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    Rabbit Hole Reflections with Lisa James and Guest Brooke Ochoa

    in Goals

    A rabbit hole is often used as a metaphor for a chaotic time in a person's life. Down the rabbit hole refers to entry into the unknown, the disorienting, or mentally disturbing situation that is the rabbit hole. Join Lisa James as she explores rabbit holes with guests who have been to, down, and through the rabbit hole. Hear the amazing story of their journey into the unknown realm of chaos and how they made it through to the other side, often times stronger than when they went in.

    Brooke Ochoa is the owner of Arts of Utopia, offering Photography, Face Painting, and Canvas Art. She is a radio personality on 96country.com Mondays through Saturdays from 3 to 7. She is a #1 Best Selling Author with a book that she co-authored called, “Chocolate and Diamonds for the Woman’s Soul.” Before she decided to be behind the camera, she was out in front of it as a plus size model. She walked many runways, was featured in several magazines, and websites. She was even recreated as a Comic Book character, Lydia St. Clair, the vampire slayer. Brooke has made a name for herself as the “Nicest person on Facebook” named by The Loop. She spends much of her time volunteering to give to surrounding communities in Texas. Her biggest occasion is the “Support our Troops” event held every summer where she creates calendars that are sent to troops who are stationed all over the world. Staying positive is a true lifestyle and she believes that maybe we can’t change the world, but surely we change one person’s world one smile at a time.

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    Randy McMichael, Brian Baker, Kion Wilson, Tremecca Doss, Ryan Riddle...

    in Football

    This week on Thursday Night Tailgate our guests are: former Dolphins, Rams & Chargers TE Randy McMichael, former Patriots Pro Bowl RB Tony Collins, Mississippi State Defensive Line Coach Brian Baker, former Steelers LB Kion Wilson, Attorney Tremecca Doss, and former Raiders and Jets DE turner writer for The Bleacher Report Ryan Riddle.

    Randy McMichael - We'll get Randy's take on the Rams draft, Miami's rookie mini camp this year and his thoughts on his alma mater, the University of Georgia firing Mark Richt & hiring his former teammate Kirby Smart.

    Tony Collins - We'll get Tony's thoughts on the Patriots draft and his reaction to the Dolphins bringing in their rookies to mini camp but their focus will be on classroom work, teaching the players the scheme, their responsibilities plus classes in financial planning, developing them as people, and how to deal with the media.

    Brian Baker - We'll talk with Brian about his new role as Defensive Line Coach with Mississippi State and what he'll do to improve their run defense and get more sacks?

    Kion Wilson - We'll talk to former Steelers LB Kion Wilson about his thoughts on the Steelers defense that used to be their main strength but is now the area where the Steelers need the most improvement. Plus as a young man at 29, is he intrigued by the new spring league, Major League Football as a way back to the NFL?

    Tremecca Doss - We'll talk with Tremecca about the rash of violence against women going on with current and former players. What does she make of former 49ers star Dana Stubblefield's arrest for rape plus cyber bullying going on against female sports reporters?

    Ryan Riddle - Ryan is a former DE for the Raiders and Jets. He now writes for The Bleacher Report. We'll take a look back at last week's NFL draft and get Ryan's take on who the winners and losers were.

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    in Politics Conservative

    Speaker Paul Ryan is among others who are not ready to cross into the Trump camp and are still going through the five stages of political death. Meanwhile, a Wisconsin businessman is challenging Ryan for his Congressional seat, and tonight we'll hear why.

    Trump wants to be a president who wins. Dr. Sebastian Gorka explains what he means. And details about the day Paul Manafort put the fear of death into the hearts and mind of the GOP establishment.

    The leaked TTIP deal to merge the US and the EU triggers outrage. I've got details on that and much more.



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    in Sports

    Jason & Ryan talk about the turn around and the big outing from Jeff and the Warriors continue to win without there leader . Tune in and see what we have to say about this and allot more here on Golden Gate Sports .

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    LearnMeScience Evolution Pt. 1

    in Science

    LearnMeScience radio is proud to announce our next scientific series.  Evolution!  Evolution is another polarizing topic but has over a hundred years of research and data to back it up.  In this three-part series we will explore the evolution of our planet Earth from its violent beginnings at the beginning of the solar system through total glaciation and continental drift, asteroid strikes up to today and on to our eventual fate.  Episode Two will be about the science of Darwinism and natural selection and why it is such a controversial topic.  Finally, the conclusion and season finale of LearnMeScience will trace our history, back to the time of our common ancestors up to today. 

    Tonight’s episode will focus on the evolution of our planet.  From dust to a lava world, from a giant snowball to the lush environment today.  The Earth has experienced dramatic changes in its 4 billion year existence and we will take you through from the beginning to today.  Join Chemistry editor Ryan G and Captain RedBeard this Thursday at 9 PM MST.

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    Going Overtime with Mike Maize, The Sports Mike & Mark Mancin's Sports Stables.

    in Sports

    Join Mike Maize, The Sports Maze with Mark Mancini's Sports Stables. Join in Live tonight from 6:00-8:00. Call 1-760-454-7012 and talk about NBA playoffs, The Draft, Golden State Warriors, Cavs. Talk about NFL draft, the LA Rams making a new home in Los Angeles. Barkley going Crazy over Cacs 3 point record. Ryan Leaf  says Prison helped him turn his life around. Patrick Ewing an assistant coach forever. Tony Parker Happy to pass the torch to Leonard and Aldridge.

