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    PROPHECY HOUR: The Aztec UFO Incident

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    PROPHECY HOUR: The Aztec UFO Incident

    What happened has happened many times and will happen again!

    The Aztec Incident has been the subject of many TV documentaries. This is what
    happened in March of 1948:

    A UFO was seen hovering over Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico,
    and days later, a similar UFO was said to have made a controlled landing after being shot at by the military.

    Witnesses claim that more than a
    dozen humanoid figures were found and that the U.S. military removed the evidence to Wright-­--Patterson Air Force Base, hiding it in Hanger 18.

    Among witnesses who have come forward are NASA engineer, Bob Oechsler, and
    Fred Reed, an employee of the Office of Strategic Services.

    The Book’s author’s are
    Scott Ramsey
    Suzanne Ramsey
    Frank Thayer

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    “We are Warning the World as it HAPPENS!”

    “Remember we do not 100% agree with everything our guests, say, do, or believe. It is up to you to pray and sort it out!”

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1337

    in Self Help

    SPECIAL TOPIC Night - "Examining Institutional Abuse" with special co-host Dr Jill Jones-Solderman (PhD, MSW, MSHS), a NAASCA family member. In this series of monthly shows we'll specifically take a look at institutional abuse. ~~ TONIGHT'S TOPIC: The McMartin Case - The Case for Children as Unreliable Reporters of Sexual Abuse ~~ Reporting allegations of Child Sexual Abuse is the dilemma for the protective parent. A child makes a statement and .. "OMG .. What do I do?"!! Parents who report allegations of abuse instantly face accusations of "coaching, brain washing, alienation and revenge, especially if the allegation is against a family member or spouse. The McMartin case, based in California (1983 - 1990), represents ground zero for the formal elaboration of studies by psychologists demonstrating through "laboratory" staging of structured interviews, the manner in which children can be coached, influenced, subject to memory insertion. The new truth, elaborated as scientific certainty, was embraced by the Criminal Justice System. "Child Protective Services" and the Family Courts found another access port to transfer children into the hands of their abusers through engagement in the strong arm tactics of Judicial Discretion and multiple forms of malfeasance and fraud. ~~ NAASCA knows "institutional abuse" is rampant, worldwide, and dramatically effects childhood experience of our youth, frequently causing trauma that lasts a lifetime. Many issues of child abuse involve dealing with the courts and law enforcement, foster care, child protection services, CASA and CAC organizations, etc. Jill's experience with her Foundation for Child Victims of Family Courts and her US Whistleblower effort uniquely position her to speak to these issues.

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    Guest Frank Thayer PHD, co-author of "The Aztec UFO Incident" on Mystic Moon Caf

    in Paranormal

    Please join Travis and Wendy as they interview Frank Thayer PHD, co-author of

    “The Aztec UFO Incident”  

    The Case, Evidence and Elaborate Cover-Up of One of the Most Perplexing Crashes in History


    Researchers, authors and experts on UFOs, Scott Ramsey, Suzanne Ramsey, and Frank Thayer have put together incontrovertible evidence that an extraterrestrial spacecraft crashed near Aztec, New Mexico, in March 1948, and was recovered and hidden by the U.S. government.

    Derided as a hoax for decades, the Aztec Incident has now been proven by the Ramseys and Thayer in their new book, The Aztec UFO Incident: The Case, Evidence, and Elaborate Cover-up of One of the Most Perplexing Crashes in History.

    This is what happened in March of 1948:

    A UFO was seen hovering over Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, and days later, a similar UFO was said to have made a controlled landing after being shot at by the military.

    Over decades, the authors traveled to many states to hunt down leads and witnesses, whose first-person accounts in the book are startling. Young oilfield workers on the scene climbed up on the 100-foot-in-diameter spacecraft and peered into the portholes before the military arrived, and their memories are surprisingly consistent, even fifty-plus years later. The interviewees affirmed that they were sworn to secrecy by the military.

    Purchase The Aztec UFO Incident here:  http://www.amazon.com/The-Aztec-UFO-Incident-Perplexing/dp/1632650010


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    Healthy Kitchen Laboratory - Is Dairy Good For You or NOT?

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    In our healthy kitchen labortorary series we’re talking on dairy.


    Is dairy benefieical or harmful.


    There is no neutral it’s either helping or harming - based on where we want to go - our goals - if we don’t care and don’t have any other goals than being a zombies out good standard american then well… you probably wouldn’t be hearing this show.

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    First Contact Radio 4/6/16 - Cosmic Weather, UFOs, Lucid Dreaming

    in News

    First Contact Radio 4/6/16 Show #1472 hosted by Joshua Poet

    Moon Cat Astrology

    Planet Watcher

    Moon phases for Los Angeles

    Jewish Calendar



    This Week’s Sky at a Glance, April 1 – 9

    UFO News
    UFO Over Phoenix, Arizona Resembles Walking Figure April 2016

    Daytime UFO sighting over Puebla, Mexico

    This day in UFO History: 1966 Westall Incident: The Unresolved Mystery

    Alien Cult Says That Man Was Created By ET In A Laboratory

    77 Year Old Man Builds Giant Face In Yard To Signal Aliens In California, April 2016

    Daily Stories
    Are Reince Priebus And The RNC Corrupt And Despicable?

