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    Bonta and Eddie: The San Francisco Giants Dynasty and The 2014-15 NBA Season

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    On this edition of the Versus Podcast, Bonta and Ed decided to spew 50 minutes of madness amongst each other, and that produced nothing but hilarity. Joining the lightskin duo to make some fun history was the homie Sean from Virginia. He got plenty of chuckles from Ed's breakdown on his Halloween shenanigans, which included the purchase of some Crown Royale Maple Whisky that made him so hungover that he stumbled into the studio two hours late.

    Also, Bonta shared the excitement that hit the San Francisco streets in the last week, as he celebrated the San Francisco Giants third World Series championship in five years, staying all night on some tomfoolery, and his experience walking down Market Street during the parade like his name was Willie Mays. Later in the podcast, Eddie rants about the trouble that looms with his Oklahoma City Thunder while Bonta and Sean laugh hysterically, while also dissecting the Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard altercation.

    Thank you for supporting the movement as we try to make some fun history together. Hosted by Eddie Maisonet. Produced by Bonta Hill. Diversified by Doc Archer. Created for the people. Subscribe to The Versus Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

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    AtF Podcast Season Preview: National League and San Francisco Giants

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    The second part of our MLB Preview show, this time we look at the National League with our division winners, wild card picks and awards. During the second hour, we preview the up coming season for the San Francisco Giants 

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    San Francisco Giants' Bobby Evans On his Relationship with Christ (GLM #171)

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    He is the assistant general manager for the San Francisco Giants. He played an important role in helping the organization win two World Series titles in 2010 and 2012. He also assisted the Giants in being named the Topps Organization of the Year in both 2009 and 2011 and the Baseball America Organization of the Year in 2010. Along with negotiating all major league player contracts, he helps to acquire free agents and signing minor league talent. In 2012, he received the Bowie Kuhn Award, which is presented annually to an individual, team or organization which demonstrates support of the chapel program in professional baseball.

    He became a Christian at 7-years-old and for the past 21 years, he has been a faithful member of First Baptist Church in San Francisco. He has served on the leadership board of First Baptist for 18 years, and he makes worship attendance with his family a priority.

    In an interview with the Baptist Press, he said of his faith, "You want your life to point people to Christ. It starts for me with my own relationship with Christ. That's going to direct and dictate what influence I have for Christ in my family, in my marriage and in the workplace. In baseball, as in other businesses, following Jesus and being a faithful church member is hard, but it's going to all start with where I am in my relationship with Christ."

    His name is Bobby Evans.

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    San Francisco Giants offseason discussion

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    12-7-2014 offseason discussion with Steven Pearlstein @SPearlstein2 on the San Francisco Giants. 

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    San Francisco Giants Preview: Open Mike Program

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    Tonight Michael welcomes in Micahel Saltzman of "From the Bleacher with Candlestick Will" and baseball writer on Baseball Essential to talk about the San Francisco Giants 2015 season. The Giants are coming off a World Championship season, and questions abound about whether they can repeat this year. We discuss it all.

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    San Francisco Giants former Baseball player Andrew Dixon

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    Andrew Dixon of the Andrew Dixon Foundation: San Francisco Giants former Baseball player Andrew  Dixion. Along with bringing  baseball to  Jamaica he is helping to building well need toilets in schools in the rural Parishes of Jamaica ..... Bio: Former professional baseball player in the United States for San Francisco Giants  Established baseball program in the primary schools in Jamaica in association with the Institute of Sports teaching baseball to students, teachers and coaches. Provided International Coaching Certification clinic for physical education specialists in twenty-three (23) primary schools. Fundamentals of baseball were offered to 500 summer camp participates at the Insports Summer Camp in Jamaica . The summer programs consisted of (1) hitting, (2) throwing, (3) running bases, and more. The foundation provided summer camp participants with  training equipment. We, partnered with the Institute of Sports to provide back to school supplies to hundred of students at Jamaica National Stadium which was donated by the foundations and foundation partners. Five-day baseball clinic with Mike Toomey of Major League Baseball the Kansas City Royals, Mr. Ross Murphy, former professional baseball player and native Jamaican and myself. Great Shape Inc. –SuperKids 2010, at the Sandals Grande in Ocho Rios were Andrew Dixon introduce baseball to students at Newstead Primary in St.Mary

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    Primetime With The Stables

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    Los Angeles Dodgers San Francisco Giants 

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    2/5/2016: Episode 13 - Dan Szymborski

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    Is Hunter Pence going to leave the Giants to become a professional gamer? What is Hearthstone and is it contagious? Dan Szymborski answers the important questions for us.

    This week's Chroncast chronicles everything from baseball to trolling to Skynet to Bill Murray-led heists and to Star Trek. Perhaps a smidge too much about Star Trek, in fact, as we play a game where we try to figure out which Star Trek crew fits a particular Giant best and what role that player might have on that particular ship. But only you, fair listener, can be the judge of that.

    Dan manages to troll Bryan, affirm Matt Duffy, denigrate the Giants for daring to wear orange & black, and pitch a revolutionary method for resuscitating old TV shows that have long since left syndication. There's also a heady discussion of mortality that might be a great conversation starter here, even: "Who was the first great baseball player younger than you to make you realize your own mortality?"

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    11/13/2015: Episode 2 - "A Proportional Response"

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    Welcome to yesterday's news! If you're still catching up on the week that was for the San Francisco Giants, filled with a Gold Glove and Wilson's Defensive Player of the Year award and due diligence on Ben Zobrist, then most of this podcast will be new to you!

    If, however, you're living in the present, then the Silver Slugger and David Price of last night and today are nowheeeeeeeere to be found. That's because podcasting is already an ancient technology. The last gasps of Gen X. Millenials, go check out Grant's junk all the latest breaking news at McCoveySnap.

    But if you insist on sticking with this dead podcasting technology, then you *will* be rewarded with more fun and games from Doug & Bryan. We also break down the free agents on the starting pitcher market and play a game that rivals last week's Big Spoon/Little Spoon.

    Check out this week's McCovey Chroncast!

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    1/8/2016: Episode 9 - "The Hobo Code"

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    Episode 9 of the McCovey Chroncast drops with a discussion of the newest Giant, Denard Span, but also a frank and explicit examination of Angel Pagan and his dreaminess effectiveness. Will two injury-plagued outfielders add up to one stellar outfield? Or will the Giants going all in on high risk/high reward free agents betray them like a hanging breaking ball?

    Also, with the Hall of Fame in the news, we decline to discuss the obvious, well-trodden subjects and instead focus on the zero-vote guys who are still worthy of a conversation. We answer some Twitter questions, too. If you don't want to sign up for Twitter to ask us questions for the next Chroncast, *leave them in the comments below*!

    And since 2016 is still fresh, we take a look at possible New Year's Resolutions for certain Giants. As always, your feedback is encouraged in the comments below.

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    12/18/2015: Episode 7 - "The Force Awakens"

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    EPISODE VII - The Force Awakens

    Johnny Cueto has joined the Giants.

    With the approval of Giants' ownership, recently

    installed GM Bobby Evans has coordinated a strong

    offseason plan to bolster the Giants' most glaring

    weakness: its pitching. After agreeing to a 6-year

    deal, Cueto joins Madison Bumgarner and Jeff

    Samardzija, making the Giants competitors again

    in the NL West.

    The moves have excited Doug and scared Bryan.

    Now that the Giants are favored, does it mean

    they are doomed to fail? Also on the Chroncast,

    Bryan and Doug try to match Giants players with

    an appropriate Star Wars character. . . .