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    Twitter Calls with DJ SALERNO ( Mikey)

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    Twitter call with RealityDance's own DJ SALERNO ! Listen as Mikey explains his journey with EDM Music and as  DJ who has opened for some pretty impressive artist such as Justin Beiber , LMFAO , and more ! Salerno is a hard working DJ whos platform is Anti Bullying and Above The Infulence. His music matches his personality....perfection!

    He is the boy next door, the best friend and every tween teens dream of a boyfriend! Salerno has some pretty exciting news to share this week about his own Radio Show !

    Join us Monday at 7 pm Eastern ! Find out all you need to know about Salerno , his RealityDance tour , his EDM Music  and so much more !

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    Il giornalista Sandro Ravagnani nel suo Editoriale di WBE Radio in Florida negli Stati Uniti ci racconta una inedita e singolare storia avvenuta ieri a Salerno davanti a migliaia di persone durante il percorso della processione della Statuta del Santo patrono della citta' di Salerno San Matteo, tra fischi e proteste, applausi e solidarieta per il Sindaco Vincenzo De Luca e i portatori della Statua, nella fantasia la rievocazione di don Peppino e don Camillo, Moretti il Vescovo verra' Licenziato da Dio...?

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    RAGE RADIO with SALERNO! Todays hottest EDM music, w/ 17yr old DJ phenom Salerno

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    Salerno is a 17 year old professional musician, DJ, EDM producer & guitarist, that has been performing with some of today's biggest stars, in front of thousands of people across the country. As an up and coming DJ on the hot electronic dance music scene, he has opened or closed for such giant's as Hardwell, Martin Garix, Danny Avilla, Showtek, Dyro and many more. 


    Salerno is currently Reality Dance TV's resident DJ on the nationwide Jam Tour. He is launching a weekly internet radio EDM show call "RAGE RADIO". and recently performed at the prestigious US Open Arthur Ashe Kids Day for Nike. He is becoming one of the hottest young DJ's on the EDM scene and has been doing sets in some of the biggest clubs in the world, from Pacha NY to Nokia Theater in LA to Confesion & Gusto in Aruba.

    Mikey is also an accomplished guitarist since the age of 7 and has been lead guitar player and Stage DJ for many rising pop stars. He has toured with Jax, Maddi Jane, IM5, Coco Jones, Jenna Rose, Karlee Roberts, Marlee Roberts & more. He was the Camplified's resident tour DJ in 2011 & 2012. He has performed with Justin Bieber, Jonas Bros, Selena Gomez, Kesha, LMFAO, FSTK, Good Charlotte, Paramore, Girl Talk, Boys Like Girls, Asher Roth, Drake, Cody Simpson, Miranda Cosgrove, Big Time Rush, IM5...just to name a few. 

    Endorsements/Sponsorships: HeyDey Footwear, Dirty Couture, Reality Dance Radio, DJ Essentials Inc, Liquid Lightening Energy Drink, DJ Plus Radio, Gibson Guitars, Ernie Ball Strings, Armani of Westfield, Go Green Batteries.

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    Shattered Lives: Colby Salerno, Living Again with Heart!

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    Having life change at age 12, giving up sports and re-creating a lifestyle that suits a newly diagnosed disease would be too much for most children, but Colby Salerno  took it in stride and excelled. Then learning after 10 stable years that the only thing that would save his life would be a heart transplant, came another life changing ordeal.
    What’s it like to receive a heart transplant? What’s it like waiting and wondering if a compatible organ will be found in time to save your life after spending hundreds of days in the hospital? What’s it like to know where the donor heart came from? What’s it like for the donor’s family and loved ones?

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    Constructing Casinos: Tom O'Connor & Bill Salerno

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    For our monthly edition of Constructing Casinos, Tom O'Connor and Bill Salerno of SOSH Architecture joined us to discuss the architectural side of the industry. O’Connor is a principal at the firm and has been in the industry for over 35 years. He was one of the founding principals of SOSH Architects more than 30 years ago and he and his partners have designed projects for the country’s best known hospitality, gaming and entertainment clients. Salerno is also a principal at SOSH and has over 35 years of experience in the industry. He has completed a variety of noteworthy projects for a diverse and distinguished group of clients, including casino, hospitality and entertainment companies, public entities and corporate clients. SOSH is an architecture, interiors and planning firm which specializes in the hospitality, entertainment, retail, civic and education markets. 