    How to Lucid Dream

    9 Strange Ways to Induce Lucid Dreams That Curl Your Toes

    Lucid Dreaming/Induction Techniques

    Matter and Consciousness: How Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

    Be Like Water: The Need for Adaptive Fluidity

    Bruce Lee - The Lost Interview

    Archangel Gabriel Daily Message ~ Tuesday April 5, 2016

    FREE Meditation Music "Reflections"

    Wake Up by UFOetry

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    Gotham Talk Podcast #36 - S 2 Ep 13 A DEAD MAN FEELS NO COLD

    in Television

    At Arkham Asylum, Professor Strange begins overseeing intensive treatments meant to reduce Oswald Cobblepot's aggressive tendencies. Upon learning that Nora is being sent to the medical wing at Arkham Asylum, Victor Fries builds an armoured suit. Fries arrives at the asylum and, after fighting through security and the police, he manages to escape with Nora. Elsewhere, Bruce Wayne researches a lead, believing to have discovered that the man who killed his parents isPatrick "Matches" Malone. James Gordon deduces that Victor Fries will return to his home laboratory in order to freeze Nora and the police surround Fries' home to find that Gordon is correct. In the laboratory, Nora blames herself for the deaths that Fries caused. Fries attempts to cryogenically freeze her, only to learn that Nora switched the formula when he wasn't looking. Nora dies as a result. Distraught by Nora's death, Fries attempts to take his armour off so that he can surrender to the police. In the process, he accidentally cryogenically freezes himself. Fries is publicly pronounced dead, despite having survived the process. Fries wakes up in Indian Hill to discover that he can no longer survive outside of subzero temperatures. Fries meets Professor Strange, who offers him an alliance as a fellow scientist. Fries states that he wishes he died with Nora, but Strange assures Fries that this could be a new beginning for him.

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    Episode 322: Radical Extremism, Visual Propaganda, and The Long War

    in Military

    In the mid-1930s, Leni Riefenstahl showed the power of the latest communication technology of her time to move opinion, bring support, and intimidate potential opponents.

    The last quarter century's work of Moore's Law in the ability to distribute visual data world wide in an instant has completely change the ability of even the smallest groups with the most threadbare budgets to create significant influence effects well inside traditional nation states' OODA loop.

    How are radical extremists using modern technology, especially in the visual arena, to advance their goals, who are their audiences, and how do you counter it?

    Using as a starting point the Strategic Studies Institute and U.S. Army War College Press's publication, Visual Propaganda and Extremism in the Online Environment, Jihadology's ISIS and the Hollywood Visual Style, and  Small Wars Journal's ISIS and the Family Man; our guests will be Dr. Cori E. Dauber, Professor of Communication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Mark Robinson, the Director of the Multimedia Laboratory at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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    Interview with Dr. Richard J. Davidson on America Meditating w/Sister Jenna

    in Self Help

    Tune in as Dr. Richard J. Davidson joins Sister Jenna on the America Meditating Radio Show to discuss The Emotional Life of Your Brain.  Dr. Davidson is a renowned neuroscientist and Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison as well as the founder and chair of the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds at the Waisman Center and Director for Brain Imaging and Behavior and the Laboratory for Affective Neuroscience.

    He has published more than 275 articles and reviews and edited over 14 books. He is the author of, "The Emotional Life of Your Brain," and is best known for his groundbreaking work in studying emotion and the brain. A friend and confidante of the Dalai Lama, he is a highly sought after expert and speaker internationally. Dr. Davidson has been featured widely in popular media, including ABC’s Nightline, National Public Radio, Time Magazine, Newsweek, O, the Oprah magazine, PBS’s the Charlie Rose Show, Harvard Business Review, to name a few.

    Named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in 2006 and the recipient of numerous awards. Visit his website at http://richardjdavidson.com

    Get the Off the Grid Into the Heart CD by Sister Jenna.  Like America Meditating on FB & on Twitter.  Download our free Pause for Peace App for Apple or Android 

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    The Aztec UFO Incident with Authors Scott & Suzanne Ramsey & Frank Thayer, PhD

    in Paranormal

    The Aztec UFO Incident--the first ever widely publicized report of a recovered flying saucer--was derided as a hoax for decades. But now the Ramseys and Frank Thayer reveal the exact spot where the craft landed and show how the 100-foot diameter saucer was moved to a secret laboratory. Witnesses to the incident who were interviewed by the authors affirm that they were sworn to secrecy by the military. The authors also reveal the names of scientists who worked on the craft after its recovery.

    Also included are previously unseen documents from the CIA, FBI, U.S. Air Force, and U.S. Army that constituted a cover-up whose sole purpose was to surround the Aztec story with a smokescreen of lies, misinformation, and destructive allegations.

    Roswell is no longer the only proven flying saucer recovery we know about. The Aztec UFO Incident is a must-read for historians and UFO students alike.


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    Jaina Lee Ortiz "ROSEWOOD" Interview

    in Television

    In support of the Mid Season premiere of FOX's highly talked about comedy-drama ROSEWOOD, Jaina Lee Ortiz calls into talk to #VarietyRadioOnline to talk about her role with Variety Radio Online host Michelle.

    "Rosewood", Miami pathologist, Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, Jr., finds secrets in people's bodies using his state-of-the-art laboratory equipment.

    ROSEWOOD Returns Tomorrow at 8:00pm ET on FOX.

    Variety Radio Online – – Bringing you all things Entertainment including News, Reviews and Interviews. Check out our website, like us on Facebook ,follow us on Twitter ,Tumblr and Instagram

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    Yogilachi Healthy Living Laboratory

    in Business

    Founded by Stephana Johnson, Yogilachi is a word and a concept that embodies Holistic Fitness, Nutrition, Well Being & Lifestyle. Show focuses on functional fitness, holistic nutrition, tools to support a healthier more holistic lifestyle. www.yogilachi.com