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    Mary Magdalenes healing temple

    in Spirituality

    In this 30 minute show, Rachel and Cheryl will take you on a guided meditation to Mary Magdalene's temple of healing, specifically today to dissolve resistance and stimulating the emergence of our inner purpose/gifts. Mary Magdalene's temple is an etheric temple that exists within Chalice Hill in Glastonbury, which we can visit in meditation and trance for our own healing into wholeness. Rachel will talk about the temple and how she first came to find it & Cheryl will be introducing us to Sarah's mandala, which facilitates us into accessing the temples blueprint of creativity. It is the energy of life itself!! You can see a copy of the mandala here at Rachel's sarayei blog http://www.sarayei.com/sarahs-mandala-mary-magdalenes-healing-temple


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    Gotham 2x17 – Into the Woods | Review

    in Film

    SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #154 - Gotham 2x17 – Into the Woods | Review - Strange tidings, poison hiding, and Nygma chiding on this week's Gotham!

    Bruce and Selina are having their street life of crime, Barnes accuses Bullock of harboring Jim Gordon, Hugo Strange releases Barbara Kean knowing she’s still insane, and Penguin deals with the Van Dahls after the untimely death of his father… oh, and there’s the little matter of Gordon and everyone ever learning that Edward Nygma is a criminal genius.

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    Cloverleaf Radio Presents: The Masked Saint Chris Whaley!

    in Wrestling

    Cloverleaf Radio's hosts The Host with the Most Jimmy Falcon and Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling's Gremlina welcome Former Professional Wrestler and Pastor, The Masked Saint, Chris Whaley! JOIN US!!

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    NBA & NHL playoffs, NFL Draft, Sam Bradford, Tiger Woods & some UFC

    in Sports

    We're bringing the PAIN! & give you our OPINIONS on all the latest sports news!!

    We discuss the NBA Playoffs. Spurs & Thunder match up, the Hawks & Cavs, the Warriors & Trail Blazers & Raptors & The Heat .....who has the best chance? When is Curry coming back? DON'T RUSH HIM Kerr!!
    We give our opinons on last weeks NFL Draft...winners, losers & shockers! 
    We take a look at the NHL Playoffs & what are the San Jose Sharks chances being up 2-0? Will they choke AGAIN?
    MLB update, UFC update & What is wrong with Sam Bradford? Does he really think he's that good?
    Who do you think will end up with the Lakers next season? 
    What about Tiger Woods? Will he ever win another major?
    And Scott will talk little soccer! 


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    Deepertruth: Eucharistic Miracle “Saint Juan of the Abadesas”

    in Religion

    In 887, the Count Vifred founded a monastery in the Pirenean region of Catalonia, around which a village developed almost immediately, called even today“Saint John of the Abbesses”(“San Juan of the Abadesas”). Here a crucifix is preserved with a Host, kept intact since 1251, imbedded in the forehead of the statue of Jesus.

    In 1251 some artistic works in wood were done in the church of the monastery, depicting the deposition of Jesus from the Cross, with the figures of Jesus and His Mother Mary, Joseph of Arimathea, Nicodemus, Saint John the disciple Jesus loved, and the two thieves.

    These beautiful statues, saved from the destruction of the 1936 Spanish Civil War, cause great emotion in many people because of their expression. Jesus’ head especially, is impressively beautiful.

    When the statue was carved the artist made a depression in Jesus’ forehead, approximately two and a half inches in diameter, with the idea of preserving the Eucharist in it. In 1251 someone put a consecrated Host there, but the memory of this was lost in time.

    Only in 1426, while working to restore the statues, the cavity in the forehead of the crucifix was discovered, sealed by a small silver plaque. Inside, wrapped in a white linen cloth, the Host consecrated in 1251 was found, totallyuncorrupted. Since then, that Host, known as“The Most Holy Mystery of Saint John of the Abbesses”, is adored and visited by numerous pilgrims.

