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    Unresolved Issues around Sales Call Reluctance ends careers

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    70.8% of 4,700 salespeople surveyed revealed that they get their business from direct prospecting.
    Please listen to Connie Kadansky, the Sales Call Reluctance coach talk some facts about Sales Call Reluctance and more importantly the four steps to overcome the fear of self-promotion.

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    12 Types of Sales Call Reluctance

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    Connie Kadansky, Sales Call Reluctance Coach talks about the 12 types of Sales Call Reluctance that keep salespeople from prospecting consistently and comfortably.
    Connie has been training and coaching salespeople from diverse industries for 13 years helping them get their 'ask" in gear.  They prospect more, set more appointments and sell more!

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    Q & A Overcoming Sales Call Reluctance

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    Join Sales Call Reluctance Coach Connie Kadansky who will be answering Frequently Asked Questions about Sales Call Reluctance.
    Sales Call Reluctance is nothing to be embarrassed about, living with it needless is.
    For 13 years Connie has been training and coaching salespeople from diverse industries and all levels of experience from new salespeople to veteran top producers to overcome their fear of prospecting -- their Sales Call Reluctance.
    An insurance salesperson who has been coaching with Connie for five weeks recently sent this email:
    "I wrote 2 more policies today.  I also called a lady that I had "given up on" that had not called me back after several attempts and the first words out of her mouth were"I'm glad you called, I could not find your number" and I have an appointment with her on Tuesday.  That's 5 policies I've written this week and am probably going to write 2 more tomorrow afternoon.  Just wanted to let you know. Thanks. Justin
    Sales Call Reluctance is the emotional hesitation to prospect and Self Promote.  It shows up when a salesperson is in their office, they reach for the phone and stop, pivot and check email one more time, then they check the stock market, then they refresh their coffee, then they call to schedule a hair appointment, then it's time for lunch -- an entire morning goes by without any conversation with potential prospects.  Do you relate?
    Sales Call Reluctance influences the activity of all salespeople.
    Sales Call Reluctance is a registered trademark of Behavioral Sciences Research Press, Dallas, Texas

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    Pre-Call Planning is the Key to Sales Call Success

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    Lively discussion with Lisa Magnuson:  Pre-Call Planning your Single Source for Prospecting Success

    When was the last time your team closed a seven-figure deal?  Despite the best sales talent, many high potential, big contracts either get whittled down, end up stalled, or are lost completely.  Large, strategic accounts are complex and require a very different approach to identify, develop and win.  Can you afford to chase smaller opportunities at the expense of bigger deals that can exponentially change your company’s growth curve?

    Top Line Sales has a proven track record of guiding account teams to land larger deals.  We’re proud to have enabled our clients to land over $100 million in new contracts.  We are not simply advice-givers - we work side-by side with your account executives, running deal war rooms, applying just-in-time expertise, tools and live deal coaching where it counts: in the field.

    Example: Top Line Sales helped one of their TOP Line Account War Room clients land a contract for a new customer worth 20m – their second largest deal in the country for that solution set

           Lisa's books: Secrets to Increase Sales with Existing Customers,The Simple Executive Engagement Plan, The 48-Hour Rule and Other Strategies for Career Survival



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    Cold Calling for Hot Leads with Guest Norma Siciliano

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    Norma Siciliano is an appointment-setting specialist who creates new business for companies and individuals through her appointment-setting services. Her clients give her a list of companies that they would like to do business with, and Norma sets the appointment with the decision maker for her clients to go in to close the sale.

    With over 20 years of sales experience, ten were spent at Conde Nast’s House & Garden magazine where she sold advertising to major companies like GE and IBM.

    Norma's website is:  http://coldcallingforhotsales.com

    Norma welcomes the opportunity to work for new clients.  Please feel free call her at 212-472-2650.

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    How to Overcome Stage Fright Call Reluctance

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    You have worked hard to get in front of that “hot” prospect.  Today is the day that you have your one chance to make a good first impression.  Join us for an interview with Dr. Steve Broe who is truly an expert on communication skills. Dr. Broe is an executive coach who focuses on personal performance and transformational leadership for mid-career leaders in business and education.  Steve has over 25 years of management experience in education, real estate, and private asset management. He served as the senior level manager for a multi-state organization with over 120 employees. He opened a charter school organization, won numerous awards for public speaking, and instructed for the University of Phoenix Undergraduate Business and Management program since 2001. He has three times received a Toastmasters International Leadership Excellence award.
    Steve earned his doctorate in leadership from the University of Phoenix in 2008 with his study of the leadership experiences of military veterans in Arizona schools. His book, Leaders in Transition (2012) answers the question, "How do people change careers and become a leader in the process?"  Steve is currently working on a new book connecting leadership and success.
    Steve’s Website:   www.mycareerimpact.com

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    How to Effectively Manage Multigenerational Sales Teams

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    Please join us for a lively interview tih Deanne DeMarco, an expert on generational communication.

    Deanne is the author of four books, and her articles have been published in over 300 trade magazines and professional journals. Her coaching program won national recognition from "Training Magazine's Top 100."

    Interesting Facts

    Deanne was a medical technologist and focused on medical research. During that time in her life she was a member of the three-member research team that first discovered the cancer link to secondhand smoke. Their work was published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet.
    Deanne was a conflict mediator during the first Gulf War Crisis
    Her multicultural training and research extends across 28 countries and 52 cultures.
    Deanne is certified as a Corporate Coach Instructor
    Highly Acclaimed Keynote Speaker




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    Why Cold Calling is Still Essential

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    When you read anything or hear anyone say "cold calling doesn't work," please notice what they are selling!

