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    The George Mack with guest Sadie Vanderkammp

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    Midwest wrestling valet Sadie Vanderkammp makes her way to The George Mack Show. She has recently launched her in ring career. Sadie is someone starting out her career that fans should definately follow. Join George and his staff as they find out more about this fine young lady.

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    Sadie Alexandru & Joshua Bitton | Matthew Aaron Show

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    Actress Sadie Alexandru (Mad Men) & Actor Joshua Bitton (Harry's Law, The Pacific) stop by Detroit Coney Dog LA this Wednesday (5/23) afternoon starting at 4:00pm PT.
    Sadie will dicuss this past Sunday's episode of Mad Men in which she played Scarlett, the new secretary at Sterling Cooper Draper Price.
    Josh will talk about his involvement in the Emmy winning HBO mini-series The Pacific, his upcoming movie For the Love of Money , and his work coaching up and coming actors and celebrities like Eminem and Sean Combs.

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    Toady's topic is social networks becoming the new form of cheating

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    Aaron Bebo is the of the critically acclaimed title Change For A Dollar. His debut. Aaron is a look into the urban terrain in a profound presentation of words. He spins tales so vividly that the reader is almost compelled to believe they are actually participating in every dialogue and location. His debut novel highlights the theme of transition. 
    Bebo delivers the story in fine fashion with his detailed wit, and slick character dialogue. Her uses his uncanny view of the urban structure, and the conditions of the people that live there, to draw out a vivid tale. His is able to translate into words a broader spectrum of the ominous shadows that seemed to be an ever present force in the urban structure where he grew up. 
    Aaron has also ghostwritten two novels outside the street fiction genre that have been published. One being a Non-fiction title on Cancer. He has also lent his time speaking to youths in the South Florida school system as well as juvenile detention centers. 
    Aaron is the author of Rat Hunters, Cupid’s Assassin, Bunches of Love, Author Wives; and the Long Story Short Series a collective of short stories which includes the titles; Accidental Nut, Area’s Grey, On The Green, Mischievous. Bebo has also published works under the name Sadie Morris and Unique Styles.
    Aaron recently signed with the publishing house G Street Chronicles. Bebo’s G Street Chronicles debut I Used To Love Her, was followed up by Til My Casket Drops. In April 2014. Most recently Bebo released The Last Don. Death To The Squad also under G Street Chronicles.
    Aaron Bebo currently resides in South Florida where he continues to write and connect with the people as a means of promoting literacy. You can connect with this autho@

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    At Eye Level - The Return of Sadie Katz

    in Entertainment

    Hosted by Matt G and "Doc" Savage


    Join us as Sadie Katz, one of Hollywood's hardest working actresses, returns to At Eye Level. She's been working her butt off for the last year, acting in films such as House of Bad, Chavez: Cage of Glory, Under the Hollywood Sign and Wrong Turn 6 She has also written and acted in the film Scorned and is currently executive producing 13 Girls, which will be coming out in 2015.


    To spak live on air with Sadie, call 714-459-3941 or join us in the chatroom.

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    Author Speaker Khalilah Brooks at the LizyT show

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    Khalilah was born in Halifax Nova Scotia on September 10, 1977. Like most singers Khalilah grew up in the church, singing with her family. Khalilah learned through song, there was joy, tears and praise. At the tender age of 16 Khalilah really began to flourish when recognized by David Woods, the Artistic Director of the Black Artists Network of Nova Scotia. David Woods gave Khalilah her first break to dance for his production group” Voices”. It was here where she discovered the need to perform. In 2002 Khalilah took the lead vocalist in the band “faith in the making where she performed steady throughout Ontario until 2004. After the band parted Khalilah continued to preserver and joined a Hip hop group called “DaMovemeant” where she joined forces with two male artists to create a new Canadian sound. copy of your choice. This is an example of paragraph text. You can delete it and enter copy of your Khalilah was recognized by American Modeling Talent of paragraph text. You can delete it and enter copy of your choice. This is an Convention (AMTC) in 2005 where she traveled to Kansas City Kansas and ranked top 10 out of thousands of competitors for her unique style and vocal skill. Khalilah also did a short film where she made an appearance playing the character of “Sadie” the rebel biker in the film called “Sitting Kills". and enter copy of your choice. This is an Her journey to Toronto since September 2009 has already been successful. She’s performed at local Toronto hotspots such as Sydney’s and Jo Mamas, Placed 2nd in the Istars Zack Warner competition for singer / song writer in April 2011, and 2nd place for her vocals in the “La Musique Circle” competition in May 2011.