    Ivan Rabb of Cal the 19 year old NBA ready player will stay one more year to improve. His starting salary would have been over $2 million with a $7 million guarantee. The NBA will start putting sponsor logos on player jerseys in 2017-2018 season.

    Oscar De La Hoya on Donald Trump and Special Guest tonight from 6:00-8:00 pm pst. Call in live at 1-760-454-7012 


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    True Capitalist Radio hosted by Ghost - episode #258

    in Business

    Donald Trump transforms into general election mode, Trump calls on Bernie Sanders to run as an Independent, Paul Ryan's challenger (Paul Nehlen) says Ryan "sold his vote,"  Romanian hacker Guccifer claims to have breached Clinton private server, Fort McMurray fire in Canada displaces over 80,000 people, Turkish PM Davutoglu resigns as President Erdogan tightens grip, London elects first Muslim mayor (Labour candidate Sadiq Khan), Kin Jong Un cracks down on his people so he and his elites can party and other news. Your calls, Twitter shout outs, and Radio Graffiti!


    Twitter: @PoliticsGhost

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1349

    in Self Help

    SPECIAL TOPIC Night - "For Our Kids" - Deborah Maddison and Eugenea Couture, Canadian activists from British Columbia, will join Bill Murray to lead this evening's discussion about the Rights of Children and Families in North America. ~~ TONIGHT'S TOPIC: Parental Alienation Awareness Day has just passed and on our last show (which was part 1 in a series on this topic) we covered upcoming events and support efforts from a dedicated group of advocates who appeared on our show. Each of them has made an incredible impact in raising awareness and building support networks and pathways to change. Each of them also has a powerful personal story, and they have agreed to return for the second half of this show and share these stories with us. Tonight we are so pleased to welcome back advocates Wendy Archer, Anna Tivade, Alexandra Iyer, and nationally known author and speaker Ryan Thomas. We also have psychologist Dr. Jim Singer who is available to answer any questions you may have on this issue, and whose support and contributions has helped so many dealing with difficult trauma. ~~ Every two weeks a new THEME will be presented in this series, with frequent special guests speaking from their own experience. ~~ Please see our web page at: www.NAASCA.org/ForOurKids or write to: naasca.forourkids@gmail.com

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    Hazem Farraj Joins us to Discuss Islamic Aggressions

    in Politics

    Sons of Lincoln Live

    Thursdays at 7pm east.

    Email the show at sons@sonsoflincoln.org or check us out on facebook at facebook.com/sonsoflincoln. Check out or website www.sonsoflincoln.org

    We invite Special guests: American writer, ex-muslim, minister, Hazem Farraj. Along with National Security Analyst for the Clarion Project, Professor Ryan Mauro. Join us to discuss Islamic aggressions and the threat of Islamic fundamentalism here in the United States...

    Hazem Farraj joins us to discuss the aggressions of Islam...Inspired by his own experience with religious aggression, Hazem Farraj traveled to Iraq to document the victims of ISIS.

    Profesdor Ryan Mauro is a consultant to various government agencies, political campaigns and policy-makers and a professor of homeland security, counter-terrorism and political science.Mauro has made over 1,000 appearances on international radio and TV programs from both the left of the right, including frequent segments on FOX News Channel, Al-Hurra, CCTV, Voice of America, Wall Street Journal Live, etc. He's been widely published and quoted in outlets like the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, The Hill, Roll Call and the Daily Caller.

    Check out his website www.ryanmauro.com

    Show Topics:

    Hazem Farraj joins us to discuss the aggressions of Islam.
    National Security Analyst for the Clarion Project, Professor Ryan Mauro also joins us to discuss the looming threat of Islamic fundamentalism here in the United States
    Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination. We shift our focus to the general election.
    It's #STOPHILLIARY time...we discuss

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    Live! Free Psychic Readings!"Divine Messages" With Max & Polly! 347 884 8245!

    in Spirituality

    Positive Results Mentor and Coach Max Ryan shares spiritual & metaphysical tools to help you live in The Magic of Life!  From the details of The Law of Attraction to A Course in Miracles and even angels, Max's depth of knowledge and ability to make complex concepts, simple and applicable has earned him the reputation of being the spiritual "How To" guy. Max will show you how to say YES to life, stop wasting time, move forward and finally live the life that you dream.



    Hello !  I am Polly Wirum, an intuitive and intuitive life coach.  I help people just like you, in all areas of life.  I help others find clarity and peace. I help people let go of whats not working for them.  I also help people identify what they want in life!  I help people figure out how to get what they want!! Join me for an hour of sharing stories , messages and inspiration.  

    I recieve my messages by hearing, seeing and feeling.  Often the messages I recieve don't make sense to me, but it will to the caller... or together we figure it out.  Learn more about me on my website.


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    How they took gender out of their bathrooms

    in Politics

    Progressive Democrats have succeeded in altering once meaningful language and seldom bring actual statistics to bear upon really any given argument. Today let U.S. discuss this nation's restroom dilemma.

    One lgbt issue is that they are, by and large, NOT creative, and the devil came not except for to kill, steal, and (destroy).  Start your own churches, scouting organizations and societies. If you wouldn't sue a Muslim owner you should stay the hell out of our business "bidges."