    Bruce King, has written several international best selling books on sales and he's here to tell you why cold calling is essential.  He's also going to share about his latest book that is titled Smash Your Goals.

    Bruce King is recognised internationally as a leading sales, marketing and personal growth strategist. He is a highly sought after keynote conference speaker, sales and marketing master class presenter and sales trainer, business adviser to SMEs, a personal coach and best selling author.

    Bruce King’s earliest career was in the field of complimentary medicine and personal growth. He qualified as a nutritional consultant and acupuncturist and studied and taught numerous powerful, personal growth and personal development techniques.

    After several successful years in the complimentary medical field, Bruce decided he needed a new challenge and, by what he describes as “a bizarre series of coincidences”, he entered a career in sales as a commission only salesperson in the financial services industry. He studied with some of the world’s top sales coaches and had an extremely successful and profitable career selling and managing sales teams for some of the UK’s top companies.

    In 1994 Bruce was commissioned by the BBC to write his first book. Titled ‘Psycho-Selling – Double Your Income From Sales In 8 Weeks’, the book became an international best seller and launched Bruce’s career as an international conference speaker.

    Bruce recently produced a 45 minutes FREE webinar titled Selling Made Easy – Double Your Sales. You can view it and several other shorter but equally powerful videos at http://www.bruceking.co.uk/category/videos/

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    How to Engage Prospects Digitally to Drive Sales

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    Another exceptional interview with a dynamic salesperson and author. 

    Barb Giamanco heads up Social Centered Selling. She’s the co-author of The New Handshake: Sales Meets Social Media and the author of the Harvard Business Review article Tweet Me, Friend Me, Make Me Buy. Her first of its kind research report: Social Media and Sales Quota proves the measurable return-on-investment when using social media to sell.

    Known internationally as an early evangelist and thought leader in Social Selling and Social Business, Barb is a sought after Sales and Social Media Advisor, Speaker and Coach.

    An avid blogger at www.barbaragiamanco.com, Barb is also a contributing writer and blogger for Top Sales World, Harvard Business Review, LinkedIn, Nimble and the Social Selling University. She is a Top Sales World 2014 Top Sales and Marketing Influencer, a Top 25 Sales Influencer on Twitter and her company was recently named one of the Top 23 Social Selling Training organizations in the United States.

    Barb has a proven, 30-year track record in generating sales and capped a corporate career at Microsoft, where she led sales teams.



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    Are you really engaged in successful selling?

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    Why are there certain salespeople who are more engaged than others?  Are they more passionate?  Have a deeper purpose?  Crystal-clear vision statement?

    Please join us for a dynamic interview with Cristi McMurdie one of the first trained WHYcoaches from KnowYourWHY.com, providing excellent training of two amazing one-day workshops designed to enhance engagement, productivity and communication for sales and leadership teams.  Ms. McMurdie is an Adler certified Business coach since 2004 and a Group Dream Coach since 2006, coaching groups and individual alike.

    Since becoming WHYcoach certified in 2014, Ms. McMurdie has been speaking to annual conferences, rotary clubs, networking, leadership and interest groups on the 9-WHY system and how it can assist them in both business and personal life.  

    Ms. McMurdie combined the WHY Discovery process with family and business mediation to improve and expedite mediation and renamed her 18 year mediation practice to the new name of WHYmediate Mediation Services.  WHYmediate Mediation Services is a subsidiary of McMurdie Law Office, PC.

    Ms. McMurdie has practiced law and mediation since 1992 when she graduated from ASU Law School. Ms. McMurdie has owned and operated her own law firm since 1996 with an emphasis in family law. Though she appears in court when necessary, Ms. McMurdie is an able advocate of communication improvement to help families and business teams resolve their disputes at the negotiation table.  

    Ms. McMurdie’s individual WHY is to contribute to a cause greater than herself, to add value, have an impact and to make a difference.   Cristi can be reached at 480-777-5500.

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    Secret Language of Success: Let Words Create Your Future

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    Confidence is transforming fear into focused related thinking, communication and action.

    Join us for an Interview with Dr. J who is a High Performance Strategist who will share about the incredible power of our words.

    Dr. Karen Jacobson, affectionately known as “Dr. J”, has been serving the community since 1992, sharing her message of Health and High Performance Living through a variety of media from print to radio and television. Dr. J is a co-author of several books including two international Bestsellers

    Dr. Jacobson served as a Non-Commissioned Officer in the Israeli Army Intelligence and held several leadership roles in professional and business organizations for over 20 years. She was a Board Member and District Director of NY Chiropractic Council as well as first female Representative from Arizona to the International Chiropractors Association Assembly, integrating business and legislation.

    Dr. Jacobson invested years studying leadership, human potential, communication and Neuroscience.  She has received certifications in Coaching, NLP-Neuro Linguistic Programming, TimeLine Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy and in addition is a certified trainer.

    Her clients include entrepreneurs, executives and leaders who are High performers the top of their game. She shows you how stay successful while regaining balance in your relationships, your health and your life; so you can tap into that limitless power within, unlock your ultimate potential and live an extraordinary life!

    Website www.drkarenjacobson.com<http://www.drkarenjacobson.com>