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    Restructuring a contract is not normally a "grabbing" headline but...  When 1 contract restructured can give you $22 MILLION DOLLARS it screams headline topic!!  We believe it is already a done deal looking at the writing from the original contract of Ndamukhan Suh signed last year.  Dawn Aponte was gone for a minute and now she's back...  Marino seems to be more involved with player progressions...The Pro-Bowl this weekend features 5 of our own...and would you believe we signed aother WR this week?

      Let's talk about ALL this and Superbowl predictions TONIGHT at 6:30 (est) on Dolfinatics Radio!  Call in @ (516) 453-9433

    Seeya then!!

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    Phinsider Radio - Does Anybody Remember Laughter?

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    Did you enjoy the AFC Championship game? If you're a Phinsider Radio regular, we're willing to bet you did. Now with the Super Bowl 50 participants set, it's time to talk big game picks, Senior Bowl favorites, and who the Dolphins should keep, cut and re-sign this spring. We'll also talk Ndamukong Suh potentially restructuring his contract so as to allow the Dolphins more cap space. Join us tonight, 8 p.m. EST. Want to join in on the conversation or speak your mind on-air? Call us at (347) 326-9461. 

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    Real Talk Miami- W/Bobby Melendez & Alex Atia-Chisca

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    On this episode of Real Talk Miami the guys will look into & provide insight on a range of hot topics including...

    NBA Talk- Cavs shockers, LeBron's influence, East vs. West at the midpoint, trade chatter.

    State of the Heat- Riley's torn on Whiteside, addition by subtraction? New roles?

    Broncos vs Panthers...The broken road both took to SUPER BOWL 50.

    Manning's Legacy- Does this game define it?

    Dolphins Talk- Final coaching staff! Suh restructing deal? 

    NFL Draft chatter- Prospects, Surprises.

    Some brand new "Did you know?" SB50 theme.

    2 minute drill- Hurricanes 2016 schedule.

    Follow the show and the guys on twitter - @realtalk_miami ,@bobbymelendez88 , and @aj_atia. Visit our website www.realtalkmiami.com for the latest breaking news & up to date sport pieces!

    Enjoy the show!

    It's Live..It's Late..It's REAL!

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    The Andrew Powell Show presented by FanDuel and netTALK

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    TONIGHT ON THE SHOW (LIVE @ 8:00 PM ET): Could Kevin Love soon to be out of Cleveland? Could even LeBron James out of all people be traded? How is it that a 31-12 team has so much of a firestorm surrounding it? The Miami HEAT says their minority owner is a liar! That LeBron never tried to get their head coach Erik Spoelstra fired. Could Johnny Manziel or Robert Griffin III be a Dallas Cowboy next season? They could be according to Troy Aikman! Cam Newton says race definitely plays a factor in his criticism. Buddy Grizzard of ESPN joins the guys! What did Kobe Bryant do last night? And could Blake Griffin be out of Los Angeles? Author Chip Scarinzi also joins the show! And big shocker... The Miami Dolphins are already going through salary cap trouble with the Ndamukong Suh contract. PLUS MORE! You can call into the show at (929) 477-1592 and you can tweet the show @andrewrpowell or @ThePowellShow. The Andrew Powell Show presented by FanDuel and netTALK is LIVE Monday-Friday 8:00-10:00 PM ET here only on FOX Sports Radio and iHeartRadio.

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    FTSports Podcast - Episode 16 - "Bowl"ing Season

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    Just a few weeks away from Christmas and the show is heating up!

    We kick things off with our favorite segment "Heroes vs Villains". This football season, the referees are just terrible, Cam Newton, and "Suh" goes off about this teammates?!?

    The Rant of the Week takes you to back the where it started with our show. FBS vs FCS.

    Bowl Season is here and we have some of great matchups inluding Ohio State v. Notre Dame, Michigan v. Florida, TCU v. Oregon and Michigan State v. Alabama. We will tell you what has our attention.

    And our new segment, "Shot Clock Violation". Is time running out on Harden and Howard in Houston? Clippers or Thunder, Byron Scott and Golden State; who takes them down?!

    All this and more on this episode of FTSports Podcast!

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    Don't You Shine That LAZOR In My Eyes...

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    Oh C'mon man....  we ALL fell for it!We ALL got excited with the fun & gun approach that coach Bill Lazor brought to the offensive scheme for the Miami Dolphins.  Tha "NO HUDDLE" and the "HURRY UP OFFENSE" were NEW & exciting!  But, just as in the past with Tony Sparano's "WILDCAT", it was figured out quickly and, even the "Chip Kelly" stuff has been figured out by the league and no longer considered cutting edge NFL offense. (Bill Lazor was a Chip Kelly protog"e).

       So who's left to blame when they lose thier next game?  Fire Tannenbaum?  Hickey?  Or we could all just point our fingers at Tannehill & Suh for making too much money??

       We all have opinions, and, we invite you to share yours here too at Dolfinatics radio TONIGHT @ 6:30 PM where Hez will spout off her opinions...  she may even let you get a word in edge wise...lol  For the chance, dial (516) 453-9433.

