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    South Florida Attorney James "Randy" Ackley- Foreclosure is a Humanitarian Issue

    in Finance

    Over the past 25 years Randy has devoted his life to disaster relief and humanitarian aid having been employed at the American Red Cross and in charge of Presbyterian Global Disaster Assistance.   Randy has been on the ground when Hurricanes like Andrew and Katrina struck, responded to tornados and floods, faced armed conflict in Kosovo, economic collapse in Bulgaria, the Indian Ocean tsunami in South Asia and earthquakes in Haiti and Japan- all while keeping his membership active in the Florida BAR.

    When Randy says he can help save your home- he means just that.  Randy has helped save homes that are in the paths of Tsunamis, volcanos, hurricanes and wars- and even in more mundane venues- but equally dangerous areas- like court rooms.

    Randy has stated that home losses are the consequence of bad actions by banks that caused families to lose their homes.  Randy Ackley believes that if the laws on the books are enforced, families can fight back and avoid losing their homes altogether. While many people may still perceive foreclosure as similar to that of our grandparents’ day, Randy points out that many people now realize that contemporary foreclosure is often the result of failings, or outright fraudulent behavior, of the lenders and the industry, and that these are very different circumstances from the foreclosures of the past. 

    If you are in Florida and are looking for help with your foreclosure, especially your foreclosure trial, call James "Randy" Ackley at  561-594-5671 for a FREE CONSULTATION.


    Small Group Consultation (by phone) is scheduled for Friday April 29th at 3:00 EST.   

    You may self-schedule and make payment at: https://www.vcita.com/v/lendinglies


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    Lets Talk with Rachel & Bennet Guest Sarah Zettel

    in Pop Culture

    Huffington Post columnist Rachel Thompson and Critic/writer/columnist for Night Owl Magazine and Affaire De Couer Bennet Pomerantz discuss media topics with guests. 

     Sarah Zettel is an award winning genre writer.  Born in Sacramento California, but her family so moved from to New York State and from there to Michigan, where she has lived ever since, with the exception of a year in Florida right out of college.  She got the writing bug young, and started drawing and writing stories very shortly after she learned how to read.  It was the book, The Tombs of Autuan by Ursula K. Le Guin, that cemented her desire to be a writer.  Her first short story was published in 1986, and her first novel, the space opera RECLAMATION appeared eight years later.  Since then, she has written over 30 novels under 5 different names, across the whole range of genres, , including science fiction, fantasy, young adult, romance and mystery.


  • NBA Full Court Press- Tuesday Playoffs Edition

    in Sports

    Danny Thompson and Company welcome Cowbell Kingdom's Leonel Beas onto the show to talk about what's going on in Sacramento with the Kings, their coaching situation and the new logo that was released today.

    Other topics include:

    Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and the Clippers... can they survive without them going forward?

    How lucky are the Golden State Warriors?

    Can Charlotte win game 5?

    What's next for Houston and Memphis?

    What's is really going on in Los Angeles?

    And more.. 347-857-1947

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    #RussellMania - The man, the activist, the coach

    in Basketball

    We discuss Bill Russell's childhood, college career, life off the court, post-playing career and his extensive civil rights activism with Dr. Aram Goudsouzian, author of King of the Court: Bill Russell and the Basketball Revolution. We discuss the events of Russell's childhood that shaped his life including his mother's death when he was 12, the unique way he developed his game on defensive, his time at the University of San Francisco, the significance of him rejecting the Harlem Globetrotters and blazing a trail for black NBA superstars, how he dealt with racism among fans and media members, speaking out against NBA quotas of black players, visiting Mississippi during the Freedom Summer in 1964, his views on Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, writing a Sports Illustrated article in support of Muhammad Ali, his work to support integration in Boston schools, why he opposed signing autographs and rejected the Basketball Hall of Fame, his post-playing life trying to break into Hollywood, and his stints coaching the Seattle Supersonics in the 1970s and Sacramento Kings in the late 1980s, and much more.

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    My brain changed. Now what?

    in Motivation

    Thank you everyone so much for your kind words and positive thoughts. GREATLY FELT!

    Do you have a funny hospital story? Go to the Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/BAAVMCT/?fref=nf  share or call us on Saturday, 4/23/2016. We wanna hear it!

    Also, if you are looking to attend some fundraising events we check out the links below

    Arts and Wine! http://avmandaneurysmsupport.com/events.html

    San Francisco - 11th Annual Walk http://www.firstgiving.com/taaf/11th-annual-aneurysm-and-avm-awareness-walk

    If you need local support - follow us in Sacramento - https://www.facebook.com/sacramento.aneurysmavm?fref=ts

    We have our sharing meeting on Saturday, April 23, 2016

    UC Davis - Ellison Ambulatory Care Building 4860 Y Street Room #3015 Sacramento, CA 95817


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    The Friday FARcast With Special Guest -- Regina Meredith

    in Paranormal

    On today's show, I turn the tables on my good friend, Regina Meredith.  Normally, it's Regina asking me the questions at the studios of Gaia TV, but on Friday's FARcast, I get to play host.

