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    Tracking and Accountability for Salespeople

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    Jack Daly is an expert in sales and sales management inspiring audiences to take action in customer loyalty and personal motivation.

    Jack brings 20 plus years of field proven experience from a starting base with the CPA firm Arthur Andersen to the CEO level of several national companies. Jack has participated at the senior executive level on six de novo businesses, two of which he has subsequently sold to the Wall Street firms of Solomon Brothers and First Boston. As the head of sales, Jack has led sales forces numbering in the thousands, operating out of hundreds of offices nationwide.

    Amongst a career of highlights, here are a couple of noteworthy examples:

    In 1985, Jack relocated to California from the east coast and started a mortgage company with 3 colleagues. As CEO, Jack lead the company through robust growth in its initial 18 months to 750 employees, 22 offices nationwide, producing $350 million per month in mortgages, and it’s first 3 years the company reported profits of $42 million.
    In 1998, working as a senior partner in a 5 year-old privately held Enterprise, Jack helped the company to be recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young and ranked #10 on the Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing firms nationwide.

    Personal Highlights include:

    Jack has been married 43 years to his high school sweetheart.
    In 2007, Jack completed his first Ironman in the United Kingdom.
    Jack has now completed twelve Ironmans in eight countries, on five continents, and made team USA in 2012.
    Jack has played golf at over 80 of the Top 100 golf courses in the USA.
    To date Jack has completed 57 marathons over 30 states in the USA.
    Jack has bungee jumped the world’s first and world’s largest bungee jumps, and shark dived in South Africa.


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    What Responsibility Do Salespeople Have To Your Business?

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    ake 5 minutes from your busy business day and listen to expert business advice to grow and improve your business with Howard Lewinter.

    In today's 5 Minute Business Strategy Howard talks about: What Responsibility Do Salespeople Have To Your Business?

    CEOs, presidents, founders, business owners across America trust Howard Lewinter's business advice to solve business problems, increase business profits and live their entrepreneurial dreams of running a successful business with less stress.

    For more business tips, follow Howard on Twitter: @HowardLewinter.


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    Self-less Listening for Salespeople

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    What is the biggest complaint of salespeople?  You guessed it!!  They don’t listen.  Most salespeople are talkers and this can be an asset and a major liability.  Dave Cooke a veteran salesperson, sales international trainer, and accomplished author will share his thoughts on Selfless Listening.
    Dave Cooke is an accomplished author, international speaker, and an inspirational sales trainer. He leverages 25 years of sales and marketing experience to design and implement growth strategies and educational programs that profitably and sustainably increase both revenues and profits. 
    Dave takes pride in his experience with turbulent, changing and chaotic work environments.  Having taken the lead in multiple corporate turnaround projects and post merger transitions, Dave understands the challenges organizations face in challenging and difficult times.  It is these experiences that have shaped his commitment to collaboration, team, customer focused relationships, organizational communication, and effective leadership as fundamental components of revenue growth.   
    Dave brings refreshing insight and enthusiasm to the current trends and complexities of today’s business environment.  Dave enjoys the opportunity to share his stories, reflect on his experiences and offer his perspectives to provide inspiring insights for today’s sales professional or business executive. 

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    Three Biggest Mistakes Salespeople Make on Job Interviews

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    Three Biggest Mistakes Salespeople Make in Job Interviews
    Recently on Shark Tank, the two fitness experts who were pitching to get money for their fabulous new exercise equipment, lost the investors’ interest in less than 30 seconds.  They immediately started demonstrating exercises.  Showing their stuff!  The investors wanted to know:  What makes your product different from all the other equipment? They had not anticipated this question to any degree.  Needless to say, they didn’t get any offers for funding.  Did you know that when you are meeting someone face-to-face, that they make 22 different judgments about you in 11 seconds?  That is research from Naomi Rhode, a veteran corporate speaker and trainer.  
    Please join us for a content-rich interview with Zena Contreras, a talent acquisition expert
    Zena has over twenty-five years of professional talent acquisition and recruiting experience. She is AIRS certified and an expert in candidate sourcing, research and building national and international staffing strategies. In addition to her vast recruitment experience she is an Author, Solo-Entrepreneur Strategist, Career Coach and Fearless “mindset” Trainer. Zena has been interviewed on AZFamily, ABC Channel 15 and various internet radio programs.
    Zena has a reputation for delivering and exceeding client’s expectations. She is recognized for her ability to identify, plan and execute strategies for her clients. Her ability to manage multiple projects is superb; with filling over nineteen hundred positions, promoting teleconferences with over 1000 registrants and coaching others to achieve and excel.
    Feel free to connect with Zena through LinkedIn.

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    Are Your Salespeople Afraid To Get A "No" From A Prospect?

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    Today's 5 Minute Business Strategy with business expert, Howard Lewinter, talks about: Are Your Salespeople Afraid To Get A "No" From A Prospect?

