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    Dave and Rusty talk Marcus Mariota's Heisman Trophy win, so some rumormongering, and take a look at the other Pac-12 bowl matchups this season. *Note: this was recorded before the news of Ifo Ekpre-Olomu's devastating knee injury.

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    Super Dave Show - The Rusty Wheel Does Get Greased!

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    If you say nothing then you are part of the problem.  If you actually do something they will pay attention to you.  Why are most silent?

    Changing lives every day of the week!

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    Playoffs? Yeah, lets talk about playoffs.

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    Dave and Rusty are in a jubliant mood for this week's podcast. There's plenty of Marcus Mariota love, discussing Oregon's thrashing of Arizona, and the college football playoff. Of course, there's also a large segment of Talkin' 'Bout The Noles, as the Ducks look forward to their Rose Bowl berth against Florida State.

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    A Swift Kick with Joseph, Rusty and Jay

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    Rusty joins Joseph and Jay on today's show to help with the kicking.

    The proper motivation is needed at times in order to get some people to understand what is going on in the world and how it affects them. Joseph and Jay offer that motivation in the form of A Swift Kick. Some of the topics covered are current events, news, preparedness, politics, the economy and the way these events impact our lives in the last days before the return of Jesus. Join Joseph and Jay as they deliver A Swift Kick every Monday evening at 7pm ET/4pm PT.


    Downloads of this show and all of the shows on The Truth Radio Network are available for free at www.blogtalkradio.com/truthradionet.rss

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    Welcome Back GaptoothDiva Radio! The Baddest Creative Motivation Reads...

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    In the Season premiere episode of GaptoothDiva Radio, I'esha GaptoothDiva dishes out some new tips and tricks on trying to make it, pursuing your dream. Using her own experiences from the past year, she will deliver the highs and lows of living in your purpose passionately, while still being human.

    In this episode, we will touch on topics such as:

    What up with Your Team? – Check your roster. Do you know the people you have representing your brand/business?
    Lose ‘Em – It’s time to cut ties with weak links and rusty chains. Don’t let anyone hold you back
    Shade 101 – How to network despite the shade and maintain grace
    Taking it with a Grain of Salt – Everything you hear should be consumed. Let people gossip while you get yours.
    Not for Everyone – Stop “People Pleasing” and do what’s in your heart.
    Learn from Failure – Don’t allow setbacks to stop you from setting up a great comeback
    Only You – Knowing what you bring to the table is all that matters
    Be Passionate or Die! – You either going to do it with all you have inside of you or don’t even think about doing it at all.

    Listen in as we come back with off the cuff entertainment but with real and honest conversation surrounding topics related to you. Using Fashion, Music, Culture, Entertainment, and Lifestyle, I’esha GaptoothDiva holds no punches in an effort to inspire you to be as phenomenal as you were born to be.

    Featuring new music by today’s independent artist. Contact us to submit music or inquire about artist at Teamgaptoothdiva@gmail.com

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    Fleming Dec 4th on The Ruthie Report

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    Please join Ruthie This week... Thursday Dec 4th, 2014 from 8-10 pm CST


    Ruthie will share information and actions that have transpired over the past two weeks

    RUSTY - due to an unexpected health issue....  Rusty was unable to join us in November

    meaning ...................Rusty and Ruthie will have much to discuss.

    Rusty states that we have much to discuss including the INCREASED VIOLENCE along our southern

    border on both sides of the border - Information you should KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We will now see our border really secured?

    Rusty Fleming is the Public Information Officer for Hudspeth County in Texas.

    Don't Want To Miss It Folks

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    Talkin' 'Bout The Noles

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    Dave and Rusty analyze the latest college football playoff rankings, which have undefeated Florida State dropping to 4th. They swoon for 15 minutes over Marcus Mariota's Civil War performance before turning their attention to the Pac-12 Championship Game against Arizona.

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    Castle of Frankenstein contributor John Cocchi has died

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    Castle of Frankenstein contributor John Cocchi has died. Join host John Link, and co-hosts Edward X Young, Don Fellman  and Amanda Batdorf as they talk about John Cocchi. Board engineer Rusty Pietrzak will be giving a review of this past weekend's Monster Bash in Mars, PA, and his visit to the cemetery used in the original "Night of the Living Dead". Call to listen to the entire 45 minute show! (347) 934-0493.

