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    Saltwater Fishing Radio - Tournament Updates News and Fishing Reports

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    Tune in as the PointClickFish.com Team talks with the 2015 Miami Sportfishing Tournament winners the  Eren's Addiction Too Fishing Team. The team of Gil Strelic, Matt Lester, Chris Yob, Eren and Jack Bracewell took home an impresssive $39,350. We will talk with them about the event and the  impressive  win. The event took place April 23rd - April 25th at the Miami Beach Marina.

    Other topics and updates include:

    Carolina Redfish Series updates
    Fishing Reports
    Fishing Tournament Updates

    Call (347) 884-9117 or email questions during our LIVE show

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    PCF Saltwater Fishing Radio Show

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    Join Capt Jay and the PointClickFish Team as we talk about news and updates from the saltwater fishing community.

    Guest Captain Mark Henderson - Liquid Fire Fishing Team

    Carolina Redfish Series Update

    Get Hooked Fishing School

    Southern Kingfish Association press release ... Morehead City, NC 2015 SKA Nationals

    PCF Live Tournamnet Schdule


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    The Weird, Wonderful, World of Saltwater Aquarium Animals.

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    Ray Owczarzak, Ken McKeighen, and Mary Fetters will discuss their favorite saltwater creatures. Some animals are so ugly that they are cute, others are downright ugly. Some animals are so breathtakingly beautiful that you cannot believe they are real. We will discuss our our favorites of both categories. Join us for a fun filled hour of fish facts and join in on the fun via our chat room or call in.



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    Saltwater Fishing Radio Show

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    Join host Captain Jay and the PointClickFish.com Crew for updates and news from the saltwater fishing industry.


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    Russell Sakay Live on Saltwater

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    Saltwater with Russell Sakay! We will be talking on invertebrates, volume displacement, corals plus much more! Russell is quite solid on his information! So, what are you waithing for, click that listen button and call in live at 1-347-677-1837 to ask any questions you may have. Russell will not stir you wrong on quality information. So, come hear some do's and don'ts here on The Salty Dawgs live pod cast. Come join William T and Russell Sakay talk Saltwater. Don't forget to call in!

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    LNSA: Russell Will Be Discussing More on News, Anemones and Anything Salt

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    Insane Russell Is a saltwater walking encyclopedia, however, even though he rambles sometimes, he does know his shit when it comes to saltwater knowledge. Stop by Wednesdays for much knowledge of saltwater tank species and what it takes to have these beautiful specimens in your aquarium. Sometimes you have to determine exactly what species go together for the type of water you have to create in order to have these beautiful animals. Call in at 1-347-677-1837 and ask all the saltwater questions you may have.

    This Wednesday there will be news on zoos and large scale captivity issues. There will be information on brands, types, spectrums, intensities and the usage for such lighting. Then Russell will be speaking on Filtration for seahorses.


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    The Monday Night Kick Off Show

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    Join Charles "Redfish Chuck" Levi Jr and his pannel of kayak fishing pro's as they talk techniques that help them find and catch more fish!

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    The Road To Nationals With The SKA - Raymarine and Loadmaster Trailers

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    On this weeks PointClickFish.com Fishing Radio show, the Southern Kingfish Association (SKA) crew joins us to continue our monthly countdown to Nationals broadcast! We will discuss current SKA rankings, updates from the tournament trail and exciting National Championship news.

    We welcome Braden Shoemaker from Raymarine and Pamela Paulsen from Loadmaster Trailers to discuss news and updates from Raymarine and Loadmaster.

    Call (347) 884-9117 or email questions during our LIVE show August 21st at 8:00 EST!

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    PNN - Take the 5th

    in Politics Progressive

    PNN - 8/30

    Take the 5th

    Brook Hines
    Lillian Stanbajher
    Jayson Ttvp Casta  (TalentTVProductions.com)
    Marty Baum River Keeper

    The densely populated megalopolis of South Florida is losing it's water wells as sea water intrudes into the Biscayne Aquifer. Salt water has already moved 6 miles inland in Broward County and is likely to continue to creep westward. Ninety percent of South Florida gets its drinking water from underground supplies, most from the Biscayne aquifer. This inland movement observed in Broward County is due to urban withdrawals from the Biscayne Aquifer, ocean water moving sideways into the aquifer and seepage of saltwater from surface sources.

    Jayson Ttvp Casta's. [ http://talenttvproductions.com/ ]

    TUNE IN Sunday 8/30/15 7pm Eastern

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    Salt Asylum: Saltwater Expert Russell Sakay Returns as Host of His Own Show!

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    Russell Sakay from Maryland returns to The Euphoric network to host his very own show. The name of the podcast is Late Night Salt Asylum. Russell knows his business and he actually has his own company business where he maintains saltwater systems for clients. So, Russ does know saltwater. Russell a wild and crazy guy will remove his straight jacket for shows here on the Euphoric Network. I am proud and honored to have Russell as a part of the Euphoric Network. Call in live at 1-347-677-1837 and ask your questions. By the way Russell Sakay has been doing saltwater for 15 years. In this episode he will speak on sea tanks versus ocean tanks.

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    A Dynamite New Saltwater Systems Podcast Introduction

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    In this very first episode of a new saltwater systems and more podcast called Midnight Salt Asylum I will will be introducing my new show. I will discuss what the show will be about as time goes forward!

    This isn’t your ordinary aquatic radio show.  I get down to the bottom of the substrate to find the very truth to not only a particular species and its care, but the equipment and chemicals needed for that care.  I don’t tip toe around the subjects and I tend to search for the truth never stopping until it surfaces.  
    A little about myself.  I was a research writer and a chemist/biologist in college for about 4 years. I was intending to become a Psychologist but had my heart set on the aquatic world, which knew.  I figured away to merge Psychology and aquatics as one interesting weekly talk segment. 
    I will dive into the mind and biological aspects of the Ocean World within your tank.  
    There is no topic I will not cover.  
    Close your eyes and dive deep into your subconscious will I unwind the mysteries of the Salty Mania.


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