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    POSITIVE PERSPECTIVES Creating Sacred Space by Melinda Carver

    in Spirituality

    Why is it important to create a sacred space for yourself?  Will this sacred space allow you to welcome abundance, peace and happiness into your life? How does it work?  Find out tonight when Melinda share the secrets to creating sacred space.  Plus mini-readings for YOU all show long.  Call in with your questions about your life - or your wish to connect with Deceased Loved Ones & Pets, Spirit Guides and Angels.  Chat room contest too!

    Psychic Medium Melinda Carver is the Official Psychic of the Tarot Guild, has appeared on numerous radio shows, expos, conferences, fairs and stores.  Her workshops are now part of the Holistic Highway to Wisdom DVD Series and she is the creator of Melinda's Positive Products.  Melinda is available for private readings.


    Twitter:  @PsychicMelinda

    Brian Henke provides the show's music.


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    Trustworthiness Circles

    in Spirituality

    In this episode, Carole and Jane discuss the importance of creating concentric circles that illustrate where individuals, that we are involved with, should be in terms of intimacy and relationships. This exercise helps to clarify the difference between trustworthiness and indiscrimate intimacy.  Understanding where to place boundaries in our relationships is key to creating sacred space.

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    Creating Sacred Space : Nocturnal Winddown

    in Spirituality

    Ready to sign off for some shut eye or clocking in to burn the midnight oil? Join me as I offer prayers and serenade the night beautiful healing soundscapes. See you there!!

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    Cleansing and blessing your sacred space.

    in Entertainment

    Hi Angels, Sue Wilcox one of our angel coaches will share how to cleanse and bless your sacred space.  

    The show starts at 930 east coast.

    The call in number is 760 890 7143.

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    in Spirituality

    Today we will talk about Sacred Space, the importance of having clean surroundings.  Developing a Sacred Mind is is to develop a healthy mind and you will learn that if the space and enviornment around you are Sacredm you will also experience more Sacrd Relationships and an overall feeling of love and light.  How we take care of our surroundings is indeed reflective of who we are and at the very least how we feel inside.  It is not as difficult a you may think making the transition into Sacred Womanhood and together we shall transform...

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    creating a sacred space for you.

    in Entertainment

    Hi Angels, I'm relaxing on my deck, in a creative zone as I assemble another little fairy garden. Quan Yin watches over me as I light another incense and then head back to creating and organizing my thoughts on what I plan to share with you all about Sacred space on Monday's episode of AngelCoachesBlogTalkRadio.

    The show starts at 930 east coast.

    The call in number is 760 890 7143.

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    in Books

    “Sacred Space will clear out cluttered space, confusion, and loss. Sacred Space will assist you in bringing your home and work space into divine clean order that will create balance and harmony within and throughout your life. Nebt-Het, the Spiritual Guardian of Sacred Space, will bring peace, stability, and nurturing. She will purify our sacred place from within and without, for our physical surroundings reflect our inner world.
    Gateway 5: Sacred Space represents the atmosphere, our environment, our surroundings. It will eliminate space blockages in the Body Temple: constipation, worms, toxicity, polyps.
    Spiritual exercises of ascension are to be performed daily for seven days, the number for the spirit. This will awaken your inner Gateways of Divinity so that you may blossom into your full sacred center.”


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    Creating Sacred Space for More Happiness, Health & Wealth

    in Spirituality

    Originally aired February 19, 2014

    Join internationally known clairvoyant and recent guest star on Gaiam TVs Beyond Belief, Dr. Lauren Cielo, owner of Golden Rose Psychic Services for another great episode of Golden Rose Psychic Radio brought to you on the Women's Movement Radio Network!

    This episode explorers how entities and energy can affect physical structures. Learn about the various techniques used by today's energy healers to create a sacred space and fill it with happiness, health and wealth.

    Don't forget, during the show we'll announce the Coupon Code for our BLOOMING ROSE special. Once you hear the code, go to Golden Rose Psychic Radio’s Facebook Page for the link to purchase this week's special.

    And you may be the winner of this week’s FREE PSYCHIC READING. Click HERE to enter contest and gain access to our hidden webpage full of even more FREE STUFF!

    Callers are welcome and of course, lots of LIVE Free Psychic Readings! We hope you'll join us!

    Golden Rose Psychic Services is powered by 3-Point Virtual Services

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    Sacred Space

    in Spirituality

    This class is on the sacred space that we are and that we exist within. As we accept and honor the sacredness of life, we bring the sacred into all that we do. We may think of sacred places, such as a church or burial ground. We may rightfully regard our homes as sacred when we treat them with respect and honor. But there is sacredness in life itself. To be sacred is to be declared holy, worthy of respect, dedicated or devoted to a purpose, consecrated. We may not always think of life in this way; but it appropriate and honorable to do so. When we consider life sacred, we cannot hate another, for within them is sacredness. We give honest sincere appreciation for the food we eat, being thankful for the plants and animals whose sacred purpose it was to provide our food. Considering the sacredness of life in every moment is choosing a way of life, an approach to meeting each life experience in every moment. It is recognizing that our home is holy ground, and honoring it as such. With this mindset, recognizing that we maneuver through life in the sacred space of our existence surrounds us with peace and calm in the midst of any life experience and provides clarity, hope, and joy.
    Class Outlines are available from NurseHealer.com with all class resources.

    Download or purchase audio, video, and written materials at NurseHealer.com.

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    Creating Your Sacred Space

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to the Intuitive Light Community Radio Show!
    Today we are joined by Psychic Medium & Feng Shui Design Consultant Denise and her Special Guest Intuitive Coach & Interior Designer Joanne.
    We will have an honest an enlightening discussion that  answers...
    * What is a Sacred Space *
    * Why Create Your Sacred Space *
    * How to Create Your  Sacred Space *
    * When to Use Your Sacred Space *
    Feel free to call in with any questions along the way.
    Seeking Further Guidance in Your Life?
    Joanne  is an Intuitive Life Coach at www.JustAskJo.com
    Denise is a Spiritual Adviser & Psychic Medium at www.DeniseDivineD.com

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    Finding the Sacred Space In Family Relationships

    in Family

    Join us for an enlightening episode of Peaceful Parents as Fran Cannon discusses how we can find the Sacred Space in our relationships with our partners and children.
    Among the topics that Fran will share about are how to love yourself, how to become your own best friend, and how to create and share that Sacred Space with our partners and children that leads to greater peace.
    This will be a great opportunity to learn from a professional coach who has been married for many years and has raised two sons. 

    About Fran Cannon

    Fran is a Relationship Coach, a Personal Success Coach and a Business Coach.

    He has two Masters Degrees in Business.

    His company, Cannon Training and Development, has conducted 500 Weekend Seminars teaching Relationship Skills and Personal Success Skills.

    All of his work is directed at empowering people to examine their lives and create better approaches to their futures.

    This starts with each person paying attention and taking responsibility for the life they are creating for themselves and their life partners.

    Ultimately this leads Parents to creating better lives for their children, lives full of love and respect.

    To learn more about Fran, please go to francannon.com.