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    Talking Terror Presents: Talking Turkie!

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    Gobble, Gobble Motherf@#$ers! Thanksgiving Is Once Again Upon Us, And We Here At Talking Terror Are Ready To Jump Into That Coma That Comes From Eating Great Food And Watching Bad Movies! First Up, We'll Be Talking About "Home Sweet Home" (1981), A Film Featuring A PCP Driven, Muscle Bound Killer, That You May Recognize As The Former "Body By Jake" Star, Jake Steinfeld! After That, We Shall Bring To You Screamlings A Tale Of A Homicidal Turkey, Some Boobs, And Puppets! That's Right People, We're Talking About "Thankskilling 3" (2012)! The Movie So Good, It Skipped It's Own Sequel! We Just Know That This Feature Will Be The "Citizen Kane" Of Horror Films! Yeah Right! And A Pilgrim Invented The Rusty Trombone! Either Way, The Crew Will Do What They Do Best, And Discuss The Good And Bad Of These Films! Also The King And Ghoul Will Talk About Their Wild Weekend Of Independent Film Watching, And Acting Together In Ryan Scott Weber's "Pretty Fine Things" AND Chris Eilenstine's "The Soulless"! So Get Into Your Recliner, Pop A Beer, And Get Ready To Spew The Gravy! Stay Scared!

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    SPORTS Chat: DEA surprise NFL Inspections to violations of federal drugs laws

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    In an unprecedented move the DEA has staged surprise NFL inspections reported ESPN nov. 16, 2014. The U.S. federal Drug Enforcement Administration conducted surprise inspections on Sunday which targeted the medical and training staffs of visiting NFL teams. The DEA wanted to determine whether there were any violations of federal drug laws which govern the handling and distribution of prescription painkillers.

    These inspections by the DEA were motivated by allegations which were raised in a May 2014 federal lawsuit which was filed on behalf of several established NFL players. These players alleged NFL team physicians and trainers routinely gave them painkillers in what was an illegal manner in order to mask injuries and keep them playing. DEA spokesperson Rusty Payne has said DEA agents have been interviewing NFL team doctors in various locations as part of an ongoing investigation into possible violations of the Controlled Substances Act.

    It was acknowledged by spokesmen for the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers that DEA agents showed up to inspect their medical staffs after their games on Sunday. These were random checks of team physicians in order to determine if anyone has been transporting controlled substances across state lines. The DEA is responsible under the Controlled Substances Act for ensuring that registrants who possess, prescribe and dispense controlled substances are abiding by the law.

    The inspections entailed bag searches and questioning of team doctors by

    Administration agents reports washington post The inspections were based on suspicion that NFL teams have been dispensing drugs illegally in order to keep players on the field which is a violation of the Controlled Substances Act. NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said the teams cooperated with the DEA and there was not any information to indicate that irregularities were found.

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    The Wacky World of Sal Lizard

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    My guest tonight will be Rusty Gilligan,  Rusty is an artist and the owner of Rusty Ink. I last saw Rusty at In-CON-Ceivable, in Massachusetts and look forward to catching up with this funny illustrator.

    Join us tonight and feel free to call in with your thoughts and questions at (646) 668-8612

    I'm Sal Lizard.  I am an actor, an author, a media personality, a comedian, and a professional Santa. I have traveled over a good portion of the planet, and have had a myriad of interesting jobs.  I consider myself a Renaissance man -- a philosopher and a fool, a poet and a pirate, a scholar and a scoundrel, a life-long adventurer and a lover of women and animals.

    Join me weekly. as I introduce some of the wacky and interesting people that I've met on the Inernet, on film sets. at horror conventions or through chance meetings in my day-to-day activities.

    Note: The Wacky World of Sal Lizard is a weekly unscripted, unrehearsed, and uncensored entertainment show presented through the BlogTal kRadio network. Due to language used and content of an adult nature,it is not generally appropriate for all audiences. Callers are recorded and the recordings are available in the show archives. Callers may receive cash and merchandise prizes for their participation in the show or its contests.


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