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    To Improve Sales: What Is The Best Question To Ask Your Salesforce?

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    Take 5 minutes from your busy business day and listen to expert business advice to grow and improve your business with Howard Lewinter.

    In today's 5 Minute Business Strategy Howard talks about: To Improve Sales: What Is The Best Question To Ask Your Salesforce?

    CEOs, presidents, founders, business owners across America trust Howard Lewinter's business advice to solve business problems, increase business profits and live their entrepreneurial dreams of running a successful business with less stress.

    For more business tips, follow Howard on Twitter: @HowardLewinter - or connect with Howard on LinkedIn.


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    Kelli Richards Interviews Dr. Geoffrey Moore

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    Kelli Richards is the CEO of The All Access Group and the host of All Access Radio. As a highly sought-after consultant, super-connector, trusted advisor, celebrity wrangler and thought leader, she facilitates strategic business opportunities in digital distribution between innovative technology companies, talent & media companies, and brands in order to foster new revenue streams and deliver compelling consumer experiences. As a trusted advisor, she transforms the quality of people’s lives.  She's also the author of the bestselling e-book, “The Magic & Moxie of Apple – An Insider’s View.”

    Dr. Geoffrey Moore is an author, speaker, and advisor whose work focuses on the market dynamics surrounding disruptive innovations. As the managing director of Geoffrey Moore consulting, he splits his time between start-up companies in the Mohr Davidow portfolio and established high-tech enterprises, most recently including Salesforce, Microsoft, Intel, Box, Aruba, Cognizant, and Rackspace. Dr Moore’s first book, Crossing the Chasm, has sold over a million copies and focuses on the challenges start-up companies face transitioning from early adopting to mainstream customers. He is also a founder of three firms, including The Chasm Group, Chasm Institute, and TCG Advisors. Today he is chairman emeritus of all three.

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    The Cost of a Bad Hire - Richard Abraham & SalesDrive

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    It's shocking how many poor salespeople worked their way into companies and how high the cost of failure is...usually above $100,000 per failed salesperson! Richard Abraham is CEO of SalesDrive, LLC. and co –author, with Dr. Chris Croner, of the book, “Never Hire a Bad Salesperson Again.” Mr Abraham has been President of three large companies and has invested in many others.  He became aware that even the best training could not help many salespeople succeed.  So he began to focus upon aptitude as the first step toward building a high performance salesforce -- SalseDrive!


    You may connect with SalesDrive at http://www.salesdrive.info/

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    Aaron Blackledge - Lead Strategist of GeauxPoint Consulting

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    Aaron is our first guest interviewed on Revolution Radio that has spent more time in the world of tomorrow – of 2020 than he has in the worlds of yesterday and today.  Aaron and a partner developed a company called Manage-Trak to facilitate their clients’ adherence with HITECH requirements.  He has substantial experience in CRM (Client Relationship Management) and systems such as SalesForce to facilitate this process.   Aaron has experience with the world of agencies, insurance companies, banks, non-profits, foundations, and more! 

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    TECH AM - iPhone & iPad 'Kidnappings' Reported

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    Microsoft and Salesforce team up - and some Apple devices are being kidnapped for ransom. WSJ's Bill Fantini has those stories and more.

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    How Jobseekers Can Leverage Social Networks on the Jobhunt

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    Kimberley Kasper is the Chief Marketing Officer at Jobvite. She has spent over 15 years working for SaaS and cloud technology companies. Prior to Jobvite, Kimberley worked as a Vice President of Marketing at Taleo as well as SumTotal. Before SumTotal, Kimberley acted as the Senior Director of Marketing Platforms at SalesForce.

    Iris Hanu joined Nasty Gal in 2011 and is now the Manager of Talent Acquisition leading all recruiting efforts for the brand. Here she focuses on attracting and retaining talent and works with the leadership teams to ensure that everyone being hired on is a perfect match to Nasty Gal's philosophy and Sophia's vision for the brand as well as contributing to making Nasty Gal one of the most sought after companies to work for.

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    Forecasting Technology Trends and Creating Customer Value – DNP 55

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    In this week’s episode Daniel Burrus (@DanielBurrus), author and CEO of Burrus Research, stops b to talk about predicting technology trends and the drivers accelerating them, including Moore’s Law as it applies to processing power, bandwidth and storage. He also touches on a new model of “everything as a service.” Then Peter Coffee (@PeterCoffee), VP for strategic research at Salesforce.com, chats about creating customer value and a few responsibilities for enterprises in the future.

