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    Mompreneurs Conference with authors giving out free samples

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    #networking #mothers #moms 

    We are talking about moving forward 

    This is another piece of my book! 

    After you have pushed 

    After you have been unstoppable 

    After you have survived hard times 

    After you have believed in heaven next is moving forward 

    When is the last time you have ever moved forward even if you don't have all the details 

    This book is designed to push you far beyond normal lifestyle 

    We don't know how to communicate and tell people the truth in whatever they are doing 

    There is a time a place where you have to begin to keep on going despite the hard times and things that aren't really good for you 

    Moving forward is a must it's like a shift that you have to go through   to get to the next dimension 

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    War of the Words #53: Ashley Samples ahead of Conflict 22 Title Bout

    in MMA

    Now we have the pleasure of announcing the 115lb title bout between Stryker Fight Center’s Jennifer Darr and Doro MMA’s Ashley Samples!!! Two of the regions top females will be making the trip from Georgia to claim stake in one of the regions most coveted titles, the Conflict MMA 115lb title. This belt was vacated by Invicta Fighting Championships JJ Aldrich after she turned professional after a 5 round war with Ashley Greenway earlier this year. We expect the same great things from both of these awesome females.

    Two more WMMA bouts confirmed for this card, bringing the total to 5 on Conflict’s third Columbia show, and its 22nd over all. The rest of the event is stacked with a plethora of hot upcoming ammy’s, many on the verge of breaking out. Fight Club Series has done an amazing job of providing an excellent, pro level platform for amateur fighters on the rise. 

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    Mompreneurs conference talking about mothers & free samples

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    #mompreneurs #call #radioshow 

    Mompreneurs is a conference about mothers. . It's important that you understand parents are or should be the best thing today 

    There are times we need to understand mothers put allot in you and when will you move forward and thank your mother for being who she is today 

    This conference I hope has touched somebody you can shout out and tell us where your calling from today. We love when you to shout out a couple of mothers and make it happen on a daily basis 

    #mompreneurs are where it's at today 

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    Mompreneurs Conference with #authors and free samples 4moms

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    #aothor#moms #free #conference 

    Heaven do u believe in it or not there is a place where you believe it or not 

    Heaven isn't for the enemy or the who doesn't believe like God does

    There is a place which is spiritual and you can't say u don't believe and believe in God 

    Times when I had to make a awesome decision to believe or not 

    The out come is too believe in heaven 

    Heaven is a beatiful place but it's beyond you it your neighbor 

    Heaven do you believe or not 

    Jesus Christ is the only way 

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    Welcome Back Actor/Writer/Filmmaker Kyle Samples

    in Entertainment

    Actor . Writer. Film Maker

    Kyle Samples


    Once you have seen Kyle it is hard to forget him. This unique talent has starred in American Horror Story, Sons of Anarchy, Glee and he most recently co wrote, produced and starred in The Life of Brad…

    Actor . Writer. Film Maker

    Kyle Samples


    Once you have seen Kyle it is hard to forget him. This unique talent has starred in American Horror Story, Sons of Anarchy, Glee and he most recently co wrote, produced and starred in The Life of Brad…


    Kyle has been making his small screen debut over the past 3 years. He has brought his one of a kind brand of funny and dark to over a dozen of our favorite Tv Shows.  Now he has taken the creative process in to his own hands by creating a horror/fantasy based webseries, “Life of Brad.”  


    Kyle has been making his small screen debut over the past 3 years. He has brought his one of a kind brand of funny and dark to over a dozen of our favorite Tv Shows.  Now he has taken the creative process in to his own hands by creating a horror/fantasy based webseries, “Life of Brad.”  


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    War of the Words MMA Interviews: XFE 40 Ashley Samples

    in MMA

    Join us as we catch up with the very exciting and active Ashley Samples ahead of her XFE 40 title clash with the also popular Andy Nguyen.

    Title shots, gym life, fighter relationships, war, last name issues, its all going down on War of the Words! Don't miss one of the most talked about ammy girls in the game, this Thursday at 5pm!

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    Mompreneurs conference with a #author with her new book

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    #coffee #tea #mompreneurs #authors

    Giving away free coffee and tea today but here is the second chapter of my book this is a preview only! 