    Howard Lewinter advises CEOs, presidents, founders and business owners throughout the United States to more success and greater profit with practical advice and creative solutions to help business flow. 

    Take 5 and listen as Howard shares business tips, strategies, ideas and business thought leadership that will help improve and grow your business.

    Got a business question for Howard that you'd like him to address on the show? Tweet it to him! @HowardLewinter on Twitter.

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    How to Create a Safe Space for Your Propsects and Clients

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    In taking your prospects from resistant to sharing what’s really going on within their organizations to ready to share confidential information, salespeople must develop a certain amount of trust with their prospect.  Join us for this thoughtful interview with Maxine Attong about how to create a safe space for your prospects and clients.

    Maxine Attong is passionate about writing, facilitation and coaching.  She believes that these skills allow her to live her personal mission statement “To enhance the lives of the people with whom I make contact” 

    Attong is a Certified Management Accountant with over 20 years qualified experience in a range of industries—gas and oil, financial services, retail and manufacturing. 

    She is a Certified Professional Facilitator and a Certified Evidence Based Coach, and uses the magic of coaching to provide safe and confidential environments in which clients can achieve business or personal goals.    Maxine’s coaching style is based on the concepts of positive psychology.  She specializes in transition which she defines as “moving clients from where they are to where they want to be”.  In business, this translates to working with recent promotions, new hires (on boarding), and employees who may present an organizational challenge or executive coaching.

    Maxine is the also the author of two books – Change or Die and Lead Your Team To Win (GreenLeaf 2014).  “Lead Your Team To Win” shares an alternate leadership style that she developed after many years of leading and observing others lead teams.  She suggests that employee’s will achieve optimal performance when leaders provide a safe space within which they can take risks.


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    Think Like a Marketer, Sell Like a Superstar, with John Jantsch

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    Joining host Kelly Scanlon is best-selling author John Jantsch, who wrote the classic business books “Duct Tape Marketing,” “The Referral Engine” and “The Commitment Engine.” 

    In this podcast, John discusses his latest book, "Duct Tape Selling." Find out why Jantsch thinks successful salespeople today must flip the traditional business model—where marketers owned the message while sellers owned the relationships—on its head. These days, he argues, marketers must get better at relationships and sales must perfect the message and delivery. He also provides several tools for doing so.

    John is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker and marketing consultant who specializes in assisting small businesses.

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    Do You Spend Time Working With And Training Your Salespeople?

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    Listen to today's 5 Minute Business Strategy with business expert, Howard Lewinter, as he talks about: Do You Spend Time Working With And Training Your Salespeople?

    Howard Lewinter is a business advisor to CEOs, presidents, founders and business owners throughout the United States. On the 5 Minute Business Strategy, Howard shares practical business advice, tips and ideas to help your business flow, improve and grow - mixed in with thought leadership, business management and observations about every day life.

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    Success Habits in Sales

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    A.M. interviews best-selling author and sales trainer Butch Bellah and discuss the habits of super successful salespeople.       

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    Sales Rep Kryptonite? CLOSING!

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    Sales Rep Kryptonite? CLOSING!


    It’s true there are salespeople out there who actually “Sell” products/services for a living…..that HATE to CLOSE customers. Literally I’ve been on ride-alongs with sales reps making calls on customers where I see them physically shake with nervousness when it came time to ask the customer to buy. I’ve never met a salesperson who doesn’t like to talk including myself so to witness this irony where you have someone present their product with such confidence actually wilt when it comes time to ask a customer for the sell is quite baffling.

    During this show we'll have the #1 Best-Seller Author of ":60 seconds to YES" Don Spini help us to decipher the "WHY", and "HOW" to break this apprehension sales reps have with "Closing". During this time of year as many companies are close to closing their year-end sales forecasting book, sales reps are scrambling to make sure they execute on their year-end sales quota......"Closing" is CRITICAL.

    I hope you join me for what I think will be a highly charged and inspirational show!

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    "Will your salespeople run through a brick wall for you"?

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    I recently wrote a blog post on the very subject of "Will your salespeople run through a brick wall for you" and I was pleasantly surprised at the feedback I received. Everyone appears to have their opinion on the subject and of course it persuaded me to have a show on the subject. As I mentioned in the post, I don’t care what business you’re in your ability to “Inspire” and get the most out of your direct reports remains to be an obscure trait. Having been in the sales business for many years as an individual sales contributor and sales leader I’ve yet to put my finger on that magic trait that some people have in getting others to follow.

    We are very pleased to have a thought leader on the subject of "Sales Leadership" Mr. Jeff Krantz, PRESIDENT @ KrantzTraining.com ? AUTHOR ? AWARD-WINNING SALES TRAINER ? EXECUTIVE COACH ? KEYNOTE SPEAKER

    Please join us Tuesday Jan 21st 7:30pm (EST) for what I think will be a GREAT show!

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