    Show Timeline:

    0:00: Introductions and News of the Week
    5:48: Interview with Daniel Burrus
    21:16: Interview with Peter Coffee
    36:07: Wrap up

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    2014 Survey Results: How Today's Job-Seekers Leverage Social and Mobile

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    Episode Description:

    According to the latest study by Jobvite - 71% of the US labor force is currently on the job market. 

    Join Michael Marlatt as he chats with Kimberley Kasper, CMO at Jobvite to learn how today's job seekers leverage social and mobile technologies in their search for the perfect job.


    About our Guest:

    Kimberley Kasper | @KimberleyKasper | Chief Marketing Officer at Jobvite

    Kimberley Kasper is the Chief Marketing Officer at Jobvite. She has spent over 15 years working for SaaS and cloud technology companies. Prior to Jobvite, Kimberley worked as a Vice President of Marketing at Taleo as well as SumTotal. Before SumTotal, Kimberley acted as the Senior Director of Marketing Programs at SalesForce. 

    * Download a copy of the 2014 Job-Seeker Survey Results


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    Cool Tools - Craig and Lars talk with Gild's Brad Warga, Big Data Stack Ranking

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    Craig and Lars interview Gild's Brad Warga about how Gild is changing how we assess talent with big data and stack ranking job candidates.

    Brad Warga is a veteran Talent professional with experience from top brands such as PWC, Ernst & Young, Sapient, Harrah’s, Caesar’s, and Salesforce.  

    Gild is a start-up that is changing the way talent is discovered. We help companies hire skilled developers by ensuring that candidates stand out on their proven abilities, not just their resumes. Backed by proprietary data analysis that examines developers’ actual work, Gild’s tech hiring software is used by growing companies like Facebook, Red Hat, and Rackspace to find the developers they need to innovate. Founded in 2011, Gild is headquartered in San Francisco and has offices in Salt Lake City and Milan. Gild is backed by Globespan, Baseline Ventures, and SAP. www.gild.com.

    Brad is keynothing the 2014 TalentNet Interactive conference in Austin at SXSW Interactive on March 7th.  Gild is the conference's platinum partner.  Registration and info at www.TalentNetInteractive.com

    Follow The Cool Tools Show on Twitter @cooltoolshow

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    Cool Tools - How to Ditch Your Laptop and Live in the Cloud

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    Lars Schmidt and Craig Fisher recently recorded a podcast for the Cool Tools show with guest Chip Luman from Hirevue about how to ditch your laptop and live in the cloud.  

    Chip is a frequent business traveler like Lars and Craig and has taken to using just small devices on the road and keeping all his data stored in the cloud.  

    We discuss our top tips, apps, and strategies for being more lightweight in the air and on the ground.

    Chip's tips:

    Cloud apps:  various free cloud storage apps, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive to store my stuff, Evernote, Cloudmagic, LastPass, Haiku Deck, Presi and CloudOn to access and manage my stuff, Bloomfire, Salesforce for work specific stuff - of course Pages, Numbers & Keynote get used too. 

    Capture - FilmicPro, Camera+, Instagram

    Travel - TripIt, Delta
    Social - Hootsuite, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, - kinda use Google+
    Checking out - Refresh, Wunderlist (as a replacement to ZenDone that is not planning an iPad app) and Cloudbeats/TuneBox

    Devices:  iPhone, iPad, Zagg keyboard, Jambox, Bluetooth for the Jambox and Zagg

    Music: iTunes, Shazam, Spotify, Soundcloud, Songkick, BandsInTown, Last.fm, KRCL 90.9, NPR Music, Checking out - Cloudbeats/TuneBox 

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    VABS Presents: Marketing Created to Impress Clients in 2014

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    VABS4U shares information about what your customer is looking for from their service or product provider and how YOU can build a solid business foundation of valued clients.  Think of the headaches you can avoid by building your business with customers that already value what you do...

    Beginning in 2014, step up your marketing campaign, get NEW information for your salesforce and CREATE a new marketing plan that is guaranteed to impress your potential new customers and WOW your existing ones.

     Gaining new and maintaining existing customers in today's competitive environment is imperative.  Tune in and join the VABS4U creative team of Sherry, Roxanne and Amanda as they talk about your customers, what they value in a business and what keeps them coming back for more.  The team will also be discussing the factors that create a valuable client and lastly how you merge these ideas for effective marketing.  Tune in...


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