      All is NOT LOST IN MIAMI!!

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    Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions game preview; Keys to the game

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    The Green Bay Packers face the Detriot Lions at Lambeau Field, on Sunday. Both teams are in of a win for different reasons. The Packers started the season 6-0 and have dropped back to back games. Both losses came at the hands of undefeated teams. However, they did not look like a playoff team in either game being dominated on both sides of the ball. It took a sideline scuffle to fire up the Packers after being down by 20 points to mount a comeback that fell a few yards short. By dropping two games in a row, they have fallen back to the pack and are now tied with the Minnesota Vikings for first place. 

    The Detroit Lions have started the season 1-7 and have dropped two games in a row. With Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson,  Golden Tate, and the addition of Ameer Abdullah the offense was suppose to put up points. After 8 games they have only scored 149 points. San Francisco is the only team that has scored fewer points (126).  Ndamukong Suh left for Miami, so the Lions tried to fill the void with Haloti Ngata. A defense that was once feared in the NFC North has become average at best.  To make matters worse, the Detroit Lions have not won in Green Bay since December 15, 1991. 

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    Phinsider Radio: Here We Go Again

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    Phinsider Radio is back on its usual Wednesday night, but at a special time, 7:30 p.m. EST. We'll talk last Sunday's loss to the Buffalo Bills, the upcoming match-up with the Philadelphia Eagles and whether the Dolphins can right the ship before it's too late. Want to get in on the discussion? Call us at (347) 326-9461.

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    So Are We Believing The Hype??

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       So, the players walk in to work after 4 days off and...  WHAMMO BAMMO...  Everything is moved around!  The lockers are now bunched into groups that play together.  The D-backs are all together, the O-Line...etc...  The Oklahoma drill was the 1st day of "WELCOME TO THE NEW REGIME".  Just when you thought that was gonna be it... in comes a new helper on offense (Al Saunders from Oakland) to drive some energy in there..(Dont let his age, *70* fool ya! These young guys wish they had his energy!).and,  the new DC (Lou Anarumo formally the DB's coach) is running around the field like a newly caffinated kid.

        Does all this translate to "A NEW CULTURE"?  Is culture change enough to get us back to being taken seriously?  I think I am cautiously optimistic and buying in.  Not counting my perverbial chickens before they hatch .      I've seen interim coaches in Miami before (Cam Cameron, Tony Sparano, Todd Bowles et al) do well for a bit & then dissapear *POOF*!  Ive bought in whole heartedly for "culture change" too (Nick Saban, Joe Philbin) and been burnt there as well.  How bout you?  Lets talk about it! This and every Thursday we talk Dolphins football and you are invited (516) 453-9433 at 6:30PM est to join in!  Listen to the last few episodes on Blodtalkradio.com/dolfinatics , or at Dolfinatics.com , or find us on Twitter @Dolfinatics & Facebook...  Facebook.com/Dolfinatics group.  Seeya then

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    Phinsider Radio: The New Dawn

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    Phinsider Radio is back on a special night and time, Wednesday, 8 p.m. EST. And we'll have plenty to discuss tonight: Joe Philbin and lunch friend Kevin Coyle are out; Dan Campbell and Lou Anarumo are in. What does this mean for the remaining portion of the Dolphins' 2015 season? We'll discuss this and more tonight on Phinsider Radio.

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    October 8: The Wild Card

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    This episode of the Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show is a wild card, to say the least. Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti and George "the Howitzer" Gerbo take you on a wild podcast ride. 

    Major League Baseball's Wild Card Round has continued to spark heated debates. Does baseball need to readress the playoff format? Is it an issue when 98 and 97 win teams are playing each other in one game while teams with fewer wins are sitting at home already in the next round? What possible "fixes" are even realistic? Mike, in typical heel fashion, explains why making the Wild Card Game into a best of three series would actually put the division winners at a disadvantage. Why have the road teams had so much success? 

    Regardless of the Wild Card issue, the MLB postseason has moved to the division series. Can Jake Arrieta "pull a Bumgarner" and help break a century plus curse? Are the Cubs the new favorite to win the NL pennant? Will the Dodgers finally play to their potential, instead of constantly disappointing in October? Who is the favorite in the American League? Do the Astros and Rangers have a shot at disrupting the assumed AL colission course of an ALCS between Toronto and Kansas City? 

    We've already seen the coaching axe drop in the NFL. Miami has fired Joe Philbin. While this move was onvious and long overdue, where do the Dolphins go from here? Can Ndamukong Suh live up to his contract? Has Chip Kelly also put himself on the hotseat with the Eagles struggles? How does Chip Kelly's tenure in Philadelphia tie into a premiere college football program (cough, Texas)? 

    A new NHL season is here. Will the Patrick Kane drama and the loss of some key pieces point to the end of the Blackhawks dynasty? Phil Kessel is in Pittsburgh. Mike Babcock is in Toronto. It's only day two of another asinine season. 

    The HBS, conquering sports radio, one day, at a time....

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