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    Speaking On Sports: San Francisco 49ers Spotlight

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    Sports talk and discussion with an attitude for the passionate and hard core fan. Tonight we will welcome our newest team correspondent, Jennifer Lee Chan, on the field reporter covering the San Francisco 49ers for NFLfemale.com and onhergame.com to discuss the overview of the NFC West contender two games into the NFL season. We'll touch on the Monday Night Football mini-meltdown resulting in a loss to the Chicago Bears, the off field distractions, and where we think Colin Kaepernick is thus far in the season.

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    What We Didn't Know About The San Francisco 49ers

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    KMOVE Radio had the pleasure to interview Joanne Pasternack, Director, 49ers Foundation & Community Relations. Listen in to Joanne talk about the SF 49ers Foundation of keeping kids "Safe, on Track and In School" and all the amazing things they do for the community!

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    TSL Podcast: Philadelphia Eagles vs. San Francisco 49ers Recap Show

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    On tonight's edition of the Total Sports Live Podcast, Jovan Alford and Angela Montoni will be talking about today's 26-21 Eagles loss to the San Francisco 49ers. We will talk about everything from Chip Kelly's questionable calls, the lack of an Eagles running game and everything regarding today's game.

    What are your concerns heading into next week against the St. Louis Rams?

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    TSL Podcast: Philadelphia Eagles vs. San Francisco 49ers Preview

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    On tonight's edition of the Total Sports Live podcast, Jovan Alford will be joined by Curt Jenkins and Gavin Davis as they talk about this week's Philadelphia Eagles-San Francisco 49ers game. Will the Eagles win on the other coast to move onto 4-0 or will the Niners win to not go down 1-3 on the season. 

    Also, if they have time, they will talk about the NFL rookie QBs that will be starting week 4

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    Reviewing the 3-0 Arizona Cardinals and their win over San Francisco 49ers

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    The Arizona Cardinals did it again. They overcame a second half deficit and shut out an opponent in the final quarter. Now they are 3-0 after a 23-14 win over the San Francisco 49ers. They did so with their backup quarterback, Drew Stanton. 

    Jess and Seth talk about the win and the team's most recent roster moves. They go over how they changed and adjusted to shut down the Niners offense and Colin Kaepernick. They discuss defensive personnel changes and whether or not the team should continue to ride Stanton, evern when Carson Palmer is healthy. 

    Lastly, they declare the state of the Cardinals -- are they real contenders, or is this start another 2012-like fluke?

    Listen to more and get great Cardinals content on Revenge of the Birds. Keep up the conversation there. 

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    NFL SuperFan Series: 2014 San Francisco 49ers Preview

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    The NFL SuperFan series continues as we preview the 2014 San Francisco 49ers with everyone's favorite rabid Niner fan/Alabama alum/SEC elitist Sedrick Hall.  Topics to be covered:

    Will the 49ers get over the Seahawks hump?
    Thoughts on the 2014 Niners' draft?
    How tough is the NFC West?
    Are the NFC's best two teams in the NFC West?
    Will Colin Kaepernick take the Niners to the promised land?
    What is up with contract negotiations with head coach Jim Harbaugh?


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    San Francisco Travel brings the city to life in a new podcast series, “Sounds of San Francisco.” Recorded by award-winning sound designers, these podcasts tell the story of the city’s iconic sites, offering a behind-the-scenes look into neighborhoods and sounds that make them unique, including: the canle car bell, the Pier 39 sea lions, and the restaurants of Chinatown.

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    WASH ME- Lava Mae cleans up the Homeless in San Francisco

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    Please join host Frankie Picasso along with her guest Doniece Sandoval, founder of Lava Mae on Thursday, June 11th at 1:00 pm est for The Good Radio Network.

    Doniece is the brainchild and founder of Lava Mae, a mobile washroom and shower station that services the 3500 plus homeless in  San Francisco and gives them a chance to get clean on a regular basis.

    Doniece knew she wanted to help the homeless and a chance encounter gave her the idea she needed to help deliver dignity and unlock the opportunity for these street folks needed — one shower at a time.

    Let's face it, most of take water  and bathing for granted, but imagine how difficult it would be to get a job, control hygiene or even find housing when no one will let you use their public toilets or washrooms? No one wants to sit next to someone who  is smelly, dirty and literally an attraction for disease? So Imagine how difficult it is to get yourself OFF the streets when you can't get clean? No one will hire you or give you a clean apartment.

    Lava Mae offers these folks their dignity. By giving them a washroom, and a chance to bathe away the grime, these homeless folks can now shedule their bathing opportunity weekly,  and through partnering alliances, maybe even get fresh underwear, socks and clean clothes.

    Lava Mae is run by volunteers.


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    Guest:Dexter Carter Former San Francisco 49er Super Bowl Champion!

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    Dexter carter played at Florida.State University from 1986-89, in 1989 was named a team captain by legendary coach Bobby Bowden. In his career Dexter accounted for 3,260 all-purpose yards and 22 touchdowns. He is ninth all-time for all-purpose yards in school history. Carter was drafted in the first round of the 1990 NFL Draft by the 49ers and in his rookie season led the niners in rushing. He would play 7 years in the NFL the majority with the 49ers and was an integral part of the 49ers 1994 Super Bowl winning season as a kick returner.

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    49ers Edition: Episode 1

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    Matt Andruscavage and Super Bowl XXIX Champion Dexter Carter begin The 49ers Edition of the Grueling Truth with current 49ers news, reliving classic 49ers memories, and other various discussion on the 5-time Super Bowl Champion San Francisco 49ers.