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    Humanitarian Radio Tony Saint Tone & Janie Boisclair Interview Jolette Jai

    in Parents

    Jolette Jai Founder & CEO of The Jai Institute for Parenting. Her goal is to create a world where children are given respect for their dignity as a full human being. The Jai Institute supports loving children unconditionally and supports them to grow into adults who know the meaning of caring for themselves and for others. She aims to accomplish this goal by educating, connecting and supporting parents throughout every stage of child development. 


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    Positive Songs this week "Day Dreamer" and "Get in Tune" "  By Saint Tone

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    Humanitarian Radio Tony Saint Tone & Janie Boisclair talk about Oprah’s BELIEF

    in Entertainment

    Humanitarian Radio Tony Saint Tone & Janie Boisclair talk about Ophra's Belief Series

    Oprah’s BELIEF Series premieres on the Oprah Winfrey Network October 18th – 24th. She opens up a discussion about people beliefs from around the world.

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    Positive Songs this week "Believe"  By Saint Tone and "Miracles" by Jefferson Starship

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  • Humanitarian Radio Tony Saint Tone & Janie Boisclair Interview Peter S Parker

    in Spirituality

    Humanitarian Radio Tony Saint Tone & Janie Boisclair Interview Peter S Parker

    Peter S. Parker is the founder of The American Dream University an orgnaization that helps entreprnures reach and sustain the goals. There tagline is “Advice Learned in Special Operations, 2 Tech Startups, and Working for a Billionaire. Now Taught to You.”They have seminars, webinars and one on one teaching to allow you to get what you really need.. Text your email to (435) 248-0660 -or- go to our website at www.ADUniv.com 

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    Positive Songs this week "King of Me"  By Saint Tone

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  • How is your email tone?

    in Real Estate

    Evan Russell will discuss email tone and the message you are sending with each word typed. 


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    St. Dominic Savio - the teenage Saint

    in Religion

    Rebroadcast of the long running radio program, "The Ave Maria Hour", a presentation of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement. www.AtonementFriars.org

    Born into a peasant family at Riva, Italy, young Dominic joined St. John Bosco as a student at the Oratory in Turin at the age of 12. He impressed John with his desire to be a priest and to help him in his work with neglected boys. A peacemaker and an organizer, young Dominic founded a group he called the Company of the Immaculate Conception which, besides being devotional, aided John Bosco with the boys and with manual work. All the members save one, Dominic, would in 1859 join John in the beginnings of his Salesian congregation. By that time, Dominic had been called home to heaven.

    As a youth, Dominic spent hours rapt in prayer. His raptures he called "my distractions." Even in play, he said that at times "It seems heaven is opening just above me. I am afraid I may say or do something that will make the other boys laugh." Dominic would say, "I can't do big things. But I want all I do, even the smallest thing, to be for the greater glory of God."

    Dominic's health, always frail, led to lung problems and he was sent home to recuperate. As was the custom of the day, he was bled in the thought that this would help, but it only worsened his condition. He died on March 9, 1857, after receiving the Last Sacraments. St. John Bosco himself wrote the account of his life.

    Some thought that Dominic was too young to be considered a saint. St. Pius X declared that just the opposite was true, and went ahead with his cause. Dominic was canonized in 1954.

    His feast day is March 9th.

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    Setting The Tone

    in Radio

    Hosted By-Edwin J Applewhite


    Music By-Nicki Minaj Ft-Drake,Prince Royce Ft-Snoop Dogg,MackMilly Shineboy Ft-Jadakiss,Zoey Clarke Ft-Fetty Wap,Alyxx Dione Ft-Jason Derulo ,Jordin Sparks Ft2 Chainz,Puff Daddy The Family Ft-Pharrell Williams,Jamie Foxx Ft-Chris Brown,The Game Ft-Drake,Usher Ft-Migos,Janet Jackson,Ciara,Tink,Natasha Mosley,Snoop Ft-Charlie Wilson

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    in Entertainment

    The Richmond Band will join Take 2 Radio Music to chat about their music, upcoming album, and more! 

    Paul, Pete, and Rob will be calling in on Wednesday, Sept. 23rd at 3pm eastern time! I will be playing a brand new song by the band that has not been heard yet on the radio! Exclusively here so listen in!

    Richmond Band has been writing & recording together since our friendships began at school. 

    Highlight - Performing live at The Indigo 02 & Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) admitting he was a fan to Heart FM. 

    Single released - Politician - May 7th 2015 

    Forthcoming Album -Fallen Angels -Due out 2016

    It may not be the easiest path but to try & be the best and true you, WILL be the most amazing. 

    See you on the road.

