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  • the Weekly Conversation with Kyle

    in Current Events

    This week on the conversation Iranian American's againist the Obama Iran Nuke deal.  Also fox news is topping it's comperators in primetime even beating out ESPN amazing for a network and lies lies lies. Obama adressing the UN the things he said that meade me sick and stop watching. Will Hillary ever be charged with more e-mail showing up will Trey Goudy even get every thing he need before the hearing in late Oct.  Would Hillary be any different then Obama or more of the same? Is there any edvience that there are cures but ethics gets in the way?  Updates onthe RWC 2015 and the facts that the USA will never get out off the pool stage and my thoughts on who will win the Elis cup? Man United how are they stacking up in the UFEA champions league do they have a show to move on. That and much much more so join me for the conversation your apart of.

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    the Weekly Conversation with Kyle

    in Current Events

    This week on the conversation I will talk about the CNN republican presidential debate and give my thoughts on it. Also with all the GOP canadites is there anyone worth voting for?  I have seen the movie war room, my thoughts on the movie that everyone needs to see. It is good to have positive things to lift us up in our lives. Does war toppling evil leaders always me a good outcome? They all have been saying what I think we want to hear will anyof them walk the walk or just talk the talk. Is there another government shutdown comming and will they ever end? Why does it seem like republicans always seem to cave to Obama does he have something on them or what. In the champions league thoughts and prayers go out to Luke Shaw who is out for the rest of the season from a injury in 14 minutes to PSV game. With a 2-1 loss luke's injury seems more an issue and concern then the loss. The RWC starting in days my thoughts on the cup and who I think will win. That and much much more so join me for the weekly conversation your apart of.

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    What Does Your RWC Water Rescue Certification Mean To You and Others?

    in Motivation

    What does your water rescue certification mean to you and to others?

    It's not a piece of paper. It's an representation of skillsets based on standardization of the best practices and current methods that enable you to commence your training or professional development and your ability to acquire the necessary hours and skills of expertise to perform your duties safely and with competence.  

    Certification programs are often mismanaged, misguided and abused both by agencies and participants such as instructor and student cadre. Mainly due to budget, time and resource.

    The certification program enables you to understand specific risks, comprehension of water and equipment needs and to prepare for recovery and transport of survivors, casualities and equipment or produce searches and or manage events.

    The liability issue is the cornerstone of capability. You have either done your homework, are physically and emotionally fit, have the proper equipment and hours underway and understand how to effectively utilize it in the exact environment you will be operating in, or you do not.

    A certificate for a recipient who has been vetted and tested is not a 'get out of jail' free card. It is a serious responsibility of defending and representing standards.  Occupational users need to be prepared for what a 3 year certificate enables them to utilize in field work.  Certificates are revokable if the operator proves to be negligent and disregard their operational standards they were tested under.

    This is a serious liability issue.  Safety is a trust that you earn every time you deploy. It will require of  you to produce values and exceed them.  It will require of you to understand the parameters of your certification.

    Let's have your attention, your focus and in the end, your understanding for this important subject. - K38/Shawn Alladio

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    USCG STAN Team RWC Program - Columbia River, Astoria Oregon

    in Education

    "So Others May Live"   The United State Coast Guard has one area where Rescue Water Craft have been used for 17 years as a safety platform during training, it is owned by the STAN Instructors.   National Safe Boating Council (NSBC) Instructor and Lead K38 USA Instructor Shawn Alladio created a three part training program combining open water, surf zone and swiftwater training on Rescue Water Craft to assist the STAN instructors.  This program was created by Mr. Darell Gelakoska in 1996. He began his fact checking for the idea as early as 1993. I met him at this time in Seal Beach, California at a Lifeguard training program for his discovery phase to implement enhanced water safety coverage for the upcoming 'Advanced Rescue Swimmer' School.     Video Aircraft:  SA366 G1 Dauphin & EH 101 Canadian SAR Rescue   STAN Team instructors operating Rescue Water Craft (RWC) on the Columbia River Bar as safety support vessels during their Advanced Helicopter Rescue Swimmers school.     The RWC's are their safety boats that are used in large standing waves with high incidence of open ocean swells during deeper winter months.  October and February when the winter swell patterns hold a more consistent level of dynamic water, the schoolhouse is open for training several weeks in the year.  The STAN instructors (standardization) are stationed in Mobile, Alabama.  The mission of the Rescue Swimmer Stan Team is to provide rescue swimmer standardization to the HH-65 and HH-60 communities. Video: STAN instructors working on the RWC's on the Columbia River bar during a schoolhouse training session with the Rescue Swimmers and Helicopter Crews:

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    Cherished Purity in Practice (RWC 2012)

    in Religion

    Shalom and Welcome! We must live a life that proclaims existence as all about Him! We all struggle with sin "hang ups" and hurts, but we cannot allow those things to have victory of us. Why? Because we know who the victor is over sin, Jesus. We have such an incredible amount of freedom through Christ's blood, that is would be a shame to waste any more of it. We must become as our key Scripture during this conference boldly proclaims, the salt and light of the world. If we live like the unsaved world, are we really saved? Is it possible to live a pure life? What is purity anyway? Let's take this opportunity we have together during Revival Week 2012 to really delve deep into the topic. *If you have any questions or comments about today's message, please

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    Sacrificial Love for Others (RWC 2012)

    in Christianity

    Shalom and Welcome! What the Gospel proclaims to all is a message of love. Not the superficial love that we are all so used to, but the deep-rooted-in-the-soul love, agape. When we repent and turn towards the Lord Jesus we are saying we believe in what He has commanded of us, that is a tall order when you remember the greatest command Jesus gave us: love one another. On this second day of Revival Week 2012, our prayer is to learn that the love of Christ for us, requires us to have sacrificial love for others. Let us therefore be transformed today be the paradigm shift in our hearts. *If you have any questions or comments about today's message, please post them below or click here to contact us.

