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    Paranormal Santa? Shadows on the Wall Paranormal Radio Explains

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    He knows when you are sleeping he knows when you're awake. Is it a stalker? Nope it is Santa. Find out about the history of Santa and why he has magical powers. If that is not enough the Shadow Monkey comes back. Tori will say ahh a couple of times. Tune in Sunday at 8pm cst.

    Who is Santa? Where does he come from? Pour yourself some egg nog have the kids listen Len and JC will talk about Paranormal Santa. We have information you may not have known about the big guy!

    Call us at (657) 383-0569

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    Stalking on YouTube

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    Stalking refers to repeated harassing or threatening behavior by an individual, such as following a person, appearing at a person's home or place of business, making harassing phone calls, leaving written messages or objects, or vandalizing a person's property, according to the U.S. Department of Justice Office for Victims of Crime (OVC).

    Any unwanted contact between two people that directly or indirectly communicates a threat or places the victim in fear can be considered stalking, but the actual legal definition of stalking varies from state to state according to each state's laws.











    Domestic Violence
    Home Office Law


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    Today on THE NDUSTRY 7 PM EST, we have Soulful Duo Candace Devine and Dave Yaden. This Indie Soul/Pop duo has been making strides in the music, television and video industry that have gained National notoriety via awards, radio play, song placement on tv series such as True Blood, Devious Maids and Stalker. So Listen via mobile at (718) 766-4964 or you can also go to www.welcometothendustry.net listen and be sure to call in to ask them any questions you may have.

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    Punisher the Psychologist and Fred Starr - Psych 101

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    Due to the nature of these two together do know......

    the content in this show may offend you, you may cry and if you doo, Punisher will go around and collect the tears because he loves to give them to white ligthnin who makes the best mile high butthurt pie known to man

    This show is designed for the non late night crowd

    ON this show we will talk about alot of topics pun has a few he would like to accent today

    When keeping it real goes wrong

    what do you do when dealing with a stalker

    and help me help me i suck at life and need a good handout.....i dont deserve it but ill act like it


    and anything fred or any of the guest want to bring to the table


    douche of the week voting 



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    Monumentally... Space Pope!

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    Join me this week to catch up on the hoo-ha about the 10 Commandments monument in OKC, Satanists vs. Devil-worshipers, cyber-stalking, and space pope!


    Same bat time...

    Same bat channel...

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    Literary Diva Presents: Author Joyce T Strand!

    in Books

    Join us as we welcome author and mystery fan Joyce Strand.


    Joyce will be discussing her newest book in the series, titled "Hill Top Sunset-A Brynn Bancroft Mystery."


    The book is about Brynn Bancroft who is a financial guru who is in tranit to winemaker from corporate executive.  

    A mystery set in wine country pitting financial exec Brynn Bancroft against a determined stalker, a troubled love interest, and career clashes. 

    Brynn Bancroft learns that a former employee who beat her nearly to death has returned to stalk her and her friend, Jillian Hillcrest, also a former victim. Recently divorced, Brynn turns to a new love interest only to encounter additional unwelcome issues. Meanwhile, short-timer Brynn, who has resigned from her Silicon Valley company, becomes bored fulfilling her remaining responsibilities there. She begins to prefer supporting the launch of her ex-husband’s new hilltop winery while waiting to move to her next position. Between her stalker and her new love interest, Brynn faces a series of life-threatening events. 


    About Author Joyce Strand:

    Strand lives with her two cats and collection of cow statuary in Southern California, and seeks out and attends as many Broadway musicals and other stage plays as she can get to.

    Strand received her Ph.D. from the George Washington University, Washington, D.C. and BA from Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA.


    Tune in as we welcome author Joyce T Strand and her new book, "Hill Top Sunset: A Brynn Bancroft Mystery."


    Stay tuned and keep it locked.







