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    Blood, Saliva, & Urine

    in Health

    Hormone Replacement Therapy Lab Testing 

    What labs to take for urine

    What labs to take for blood

    What labs to take for saliva

    Slides for show: http://menopausemoxie.com/blood-saliva-urine/

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    Ms.P And Phoenix Rising Welcomes Bitter Sweet

    in Poetry

    Survivor, Activist, and Spoken Word Artist:
    She is a Greenville, SC native who has grown to be an outstanding budding artist in the poetry community.

    A member of the Upstate SC Poetry Slam Team- Say What?! Bitter Sweet has ranked top 3 in several slam competitions and throughout the upstate of South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia.

    The 2013 and 2014 'Say What?!' Slam Team Grand Slam Champion, the 2013 Soul Sister Slam Winner, winner of Queen Sheba’s Rough Language Slam in 2013 and 2014 Say What?! Venue's 12th Annversary Slam winner

    She also works with Wits End Poetry, a non-profit organization built around serving the youth and senior citizens along with hosting writing and performing workshops. She's performed for elementary and middle school students.

    Bittersweet's poetry is filled with raw emotion and personal triumph that will inspire, no matter your walk in life. Her most influential and favorite poets are Dr. Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes and Edgar Allen Poe.

    She is quoted as saying "I only write about what i've been through. My poetry is raw and uncut just like me. I spit from the depths of my soul, there's truth in my saliva. The taste is BitterSweet."


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    Militant Monday - EBOLA AIRBORNE OR NOT?

    in Politics

    Ebola is not currently an airborne disease. You can't catch Ebola by sitting across the room from someone who has it. You can only catch Ebola from coming into direct contact with the bodily fluids of someone who has the disease and is showing symptoms.


    (One caveat: If someone with Ebola symptoms sneezes or coughs and the saliva or mucus hits your eyes, nose, or mouth, that can transmit the disease, but this is rare, and it's mainly a concern for health workers. It's also not what people mean by "airborne.")

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    Adage Live

    in Military

    Join us this week as we welcome the rock band, Adage. An up and coming 4-piece Modern Rock Band from North Carolina, Adage has fans filling the music scene for a chance at the experience of seeing them live. Combining a seasoned touring guitarist turned vocalist with Justin, an ex-military first timer with Luke, the self taught bassist Johnathan, and Alex on drums. Members of Adage have graced the stage with Rob Zombie, Shinedown, Trapt, Saliva, Hinder, Hurt, Rev Theory, Sevendust, 10 Years and many more! Adage is a new band hitting the music world with full force. From the deeply personal powerhouse song "By Myself" to the new single "Hold On".  Adage's original songs have skyrocketed across the internet. They have securely placed a foot on the ladder to success. Currently planning touring options in a town near you!. We will talk to Adage about their upcoming schedule, get a behind the scenes look at their music, feature their latest songs, and ask them to share their message for the troops. Please be sure to visit Adage at https://www.facebook.com/adageband1 and spread the word. Fans are welcome to call in and speak live with with them during the show (718) 766-4193. If you would like to participate in the live chat during the show, you must sign up on the show site first and then log in during the show. And as always we will give shout outs to our deployed military listeners. Be sure to join us, Sunday 10/5/2014 at 4 PM EDT! Our message to the troops....WE do what we do, because YOU do what you do.

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    Spit out inflammation with Shirley Gutkowski

    in Health

    Cross Link Radio, health from the eye teeth on down. I’m here to help you understand some of the mysteries of health from the perspective of the oral health care provider, that’s me, Shirley Gutkowski. I’m a clinical dental hygienist. I’m in the prevention mode, helping you keep your health at its optimum by bringing a wide variety of guests with the information you want to know.

    Today on Cross Link Radio we'll explore new research published in July Journal of Periodontology. 
    C-Reactive Protein, and other markers can be detected using a handy substance in clinical dental hygiene practice - saliva. Why should we? Because periodontal disease is not just a tooth loss disease, it's a system wide disease and contributes to system wide breakdown. Periodontal disease is not inert.

    Host: Shirley Gutkowski
    Producer: Shirley Gutkowski

    Check out Shirley Gutkowski's books at www.rdhpurpleguide.com

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    Same-sex Saliva Swap Restricted on YouTube

    in LGBT

    What’s the big deal behind a lip lock between two people… could it be because it was videotaped and posted to YouTube?  Could it be because it lasted over one hour and 24 minutes?  Perhaps, viewers had the video flagged because it is two men swapping saliva!New York City-based Artist, Idan Bitton, isn’t tongue tied as he chats about the controversy surrounding his video "First Kiss" with fellow Artist, Alfredo Calle Ferran.  He explains why they chose to pucker up and post the plentiful pecks online.The Bo boys find out a kiss is NOT just a kiss… well, at least on YouTube.

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    Reclaim your Health with Health Coaches Dr. Rachel Haviland and Genevieve Kohn

    in Health

    Join us for Reclaim Your Health! This show is for women who want to reclaim their health on the physical, emotional and/or spiritual levels.

    In this episode Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen, DC, MS, CNS, CCN, will share about the Top Five Ways to Reclaim your Hormonal Health Naturally.

