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    Another cup of sake please

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    more otaku poured in your cup for enjoyment

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    Should You Stay With Your Mate For The Sake Of The Children

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    Adult relationships are complicated.  But so are the relationships between a parent and child.  Call in this Monday at 7pm EST to comment on the HOT TOPIC ~ "SHOULD YOU STAY WITH YOUR MATE FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHILDREN?" Call 760.283.4647 to listen in and hit the #1 key to comment.  Don't forget to download the mobile app from Google Play >> www.tinyurl.com/eblockradio << and take the show on the go with you!

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    Join Keith and Latisha, Thursday, February 12th at 7p (EST) as they discuss the SUPPRESSION of emotions and verbalizing our feelings for the sake of PEACE.

    When we think of emotions, we usually have in mind the active and outward expression of emotional energy. We equate sadness with crying, anger with ranting, fear with trembling, happiness with smiling, joy with laughing. We consider such external manifestations of emotional energy as the emotions themselves.

    We call the person “emotional” who allows the visible or auditory display, or expression, of their emotional energy. Why are we intimidated by their emotional energy?

    When we are denying our feelings, our partners probably get tense because our faces register our feelings... we say one thing but they see another. Suppression reduces the expression but not the experience of emotions hence the discrepancy between a person’s inner feelings and their outward behavior.

    The suppression of your emotion(s) will likely shut down communication and once communication has ceased the problem exacerbates, becoming more difficult to be resolved. It is likely to fester only to be raised at a later time...unnecessary recycled regression! Do you find yourself keeping your emotions hidden for the sake of peace? Do you know that the very breath that we suppress CAN also set us FREE?

    JOIN US as we dive into the topic of suppressing emotions for the sake of peace.

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    Sake to Me Saturday

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    I recently saw a short video  by a FB friend, Tha Profit, on the importance of intoxicants to opening up ways of knowing to our Egyptian ancestors in the Americas.  He was under the influence when he made it. So he made his point by demonstration.  I thought it was impressive.  I cannot tolerate cannibis at all and have a very limited tolerance for alcohol. I have the equivalent of about 6 drinks per year.  But, I thought it would be interesting to see how an online conversation  under a light to moderate influence of some sake would go about anything that "black" callers wanted to discuss related to our problems and suggested solutions.   It’s an experiment.  If you decide to participate, please call in either sober or only lightly or moderately intoxicated and be prepared to name the intoxicant.  If it’s not legal, don’t call in because if you lie about being sober or about what intoxicated you, it will invalidate the results.   Also, if you are in recovery for a substance abuse, please do not listen to this broadcast because there’s no need to trigger a re-lapse over some little curiosity on my part.

    Otherwise, LET'S TALK.  And, ladies, PLEASE don't leave me stranded with only male callers....I'll end the broadcast if that happens

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    "For God's Sake You've Got To Give More Power To The People!"

    in Self Help

    "For God's Sake Yo've Got To Give More Power To The People!"  Family We Have Got To Find A More Natural Way To Give The Natural Man And Woman, more Power! The Gods on the earth have got to release more power on the earth. Please join us as we discuss how we as Gods can release the energy  on the planet that will lift our Brothers and Sister to a higher state of mind! Please join us in the chat room for a Hot discussion.


    I would like to thank you in advance for following the Leader, and for listening to our show!  Omiyinka7

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    Truth For Truth Sake Series: Black-N-A-Box

    in Christianity

    We've always seen Jesus & people in the bible as white people. Even Hollywood has depicted Egyptian people as white. Tonight we're going to see what the bible says about this subject. As the series title says, we want Truth For Truth Sake.

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    The Apostle Paul shares one of his ministry trials due to the behavior of one he labored in ministry with; It is not always easy to approach a fellow laborer who has erred, but is sometimes very necessary for the sake of the Gospel, Gal.2:11. Part 3 of EMULATING CHRIST ~ WALKING IN HOLY BOLDNESS series brought to you by The prophet Mary Washington, Ft Worth, Texas. To learn more about FMSM Gospel Network visit us on our website and catch us on iTunes, YouTube. Contact us at voiceofreasons@live.com Leave a message at (817) 217 - 3288. Thank you for laboring with us in the ministry through your prayers and financial support. Please help us to reach millions around the world by pledging your gift of any size to help us fulfill the commission to go out in to all the world and preach the Gospel! Partner With Us, Thank you in advance for your love gift.

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    For the Sake of Our Children - Take Action - NO WAY ESEA - Stop ESEA NOW

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    Take Action Now - NO WAY ESEA!
    You must for the sake of the children of this country and those to come, go to this Report from 1992 put out by Marc Tucker’s National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE), go to their page 8 and begin reading and you will know where the communist H.R. 5 Re-Authorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education “Student Success Act of 2015” bill got its fuel.

    HR 5:

    Denies Parents their Rights over Their Own Children Pages 488; 522-555
    Destoyrs local, pubic schools by nationalizing education by usurping State Rights and in turn making all schools GOVERNMENT schools
    Creates radical tax collection through the assigned destruction and hostile takeover of our local schools
    Violates states rights under the United States Constitution
    Destroys PRIVATE & RELIGIOUS education legislating “Title I” choice vouchers to “follow the child”
    Legislates services to these Title I "choice" children called DIRECT STUDENT SERVICES AS A VOUCHER that must be  equitable and comparable to any public school, which is needed to satisfy Common Core.

    The Re-Structuring is a TOTAL TRANSFORMATION of our Society as we know it. You must believe they are intent on controlling your children through the federal government’s control of their education. U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander has been calling for the “New American School” since the early 80’s.

     Please call and re-call Representatives and Senators – call them all and jam the phone lines – let THEM know YOU know what their intent is – most of them probably have not read the bill any more than they did ObamaCare or the Common Core Standards.

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    Fur Heaven's Sake

    in Pets

    Fur Heaven's Sake is a multifunctional website for animal welfare.
    The "main function" is to offer "FREE" fund raising programs for ALL legitimate animal shelters, rescues, groups, sanctuaries, et al. (Hereafter - referred to as 'shelters'.)

    Almost every local animal shelter in the world struggles everyday to come up with revenue to 'just meet their daily needs' - much less trying to grow or help more animals. The usual fund raising programs are tired and though still valuable - fresh ideas and programs are needed to increase the revenue flow.

    As such, Fur Heaven's Sake offers our FREE programs to ALL animal organizations (hereafter referred to as shelters) so that a source of 'Passive Income" becomes a reality. FHS' programs are as close to passive income as one can get - meaning LESS TIME AND WORK involvement for shelter staff...all they have to do is 'talk about it - let the community know the programs are there. Why?

    Because FHS' programs offer back to the supporter - a value that he/she can USE to benefit THEM - and at the same time - benefit YOUR SHELTER!

    When you as a 'shelter' register for FREE as a Member, FHS provides you a 'Customized Webbee" (landing page/mini website) that is a "tool" for you to use to help promote your shelter within your community. You can email this to your supporters and community organizations. This "Webbee" tells people what FHS programs are all about - thus, saving YOU time in having to do so.

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    Episode 2376 - Lose your life for Jesus Sake - Benjamin Baruch

    in Christianity

    Episode 2376 - Benjamin Baruch

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