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     The 'Lewis and Clark'  of FLIPPED LEARNING Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams return. FLIPPED LEARNING AROUND THE WORLD



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    The Dating Recipe How to avoid the Trap with Author Terrance Sams

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    Join us tonight July 29th @7:30 as we talk to Author Terrance Sams and discuss his new book. The Dating Recipe How To Avoid The Trap. Terrance Sams has interviewed many men of all races and backgrounds who all share a common thread as habitual cheaters. He then took this information and wrote a book to educate young ladies in the adult dance of cat and mouse. Tonight will be a fun yet enlightening night. Lets talk to this insigtful young man and discuss why he wrote the book and how to apply its use. As usual we will discuss, Sports, Entertainment, and Politics. The Call in number is 347-637-3010. Real Talk All The Time, 100% Real, unpolished, and unrehearsed, real talk for real people. www.realtalkallthetime.com 

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    ET Spirit Guide TJ Morris and Steve Long 's Theory of Energy Ancient Mysteries

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    Steve Long shares PMH theory pyramid building. Nikola Tesla discovered what the modern electromagnet really does and why, Tesla wrote about electricity and magnetism as magnetricity. Albert Einstein ,said the universe was push and pull, and  Ed Leeskalnin , wrote plant ,animal, mineral, and a book about equal forced magnetic current but when Rockerfeller offered to pay of  Ford's mass production in an exchange to run gas powered motors the truth was buried. Magnetic poles equal because of zero perfect push and perfect pull . The modern electromagnet makes electrons and protons. This is similar to the yen and yang effect of zero is the line between.the electron and proton are born from the one pole, torn into 2 unequal parts.Stephen Long born in USA lives in Cedr Rapids, Iowa and has prophetic dreams that inform him of  the sams as TA.
    Ed Lleedskalnin showed us many times Saturn and the crescent moon over and over, when you understand that as the sun moves it is also push, and as the planets follow in the suns wake they are full. Moon light is a strong reflection of sun light and on either one of earth's 2 crescent moons the moons crescent show man when the suns power is weakened, and as Saturn's crossing with the smallest moon it helps pull the stone up, but the best part is Ed Leedskalnin PMH (pmh) as a magnetricity holder or perpetual motion holder [electromagnet holder]. Ed taught us that magnets not electrons were in fact in everything, living and dead. That the earth was a magnet and that we live within its flux. Ed used the pmh to recharge the stone and give the stone poles ,but as in nature one pole inside and one pole outside. The pmh allowed Ed to keep the charge and turn it inside out. So, between flipping the poles of the stone and Saturn's crossing with the crescent moon the stones lifted and were pushed into place with wood. Explaining this is showing pre-flood technique.



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    Egg in face to those who said Michael Sams orientation would be a distraction.

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    So much for all those who swore up and down that Michael Sam's orientation would somehow be a distraction to the Rams, to his teammates...hogwash.

    Compare Michael Sam's off field behaivor to that of Johnny Manziel, a Hetrosexual (as far as we know).

    Johnny Manziel is making the headlines every other day, in some club, with party women, and most recently rolling up a dollar bill in Casino bathroom!!

    On the other hand not so much as a peep from Michael Sams, the gay football player, who unlike Manziel, actually listened to the advise of the team that hired him and is now keeping low profile...sorry, but that's 'character'.


    (further commentary in above link)


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    54 - MY 2 SAMS (Part II)

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    Part 2 of Sam Roberts interview. Hanley-less, our trio discusses Sam Roberts’ iphone 5 viral video, Die Antwoord, Bridget Fonda, marriage, While We’re Young, the bigger better deal, Jay Z, Drake, Kanye West, Sean Penn, worst and best Oscars hosts. Sam M. attends a Hollywood-y party in lieu of hanging with Anya & her parents, runs into a weasel; Empire; Strange Fruit; Sam R’s childhood; "numb & tingly" sensations, Periscope, anxiety attacks, the term Butterface. Anya analyzes Sam Roberts’ food issues, a deep discourse on buffalo wings.

    Follow on Twitter: twitter.com/anyamarina ... twitter.com/sammorril ... twitter.com/philmhanley ... twitter.com/notsam ... twitter.com/StandUpNYLabs

    Visit http://StandUpNY.com to see when Phil and Sam are performing live.

    Listen to all our other great podcasts at http://StandUpNYLabs.com.

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    David Sams

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    David Sams is a nine-time Emmy winning TV producer who is now focusing all his attentions on a new media ministry called: KEEP THE FAITH, it is about encouraging people in Christ.

  • The Rolling Darkness Revue joins Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE!