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    Jon Saint-Germain joins us to speak about his new book Crystal Magic

    in Spirituality

    At age six, Jon Saint-Germain decided he wanted to be a Wizard when he grew up. Today he is a professional psychic, rootworker, author and ecumenical minister. Jon is one-half Cherokee and has studied traditional Cherokee herbal medicine and magic. He has a long family tradition in Southern psychic arts, as his mother, grandmother, aunt and great-grandmother all were practicing psychics, and his grandfater was a skilled dowser or "water-witch." During the 1982 Knoxville World's Fair, he successfully solved the Rubik's Cube while blindfolded. Professor Erno Rubik thought this was the most amazing thing he had ever witnessed. The most common remark made during this time was "Heck, I can't solve it with my eyes OPEN!" He was the official palm reader for Obama's Inagural Ball and Women's Health Magazine's Chicago Expo, and is a popular guest on television and radio programs. He has even read palms over the radio! He also enjoys speaking for Civic clubs. His books -- Runic Palmistry, Karmic Palmistry and Love in the Palm of Your Hand are available in bookstores and from this website. Because of his eclectic knowledge of all things magical and psychic, he recently was retained as a consultant for a series of programs for the Learning Channel. In 2001, Jon was part of a scientific panel led by Dr. Gary Schwartz dedicated to examine the most important question ever asked: does human consciousness survive the death of the body? the results of this investigation are related in Dr. Schwartz's book The Afterlife Experiments. Jon practices what he preaches. Struggling with a lifelong eating disorder, he applied his mind power techniques to solving the riddle of why a person would consume food when he isn't really hungry. He found answers, and his weight dropped from over 300 pounds to 200 pounds in a year and a half.


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    Humanitarian Radio Tony Saint Tone & Janie Boisclair Interview Nandisvara Ishaya

    in Spirituality

    Nandisvara Ishaya talks about the Art of Ascension and techniques to meditation that can help us get centered very quickly in our everyday lives
     www.ishayasworldwide.com  email nandisvara@ishayas.net 

    Positive Song this week "Rejuventaion" By Saint Tone 

    Give the Gift of Music Please visit Tony's Nonprofit  - www.SpiritofMusicFoundation

    More Positive Music at www.SaintTone.com  www.Facebook.com/SaintTone

    MORE SHOWS AT www.HumanitarianRadio.com Tony@HumanitarianRadio.com


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    Violet Flame Saturday with the Seven Archangels and Saint Germain Part 3/3

    in Spirituality

    This Saturday we connect with the Seven Archangels and their Archeia in giving the Violet Flame for planetary and personal Healing, Protection, Freedom and Awakening.


    This is a great service to get to work with and to get to know the seven archangels and their twin flames:

    Archangel Michael and Faith
    Archangel Gabriel and Hope
    Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary
    Archangel Jophiel and Christine
    Archangel Uriel and Aurora
    Archangel Zadkiel and Amethyst
    Archangel Chamuel and Charity

    Now more than ever - it's time for us to call forth the Light of the Divine that is always Victory and together we help co-create the birth of a New Earth in a Miraculous and Beautiful Way!

    Please like Ascension NOW's FACEBOOK page : ) Here

    We have the Power to Be the Change and through the exercise of the Spoken Word and Guided Heart Meditations we enable the Ascended Hosts and the Archangels to rally their Legions of Light to help all souls on this planet Ascend Higher.

    Time is running short - the Now is fully returning! Let us enter the Eternal Now together as One Force of Light for the whole of Creation! Each expressing our Unique and Divine Talents in Harmony with the Earth's Rising and Divine Plan.

    Gratitude for shining your Light and joining us in Decrees and Service to the Light!!

    For each Heart and Call that joins in the Work - the empowerment for the Archangels can be Multiplied exponentially! So your joining makes a wonderful difference for the Light!

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    in Christianity

    Join Propeht Duane Woods of Atlanta Georgia in the Prophet's Corner @ 5::00 a.m. cst 



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    Mary, Mary Quite Steph Curry

    in Comedy

    This week special guest Mary joins me and her knowledge of NBA is quite astounding. Her millennial political correctness is always hilarious. Can she figure out a way to get me out of gambling debt? She's done it before. It's a rockin good time this week on the podcast.