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    Writestream Tuesday with Carla Salvo and Suzanne Novak

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    Join independent author, blogger and social media professional Dariaanne for Writestream Tuesday on April 2 at 1 p.m. Eastern when she welcomes authors Carla Salvo and Suzanne Novak to the show.
    The author of Just Say The Word and the forthcoming The Dutchman's Son, Carla's work can be found at Andante Publishing and Piccolina Publishing. 
    Suzanne Novak's character novel Moon Tide is set in the quaint shoreline town of Madison, CT and follows the ups and downs of various characters as they make their way through life. It enjoys a five-star rating on Amazon.
    Dariaanne will speak with the authors about their work, the writing process, the ever-changing publishing industry and the ways in which they market their books.
    As always, the chat room will be open and the host and guests welcome your calls at (347) 945-7246. 

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    DJ Salvo Show

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    Just a test run people

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    Hard Starboard Radio: How 'bout Some Cornpone Politics?

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    Mike Huckabee is aesthetically irritating and electorally counterproductive; Mitt Romney isn't running, Jeb Bush is chortling with glee, and Chris Christie is falling down in more ways than one; meanwhile, Scott Walker is off and running and might as well be...riding a horse, like the last GOP POTUS to do so; The era of Big Obama Government is not over; The Senate GOP fires the first 2016-table-setting salvo at the White House by approving the Keystone XL pipeline; and Loretta Lynch proves herself, in the words of Odin, "UNWORTHY!  UNWORTHY!  UNWORTHY!" of confirmation as the next Attorney-General of the United States, and Senate Republicans have a duty to send her nomination down in flames.

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    American Daily Review: Keystone XL Flows Towards White House To Be Scuttled

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    Constitution Corner: Georgetown Law Professor and card-carrying Obamunist Jonathan Turley on the Obama Tyranny, and Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) on A-G nominee Loretta Lynch's endorsement of it and why her nomination must be defeated, and Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore strikes Christophobic judicial tyranny again; 5-year-old girl killed by "mysterious" vaccine-resistant flu; Health official says "mysterious" measles outbreak came from "overseas"; "Violence and brawling have become a regular way of life for the people of Ferguson, Missouii"; Mexican peso and Brazilian real collapsinng; Fading majority of Americans still reject amnesty; Venezuela's self-inflicted socialist misery; Russian war against Ukraine rages on; California DMV ordered to overlook identity theft by illegal aliens; Islamic Fundamentalism on the march from Saudi Arabia to Libya to right here in Obamerikastan; Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal on Muslim immigration: "It's not immigration, it's invasion"; Democrats stand with Islam against Christians and Jews; Barack Obama's ongoing attempt to overthrow Benjamin Netanyahu; The high cost of the Obamidency in jobs, wealth, and freedom; Pentagon tapes reveal Democrats' intentions regarding Benghazi, Libya, Gadhafi; Mitt Romney bows out, Scott Walker emerges; the 114th Congress fires it's first salvo at The One, and its name is Keystone XL; and JASmius eats some crow that isn't so delicious.

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    New Year Eve 2015

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    The Arizona Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that a lawsuit challenging the legality of the state’s Medicaid expansion could proceed, dealing a setback to one of Gov. Jan Brewer’s signature initiatives less than a week before she leaves office.
    The new film “Selma,” directed by Ava DuVernay, has won rave reviews and awards buzz for its depiction of the tense maneuvering surrounding the protests in that small town in March 1965, as Dr. King (played by David Oyelowo) contended with racist authorities in Alabama as well as factions inside the civil rights movement.
    The charge began on Dec. 22, three days before the movie’s release, when Mark K. Updegrove, the director of the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum, wrote an article in Politico saying that the film was trying to “bastardize one of the most hallowed chapters in the civil rights movement.” A few days later, Joseph A. Califano Jr., a former top domestic aide to Johnson, issued another salvo, in The Washington Post, accusing the filmmakers of deliberately ignoring the historical record.New York Times 2015
    Happy New year 2015 !



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    Nuanced Election Prognostications + LEAP's How to Win Heart's & Minds

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    Diane Goldstein is a retired Lieutenant from Redondo Beach P.D. and currently spokesperson for and Board of Director’s member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. As would be hoped, LEAP is committed to taking a leading role in convincing the general public to support the marijuana legalization initiative that is most likely to be on the 2016 California ballot.


    Diane Goldstein has authored an OPED that has been published at sfgate.com and is slated to be published in several other publications. The OPED is an opening salvo in what is the beginning of a campaign by LEAP to educate the voters on why they should support the legalization of marijuana.


    The actual regulations and technicalities are yet to be decided, but right now is the perfect time to educate them on why it should be legal. After that is done, then the nuts and bolts on whatever is on the ballot can be explained to voters who already understand that marijuana should be legal and now need to support its actual implementation.


