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    Hot Sugar: Twitter beef, Instagram Tea, Celebrity News,Porn and reality tv

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    racism in the industry  

    is there really racism in the industry?


    How to stop a stalker  Signs that  he may be crazy  deranged

    How to Possibly get out of a violent relationship before it turns to violent

    Did Nicki Minaj really upgrade?  Heaven Hollywood says no

    The story came out Madonna says she dated tupac

    Ray-j stating that he had Whitney Under his control and she wanted too much that is why he was going to leave her alone

    Jay- zand the illuminati's plan to rival You tube




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    Detective Mike Proctor, specialist in stalking talks safety.

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    Detective Mike Proctor will be my guest on March 12th. Heis a thiry three year veteran of hte Wes Minster Police Department. He is a recognized  expert and pioneer in the investigation and trhreat assessment for stalkers. He is the publish author of Antidote For A Stalker, consultant for numberous stalking cases in the U.S and abroad. He has been on numberous TV and Radio show's such as CNN, 20/20, Americans Most Wanted.

    Listen and get educated, and made aware of this growing problem, not only in the United States but World wide.

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    Mean Marc Ash show featuring Gordon Gebert Author of KISS & Tell

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    Ashkicker show returns with special guest Author of KISS & Tell, & Rock N Roll War Stories Gordon Gebert. Mr. Gebert will discuss his books as well as his upcoming book KISS Stalker Unmasked. 

    KISS experts Jordon Lummis & Jay Potter will also be guests. We will address any & all Acetard with the balls to call in!

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    Cupid is DEAD!

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    Dating in the 21st-century. Chivalry was crucified. Cupid is dead, but catfish are definitely alive!! Join us as we have a frank discussion about dating sites and real life situations!

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    The Parker J Cole Show -- Polygamy: What Love Is This?

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    Is it any wonder some people have no idea of what love is? 

    Last weekend, the film Fifty Shades of Grey was released, heralded as a romanctic movie. To date, the movie made over 300 million dollars as people were taught that BDSM was the new rage and Hollywood, in it's limited wisdom, decided to portray it as a form of love. If that can be conisdered romantic and the man has stalker, abusive tendencies, what about the pro-polygamy ground gaining advantage? What kind of love is polygamy?

    On this episode of the Parker J Cole, we have returnng guest Doris Hanson, host of the show Polygamy: What Love Is This. We continue our discussion of the harms of fundamentalist polygamy as well as the skewed perception of shows like Sister Wives and Big Love. Doris grew up in a polygamist home and has first hand experience of this lifestyle. 

    Feel free to call at 646-595-2083, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can download the WLUV Radio mobile app.  Tune in!

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    Wrestle Talk with Joe and Rick Featuring Mike Dell

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    February 3rd, 2015 edition of Wrestle Talk with Joe Lance and Rick Rose. This weeks special guest is Mike Dell, who is also known as Dr. Corbett from the Dean Ambrose segment on Monday Night Raw.

    Mike "One Man" Dell, born in Parsippany, New Jersey, started his in ring career in 1998. He's considered a freelance wrestler. His most recent claim to fame was acting as Dr. Corbett in the January 12, 2015 edition of Monday Night Raw. Join us as we interview Mike Dell about his career, training and the segment with Dean Ambrose. We will accept callers, so dial 657-383-1521.

    How will Joe Lance rebound from the call last week? Where has the stalker hit this time? Tune in to find out all the details. Also, will Rick have something to say to ECW Original Chad Austin or the Blue Basher (Berry)?

    We will also have Independent Wrestling results, WWE results, Professional wrestling news and all kinds of other stuff. Tune in to see who won the Covey Pro "Unchained" picks! 

    As always, make sure to follow us on Twitter @WrestleTalkBTR and check out our YouTube channel www.youtube.com/wrestletalkbtr.