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    Total Confidence in Christ (RWC 2012)

    in Religion

    Shalom and Welcome! God gives us the grace to know we are totally saved when we accept the Gospel truth. The Gospel is Good News. The hope is that we will not die spiritually when we receive the Good News, rather we will live eternally in heaven in the new spiritual bodies we will receive. The sacrifice of Jesus on the cross allows for you and I to go before God, repent, and receive His gift of life. What a wonderful offer! We are going to approach the throne boldly together today and ask God to do a mighty work as we conclude this Revival Week 2012 conference. Share this on Facebook, Twitter, Email and your other social media as we proclaim the Gospel to the world together.  *If you have any questions or comments about today's message, please post them below or click here to contact us.

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    Incomprehensible Peace in Hardship (RWC 2012)

    in Christianity

    Shalom and Welcome! We often face very difficult seasons in our lives when we allow despair to take the place of peace. What Christ promises however is peace that passes all understanding (Phil. 4:7). So why do so many believers seem to be without peace? The answer from Scripture seems to be a lack of faith, or belief in what God promises to us upon salvation, eternal life! We are so blessed by God's grace that we forget sometimes what is truly the hope of our calling, it is an eternal existence where we will never be separated from His glorious presence. We all make a choice, to believe the Lord or not to. The choice of where we place our faith amidst the storms of life says a lot about our hearts. Let's seek the wisdom of God's Word together during this Revival Week 2012 and become bolder in Jesus than ever before.  *If you have any questions or comments about today's message, please post them below or click here to contact us.  

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    A Life Devoted to God (RWC 2012)

    in Christianity

    Shalom and Welcome! What brought you to Revival Week day one today? Was it a sense of duty, you feel a sense of obligation, a responsibility to the Lord for all that he has done for you. Is it possible to serve the Lord out of habit rather than out of love? As we kickoff the Revival Week Conference 2012, our prayer is that you would fall in love with God even more than ever before, that you will know Jesus as your just and merciful King, and finally that you will join His mission in reaching the world with the salvation the cross provides through Christ's sacrifice. *If you have any questions or comments about today's message, please post them below or click here to contact us.

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    Big Wave Surfing and Water Safety with Darrick Doerner

    in Motivation

    Big Wave Surfing - Water Safety

    The Best Practices Or Not?

    The words fit easily enough, but do they work?

    What is big wave water safety?  

    It's broiled in the concepts from the EMS responder mindset, the atheltes involved, the sponsors who support equipment or fuding for expeditions, the silent families left behind and the water rescue specialist.

    Whom is considered a subject matter expert for all of these applications?  Self appointed or real world tried and tested, their worlds often clash in a conflict of experience, attitude and capability.  

    Ask me how I know?

    I've been a vocale witness of this silent creep of safety chatter since 1993 when the Strapped Crew first began the catalyst we see today adopted by everyone interested in all those years of plying; safety still has not been taken seriously.

    What is involved?

    1.  Location

    2.  Swell/Wave Energy (weather considerations, tidal/wind/power)

    3.  Athlete mindset, capability (time in water and experience level, physical fitness)

    4.  Type of boards (tow boards/towlines/surfboards/rescue boards)

    5.  Preparation (training, safety gear, rest/hydration)

    6.  Type of Rescue Water Craft (RWC)

    7.  RWC training techniques and practices (credentials and accredetion) 

    8.  EMS response, equipment, timelines, transport (land, air, water)

    9. Fame or Blame - Media pressure, sponsorship expectation by athlete, athlete claim to fame, explotation of surf sites

    10.  The Hate Factor of Modern Surfing (everybody hates somebody-negative aspects of the sport prevent or block the ability for unity and community to further create associate bodies with lack of effective leadership values, its a 'solo' sport)


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    Volunteering for Boating Safety and Rescue Work

    in Motivation

    I get asked this question constantly, ‘how do I do what you are doing’?  The answer is that I do not have the answer, that is for you to decide and it begins with a discovery phase and personal volition.  

    I manage a company (K38) that is an educational provider for occupational users with the knowledge being applied to their agency requirements and area of operations. K38 is not an organization that provides volunteer opportunities for RWC use, but I do have supportive answers that I followed myself through the years to get to the level of volunteerism that I enjoy today. 

    My lessons learned were prior to RWC’s being accepted by safety agencies beginning in the late 1970’s, many years have passed and I’m still learning and adapting my knowledge base. There are great organizations you can investigate and interview to discover if you fit into their mission status and if you have a willingness to ‘pay your dues’ and join up.

    Perhaps you don’t have a Rescue Water Craft background but you have passion for volunteering your energies. In the back of your mind there is a gnawing thought you visit often, you want to help.  You don’t have any direct connections. You don’t know anyone and you don’t know where to start. 

    Perhaps you own your own Personal Watercraft and have assisted others in the past while out riding and you realize the value of helping others and want to apply yourself through a focused group effort.  First off realize that you are addressing a ‘specific use’ of application.

    Water Rescue Teams often employ several different methods, and disciplines or they may not use Rescue Water Craft (PWC).  Typically a Rescue Water Craft is not the sole tool of water safety needs, it’s one of many employed on ‘some’ teams.  

    Let's look at constructive ideas for you!

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