    Dr. Zgraggen’s Newport Beach, California based private practice is centered on functional endocrinology, lifestyle modification and whole food supplementation.  Dr. Zgraggen’s expertise includes functionally evaluating thyroid, adrenals, male and female hormone imbalances, and digestion. She is well versed in saliva testing, hair mineral analysis, and functional interpretation of blood panels. Dr. Zgraggen lectures regularly around the country on incorporating whole food nutrition protocols into practice for doctors and other healthcare professionals.

    Dr. Zgraggen has been a featured author in a variety of national publications such as Chiropractic Economics, Natural Practitioner, and Nutritional Perspectives.

    About The Hosts: 

    Rachel Haviland, Ph.D. blends 19 years in scientific research with cutting-edge marketing techniques to bring a unique perspective to medical marketing. An experienced writer, trainer and speaker with an entrepreneurial mindset, she combines innovative marketing solutions with extensive healthcare knowledge to create campaigns that produce results.

    Genevieve Kohn shows women how to reclaim their health through non-punishing diet, exercise and energy healing so they can have a life they love! She is an author, health coach, and energy healer. She lives in suburban Boston with her husband and two young sons. Go to bit.ly/wellsource4me and sign up to receive your free gift!

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    The Sacred Art of Fellatio (aka Blowjob) part 1

    in Lifestyle

    A man's precious Lingam (penis) is a vessel for his Masculine power, divine light and healing energy. Yet most men have forgotten the power of their sacred tool. As goddesses, we can use our feminine energy and sexual power to invoke the god within him. One way we do this is by awakening the God within him through conscious pleasuring. 

    In this 2 part series you will have an opportunity to:

    Learn the true, divine value of a man's shaft - one should never touch or attempt to pleasure something without first having the knowledge and appreciation of its power. 

    Learn how to use Taoist and Tantric techniques to awaken his sexual body and prepare his Lingam (penis) for erotic worship

    Learn how to use your mouth, a powerful, yet vulnerable erogenous zone, and healing energy center to transmute divine energy into him through consciousness, intention and your sacred fluids (saliva).

    Learn how to RECEIVE healing and heart expansion from GIVING to him - you are not doing him a favor by pleasuring him, you are gifting yourself. 

    Learn learn how to align your energies, chakras and meridians while oral pleasuring so that the experience brings you both to complete ONENESS and divine union. 

    Learn how to DRINK IN his divine light, allowing it to increase your vibrational frequency and shift your consciousness 

    Learn the value if his sacred fluids- his semen is not just some slimy stuff- it is his life force, and you should be honored to receive it. 

    Lear fun, creative ways to tease, pleasure and awaken him - that leave him empowered, yet begging for more!

    for more information on Tantra or Elaine's work, go to www.tantrictherapy.us or contatc her at elainecaban@gmail.com



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    Training for Long-Term Success With Eva Twardokens: Breaking Muscle Radio, Ep 2

    in Fitness

    Eva T has been on the ski slopes since the age of three and started competing at the age of eight. She has done it all, including the Olympics. Eva now uses her experience to help her clients stay healthy and live happy.

    00:12 - Introduction to Eva Twardokens
    01:32 - What it means to be an athlete
    04:48 - What it was like to be a career athlete from such a young age
    07:11 - How to balance performance and health as a competitive athlete
    10:42 - How to track health markers (Kalish Institute approach)
    12:44 - What chronic soreness and unexplained aches and pains might mean
    14:44 - How saliva tests work
    15:39 - How Eva's "Minimum Dose Maximum Effect" training works in high level sport
    19:06 - Becoming a self-expert
    23:14 - The evolution of Eva's perfect client over time
    25:41 - The evolution of Eva's coaching over time
    27:58 - Advice for a new athlete
    31:31 - Fitness competitions becoming professional sports
    33:53 - The transition from being an athlete to having fun
    36:02 - Movement for enjoyment and happiness
    38:15 - Quick-fire questions related to strength and conditioning
    43:35 - Eva's ebook project and website


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    Curtis Harwell and Kim Duke Discuss The Good, Bad and Ugly About Testosterone

    in Fitness

    A new study has confirmed that high levels of testosterone are associated with lower blood pressure, reduced risk of heart attacks, improved immune function, and smaller waistlines. But in a bizarre twist, the results of this study seem to show that the same men, who reap the benefits of high testosterone levels, may wind up killing themselves by smoking and drinking to excess or by indulging in other risky behaviors that can lead to personal injury.

    The researchers, led by Dr. Alan Booth, a professor of sociology and human development at Penn State University, measured testosterone levels (using saliva samples) in more than 4,300 men between the ages of 32 and 44 years. They found that those men who had the highest levels of testosterone had a 45% lower risk of high blood pressure, a 72% lower risk of having a heart attack, and an 8% lower risk of having three or more colds a year. These men were also 45% less likely to rate their health as fair or poor.

    On the other hand, the men with high testosterone levels were 25% more likely to report injuries, 32% more likely to drink alcohol heavily (5 or more drinks per day), and 151% more likely to smoke tobacco.

    The health benefits of high testosterone suggested in this study confirm what has been seen in scores of other studies over the last 60 to 70 years, but the men’s high risk behavior remains a bit of a puzzle. Since the Penn State researchers measured testosterone levels but did not attempt to alter them, it is impossible to say, based on their results, whether the high testosterone levels caused the high risk behavior, or was merely a result of them.

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    Jim Santora Show Rockcast w/ SALIVA

    in Music

    The JSS Rockcast throws it down with SALIVA. We will be discussing all things that have made this band great for the last 10+ years as well as talk about their new CD "Under Your Skin".

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