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    Walking through the Pillars of the Gemini Full Moon

    in Spirituality

    Calling all meditators ... have you ever wanted to work more fully with the vibrational blessings of the Moon? We all know that each Full Moon offers a different blessing.  Full Moon's brings to light all that which needs to be addressed within your being.  It raises the tides of our oceans month by month and the water element corelates with your emotions. 

    So this full moon will help you to face your fears, it will direct you to look at your mental body and offer you the chance to burn away all that no longer serves by working with the Fire of the Sun in Sagitarius, which in turn will bring light to your soul and help to build your solar body. 

    During this session will will touch on the astrological blessing of the Gemini Full Moon, meditating together to connect more fully with the energy of it for spiritual growth.


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    Intimacy Through The Cosmos (Extended)

    in Culture

    Join us this evening as Dr. Khailfani Rivers lectures on Sagitarius, Capricorn, and possibly Aquarius. We have been lecturing through the zodiac signs for the past four weeks. Do not miss your opportunity to be educated on the level of the stars.   To know the Cosmos is to know yourself. The Cosmos is a vast deep place within our Universe. Have you ever wondered what the stars have to say about us and our relationships? Did you know that there is a mathematical and scientific equation to us and all of our relationships? These equations make us aware of ourselves and our compatibility to others.   The yearning for intimacy runs through our body like electric shock waves. Intimacy is where the visible and the invisible connect. Join us tonight with Master Astrologer Dr. Khailfani Rivers as he takes us on an Astrological Ride of "Intimacy Through the Cosmos."

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    The "Mrs. HELL" Show - Sagittarius Party - Dec 19, 2011

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    Our Friend & Key West Musician Jimmy Borg took his own life earlier this week, 13 Months Ago... he was at our Studios - AND at around 90 minutes into this show we got the Idea to Invite People to Graffitti our Wall on Virginia Street, that the City was going to Tear Down... We all know how that turned out. And then we introduced the then Live Band- "Caroline Street Music" with our good friends Redawg Solinski, Crazy "Biker" DAVE Huffman, and Jimmy  Borg from the New Band as they Debut in our Studio Live!  Also before that with Our Special Sagittarius Guests Mayor Gonzo Mays and Sister Mary Spear were there. Along with a bunch of Call in Guest wishing Mrs. Hell a happy birthday and  Join us and LISTEN TO SOME great Music - Join These Key West Characters ~ As the Creators and Founders of Key West Show, and Phlockers Gone Wild ...With Music Mahem and More.... From Key West! AN OLDY But A GOODIE !  

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     The Feast of Lights Is Not December 9, but the 25th. "Then Judas assembled his army and went to the city of Adullam.  As the sabbath was coming, they purified themselves  according to custom and kept the sabbath there.  On the next day they went to take up the bodies of tthe fallen and bring them back to lie with their kindred in the sepulchres of their ancestors. Under the tunic of each one of the dead they found sacred tokens of the idols of Jamnia, which Israel was forbidden to wear.  It became clear to all that this was the reason these men had fallen.  So the all blessed the ways of the Lord, the righteous judge, Who reveals the things that are hidden.  (2 Machabees 12:38-41)                            It happened that on the same day on which the sanctuary had been profaned by the foreigners, the purification of the sanctuary took place, this is on the 25th day of the same month which is Chislev.  They celebrated it for 8 days with rejoicing..... They decreed by public edict, ratified by vote, that the whole nation of Israel should observe these days every year.  (2 Macabees 10:5, 6 and 8.                                 The Angels of Sagitarius come into play in the final month of the fall season.  Their task is to awaken in us a more directed, focused light.  They assist in developing our own beam of light that will illuminate our environment and activities in the months ahead and in gaining freedom of thought, single-mindedness and guide us in the best ways of purifying lower ambitions. (Ted Andrews, Nature Speaks) The New Moon 12-13-2012  enables us to plant seeds (intentions) for new aspirations, freedom, optimism, and travel etc, 