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    Indie Cypher Show (Cyber Stalkers)

    in Indie Music

    Join Perfect Ego & Baby Doll to discuss STALKERS. Raise your hand if you have a social media, cyber, or any sort of stalker? Call in and to tell your thirsty ass stalker to Knock It Off! Don't miss an entertaining show....We’re puttin' stalkers on blast!

    While Perfect Ego and Baby Doll give the best of sarcastic satire and disrespectful love tap opinions on current events and juicy gossip, the show focuses on revealing the best of Independent Entertainment as a whole, plays music and interviews the best independent music artists, producers, film directors, models, freelance photographers, writers, actors, etc. 

    For the latest in news, entertainment, & more check us out at www.TheGrid10.com!

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    Centric TVs Co-host Von Decarlo -Exclusive Interview - Mon, Nov 10,2014, 7pm

    in Music

    “If I cannot have my cake and eat it too, then I do not want the cake,” says Von Decarlo regarding her journey to reach her full potential as an artist.

    Von Decarlo, a New York based singer, actress, and television personality originally from Pittsburgh, PA, landed the very first audition she ever attended upon her arrival to the big city, and shortly there after, found herself in Belize shooting for Fox’s hit Reality Show, Temptation Island. She was voted off the show in the first episode by the other female cast members for being the most “intimidating single female” and received little notoriety for her appearance on the show; which, in her words, was a blessing. “It forced me to concentrate less on becoming famous, and more on becoming a really solid, well-rounded performer”.

    She was engaged to the late Comedian Patrice O’Neal, who passed one month prior to their wedding date, and says that her title track Honest Righteousnessfrom her debut independent album is about him. She says he called it the “stalker song”. The other side of her album title, Not As Pretty As I Used To Be, is a song she wrote about her own self-image and issues with low self esteem.  Along with new music, Von Decarlo will be re-recording these tracks and more for her upcoming stage play Lasagna, anticipated for 2015.

    She wrote and produced the theme music Cool Ride for The Patrice O’Neal One Hour Comedy Central Special, Elephant In The Room, and after his passing, she took on the role as President of the company for his name and likeness in which she produced two successful comedy albums, Mr. P andUnreleased.

    Von Decarlo is excited to announce the release of her first book titled, Speak Fluent Man – The Top Things Women Should Consider Before Blaming the Man, anticipated for 2015.


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    Tyler Perry & Joshua Sole: Crazed Stalker Or Scorned Lover?

    in LGBT

    Tyler Perry recently filed for a protective order in Fulton County Superior Court against Joshua Sole after Sole was booked into the jail for criminal trepass.

    I read the entire story as reported officially in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution but the circumstances surrounding this incident reeks of a lover's spat.

    While the personal life of Tyler Perry and his sexuality is really none of my business or interest, many have requested that I share my personal views on this here online so here it is.

    Please leave your opinions, thoughts and perspectives in the comment area below and let me know what you would like to discuss in the future. God bless.

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    Sasquatch Watch Radio Welcomes JC Johnson

    in Science

    Join us Tuesday night November 4, 2014 at 9pm eastern as we welcome JC Johnson to the show!  JC Johnson is the president and CEO of Crypto Four Corners and lives in Arizona.  He is among a group of enthusiastic and determined researchers investigating a variety of strange creatures in the Four Corners area of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah.  The group’s research includes Bigfoot, giant snakes, werewolves, living dinosaurs, dragons, centaurs, giant birds, Native American ‘Skin Walkers’, ‘The Night Stalker’, and other strange cryptids reported in this remote and wild region. In addition to eyewitness accounts, they investigate mysterious livestock deaths, and other suspicious incidents.  This is sure to be an interesting show!

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    Late Night Zone Out with Punisher TOINGHT at 12:30am est

    in Wrestling

    Tonight we have VK comming on to answer ten questions

    the word of the night tonight is relevence

    what if you can't shake a stalker how do you handle it 

    Glitches have cleared 

    what happens when you make a scene and say someones name when its not needed....what happens

    throwing people unde the bus

    EWAnews and more topics

    any one is free to call in


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