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    Joseph Salerno--Current State Of The World Economy 20.Jun.14

    in Finance

    Dr. Joseph Salerno is one of the current leaders of Mises.org and the Austrian School of Economics. He's also a professor at the graduate school of my alma mater Pace University. We go through the current state of the economy both at home and abroad and what economic terror the Federal Reserve is exacting upon the citizens of the country. It's a good thing that we're optimists at heart. 

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    "One-Heart Messages with Robin"- Are you Listening to Your Pet?

    in Spirituality

    Hi Everyone!  I'm Robin Guayasamin-Salerno, the host of "One-Heart Messages with Robin", offering weekly online radio program to discuss spiritual healing messages from the worlds of animals , Spirit, and your own intuitive abilities.

    Tonight we will discuss the relationships between you and your pets- the animal family you have around you- both in your home and in your close environment.  You care for them and love them- but have you considered why this particular dog or cat?  Could it be their unique characteristic has a message to teach you?  Did you ever notice?  Call in at (646) 649-0027 for loving messages from all your pets, living and in spirit!

    I am available for in-depth phone consultations- you can schedule one for you and/or your pet by calling (262) 501-4838, or by contacting me at www.robinsalerno.com

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    In the Pickle Barrel w/Bill Pickle & Chuck Skull's Golden Age of Radio

    in Education

    9AM-11AM EST - Bill Pickle and his guest “In the Pickle Barrel”. Political Expert Donald Mazzella has insight to why the Middle Class has been in decline and why it continues throughout the Obama Presidency! Followed by National Sports Insider and Accredited Author of “James Salerno, Boxer” John Greenburg on why the Obama administration has decided to join a lawsuit opposing the Washington Redskins team trademark.

    11AM-Noon EST - Relax and enjoy Chuck Skull and The Golden Age of Radio

    Join the conversations by entering the onlie Chatroom or live on the show by callin 602-753-1822.


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    RAGE RADIO w SALERNO episode 2: Jersey Shore Top 40 Remix

    in Entertainment

    Hey erbody, whats good? This episode is in honor of my fav place on earth, The Jersey Shore. Its a 30 min mremix of some top 40 tracks with a little bit of EDM thrown in for some rageness.

    Check out my past episodes as well.


    Go to http://www.realitydancejamtour.com/ for all info on up coming tour info, dates, tix and welcom all the new artists on the tour, like TAYLOR CANNIF, DILLON RUPP, ARON CARPENTER, SAMMY WILKINSON, DERIK FEIN and many more....we commmen NY NJ PHILLY VA LA ...yeah buddy





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    Il giornalista Sandro Ravagnani intervista e si racconta alla radio in diretta da Miami con la partecipazione del compositore e arrangioatore Luigi Donadio a Salerno in Campania Italia. Nel corso della intervista anedotti, racconti e storie della vita trascora nel mondo artistico musicale di luigi che per la prima volta si racconta in modo confidenziale e ci anticipa la sua ultima produzione internazionale che ci vedra'protagonisti della nuova stagione mediatica radio televisiva. 

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    "One-Heart Messages with Robin"- Walk the Path of Purpose 2015, Pt.3 "Action"

    in Spirituality

    Hello!  I'm Robin Guayasamin-Salerno, the host of "One-Heart Messages with Robin", offering my weekly radio program to discuss spiritual healing messages from the worlds of animals, Spirit, and your own intuitive abilities.

    Tonight we will discuss Part 3 of "Walk the Path of Purpose 2015"- messages from your spirit guides, loved ones, angels and your own animal "family" on just HOW you can activate, how you can direct your personal power toward fulfilling your Purpose for 2015.  Put into action all the "feelings" you may have of what might be possible-because it could be!!  Call in tonight for spirit messages on your next "actions"  for 2015 at (646) 649-0027!

    I am available for private consultations by phone- you can reach me by calling (262) 501-4838, or you can contact me through my website, www.robinsalerno.com...I would be honored to bring loving Spirit messages to help you on Your Lifepath! 

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