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    The Dating Recipe How to avoid the Trap with Author Terrance Sams

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    Join us tonight July 29th @7:30 as we talk to Author Terrance Sams and discuss his new book. The Dating Recipe How To Avoid The Trap. Terrance Sams has interviewed many men of all races and backgrounds who all share a common thread as habitual cheaters. He then took this information and wrote a book to educate young ladies in the adult dance of cat and mouse. Tonight will be a fun yet enlightening night. Lets talk to this insigtful young man and discuss why he wrote the book and how to apply its use. As usual we will discuss, Sports, Entertainment, and Politics. The Call in number is 347-637-3010. Real Talk All The Time, 100% Real, unpolished, and unrehearsed, real talk for real people. www.realtalkallthetime.com 

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    Egg in face to those who said Michael Sams orientation would be a distraction.

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    So much for all those who swore up and down that Michael Sam's orientation would somehow be a distraction to the Rams, to his teammates...hogwash.

    Compare Michael Sam's off field behaivor to that of Johnny Manziel, a Hetrosexual (as far as we know).

    Johnny Manziel is making the headlines every other day, in some club, with party women, and most recently rolling up a dollar bill in Casino bathroom!!

    On the other hand not so much as a peep from Michael Sams, the gay football player, who unlike Manziel, actually listened to the advise of the team that hired him and is now keeping low profile...sorry, but that's 'character'.


    (further commentary in above link)


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    003 SKIP SAMS: "A Matter of Life or Meth"

    in Self Help

    LeGrande Green interviews Skip Sams, co-founder of Twelve Steps Further. In this BOLD conversation, they both share intimate stories from the darkest side of crystal meth addiction. A life coach and composer, Skip gives tips on how to find the music again through recovery. His mantra: "You are amazing," Yes, Skip, you really are! Join the conversation at www.getboldtoday.com. Skip's websites are www.skipsams.com and www.12stepsfurther.com

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    KITM/News/Is Depolulization Real?/Empire Gossip/Michael Sams/T.O/ASK ROSEBUDD

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           Hang on to your hats and prepare your EARS for the sound festival they will come to learn to appreciate.  KINGS IN THE MORNING – we doin’ it baby!!  347-205-9366 is the number for all the JAY KING NETWORK shows function from, so call in, and fall in – we will keep you rolling on the floor ROTF ballin’.  Tickles to the brain, and schooling for the insane – you got to try us on, and see how well we fit.  Tell your friends, spread the word to your relatives – its ON like POPCORN!

    THEN –

                This man has seen the world through the eyes of a man of confidence.  In other words, he's been around and has Godly and worldly knowledge that will benefit the men of today.  These are important elements in life to learn and grow on.  Rosebudd is open to a lot of things and is willing to share his techniques of overcoming the fear of rejection with you. You've seen him in American PimP and now you can speak directly with him via the askrosebudd show. Knowing him will expand your knowledge and increase your confidence in yourself. His methods teaches you to search the one place you haven't ever looked to gain confidence . . . inside yourself.  Yes there is no confidence in this product or that product. Your confidence comes from within and the askrosebudd show will help you reach it. Isn't the game of life about learning and living life to the fullest? Call in to the show 347-205-9366 is all you need to do to get in touch with him. Rosebudd is an author with over 20 books to his credit. And now let me introduce you to the one and only Rosebudd Bitterdose

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    Lisa Sams, Nurse Consultant and Entrepreneur

    in Health

    Lisa Sams is the owner and founder of Clinical Linkages, Inc, a consultation and training company that assists organizations in achieving their goals for use of evidence-based practice.
    She has more than thirty years of experience as a clinician, practicing in both clinical and academic settings, practice manager with an NICHD research project, and directing practice for a national association prior to starting her own business.
    She has authored both textbook chapters and journal articles and presented her work nationally. Her Clinical Work Assessment Blueprint© has been presented at the American College of Health Care Executives Congress, Agency for Health Quality and Research conference, Translating Research into Practice, American Organization of Nurse Executives.
    Lisa's new emphasis is engaging patients and families in best care through the use of evidence so they can be proactive members of their care team. The first “tool” is a guidebook, "Your Hospital Care: Expect the Best". Internet and mobile applications are on the horizon.
    Lisa learned first hand that change offers opportunity, with 23 relocations in 29 years of her husband’s Air Force career. She enjoys jogging, biking and pilates as well as a good book and experimenting with recipes.

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    The HyperSloth Happy Hour Thursday Throwdown

    in Comedy

    Turn your shitty life around by listening to The HyperSloth Happy Hour! We solve all your problems in 60 minutes or less. Just call in with your most frustrating, heartbreaking, ball busting problem and we'll crack our noggins wide open and let the brilliance inside gush forth unto your soul like a cerebral money shot!

    Here are a few of the topics we obliterated with genius this episode:

    Why does MIDI never work?!

    Why don't printers ever work?!

    Do beavers really exist?

    Sheriff ZigZag deals out neighborhood justice.

    Rufus' dog VS chickens.

    And some quotables from the show include:

    "Don't buy your pants at Sam's."

    "You have a good looking set of man teeth!"

    "It will make you want to build a computer chip out of a beaver's tooth."

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    Never Had It So Good Sports Radio Talks NFL Draft & Michael Sams

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    Don't miss this episode. We won't be so politically correct when we talk about the MIchael Sams. The display was horrible and something that can in no way be explain easily to our young people....that's a quote from Deacon Moses Felder. Also, we will talk about all of the undrafted underclassmen and what do they do now. 

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    David Sams

    in Religion

    David Sams is a nine-time Emmy winning TV producer who is now focusing all his attentions on a new media ministry called: KEEP THE FAITH, it is about encouraging people in Christ.

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    with founders and Ed pioneers AARON SAMS and JON BERGMANN

    on their new book and a network update

    @jonbergmann  www.flippedclass.com

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    Bert Martinez talks with Tim Ash, Risley Sams, Sharon Spears, Rick Mellor

    in Business

    Risley Sams President of RHS Financial in San Francisco. He is a Certified Financial Planner and runs a wealth management company that helps Business Owners and Executives think bigger about their personal finances and He helps them Invest With Purpose

    Sharon Spears official customer service representative and longest standing volunteer at Dogs on Deployment 

    Rick Mellor VP Sales and Marketing of openSource Contract Management. openSource provides a cloud-based contract management solution that helps companies to manage their contracts from within a highly secure, central repository, accessible from any Internet connection

    Tim Ash CEO of SiteTuners, the chairperson and founder of the international Conversion Conference event series, and the author of the bestselling book Landing Page Optimization. He speaks worldwide to online marketing audiences about making websites and landing pages that are more persuasive and convince people to take action



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    An Interview Sams His-Hop Stewart from His-Hop

    in Religion

    Join us as we sit down and discuss the role of faith and hip-hop with special guest D-Road - Sams His-Hop Stewart. Please check out our website @RemnantXRadio.com!