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    How to Recognize Friends and Family Sabotaging Relationship and Psychic Question

    in Spirituality

    As a psychic and sensitive I read for a lot of people on a regular basis.  I  will see a couple working out and see them being together as the outcome.  Then I will get a call from a client who is upset because of a family member such as a sister sabotaging her relationship.  I just read for someone who felt that someone was sabotaging her relationship with her boyfriend.  I described in detail who they were.  This is very sad but it happens a lot.  You have to be careful who you allow into your life and especially how much you disclose to them.  

    This definitely has an impact many times on relationships and it has for hundreds of years.  In this episdoe I will explain how you can recognize which friends and which family members are trying to sabotage your relationship.  2015 is a time of spiritual awakening and many have, however, just as good is getting stronger so is evil. 

    I will also take your psychic questions. If you are interested in a detailed and accurate reading please contact me at http://www.kasamba.com/psychic/mia0899cs.  Kasamba is interchangeable with LivePerson.  It is the same company. Please read my reviews as these will tell you how detailed and accurate I am.  I am for real.  It is a gift from God so I prefer you reviewing my reviews.  I don't want to exalt myself but I am here to help. I wouldn't read if I didn't get these positive reviews. 

    Love and Light, 





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    Sabotaging A Good Relationship

    in Radio

    This show will discuss how so many people are sabotaging a good relationship. So many people are getting divorced because they are not happy with their sex life in their relationship. Others are complaining that they have out grown their mate, and so many people are just tired of the cheating that they continue to experience in their relationship. Today's show should help you with ways to keep your relationship happy, get back on the right track to happiness, or may be leave and start over in another relationship.

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    Is Candida Sabotaging Your Life?

    in Health

    Join me as I give you my 12 steps to wellness with my Candida control program.  When your digestive system is healthy, there is approxiamately 1 yeast cell for every 1 million probiotic cells.  In the very small ratio, the yeast within our body is constantly fighting to survive.  the key is to maintain healthy gut integrity, the pH of a healthy gut is not a optimal place for candida to thrive.

    Grab a friend and join me as I detail how Candida makes you sick, What Candida is, The foods that cause Candida overgrowth and much more.  I will talk to you then!! 


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    Is Your Diet Sabotaging Your Productivity?

    in Business

    Join us today on Women Leading the Way Radio as Michelle Bergquist, your host of Women Who Lead, interviews Dace Corlett, Founder and Nutritional Therapist at RevolutionizeU.

    Even though we work hard to be efficient and focused, our diet can sabotage us in many ways. To be an effective leader one must be focused, driven and healthy. As a businesswoman making the time to take care of you can be a challenge.

    Dace can teach you how to take back control of your moods and your energy levels and how to maintain focus throughout the day.

    Dace will show you that by putting your health needs first you will have more energy for the other demands on your life.

    As the CEO and Co-Founder of Connected Women of Influence, Michelle Bergquist is a passionate advocate for women in business. At Connected Women of Influence, we believe that more women need to lead in business and everything we do is center-focused on designing platforms, programs, connections and collaborative opportunities for b2b women to prosper, succeed and lead the way in business today!

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    Is FEAR sabotaging yourSELF

    in Women

    It doesn't matter if fear is self generated of given as a gift. What does matter is how you allow it to affect you. How often have you been told “girl I wouldn't do or go because...?” This is fear based given in love.

    Because of our society, it is easy for fear to guide us. Much of what we see, hear and feel is fear based. When you look at your life, do you see that many of your decisions are fear based or fearless.

    Begin to pay attention to the thoughts and words that you use when making decisions. Notice and feel the difference when your decisions are made from faith and fearlessness.

    On today's show I will share five tips on making decisions fearlessly.  

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    Sabotaging the Good in Relationships

    in Self Help

    Many of us claim that we want a good relationship, but we do not know what to do with one when it shows up. This can be due to past hurts, abandonment, rejection, disappointment, abuse, and overall trust issues. There are so many triggers that rehash old wounds that we have not healed from that arise and it can cause us to sabotage something good. According to The Oxford Handbook of Analytical Sociology, "The term “self-fulfilling prophecy” (SFP) was coined in 1948 by Robert Merton to describe “a false definition of the situation evoking a new behavior which makes the originally false conception come true”. We can many times act in certain ways to bring about what we are afraid of. Many times this starts with self sabotage and moves into other areas of our lives.

