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    Host Sabrina Oxford interviews Morgan Lynn

    in Entertainment

    Sabrina Oxford interviews Morgan Lynn, Sex Cam Star, on the ins and outs of Sex on-line.
    Learn about what it is like to talk/chat live with clients, what kinds of activities are done, where to find her, and more!
    Certianly, a show no one will want to miss out on!

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    Ming Ballard joins Host Sabrina Oxford

    in Entertainment

    Rising Star, Ming Ballard, joins Author & Radio Host Sabrina Oxford on Nov. 13th, 2011.

    Actress/producer, Ming Ballard, Talks about the ins and outs of making it in the film industry. She will be answering questions about how she got started, the pro/cons, what she has been in and what she has coming up! Anyone wanting to know what it is like to be an actor/actress show NOT MISS today's show! Ming will also be sharing some information of her producing the movie "Vampie" and why she started producing!

    Many of my friends on Facebook know that Ming has been a friend of mine for the long time now (my "sis" in heart) which is why I am so PROUD of ALL she is doing with her life as she aspires to complete her dreams.

    See you all there!!!

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    LIVE on the Sabrina Oxford Show Philip A McCarthy

    in Social Networking

    Today we honor a new "riser" in life! From hardships to triumps this man is one to come hear out. Philip A McCarthy went from a drug addicted life to an AWARD WINNING FILM DIRECTOR!!!

    Photo A

    Photo B

    Photo C

    Come hear him share moments of his life and how they turned him into the person he is today! This is a 2 part serious.

    Log-in to join us in the chat room... accounts are FREE!

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    Crystal Embers Interviews Miss Sabrina Oxford FREE e-book for chatters!

    in Lifestyle

    Crystal Embers from her own Blog Talk Radio Show will be joining Sabrina Oxford tonight. Two hours of fun, & laughter while Crystal interviews Sabrina Oxford... then the shoe is reversed! Come here these two talk up the hour! PLUS, you may call in and ask your own questions or join us in the chat room! See you at 7pm Central time!

    Thank you!
    The Sabrina Oxford Staff

    *FREE "Karma Chip" E-book of your choosing for all who stay the entire show!

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    Keira Ligertwood joins Sabrina Oxford Sunday 3pm LVE

    in Entertainment

    Journey's of the Shadow Tracker by author: Keira Ligertwood joins Sabrina Oxford on Sunday's Show! 3-3:30pm Aug. 28th, 2011.
    Journey's of the Shadow Tracker is a novel with magik, intrigue, danger and excitement, Journey's of the Shadow Tracker follows Torn Hunter and his companions as he sets out to find the Black Watcher. Upon doing so will allow him to find his exiled prince and defeat the enemy King Lantor. Filled with gods, elves, dragons and evil Magi follow Torn as he discovers who he is and what path has been chosen for him by the magik's of his world.

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    Get your "S.O.S" on the Sabrina Oxford Show

    in Spirituality

    Come each week to hear who Sabrina has found in the world worth lifting up! People for everywhere in the world, not just he USA, have been on... join us in the chat room or call in the show!

    Guest Call in #:
    1 (347) 637-2678

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    Get your "S.O.S" Live on Sabrina Oxford Show! Mother's Day

    in Entertainment

    Happy Mother's Day! Call in about your mom's around the world <3
    Those whom stay in the chat-room today will receive a FREE e-copy of Sabrina Oxford's Latest book: "Angelic Messages * To Enlighten Your Soul"

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    Sabrina Oxford Live with Miriam Slozberg

    in Entertainment

    Miriam Slozberg
    new book Stars Behind the Tortured Soul, about past life astrology and how it helps you heal from past life trauma~!
    Miriam was born as well as rained in Toronto, Canada. She is a married mother of two children, still residing in Toronto. After experiencing a sad childhood, Miriam became interested in occult sciences such as astrology, tarot, numerology as well as other esoteric studies. Miriam has always been quite intuitive but did not use it until after she had her children. She received her astrology certification in 2006 and established her astrology business, called MsMir Astrology in 2008. She feels that one of her biggest missions in her life is to help others understand their life’s purpose, and previous life karma.
    Miriam had always loved to write since she was a child. However, several events had occurred in Miriam’s life that had been what had finally inspire her to launch her writing career in 2009. Miriam’s writing includes esoteric topics involving past life and reincarnation phenomenon, astrology, afterlife, and others that are spiritual as well as historical. She had written her first book in 2009, My Five Autobiographies: My Soul’s Experiences Lived through Five Recent Lives, which will soon be rewritten.

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    Get your "S.O.S" on the Sabrina Oxford Show

    in Spirituality

    Come each week to hear who Sabrina has found in the world worth lifting up! People for everywhere in the world, not just he USA, have been on... join us in the chat room or call in the show!

    Guest Call in #:
    1 (347) 637-2678

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    Get your S.O.S. at the "Sabrina Oxford Show" Lifting up others!

    in Spirituality

    Documentary Film Maker Adriano Sverko:

    basics of my movie..

    We talk to these controversial scientists in the US, UK, Hungary and Russia. We also visit authors and activists who say these scientists are being sidelined. Then, we visit scientific publications, media experts and the biotech companies, themselves, to find out what is really going on.

    The World is being pressured by business, through organizations such as the EU parliament, US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and World Trade Organization (WTO) to include genetically modified organisms in our food supply.

    It's time to discuss this. It's time to understand this debate. It's time to start learning about this. It is better to know what's going on than to face irreversible consequences.

    A Brief plug for Ivanka Trump's new book: "the Trump Card"

    This highly recommended book brings you lots of information to help those going into business. I am VERY Proud of her for getting this book done and out their for all of us to read... PLEASE go get yours ordered today!!!

    http://authors.simonandschuster.com/Ivanka-Trump/61462662 ~Go take that first step NOW and move forward too!

    Brightest Blessings,
    Sabrina Oxford

    Check out the "Know Your Name" contest Listen in for more information! Plus talking about some changes coming up with reading from another book~ not mine, but one wrote by Neils MacFlouer, called "Life's Meaning". Always stay tuned for call-in gifts! Listen in to learn more!!!

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    Get your SOS on the Sabrina Oxford Show

    in Health

    Today we talk about a wonderful Hair Salon down south: Boss Hair Design! A friend of our awesome Comedian, Old Lady Pate, joins up Live Saturday afternoon! Koffie with Boss Hair Design shares her location, the Salon business, and where you can find these wonderful bunch of folks ready to care for your hair!

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