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    Gus Astacio - Living the Born Again Life: Sanctification in Communion

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    Friday 11:30pm ET/10:30pm CTRL/9:30pm MTN/8:30pm Pac Call in and listen at 1-347-934-0379 or during and after by podcast at:


    Gus Astacio serves as the pastor for First Baptist Church of Accokeek a small independent Bible believing Church. He hosts the saturday Healing X Outreach program at noon eastern time every week. He is a former 3rd generation Jehovah's Witness and his testimony can be read in several places including Matt Slick's CARM website at: https://carm.org/christianity/testimonies/jehovahs-witnesses-jesus-gus-astacios-story

    Every Friday or by podcast you can hear his sermons on several topics and this week's topic was from a series called "Living the Born Again Life." Here the doctrine of the importance of communion in the sanctification of a Christian's life is addressed through Paul's text 1 Corinthians 11:17-34

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    Sanctification and consecration are not just important.  They aer mandatory for God to walk with us, to dwell in us, and to determine our eternal destiny in Christ.

    Sanctification is separation from that which defiles.  It is the cleaning of self from all filth.  This is not enough.  There are many people in the Church who have moved away from open sin, yet they have not given themselves wholeheartedly to the Lord.  Their hearts are divided.  They are considered prostitutes in the eyes of the Lord.  God is looking for men and women who will give themselves to His Son wholeheartedly, with nothing held back.  He loved the Church to death and He demands a Bride that will also be willing to lay down Her life for Him, and love Him to death.

    This is a pre-recorded message.  However, I will be available to interact via the Chat Room.

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    May God richly bless you.

    Bond Slave Hal Ngoy

    The New Wine House of Prayer

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    How Christians Change: Biblical Dynamics of Change in Sanctification; Part 3

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    How Christians Change: Biblical Dynamics of Change in Sanctification; Part 3, Doing the Chrsitian Walk

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    Part 1 of our series "This Old House....This New House." This week, we talk about being set apart for God. It's a term called "Sanctification." I'll define it, and tell you why it's important and vital to our new life in Christ.

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    How Christians Change: Biblical Dynamics of Change in Sanctification; Part 2

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    How Christians Change: Biblical Dynamics of Change in Sanctification; Part 2, Defeating the Enemy

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    How Christians Change: Biblical Dynamics of Change in Sanctification; Part 1

    in Christianity

    How Christians Change: Biblical Dynamics of Change in Sanctification; Part 1, SIN, Knowing the Enemy  

  • The Boys Around The Table Sanctification Means What?

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    Join Dr. Teresa Graham and The Boys Around The Table as they discuss what sanctification means. "We know that God's Word changes people, changes their thinking, changes their decisions, and changes their behavior." Tune in @ 7:00 PM (CST) & 8:00 PM (EST). Lets hear what The Boys Around The Table have to say about this topic! Dial into the show: 516-531-9244. Have a blessed day!

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    Glorification Sanctification And Justification

    in Current Events

    Shepherdess Suzanne Holmes Ministering Here On God's Resurrection Power Church Of Christ Ministry Where The Holy Spirit Is Our Overseer And Jesus Christ Is Lord,We Are A Bible Believing Ministry That Is Teaching Preaching And Reaching The Souls Of This Sin Sick World For The Kingdom Of Heaven In The Name Of Jesus,We Are Here Every Morning Monday Through Friday From 10:30 a.m Est Until 2:30 p.m Est And Saturday's From 12 p.m Est Dial In Number Is 1-661-467-2411.All Are Welcome To Fellowship With Us.

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    1Pierre1 :1-2 // Mathieu4 :21-22 // Jérémie1 :1-7 // Romains9 :8-16 // Mathieu 17 // Romains12 // 1Pierre1 :6-7 // Genèse2 :7 // Luc6 // Mathieu12 :24 // Philippiens3 :3-9 // Lévitique3 // Lévitique7 // Galates1 :15-24 // Galates2 :1-10 // Actes 15 // Ephésiens4 // Actes22 // Romains5 :1-2 // Romains4 :1-8 // Apocalypse22 // Colossiens1 :12 // Jean17 :17 // 1Corinthiens15 :45-58 // Mathieu25 :41 // 1Timothée4 :10 // 1Timothée2 :4 // Romains9 :11-24 // Romains8 :1 // Romains11 :11-12



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    Sanctification: Preparation of The Bride of Christ - Part 5

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    This is a pre-recorded message.  This is the last part (Part 5) of this series of teaching on the importance of sanctification.  In Revelation 19:6-8, the Spirit of God tells that the Bride will have prepared Herself, then she is granted to dress in white fine linen robe and to sit with the Lamb of God on His Throne.  This is process takes place now.  It is the process of growing to becoming one in spirit with Him now, of taking on more and more of the fullness of Him in us.  This requires that we die to self.  God uses all the circumstances of our lives, especially our interactions in our close relationships to break us, to teach us to love those who appear in our eyes as not deserving of our love, to be patient, to be humble, to learn kindness, longsuffering, goodness, temperance, etc.  This is the process of cultivating the fruit of the Spirit.

    Because of our stubborn nature, God has to bring trials in our lives in order to get us to grow this fruit of the Spirit: DIVINE LOVE.  The more we grow, the more we identify with His nature, which is DIVINE LOVE.  And when we pass one test, God puts us through another test, more difficult than the one we just past.  So, we are always going through trials because we must keep growing.  If we fail the test, God will have us take it again, until we pass the test (just like the children of Israel spent spent 40 years passing one test around the same mountain.  If we are not careful, we could die in the wilderness.  We must enter into the Kingdom of God through many tribulations (Acts 14:22; 2 Corinthians 4:17).

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    Sanctification: Preparation of The Bride of Christ - Part 3

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    Sanctification is the process by which every born-again child of God must go in order to mature in the full measure of the stature of Christ.  And this full measyure is DIVINE LOVE.  By nature man is self-centered and proud.  In order for man to fulfill his eternal purpose and destiny, he must grow and become a son.

    God trains us through trials.  The sooner we humble ourselves the faster we grow.  Because the way God loves is completely far from the way man loves by nature, man has to learn.  To accomplish this, man has to die to self.  But because his selfishness, man does not naturally volunteer to self-die.  God therefore uses the circumstances of life to help us die to self.

    This is a pre-recorded message.  we will not be available to take live calls.  If you wish to comment or ask questions, please contact us via our web site at http://www.newwineinnewwinekins.org

    Thank you and shalom!