    The devil knows this and will play on our hurts and fears if we are not yeilded to God. We can push away the love and the care we need by listening to his lies. He does not want us to have anything good. This is not to say that we should not use discernment in relationships and just trust anyone. This is the opposite destructive approach being that we live in a corrupt and fallen world. However, we have to seek God and make sure we are not assuming things and acting out based on our past experiences or how we were raised.

    I hope that this show will help us to look at ourselves and see how we can sometimes contribute to the issues or the end of relationships all because of "what's in our mind". It is so easy to blame others, but if we want change we must evaluate ourselves and see where we fall short.

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    Are You Sabotaging Your Relationship Happiness?

    in Relationships

    Have you really taken a long look at your behavior when it comes to your relationship or marriage?  Are you giving your all to your mate, or are you subconsciously destroying your relationship?

    Do you find yourself doing any of the following, when it comes to your relationship or marriage?:

    Picking Arguments
    Being dismissive
    Ignoring your mate
    Demeaning your mate
    Showing little interest
    Holding back sex and/or intimacy

    If you answered yes to any one of these actions, then this is the show for you!

    On this episode of Hot Topics Talk Radio, we’re going to discuss the things that we may be doing to sabotage our relationships, and not even realize it. 

    Join us on Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at 8pm PST/10pm CST/11pm EST for a very interesting discussion!

    To listen and comment by phone, dial (646)200-3148.  Or join us live on-air from your computer at: http://www.hottopicstalkradio.com/hottopicstalkradio.html.  You’re also welcome to listen and join the chatroom here on Blog Talk Radio! 

    *The Hot Topics Talk Radio Network is sponsored by Shades of Afrika and SPMG Media.  

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    Are you Sabotaging your Children? - The Replay

    in Lifestyle

    Due to Demand we are Replaying one of our most Popular Shows.

    Are you Sabotaging your Children?

    Relationships, separation, divorce, break-up, these are realities of the world.  Grown ups are not always good for each other. Sometimes (more often than not nowadays) children are from a broken home, in which parents do not live under the same roof and are in a relationship.

    What is even more sad is that there is usually a lot of animosity between the parents.  What happens when hate, animosity, rage, anger takes control and you unleash it upon the ears of your children?

    What happens when instead of raising your child/children to be successful and independent, you raise them instead to be your back up plan.  The person who stays with you instead of growing up and going out on their own?

    What happens to the mind of that little child who one day grows up, and they have hardships their whole life stemming from those harmful words they should have never heard, or they just cant understand why they are stuck and so unhappy?

    Tonight Special Guest Kandee Lewis will join Raqui in exploring this subject.

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    7 Sabotaging Mindsets Preventing Your Weight Loss

    in Nutrition

    Achieving your weight loss goals will not only require a change in your diet, increased physical activity, but also a change in the behaviors and beliefs that may have blocked you from reaching your goals in the past. Your mindset and motivation are just as important as food and exercise in achieving your weight loss goals.What are the first thoughts and feelings that come to your mind when you think of yourself going on a diet or going to the gym? The first thing you need to do is throw out your old dieting mentality and think of your journey as a lifestyle change. Do not think of it as something that starts and then stops. That type of thinking does not serve you. Let's look at some ways your mindset can sabotage your weight loss efforts. Tune in 4/29 at noon ET to findout.

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    Why are my emotions sabotaging my weight loss efforts?

    in Weight Loss


    Let's join forces and discover why you may be self sabotaging your weight loss efforts.  Emotions create motion and effort, but if you don't control your emotions your efforts and motion will lead you down the wrong path.

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    Angel Healing House - Are You Sabotaging Your New Start?

    in Spirituality

         In today's program, Claire Candy Hough and her angelic family, The Posse of Angels will share insights on how many of the collective consciousness will finally see very tangible forward movement as to the manifestation of their wises and desires. But as we see the fulfillment of our requests materialize, we may sabotage ourselves from stepping forward and taking full advantage of those opportunites.

    Claire Candy Hough is a Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher, Angel Practitioner, international radio host on Angel Healing House Blog Talk Radio http://www.blogtalkradio.com/angel-healing-house,  Author of "Angels of Faith" http://www.angelhealinghouse.com/angels-of-faith-book/  and a Writer. She communicates directly with her angelic family, 'The Posse of Angels'. Through her international business Angel Healing House http://www.angelhealinghouse.com/  Claire Candy provides healing, empowerment and direction in a loving, honest and no-nonsense manner. Her clients receive very practical advice to positively and proactively transform their lives to peace, joy and self-love.

    Be Prepared to be Inspired, Enlightened and Uplifted!!!