• The Boys Around The Table Sanctification Means What?

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    Join Dr. Teresa Graham and The Boys Around The Table as they discuss what sanctification means. "We know that God's Word changes people, changes their thinking, changes their decisions, and changes their behavior." Tune in @ 7:00 PM (CST) & 8:00 PM (EST). Lets hear what The Boys Around The Table have to say about this topic! Dial into the show: 516-531-9244. Have a blessed day!

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    Part 1 of our series "This Old House....This New House." This week, we talk about being set apart for God. It's a term called "Sanctification." I'll define it, and tell you why it's important and vital to our new life in Christ.

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    Mid-Day Supplication-Intercessory Prayer-Sanctification Process

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    Join us on the broadcast for intercessory prayer and a word from the Lord. Tune in, and be blessed.

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    Sanctification: Preparation of The Bride of Christ - Part 5

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    This is a pre-recorded message.  This is the last part (Part 5) of this series of teaching on the importance of sanctification.  In Revelation 19:6-8, the Spirit of God tells that the Bride will have prepared Herself, then she is granted to dress in white fine linen robe and to sit with the Lamb of God on His Throne.  This is process takes place now.  It is the process of growing to becoming one in spirit with Him now, of taking on more and more of the fullness of Him in us.  This requires that we die to self.  God uses all the circumstances of our lives, especially our interactions in our close relationships to break us, to teach us to love those who appear in our eyes as not deserving of our love, to be patient, to be humble, to learn kindness, longsuffering, goodness, temperance, etc.  This is the process of cultivating the fruit of the Spirit.

    Because of our stubborn nature, God has to bring trials in our lives in order to get us to grow this fruit of the Spirit: DIVINE LOVE.  The more we grow, the more we identify with His nature, which is DIVINE LOVE.  And when we pass one test, God puts us through another test, more difficult than the one we just past.  So, we are always going through trials because we must keep growing.  If we fail the test, God will have us take it again, until we pass the test (just like the children of Israel spent spent 40 years passing one test around the same mountain.  If we are not careful, we could die in the wilderness.  We must enter into the Kingdom of God through many tribulations (Acts 14:22; 2 Corinthians 4:17).

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    Sanctification: Preparation of The Bride of Christ - Part 3

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    Sanctification is the process by which every born-again child of God must go in order to mature in the full measure of the stature of Christ.  And this full measyure is DIVINE LOVE.  By nature man is self-centered and proud.  In order for man to fulfill his eternal purpose and destiny, he must grow and become a son.

    God trains us through trials.  The sooner we humble ourselves the faster we grow.  Because the way God loves is completely far from the way man loves by nature, man has to learn.  To accomplish this, man has to die to self.  But because his selfishness, man does not naturally volunteer to self-die.  God therefore uses the circumstances of life to help us die to self.

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    Thank you and shalom!

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    On Wednesday morning, September 10th, 2014 (15 Alul 5775) at 10AM EST (900 AM CST), your Brother will be talking, teaching, and testifying about the lack of sanctification and True Holiness in the church amongst the leaders and what does it mean to the Body of True Believers. Please join us by calling (347) 884-8468 or just click on the link below. May YAHUAH continue to bless and keep you. And it is so. HalleluYAHUAH! Shalum ahlekehym (Peace be unto you)!! Shabat shalum.


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    This is a pre-recorded message by Bond Slave Hal Ngoy teaching on the Mount of Olives Ministry Prayer Line.  This message is simultaneously interpreted from English to French.  We will therefore not be taking live calls during the Broadcast.

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    Bond Slave Hal Ngoy

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    The Responsibility Of Every Christian In Their Sanctification...

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                                           Jeremiah 17:9

    The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?
    Today, we are going to talk about how to discern the difference between your part and Gods' part in sanctification..
    We are also going to deal with some common excuses for spiritual laziness we have heard though the years.
    Are you just a sinner saved by grace? Aren’t we just human? Nobody perfect after all? Really?
    Today, we will discuss our responsibility in holiness and setting the record straight on spiritual warfare..

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    The Boys Around The Table

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    Join Dr. Teresa Graham and The Boys Around The Table as they discuss Sancitification Means What? Show starts at 7:30PM (CST) & 8:30 PM (EST). Sancitiication means what? The word sanctification has three meanings: First- separation, Second- dedication; Third-Spirit filling.  Dail: 516-531-9244. www.blogtalkradio.com/drteresagraham

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    Wake Up To Jesus, with Apostle Lonnie Stocks(Clean by the Word of God)

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    Thanks for tuning into  the
    W.U.T.J. Broadcast
    The Jesus Ministry, Inc.
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    with Apostle Lonnie Stocks

    Ephesians 5:26-27 (KJV)
    26  That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word,
    27  That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.

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