    To see Diane Goldstein’s oped, go to: http://www.sfgate.com/opinion/article/Marijuana-legalization-a-step-toward-social-5848468.php


    The second part of the show will feature a round table discussion on the Nov. 4 election here in California and around the country. A look at the statewide offices and ballot measures as they relate to marijuana issues will be considered with the latest polling info on the legalization measures in Alaska, Oregon and Washington D.C. Your comments on the election will be of interest and you are encouraged to call into the show with them to 657-383-0011.

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    Writestream Author Chat with Carla Salvo

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    Join Daria DiGiovanni, published author and Parasol Creations partner on Thursday, April 21 as she welcomes author Carla Salvo to the Writestream Author Chat.
    She'll chat with Salvo about her new murder/mystery thriller Just Say The Word, from Andante Publishing. As always, we welcome your questions and comments at 909-362-8228, and your participation in the twitter live chat using hashtag #writestream. 
    Join Daria DiGiovanni and guest Carla Salvo next Thursday, April 21 at 11 a.m. Eastern!

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    SWTS 503: Pro Talk: NHL Week 1/Saraceni, NFL Week 6, MLB Playoff Talk

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    Join us for our pro talk segment on Sports With The StatMan on Wednesday night.

    Hockey is finally back on the ice and we already have a couple of local vs. local matchups. The Islanders and Rangers meet at Madison Square Garden to renew acquaintances, while the Flyers had a tough time against the Bruins and Devils last week.  We welcome Lighthouse Hockey's Dan Saraceni back to the program to talk about the Islanders renewing of the rivalry against the Rangers, the Isles chances in the last year at the Coliseum, and the new ownership group poised to take over.

    The first big salvo of the NFC East season played itself out on Sunday night between the Giants and Eagles in Philadelphia. We break down the much-awaited matchup, trash-talking aside.  We talk about our local teams and go around the league for Week 6.

    The League Championship Series have begun in both leagues. The American League has teams foreign to recent LCS in Kansas City and Baltimore, while it is the old guard over in the National League, with San Francisco and St. Louis. Who has the upper hand?

    Listen live this Wednesday night at 11pm ET or download the podcast here.  "Like" the show on Facebook.  Follow the show on Twitter (@gstatman) for the latest updates.  You can also download the show on iTunes from your PC or mobile device in the iTunes Store, as well as Stitcher. And, the Random Musings blog is always on.

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    Interview with Suzanne Salvo

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    John C. Havens & Shel Holtz interview Suzanne Salvo from Salvo Photography.


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    Paul, Perry & Propaganda

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    Summer of Scandals and WAR! One hot mess after another splattered on your TV to keep you from thinking clearly as the next war is planned.

    Rick Perry is the current RINO point-man to crush the libertarianish conservative grassroots rebels. The GOP spends more time, money and vigor attacking conservatives than gearing up to defeat Democrats or checking an Imperial President.

    In the ongoing GOP ‘civil war’ the establishment corner keeps changing their pugilist, but the grassroots corner seems to have only one man standing and fighting round after round against new, fresh squishes. Rand Paul is the lead man for the truly conservative, sensible and Constitutional movement rising once again in America.  It seems futile, it is certainly difficult and the establishment has never been more established and powerful, but they are also, as always weak.

    Will we allow the Neocon War Party to win the propaganda war so they can launch more wars? Or do we stand with Rand and fight on principle for the restoration of liberty, sanity, prudence, prosperity, strength and virtue?  This is not the first salvo and it won’t be the last sortie.  Stand united behind the banner of the Constitution; or remain divided and watch American fade with a whimper.  Choose wisely, don’t delay.

    Tyranny is assured UNLESS liberty-loving people band together against the rising tide of collectivism. Grassroots conservatives MUST work together to ensure the restoration of constitutionally limited government–it is up to you.  End the imperialist police state and to defeat the Democrat-Socialists, first you MUST CRUSH the RINOs, for liberty!

    Please LIKE and SHARE our Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/LibertysThunder

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    LivingEden: What will we be up to next??? Join in the expansion and creativity

    in Spirituality

    Welcome dear ones!!  Daya and I are percolating for next week.  We will have a look and feel for another part of our dear planet but where will we go visiting??  It's a secret for now :) Oh, that wise connector of all through her beautiful web of life, weaver/dreamer Goddess, is excited to join us again too. She is yearning and chomping at her silk threads to be creating with us. Let's also go a little deeper into mastering the use of sexual energy for creating. What a fantastic pilgrimage we are journeying together.  I am always thrilled to be with each of you and am so in love with you.  Please send me questions, sharings, insights of expansion or creativity for you to sharonwalker143@gmail.com and check out my website at www.iamgoddessiam.com for more support on our journey into victory through ecstasy.

    We celebrate Stacy Goforth and Valinda Salvo's energy infused sparkling jewelry at www.crystalvibejewlery.etsy.com and invite you into their beautiful giftedness visiting their website.  Please receive a 10% discount using swalker1004 code if spirit moves you to give yourself or others one or more of these powerful beauties.  Also thank you again to Simone Matthews for her precious song "The Wave of Love" that you can get for yourself free on her website www.universallifetools.com

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