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    Wrong Turn 6 Star Sadie Katz

    in Movies

    The film will hit DVD and Blu-ray this October, but premieres at Frightfest in the UK next month.
    Somewhat of a reboot of the popular WRONG TURN series, the new film is directed by Valeri Milev, and recently wrapped production in Bulgaria.
    Synopsis : A sudden and mysterious inheritance brings Danny and his friends to Hobb Springs, a forgotten resort deep in the West Virginia hills. Hobb Springs is being looked after under the watchful care of Jackson and Sally, a socially and awkward couple who introduce Danny to the long lost family he's never known. Soon, Danny is forced to choose between his friends and his bloodline.
    The beautiful Sadie Katz has one of the lead roles in the film, but the studio have asked us to stay zipped in regards into the who’s and what’s of her character.  She has plenty more to say about the movie though!
    Genre fans will already recognize Sadie from her roles in SCORNED, which she also co-wrote, HOUSE OF BAD, and MEANING OF VIOLENCE.

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    Actress Sadie Katz talks career, Wrong Turn 6 on Conversations LIVE

    in Entertainment

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes actress Sadie Katz to Conversations LIVE to discuss her amazing career, being a part of projects like HOUSE OF BAD and now WRONG TURN 6.

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    Interview with @ShahinSolimon of @SinbadTheMovie1!

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    Set sail for the adventure of the year when Sinbad : The Fifth Voyage washes up on shore December 2.
    Written, directed, executive produced, and starring Shahin Sean Solimon, Sinbad  -  narrated by the inimitable Patrick Stewart (X-Men : Days of Future Past) - is a crowd-pleasing throwback to the classic adventure yarns of yesteryear!

    Sinbad : The Fifth Voyage will be available on VOD on December 2, with the DVD to follow on February 3, 2015.

    When the Sultan's first born daughter, Princess Parisa, is abducted by an evil sorcerer, Sinbad is tasked with traveling through a desert of magic and mythical creatures to save her. He must defeat the Cyclops, the Goliath Crab, and the legendary Rok Bird to escape with their lives. Starring Shahin Sean Solimon, Patrick Stewart (X-Men, Star Trek : The Next Generation), Lorna Raver (Drag Me to Hell), Isaac C. Singleton Jr (Pirates of the Caribbean : Curse of the Black Pearl), Sadie Alexandru (TVs Mad Men),and Said Faraj (TVs 24).

    sinbadthemovie.com & shahin-sean-solimon.com

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    Hot Sugar: Sex, Celebrities ,reality Tv , Social Media &News

    in Entertainment

    It's Radio with " No Fear"    Hosted by  India Morel and Heaven "Hollywood" Clark

    Before you sip  the "TEA" Let us  stir the sugar 

    Hot Menu

    11p Intoduction of the Host ( Marilyn Monroe)  Brianna

    11:05   Bill Cosby ordeal   Who do you believe?  Now 8 victims

    11:10   Darren Wilson set to resign as Police chief    The verdict still awaits

    11:13  I'm not gay no more  I don't like Men's no more  Earl Carter heals Gay Man

    11:15  Beyonce drop 7-11 booty video

    11:20  Solange  Vampire wedding  then she breaks out im hives

    11:25  Song

    11:30  106 and park Canceled and Latifah Canceled

    11:35  50 cent vs Diddy   Effen Vodka vs Ciroc


    Sheets are talking

    1138  Sadie Santana  offers blow jobs to the entire laker team if they win 47 games

    1140  Nominees for the  for the 2015 AVN awards announced 

    Phone calls 



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    Sadie Katz is an an actress, writer and producer who currently stars in the film, "Chavez, Cage of Glory," alongside HEctor Echavarria ("Death Warrior,") Danny Trejo ("Machete,") and Steven Bauer ("Scarface.") Sadie plays 'Gia Chavez,' the wife of boxer 'Hector Chavez,' who is struggling with unemployment as their son's medical bills pile up.

    Sadie finds inspiration in legendary actresses Meryl Streep and Jodie Foster. She decided to translate her love of acting from the theatre to the big screen, and moved at the age of 23, to Los Angeles. She lept head first into the Hollywood scene by appearing in several Indie films, commercials and music videos.

    In addition to co-starring in "Chavez, Cage of Glory," you will soon see Sadie as the leading lady in the film, "House of Bad," as 'Sirah,' who, with her two sisters, is on the run with a suitcase full of stolen heroin. Hiding out in their childhood home, they find it is haunted by the ghosts of their deceased parents. The film releases December 3rd.

    Sadie has also developed numerous television and film projects with Mark Jones and Jim Towns, to name a couple. She is currently wrapping up another upcoming film, "Scorned," which she co-wrote and stars in alongside Anna Lynn McCord and Billy Zane.

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    Interview with Actress & Writer @Sadie_Katz!

    in Entertainment

    "Sadie Katz is a working actress living in Los Angeles. Her film Credits include playing the leading lady in "Chavez: Cage of Glory." Katz also stars in the thriller "House of Bad" Fan Favorite Award Winner at Big Bear Horror Fest 2013. You can also see Sadie starring in "Nipple and Palm Trees" on Amazon, Hulu & Netflix. 

    Katz also penned the screenplay "Scorned" starring Anna Lynn McCord and Billy Zane by Anchor Bay."