  • The Ultimate Platform for Arising Artist On Their Grind: Guest: PRYNCE TONE

    in Music

    Every WOW Wednesday from 6:30 to 7:30 pm EST.  the Access to Arising Artists Show Producer/Radio Host Tracey Chantel & Co-Host Trish features independent recording artists from around the world. The show playlist includes R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, Jazz, Gospel and Reggae music.  Our listening audience acts as our Co-Host and Votes which song played on the air should be "Let It Ride" or  "Pass It By".  The Artist song with the most  "Let It Ride" Votes is featured on the Access To Arising Artists Website along with the Artist profile for site visitors of over 35,000 per week to hear.  That Artist is also given the title ARTIST of the WEEK with the WOW Factor receiving worldwide recognition and exposure.  We Feature ALL Music Genres 


    SEGMENTS: SALUTE A YOUTH - Giving recognition to Youths who are doing Good Things in Their Lives

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    LISTEN LIVE at (718) 766-4864     Follow Us on TWITTER @arisingartists & Visit @; www.AccessToArisingArtists.com

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    In Support of Saint Germain and the Sacrament of Marriage

    in Spirituality

    Let's talk about the master Saint Germain, the sacrament of marriage and the spiritual sponsorship of the United States of America in the Age of Aquarius.

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    Beyond The Veil With Christopher Saint Booth - September 20,2015

    in Paranormal

    Incubi Incarnate Broadcast Network presents the PREMIERE of Beyond The Veil with your host Lisa Lamrock joined by special co-host Holly Mullins of The Freak Show and VERY special guest Christopher Saint Booth of Spooked TV, SyFy and guest of the Mineral Wells ParaCon 2015!

    Be sure to tune in and join the interactive chat room on our website at www.incubiincarnate.com/btvlistenlive!

    Christopher Saint Booth born in Yorkshire, England started his career at an early age. Influenced by The Beatles, singing and strumming at the age of four. Atlantic crossing brought them to Canada where at the age of thirteen he was writing and performing at the local establishments. In 1978 he was invited to combine forces with, Juno award winner, Sweeney Todd. (London Records) Worldwide touring commenced immediately as their new gold album paved his way to sunny California. Upon arriving in Los Angeles, greeted with a publishing deal (RCA Music) he began writing vocalizations and musical scores for film, cable and television. Christopher, a successful film and music Director, Producer, Production Designer and Composer has written, edited, animated, directed and scored some of Billboard's Top Ten releases including, Film Features, TV shows, Music Videos and worldwide releases. Producer and Director of films and documentaries for Syfy, Chiller, NBC Universal, Spooked TV Productions, At&t, Vimeo, Apple iTunes, Netflix, Roku and more worldwide. CEO of Spooked Television and Twintalk Entertainment. Films include Dead Still (Syfy), Death Tunnel (Sony Pictures), The Possessed, Spooked, Children Of The Grave (Syfy Channel/NBC Universal), The Exorcist File-Haunted Boy (Redbox), Children Of The Grave 2, Soul Catcher and DarkPlace. 

    Don't forget to follow Beyond The Veil on Twitter @BTVIIBN and to get your tickets for the Mineral Wells ParaCon 2015 before they sell out at www.MWP2015.com!

  • Underground Wednesday with Special Guest Prynce Tone

    in Radio

    I was born in Chicago Heights Illinois. When I was a child I was not sure what of where I wanted to be because honestly looking at my neighborhood i never thought I would live past 16. When I was young got into a lot of trouble with burglaries and gun play. Selling drugs came later on in life as well did gang banging. As a child I believed pretty much everything my older peers said so whatever I was instructed to do I handled and didn't question. I dropped out of high school and joined the local street organization and life began to take a big plight from there. After sitting and talking to my grandmother one night I decided to do something different. I remember standing on the block all day trying to raise money for a microphone. I ended up hooking up with a local label and recorded my first hot feature "Grown and Sexy". During this season I got into life threatening trouble and my mother decided to leave the city to give us a better chance at life. I didn't immediately leave. I stayed for a year longer and ended up getting into even more trouble. Eventually I got so tied into trouble that I forgot about the music. It was my GRANDMOTHER, who motivated me to pick the music up and make this vision come true. I moved to Atlanta and started pushing the music even heavier. I came so close to picking up a major music production deal but turned it down because the team I was with then wasn't who was needed to get the job done. I decided to take a moment to review the progress and issues in life that I was dealing with. Before my grandmother passed, she told me to do what I was born to do. Giving the world me and reminding them of their greatness with a little work I knew would begin the process of healing that we all needed. After the birth of my son Mykhai, I began studying more about myself. I discovered that I had grown and no longer was blind to what really happened in those streets as a child. I wrote my debut single "Back To Mars" to represent the awakening pro