    Mothers today are unstoppable but we got to keep on pressing 

    We are helping mothers today become better at what we do and we need to understand we are unstoppable but are you taking care of you first 

    There is enough violence going on so what are you doing to take care of you 

    Mothers need to be celebrated because you are unstoppable in how you present and take care of several things before you even think of yourself and we are thankful for where you have placed us today 

    How unstoppable are you today? Unstoppable is how we should be despite the craziness and past mistakes 

    We gave to learn pot build your unstoppable self up and one a day do u instead of worrying about others 

    #mothers #conference 

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    May 23rd 2015, 10pm PDT- Nancy Talbott drops in to chat Crop Circles & Science

    in Paranormal

    May 23rd, the Spaced Out Radio Network welcomes Nancy Talbott to Spaced Out Weekend with host James Tyson.  Ms Talbott is the Field Research Coordinator and press contact for the BLT Research Team (John Burke, William C. Levengood and Nancy Talbott), which has been examining plants and soils in crop formations in several countries. They have also studied the electromagnetic environments, unusual animal deaths in the U.S. and Canada, and UFO trace-cases since 1989.

    In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Ms. Talbott worked as a Research Assistant at the University of Maryland and at Harvard University. She then became an independent producer of Appalachian music festivals in the northeast. Since 1992 she has devoted 100% of her time to the development of a cohesive, well-trained field sampling and reporting network in several countries. This network has supplied the thousands of samples examined in-depth by Levengood, biophysicist, and others over the last nine years.

    Ms. Talbott lectures to groups internationally which are interested in learning about the physical abnormalities in the plants and soils associated with these phenomena and the hypotheses developed so far to help organize the laboratory data within a scientific context.

    BLT Research is a hard-working group of thoroughly interested, capable individuals serious about applying scientific methodology and solid professional expertise to these perplexing mysteries which have been ignored by the scientific establishment for far to long.

    An engaging speaker able to present hard scientific data to the lay person in a compelling, easy-to-understand presentation, Nancy mixes facts and visual images and her years of experience to skillfully show the high-strange, scientific reality behind mysterious phenomenal events.

    (from Emergence Conference website)

    More info:http://www.bltresearch.com

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    Mompreneurs conference author is talking about her new book

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    #mothers #conference #coffee #tea

    Momprenuers today is overlooked and sometimes not prepared 

    Moms have to learn the power in the push 

    In my new book called #pushingmompreneurs we talk about a lot of topics for the moms and for the moms that are growing by leaps and bounds 

    Today we all need to celebrate our moms because they put us in this world and they are doing the best that they can do! 

    Time out for craziness we got to get those moms the help that they need just to make it for tomorrow and it's time for us to give back 

    Moms we love and appreciate you and has a special gift for you today if you email me or call in for this live show 

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    #freesamples #breakpoverty #tea #coffee email me today

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    Your Spiritual Journey Begins Here

    in Spirituality

    Your Spiritual Journey Begins Here

    We are here on this planet to receive from the Eternal gifts that we can share with each other. Each of us is blessed in that way with unique qualities that make us who we are.

    As you wake up to your true purpose on this Earth you will find yourself drawn to sites like this where people just like you are sharing what they have learned over the years.

    That's what this podcast is about. My 40+ years of searching have brought me here, where I can share what I have learned and perhaps inspire you to do the same.

    We're all in this together, this Earth experience. The God of All Creation wants us to wake up now and see ourselves for who we truly are - His/Her Divine Offspring. 

    If you are reading this and feel attracted to this message then you are awakening as well. You are part of the Great Wake-Up Call that is going on worldwide right now. So dig in and see how you feel about this material. Then be prepared to fall in love with your self and your life purpose as well.

    In this episode I describe who I think you are as part of the audience and who I am as the deliverer of these materials. Then I offer samples of poetry and music in this episode to illustrate what I mean by this Cosmic Journey we are all on. 

    I hope you enjoy what is presented here and I wish you all the best on Your Spiritual Journey.
    Dr Moe

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    The Life and Times of Black Man Clay: Early years Clarence E. Adams 1935 - 1955

    in Motivation

    Hello from Sandra Adams.  This show is about Black Man Clay as a youth to the 80 year old man of wisdom he is today.  Black Man Clay will give us samples of his music, engage us with stories about his roots and why he calls himself a musical philosopher, and teach us the elements of his philosophy on Truth, Love, and Communication.

    We will also discuss the social issues surrounding Clarence E. Adams in Texas, during his military involvement including the Vietnam War, and One Heart Beat Arts Group and how they have affected his development into the fine gentleman he is today.

    This show in interactive.  There are no barriers.  "All the high souls are gathering now" Black Man Clay