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    The Psychology of a Stalker

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     January is National Stalker Awarness Month. Join Dr. Roslyn Aker-Black and I as we talk about the mindset of a stalker. This information will blow your mind. Be ready to be educated as we learn about this subject. The video can be viewed by clicking this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNgqytixRhQ

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    Psychos III: Going into details with my current stalker situation #68

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    Why not just make it PUBLIC? Why not?  Sometimes the things you go through can traumatize you so it is best to just bring it out there so that others can understand what you are going through and can possibly relate to certain things, etc. Shared stories make a world better, happier, brighter and more likely to listen to you. Things are what they are but we should have the right to talk about them and I of course, do just that.

    Join us.

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    What's Hot On TV Right Now? We Chat Empire on Fox, MTV's Girl Code and More!

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    TV's winter hiatus has long been over, and we're back to regularly scheduled programming! So, what should you be watching? This week we'll explore all of our newest TV addictions: Empire (Fox TV), Broad City (Comedy Central), Girl Code (MTV), Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family), The Soup (Comedy Central), Fashion Police (E!) and much more! This episode is all about the shows that are on our minds and lips.

    As usual there will be a lot of laughing and randomness. It's like the best office water cooler talk every week!

    Listening to KC and EV is like having a conversation with friends. They're clever and fun. To be a part of the live broadcast call 516-531-9237 at 1:30PM EST.

    To keep up in real-time, follow @TheTVTalkers:

    EV @ExpertViewerTV and KC @CruzMedia on Twitter.

    Like us on Instagram @TheTVTalkers.
    Catch up on previous episodes at www.blogtalkradio.com/tvtalkers. 

    EV and KC! 

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    Stalking: Name it. Know it. Stop It.

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    January is National Stalking Awareness Month. This is a serious problem. Many have lost their lives at the hands of a stalker. Here to help us make sense of staking is Ms. Bevelyn Mitchell. 

    Bevelyn Mitchell is a native of the Low country, a small crossroad town outside of Walterboro,
    SC.   She is a graduate or SCSU, SC and Springfield College Springfield Mass.

    She has lived at the beach for the past 16 years.  She has worked in the field of Social Work for the past 16 years.  Much of her work has been done in Horry, Georgetown and Williamsburg counties.  She believes that God has given her the compassion to relate to those who are hurting. 

    Her past work experience includes working for Mercy Hospice, CARETEAM HIV/AIDS population, and the Elderly. She is currently employed for Horry and Georgetown Rape Crisis Centers and the Sexual Assault Services Coordinator. 

    Working with Rape Crisis allows her to work with rape victims and survivors of sexual assault.  This also allows her to educate the community, local hospitals, law enforcement, educators and anyone who listen. Rape is forced, unwanted sexual intercourse. Rape, sometimes also called sexual assault, can happen to both men and women of any age.

    Rape is about power, not sex. A rapist uses actual force or violence — or the threat of it — to take control over another human being. Some rapists use drugs to take away a person's ability to fight back. Rape is a crime, whether the person committing it is a stranger, a date, an acquaintance, or a family member. No matter how it happened, rape is frightening and traumatizing. People who have been raped need care, comfort, and a way to heal.

     She and her husband Greg are blessed to have two adult children Mitch 32 and Ashleigh 25.


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    Wrestle Talk with Joe and Rick - Special Guest Mike Sydal

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    This weeks episode of Wrestle Talk with Joe and Rick, with special guest Mike Sydal. 

    Mike is a current Metro Pro Kansas City star. He is also the brother of Evan Bourne. Listen in as Joe and Rick interview Mike about his career, family and past rivals. We will also talke chat questions and callers, (657)-383-1521. 

    We will also discuss Joe Lance's current "crush" or stalker. This person has snapped photos of Joe at client meetings. Joe and Rick try to find out who this unidentified person is.

    We will also discuss WWE, TNA and Independent wrestling news, highlights and results.

    Do you want to hear a guest or a subject talked about? Contact us through Twitter, @WrestleTalkBTR or e-mail to show renegadeblogtalk@gmail.com

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