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    Slender Sanatorium Livestream!

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    Enjoy! As we play Slender Sanatorium!

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    Slender Sanatorium-Christmas Edition Livestream!

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    Live gameplay of Slender Sanatorium-Christmas Edition!

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    Paranormal Party interviews Pat Bussard

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    Guess who's up on Paranormal Party!! One of the Conner sister's personal dear friends! (Drum roll)..... Pat Bussard! This lady has a knack and eye for all things paranormal! She is a psychic medium, photographer, author, columnist and paranormal investigator! Her great gift idea books are "Thirty True Tales of the Weird, Unusual and Macabre" and " Unlock Your Psychic Potential". And one in the works to look out for is "Southern Spirits the Ghosts of St. Albans Sanatorium". If that isn't awesome enough her photography has been featured in numerous columns, magazines, and featured on websites. Her paranormal team, the Ghost Writers can be reached through hauntedwriters.com. Check this lady out, get a psychic reading, buy her books, check out her photography, or just see what she's into at patbussard.com! BUT FIRST! listen in to Pat Bussard and the Conner sisters on the Paranormal Party! Same day, Same time! Wednesday at 9/8 central!

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    Into The Black Hole - Ep#7 - Halloween Eve Special w/ Theresa Argie & Eric Olsen

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    Paranormal journalist Eric Olsen and paranormal investigator Theresa Argie from America's Most Haunted joins us to shared stories from their delving into hauntings and the paranormal, and the terror surrounding some of the nation's most haunted sites. Olsen will share with how he had intense paranormal experiences early in life, and then sought to "turn them off" for decades, while Argie, nicknamed the "Haunted Housewife," has devoted herself to studying the paranormal, investigations, and ghosthunting for many years. Among the tools she and her investigative partner Cathi Weber use are digital recorders, cameras that record the infrared spectrum, dowsing rods, crystals, and even a Ouija board on occasion.

    Locations they have been to include:
    The Stanley Hotel ( From the book & movie The Shining)
    Willoughby Coal and Garden Center 
    The Villisca Axe Murder House 
    Wavery Hills Sanatorium
    Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum 
    Lemp Mansion 
    The Queen Mary 
    The Knickerbocker Hotel 
    Ohio State Reformatory
    Bobby Mackey's Music World 



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    Waverly Hills Asylum... Most Haunted place

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    Opened July 26 1910, to treat Tuberculosis patients in the state of Louisville Kentucky, its a huge place started as a two story, that needed to expand to accomodate more patients due to the TB outbreak. Closed down in 1961 when TB was under control, changed to Woodhaven Geriatrics Sanatarium 1962, qnd in 1982 the state shut it down for good.

    This is one of the most documented places where Paranormal activity has been captured on film, join us in the chat room we will visit room 502.

    Thank you for tuning in

    Tony Wolf Paw

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    Books of Excellence with Author Bonnie Kaye

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    Tonight we have a special returning author guest, C. Gale Perkins, who has become a close personal friend of mine over the past few years. Gale is such an inspirational speaker whenever she joins our show.

    Gale wrote her memoir of the 12 years she grew up in a children's ward at a tuberculosis sanatorium in the 1930’s – 1940’s. Her book "The Baby's Cross" is an extremely compelling story that shows the strongest of human spirit against the worst of diversity. 

    After being diagnosed with tuberculosis, she spent twelve years in Lakeville State Sanatorium in Massachusetts from age three to fifteen. She is proud of being a tuberculosis survivor and a person with a strong faith. Gale believes that the experiences she had as a child have made her the person she is today. She is warm, loving, compassionate, and has a great sense of humor. She loves people and looks for the good in everyone. Gale believes in the saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” 

    This show is a program for independent authors. It was created for the authors in the Books of Excellence Coop found at www.BooksofExcellence.com; however the show welcomes independent authors and entertainers as time permits

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    Waverly Hills Sanatorium

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    The Central Ohio Ghost Squad will discuss their last investigation at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. 108 EVP's, a Shadow Man Caught on our DVR System, A Sickness withdrawling 2 Investigators from the Investigation, Hair Pulling, Equipment Malfunctions and numerous other paranormal events.

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    Curious Times - Bridget Harrison, Psychic Paranormal Investigator

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    Join us for 2 hours at 10 PM Eastern.