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    DIVINE/SPIRITUAL ECONOMICS~7 Spirits of the Elohim

    in Spirituality

    Today we are experiencing a Lunar Eclipse with the Sun 7 degrees of Sagitarius and the Moon 7 degrees of Gemini.  We will discuss our Focus and our Feelings that may be influenced by this Lunation, which is an Eclipse and will effect us for weeks and  even months to come.  The 7 Spirits of Elohim Isaiah 11:2 TV - Dr Oz talks about how Raspberry Ketones helps burn fat. click on this link to watch on line   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQfF7ub-lPg        KloNia GREENS is like taking six products in one ... Healthy Greens, Raw Veggies, Super Foods, Raspberry Ketones. Ecklonia Cava, Flax Seed, Lecithin, Fiber, L-Acidophilus.   A must have daily supplement: Rich in Chlorophyll - helps balance PH levels.  Packed with vitamins B, C, D, E, K and loaded with essential minerals in a whole food source. Natural Plant Enzymes.  Immune Boosters.   Blood Purifiers.  Essential Fatty Acids.  Fiber.  Daily cleanse & detox. Helps burn execss body fat. No Pills to swallow.  No Sugar.  Tastes Great. Super Green powder mixes easliy into water or juice.  www.klonia.com/silverfox   "And the Most High is able to make all Grace (every favor and earthly blessing) come to you in abundance, so you may always and under all circumstances and what ever the need, be self-sufficient (possessing enough to require no aid or support and furnished in abundance for every good work and charitable donation."  (2Corinthians 9:8 Amplified Bible)

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    "The Magical Language" states:  Humanity has by Birthright the power to rule all the forces of nature; hence, everything in our environmemt is said to be under our feet.   As Nature is subordinate to Us, We are subordinate to The All.  When we realize this Truth and act upon it, We become The Instrument through which the perfect mastery of The Life- Power over all It's manifestations is expressed.  It is true-- humanity becomes the depository of the power of Divinity. We welcome back Abdulah El Talib Mosi Bey  to answer the question ~ Is Skin Color a Nationality, a Culture or even a Race?  What does it matter? Wed. November 21: The Sun enters Sagitarius at 4:50 pm est and Venus enters Scorpio at 8:20 pm est. "The illiterate of the 21st Century will not be those who can't read or write but those who can not learn, unlearn and relearn"  (Alvin Toffer) "And the Most High is able to make all Grace (every favor and earthly blessing) come to you in abundance, so you may always and under all circumstances and what ever the need, be self-sufficient (possessing enough to require no aid or support and furnished in abundance for every good work and charitable donation."  (2Corinthians 9:8 Amplified Bible) www.klonia.com/silverfox

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    Osoosi - Astral Travel, Problem solving, The Hunter-Tracker

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    Back to our Orisha! This show deals with Astral Travel technique and it's proper uses. Osoosi , sometimes spelled Ochosi, is the great hunter and tracker, brother to Ogun and Sango. This seat of conciousness is often overlooked and it's one of the reasons our life goes wayward even though we're putting forth an enormous amount of energy to what we consider to be the solution.
    Join me as we decode the metaphysical significance of Osoosi, Sagitarious, and Matalumbo.

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    Obatala - Omniprescence, Purity, Meditation, Wealth, Silence

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    OBATALA – Chief of the White Cloth who represents the arch-typical force of omnipresence. Although not an Orisa as most often referred to, Obatla is a direction emanation of OLODUMARE. OBALTALA represents your creative/creator spark and ability to move beyond human thought into the way of divine intention and knowing.


    Also make sure to pick up your copy of my book “Grasping the Root of Divine Power” and use this valuable tool in order to increase your psychic abilities and take hold of the power inherent in the spirit world boldly and competently.
    For Questions or comments visit www.OrishaReligion.com.

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    "In the final month of the fall season, the angelic hierarchy working through Sagitarius comes into play.  It is their task to awaken in us a more directed and focused light.  They assist us in developing our own beam of light that will illuminate our environment and activities in the months ahead"  (Nature - Speak, Ted Andrews).
    There are many bridges over the troubled and murkey waters of the Paradigm Shift to insure that we and our progeny will make it safely across the Age of Pisces into the New Age of Aquarius.  "Resolve to be a part of the solution...The wake-up call is being sounded and the internal intuitional agitation to shed the skin of the deceptive controlled experience has began in earnest." (www.nohoax.com  excerpts fro the Handbook for a New Paradigm)  It is Your personal assignment to ressurect yourself!

  • Live from Rocks & Things...Metaphysical

    in Spirituality

    Who knows were we will go, who will show up and what we will talk about. Join me Friday morning at 11:30 live from Rocks & Things...Metaphysical.

    I am kind of fascinated with Saturn in Sagitarius and True Expression right now but it might change by Friday

    We might talk about astrology, we might talk about numerology, we might talk about the weather.

    We will just have to wait and see.

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