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    EACH HALLOWEEN SEASON for the past ten years the Rolling Darkness Revue, a traveling fraternity of some of horror fiction’s premier talents, has presented an evening of new supernatural stories in celebration of the genre’s favorite holiday. A full theatrical experience which incorporates comedy, drama, and live music to illuminate and enhance the Halloween tradition of ghost story readings, the Revue was founded by Peter Atkins, Dennis Etchison, and Glen Hirshberg in 2004 and has been curated by Atkins & Hirshberg since 2006. The Revue began performing in bookstores, libraries, and parking lots, making the move to small theatres in 2009 as the show grew in nature (and audience). As well as becoming an October ritual for fans and readers, RDR has received glowing notices from, among others, the Los Angeles Times and National Public Radio’s Weekend Edition. Stories which have premiered at the Revue have many times been selected for inclusion in annual ‘Year’s Best’ anthologies from such noted editors as Ellen Datlow, Stephen Jones, and Paula Guran, and guest authors over the life of the show have included such genre and mainstream notables as Norman Partridge, Nancy Holder, Aimee Bender, Michael Blumlein, and Kim Newman. From the beginning, live music has been provided by the noted local ambient musicians Jonas Yip & Rex Flowers and, since 2009, acclaimed local actor Kevin Gregg has become an invaluable part of the cast. PETER ATKINS: Author of Morningstar, Big Thunder, Rumours of the Marvellous, and the movies Wishmaster and Hellraiser II-IV. “Atkins is a brilliant supplier of shudders and splendors” – Clive Barker. GLEN HIRSHBERG: Award-winning author of The Two Sams, American Morons, and Motherless Child. “A writer to watch and treasure” – Peter Straub. 

    This is copyrighted, trademarked podcast owned solely by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network

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    Uncle Sam's Misguided Children is a Scam

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    Many admins have left Uncle Sam's Misguided Children's platform due to the abuse they have recieved from Pedro "Rick" Ferran.  They have been banned, blocked, then called out and their honor and character attacked falsely by Pedro "Rick" Ferran.  We will be bringing them on to tell their side of the story and clear the air about the 9:00 minute video posted to Uncle Sams Misguided Children by Pedro "Rick" Ferran.  We will try and bring some clarity to the situations that seems to always surroung "Rick" founder of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children.  

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    Lisa Sams, Nurse Consultant and Entrepreneur

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    Lisa Sams is the owner and founder of Clinical Linkages, Inc, a consultation and training company that assists organizations in achieving their goals for use of evidence-based practice.
    She has more than thirty years of experience as a clinician, practicing in both clinical and academic settings, practice manager with an NICHD research project, and directing practice for a national association prior to starting her own business.
    She has authored both textbook chapters and journal articles and presented her work nationally. Her Clinical Work Assessment Blueprint© has been presented at the American College of Health Care Executives Congress, Agency for Health Quality and Research conference, Translating Research into Practice, American Organization of Nurse Executives.
    Lisa's new emphasis is engaging patients and families in best care through the use of evidence so they can be proactive members of their care team. The first “tool” is a guidebook, "Your Hospital Care: Expect the Best". Internet and mobile applications are on the horizon.
    Lisa learned first hand that change offers opportunity, with 23 relocations in 29 years of her husband’s Air Force career. She enjoys jogging, biking and pilates as well as a good book and experimenting with recipes.

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    Ahmed Mohammed, the clock kid, is now supposedly severely traumatized. UG!

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    Hr1  Uh oh... looks like Pope Francis just called abortion a horrific symptom of a throw-away society. What now?!

    Kimberly Morin joins Joe from the Gun Rights Policy Conference talking about the reasons we need to protect our 2nd Amendment rights. And those other things people call "rights" that really aren't!

    Then... more on Pope Francis, Obama, and John Boehner's resignation.

    Hr2  Pope Francis calls abortion “horrific” & symptom of a “throwaway culture." Does that mean he hates women?

    Xander Gibb talks about Pope Francis, Mayor deBlasio, the homeless, and more!

    Hero who takes out bully of blind kid is suspended and kicked off football team. Idiot administrators. This zero-tolerance policy is making things worse.

    Hr3  Ahmed Mohammed, the clock kid, is now supposedly severely traumatized. Good grief!

    Football celebrity Michael Sams believes he'd still be in the NFL if he weren't gay. Another victim. Maybe he just wasn't good enough and it had nothing to do with his sex life.

    Jobs report. More losses. Shocked? I'm not.

    Conservative campus newspaper, the Claremont Independent, "Always Right" t-shirts get them branded as racist, ignorant, white supremacists.

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

    There are always at least two sides to every story. Have you ever wondered how someone, who saw the same thing you did, walked away telling a vastly different story? Which version was correct? Which one was the REAL story? Actually, both are! It’s just a matter of perspective.

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    KITM/News/Michael Sams/Warriors 5/My Talk With Rachel Dolezal/Self I.D

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    Kings In The Morning Is Funny, Witty, Thought Provoking & At Times Controversial. Tune In & Check Us Out You May Kee Kee Haa Haa & Work Your Brain All In One Serving www.thejaykingnetwork.com or listen by phone 347-205-9366 8am to 10am pst Monday thru Friday....