    Bridget Harrison is the Southern Belle of paranormal investigating with her Southern Charm and Wit.  She's co hosted and appeared on several radio shows and does a local presentation in her home town on the subject of the paranormal.  Starting at a young age she had several mysterious and unexplainable experiences. Bridget has always been fascinated by the paranormal since she was a child and was able to "Predict" certain things to her family. She’s been curious and interested in the "paranormal" ever since. Bridget brings analytical thinking and her abilities together when investigating. Bridget’s efforts in the Paranormal Investigations she does are motivated like most Paranormal Investigators -  to validate that there is life after death. 

    Bridget has visited many haunted locations; some of the famous ones you may know are Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, KY and Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum also known as TALA in Weston, WV.  One location that Bridget that thinks should not be overlooked is the not well known location in Paducah, KY called White Haven. 

    Waverly Hills- http://therealwaverlyhills.com

    TALA- http://trans-alleghenylunaticasylum.com/

    White Haven - 1845 Lone Oak Rd Paducah, Ky 42003 

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    A Night At St. Albans Sanitarium

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    Friday, July 18th

    **9pm EST / 8pm CST / 6pm PST

    Join us LIVE and Investigate along with Anthony and Luci! (661) 244-9831

    St. Albans Sanatorium in Radford, Virginia is reputed to be one of the most haunted sites on the East Coast, and for good reason: the very soil it rests on has a grim and horrific history.

    Once occupied by several indigenous tribes before European settlers moved in, the ground was soaked with blood in the “Draper’s Meadow Massacre” of 1775, and bore witness to brutal Civil War battles a century later.

    The horrors apparently didn't end when the St. Albans Boys School was built on the site in 1892, as suggested by stories of multiple student suicides – though none of those were officially recorded.

    In 1916, St. Albans was converted to a hospital for the mentally ill, overseen by Doctor J.C. King. While the Sanatorium was known for its modern and revolutionary treatment techniques, some of the experimental procedures – including early shock and water therapies – proved fatal for some patients. There were also several more suicides in the hospital, and this time they were properly documented by Dr. King and others.

    Even long after the hospital closed its doors, the horrors continued: the murder of Gina Renee Hall occurred near the hospital grounds in 1980.

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    United Paranormal Project discusses Waverly Hills Sanatorium

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    United Paranormal Project visited Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, KY on June 5, 2011 for an all out investigation.  Some members of the team were returning for their second time while others were first timers to this old Tuberculosis Hospital.  Join us as we discuss our personal experiences during this year's trip and some of our findings!

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    Terror Fi Radio-Jennifer Woodward/Adrienne Harless

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    Join Jodie & The Paranormal Outlaw for night of fun and craziness!  Our guests tonight are Jennifer Woodward and Ardienne Harless of HAUNT Paranormal Investigations.  HAUNT Paranormal Investigations was established in 2005 by Jennifer Woodward, Adrienne Harless, and Ashley Sturgill. The sole purpose of the formation was to provide assistance to those who are experiencing paranormal activity and to find truth in the things we cannot see. They represent theirselves as the Haunted Thirteen because the team consists on thirteen trained investigators. As paranormal investigators, they document and scientifically prove the existence of ghosts. HAUNT has conducted hundreds of successful investigations nationwide. Services HAUNT Paranormal offers an array of services to clients who believe they are experiencing paranormal activity. Collection of all tangible, paranormal evidence released to client. Some of the Previous Investigations Waverly Hills Sanatorium Louisville, KY Bristol Train Station Bristol, VA/TN & Old South Pittsburg Hospital South Pittsburg, TN. Jennifer is the Founder of HAUNT Paranormal Investigations and has been involved in providing professional assistance to those experiencing activity for 33 years. She is a seasoned investigator and is knowledgeable in Demonology, New Age Phenomena, and Astrology. She has experience in all aspects of evidence collection and serves the team as Head Video Specialist, Case Manager, Public Relations, and Lead Investigator. Adrienne is the Co-Founder of HAUNT Paranormal Investigations and has been involved in the paranromal for 12 years. She is a seasoned investigator and knowledgeable in Ghost & Spirits, New Age Phenomena, Cryptozoology, and Demonology. She has experience in all aspects of evidence collection and serves the team as Head Case Manager, EVP Specialist, Lead Investigator, and Chaplain.


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