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    Power of Perception writers with Dylan Callens

    in Spirituality

    Dylan Callens came up with the core idea for Operation Cosmic Teapot
    while in university.  Back then, he was writing a terrible, terrible
    book with no discernible plot and characters that were flatter than
    stick figures on a piece of paper.  From that travesty; however, the
    image of God being unable to perform his duties as a result of too much
    paperwork, stuck in his mind.  Years later, he imagined Nietzsche as
    God's boss.  Of course, Nietzsche desperately wanted to fire God because
    of a lifelong grudge.

    Only six years after that kernal, the book was popped.  Sure, it could
    have been done in a year or two, but he is pretty lazy.  The point is,
    Operation Cosmic Teapot was done.  Finally.

    Other than that, Dylan grew up in Delhi, Ontario.  From a young age, he
    was always interested in writing; however, in high school, his interests
    were focused more towards music.  He dreamed of being famous in a heavy
    metal band named Nothing Sacred.  Unfortunately, the band wasn't all
    that good, so fame and fortune never transpired.

    Afterwards, Dylan moved to Sudbury, Ontario to attend Laurentian
    University.  While attending, he wrote for the university paper, Lambda,
    as a columnist, then news editor.  He watched as the paper fell to shit
    due to the brilliant decisions of an idiot edit-in-chief (not Norm, the
    other guy!).  Because of that, he left to become the Program Director at
    CKLU radio.  Somewhere in there, Dylan was able to graduate with a
    degree in English and philosophy.

    With such a heavy demand for philosophers in the workplace, Dylan
    decided to attend teacher's college.  He found a job teaching in
    Sudbury, where he continues to live with his family

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    Ep 1 - Russell's Birthday

    in Basketball

    Discussed the Oklahoma City Thunder's beginning to the 2015-2016 season, as well as some general happenings in the NBA.

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    Over and Back: Best Starts in NBA History

    in Basketball

    Impressed by Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors' 8-0 start? Pff... that's nothing compared to some of the most historically dominant starts ever.

    This episode of the Over and Back Podcast looks at those Best Starts in NBA History with a deep dive into the team, the history surrounding the team, key players and figures and how their season ended. Teams include 1958 Boston Celtics in the second year of Bill Russell's career as well as the 2003 Dallas Mavericks, the best team of the Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Nash and Michael Finley triumvirate. The 15-0 Washington Captiols of 1949 and the 1994 Houston Rockets are covered in addition to the 72-10 Chicago Bulls led by Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman, the 1991 Portland Trailblazers, the historic 1970 New York Knicks and Boston's late 2000 "Big 3" (Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen).

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    in Politics

    Conventional wisdom is that Sanders' bid for the Democratic nomination will end as a tempest in a teapot. Those on the far left argue it will harm the effort to foment a real democratic revolution by reinforcing the myth that voters must support one of the Duopoly candidates backed by corporate patrons in order to win. They pounce on positions that show willingness to compromise to make the claim that he is not serious about change anyway.

    Others see in his campaign evidence of a genuine revolt against the plutocracy. While those who are objective will concede that he is not really going to lead the US directly to where it needs to go to become a democracy and a responsible player on the world stage, the very fact of his popularity will not only promote the discussion needed to make Americans realize what needs to be done, but help build the grassroots organization necessary to do it. In addition to starting a conversation about the real roots of inequality and falling standards of living in the US, he is promoting specific actions to address the corrupting influence of money in politics, which he has been working on actively as a member of the Senate.

    Joining the show in this discussion is Jerry Ashton, an Occupy activist and Huffington Post blogger who was an early promoter of Sanders and is now very involved in trying to convince Americans that the Sanders campaign is viable and utterly urgent. 

    This show will be rebroadcast on August 29` at 2 PM PST/ 5 PM EST on the Star Com Radio Network.

    Take Back America for the People is an educational nonprofit whose mission is to explain the true costs of allowing corporate control of the US government.

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    Over and Back: NBA Finals Game 7 (Celtics/Hawks 1957 & Lakers/Pistons 1988)

    in Basketball

    The Over and Back Classic NBA podcast concludes its NBA Finals Game 7s series with part eight, looking at the top two NBA Finals Game 7s of all time: Boston Celtics vs. St. Louis Hawks from 1957 and the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Detroit Pistons from 1988.

    Topics discussed include the beginning of the Boston Celtics dynasty, Bill Russell's rookie year (though he wasn't the Rookie of the Year, another Celtic took that spot!), a sub-standard Hawks regular season followed by a strong playoff showing, the thrilling double overtime game and the improbable final play attempt that would've gone down in history had it worked.

    Lastly, we discuss one of the most famous games in modern NBA history: Lakers vs. Pistons from the 1988 NBA Finals. Topics on this game include the Lakers looking for their first back-to-back titles since 1969, "Big Game" James Worthy's triple-double, Magic Johnson's reliability and Joe Dumars rising to the occasion as a result of Isiah Thomas' sprained ankle.

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    Squared Circle Cafe: I'm A Little Teapot Short And Stout

    in Entertainment

    It's the fallout from Money In The Bank as we once again bring you Disasterpiece Theatre. Who climbed the ladder to not only claim the case, but also win the WWE World Heavyweight Title? Which titles were exchanged? In addition, we see who isn't a fan of MGK, which huge superstar made his comeback, and why was Bray Wyatt singing that famous nursery rhyme song?

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    Episode 12 (What If)

    in Movies

    The MFF crew interconnect all of Kurt Russell's films, recast Predator and ponder if Jack Burton would pay his parking tickets.

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    Episode 1 (Sleeveless Shirts)

    in Movies

    The inaugural episode of Movies, Films, and Flix. John Lasavath hosts this podcast with the creators of the website with the same name (moviesfilmsandflix.com), John Leavengood and Mark Hofmeyer. On this episode the MFF crew discusses Kurt Russell's best sleeveless shirts and populate the upcoming Magnificent Seven film with the baddest characters that 2014 had to offer. 

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    Live Show From the U R Our Hope Fundraising Gala

    in Health

    I am very excited to be broadcasting live at the U R Our Hope Gala.  This is their annual fundraiser celebrating all those who have worked hard to help families and individuals with rare and undiagnosed illnesess.  This event is being held at Russell's Bistro in Austin, Texas.  I will be speaking with board members, parents and supporters of this great organization.  I know Mary Elizabeth Parker, Vanessa Garcia and many others will be stopping by to speak with me to give updates on any breakthroughs or NIH news.  We will have a link and phone number to donate at that time.  What I love about this organization is the dedication and committment of all the members and the families that receive the care.  This is going to be fun.  Don't miss it!

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    Dawkins and Muslims

    in Atheism

    In this re-airing, blogger Sacerdotus addresses the recent racist and hateful remarks made by so-called "New Atheism" personality, Richard Dawkins.  Richard Dawkins is known for his attention garnering antics by using provocative statements and claims in order to anger others.  He has done it again with Muslims.  Sacerdotus gives his thoughts on the issue and explains why Dawkins hurts the atheism movement and those atheists who adopt his views only make fools of themselves.  He also speaks a bit on "Russell's Teapot" which is a thought experiment often cited by atheists to counter theist claims of an invisible God.