   Yet in this convolutedly POLYtheist world of much DIVERSE OPINIONS and MISREPRESENTATIONS, MAN has greater AWE for the designs of MEN than the ABSOLUTION of YAH.  Man has learned little RESPECT for the sanctity for the MOST HIGH nor HIS HOLY NAME!    Despite men's beliefs, the TRUTH is that no man matures in the MOST HIGH who preserves worldly wantoness! (John 14:6-<15-17, 17:9, Yacob 1)

    Psa 53:1  THE fool has said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and abominable in their iniquities; and there is NONE that does GOOD.  2  YAH looked down from heaven upon the children of men to see if there were any that did understand, that did SEEK YAH.  3  Every one of them has gone astray; they are altogether become filthy; there is NONE that does GOOD, NO, NOT ONE!  53:4  These people no longer discern the evildoers who consume My people like bread; THEY HAVE NO RESPECT FOR YAH!  5  There they feared where no fear was; for YAH has scattered the bones of HYPOCRITES; they have been ashamed, because YAH has rejected them.  6  WHO then out of ZION will restore SALVATION to ISRAEL? When YAH brings back the captivity of HIS people, Yacob shall rejoice and Israel shall be glad.

    Rev 22:14  Blessed are they who do HIS commandments, that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.  Rev 22:15  For without are the vicious and magicians and the immoral and murderers and idolaters and whoever loves to tell LIES.


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