    We'll find out more about her past as a rising network news star and the subsequent awakening which sent her on the road less traveled.

    Her media career began as a ski reporter while living at Lake Tahoe for NBC affiliate KCRA-TV in Sacramento, California, the nation’s first television and radio ski report from an independent roving reporter.  Her first studio reporting job was in Sacramento.

    Regina’s media career began as a ski reporter while living at Lake Tahoe for NBC affiliate KCRA-TV in Sacramento, California, the nation’s first television and radio ski report from an independent roving reporter.  Her first studio reporting job was in Sacramento.

    Returning to Sacramento she started LuminArt Productions where her first project educated the public on more environmental options in the home in a news feature titled ‘The Envireport’, which aired nightly on KXTV-TV.

    Regina then began producing one of the world’s first vegetarian cooking shows titled “Regina’s Vegetarian Table”, for PBS, where she wrote two companion cookbooks – ‘Regina’s Vegetarian Table’ and ‘Regina’s International Vegetarian Favorites’ both available at http://www.reginasvegetariantable.com/

    In 2004, she co-created ‘Conscious Media Network. In 2012, Conscious Media Network merged with Gaiam TV in 2012, with Regina serving as anchor in their new media division on Open Minds and Healing Matrix. Please join us.



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    Call in for angel card reading from mystic and light worker, Diana McClintic

    in Spirituality

    Diana obtained her Registered Nurse degree and practiced for 30 years. She obtained her Dr. Of Science in Naturopathy in 2002.  She is a certified soma energetics practitioner using the solfeggio scale tuning forks and has completed Reiki certifications to level 4 attunement. Diana is also an ordained minister since 2009. The boards she chose to take was the certification for holistic practitioners at the BS level as that covered about everything she had learned up to 2009.

    Diana had a NDE at 4 years old and has been a healing facilitator and spiritual warrior since then.

    She became a mystical traveler in 2009 and took off for living on the road for 2.2 years practicing her lightworking, healing herself and the earth and helping people heal. She has books in the working to tell the story of reaching Sedona for 11:11, then to the W. Coast of CA for 12:12 where the oneness of Atlantis/Lemuria came back to her and on over to Mt. Shasta then down to Sacramento. She lived in a car and met people who matched her vibrations along the way.

    Todays treat is to call in for an Angel Card/ Archetype reading.

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    Dr Simone Show - The Duality of Motherhood with guest Angela Burling

    in Self Help

    Angela Burling earned her master’s in nursing from California State University, Sacramento writing her thesis in 1991: “Screening Practices of Health Care Practitioners for Postpartum Mental Illness.” Her story was published in 2014 in “Motherhood, Mental Illness and Recovery: Stories of Hope.” In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s she appeared on a dozen talk shows including Donahue, Oprah and Live on Larry King. Patty Duke narrated a documentary about her experience in 1989, and recently Angela has been interviewed for two documentaries which are in production. She has been married for twenty-one years and is the proud mother of two adult children. Angela currently volunteers in the community as a health educator and is on the Board of Postpartum Support International. At her core is the desire to bring understanding about a tragic and misunderstood condition affecting mothers.

    Do you know what most people think of when they hear about post-partum depression or psychosis?

    Find out more about cases that exemplifies this condition.   

    What the different diagnostic conditions are? 

    Learn first hand about Angela's personal experience with post-partum.

    What helped Angela get through this difficult time? 

    What she sees as the failure of the medical and legal (including police force) systems!

    What she filled her life with? How she coped since her experience? 

    What advice she has to post-partum women who might be at risk?

    What are the major changes she''d like to see re. this subject?

    Learn more about the upcoming national Maternal Mental Health Day ...

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    Peace and Conflict Resolution: The African Perspective

    in War

    Join the ICERM Radio talk show, “Lets Talk About It,” for an inspiring interview with Dr. Ernest Uwazie, Director, Center for African Peace and Conflict Resolution & Professor of Criminal Justice at the California State University Sacramento.

    Listen to the interview here. You can also dial +1- (323) 642-1236 on Saturday, April 16, 2016 at 2:30 PM in Eastern Time (New York Time) to listen to the show and add your voice to the conversation.

    In this episode, our guest, Prof. Ernest Uwazie, will talk about his peace and conflict resolution projects and activities in Africa and within the African Diaspora in the United States. As the Center for African Peace and Conflict Resolution celebrates its 25th anniversary of the Africa & Diaspora Conference, Prof. Uwazie will discuss the lessons, best practices and opportunities for peace, security and sustainable development in Africa.

    It is an honor to have Dr. Ernest Uwazie on the ICERM Radio program, “Lets Talk About It.” Tune in by calling +1- (323) 642-1236 on Saturday, April 16, 2016 at 2 PM in Eastern Time (New York time, U.S.A.) to listen to the show and add your voice to the discussion.


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    Black Talk Sacramento #19 (Live)

    in Current Events

    Black Talk Sacramento

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