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    The Golden Age Music Show with Drew Diego Bennett

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    Join Andrew Aloha “Live”
    On “The Golden Age Music Show”
    Featuring “Guitarra Del Sol” by Drew Diego Bennett

    SuNite, 4 January 2015
    From 7 – 8:30pm AZT
    Every 1st Sunday of the Month
    FREE Autographed CD to the 1st Three Callers
    This is a Spiritual Image Production’s Event

    Drew Diego Bennett’s original style has roots from Spain in Andalucía with the ancient Flamenco art forms; Jaleo, Rumba’s, and the mystical Duende. As a live entertainer he has a class act Quartet band ‘Vino Rico’ which combine the Spanish guitar elements with Salsa and Caribbean dance originals. Bennett, a Spanish Flamenco Guitarist, is also a two time Grammy Nomination Entry Artist (in 2007) in categories ‘Best New World Artist’, and ‘Best World Contemporary Album’......for more on this story go to: http://www.spiritualimageproductions.com/TheGoldenAgeMusicShow

    For more on Drew Diego Bennett go to @ http://www.salsaguitar.net

    Intro music, “This Change Is Going to Do Me Good”, by David Young @ http://www.davidyoungmusic.com

    For More Visit Us @ http://www.spiritualimageproductions.com/SIP_divine_events


    90 Day Ascension Journey @ http://www.90dayascensionjourney.com

    Andrew Aloha

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    Cuba is a vibrant island country in the Caribbean with much to offer, including friendly people, delicious Cuban cuisine, the best rum and finest cigars, and music that will make you want to get up and dance even if you have two left feet! Yet most of us haven't visited Cuba because of a government travel embargo. Now, however, our current administration is promising this will change. Whatever "normalizing our relations with Cuba" means exactly for travelers and until that happens, you should know you can go to Cuba right now and enjoy an amazing adventure. Learn about a trip that takes travelers to Hemingway's Cuban writing retreat, exotic Trinidad, bustling Havana, and much more--including a Rumba Block Party and dinner at a paladar! During this episode of Terrance Talks Travel: Über Adventures, I interview Peggy Goldman, President of Friendly Planet, to reveal what we need to know about travel to Cuba.

    Terrance Zepke is a travel agent, travel writer, and adventure travel expert. She has traveled to every continent and enjoyed many worldwide adventures. She is in demand as a speaker and has made numerous media appearances, including The Travel Channel, Good Morning Show, and Travel with Rick Steves. She has written hundreds of articles and posts, as well as two dozen books, including THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CHEAP TRAVEL: SAVE UP TO 90% ON LODGING, FLIGHTS, TOURS, CRUISES & MORE!, COASTAL SOUTH CAROLINA: WELCOME TO THE LOWCOUNTRY, and TERRANCE TALKS TRAVEL: A POCKET GUIDE TO AFRICAN SAFARIS. Find hundreds of free travel reports, Trip Pick of the Week, her travel blog, and more episodes of this show at www.terrancetalkstravel.com

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    Live Chat : "The Messenger of Peace" International Reggae Artist LUTAN FYAH

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    Born and raised in Spanish Town in Kingston, Jamaica Lutan's initial influence of African consciousness was instilled by his grandfather Tamba, and his spiritual identity is rooted in Rastafar-I, Bobo Ashanti.

    Musically speaking, Lutan was heavily influenced by all four of his grandparents. One of his grandmothers, Ms. Esmay, was the very first to teach him actual range levels in singing, however both grandmothers were known to be powerful singers. One of Lutan's grandfathers (Tamba) owned and played one of the very first Rumba Box instruments which still remains in the family today and he also played the harmonica, of which he eventually gifted to Lutan when he was a young boy. When Lutan was a teenager, both of his grandfathers hosted weekly parties on their lawns--affectionatelly coined the Tamba Harmony Hall and the Ackee Wackee Hall--at which friends like Coxsone Dodd who lived nearby, Joe Gibbs, Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Alton Ellis, Hortense Ellis, Stereograph, Jah Love, Wasp, Volcano and many other reggae legends would be present, enjoying music and/or playing dominoes. His grandfather Tamba also owned a sound system, the then popular Black I-niverse of which Coxsone Dodd used to share music with and in those times you might have seen Lutan playing the sound and blowing a few amps as well. 

    Musician and Author Tena Williams A.K.A. “Lady Flava” began singing in her church choir as a little girl in Jamaica and continued when she migrated to the United States at the age of 10. She began writing songs at the age of 16. Reggae, R&B, and Rap. Tena began recording professionally in late 2006. Tena Williams is also the CEO of the Finding Peace Campaign Corporation a non-profit organization designed to benefit victims of abuse and others in need of food, clothing, shelter, training, counseling and more. www.crsradio.com www.caribbeanradioshow.com  661-467-2407

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    Soukous Mix

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    The most popular beat and Music from Africa,Soukous is a genre of dance music that originated from Cuban Rumba music in the Belgian Congo and French Congo during the 1940s and gained popularity throughout Africa.

    Soukous is known as Congo in West Africa and Lingala in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania after the Lingala language of the lyrics. In Zambia and Zimbabwe, where Congolese music is also influential, it is still usually referred to as Rumba. It mixes the kwasa kwasa with the fast tempo zouk style and Congolese rumba. It is also an individual dance.

    "Soukous", a derivative of the French word "secousse" – "to shake" – was originally the name of a dance and music popular in the Congos in the late 1960s, an African version of the Cuban Rumba. From the 1940s, Afro-Cuban son groups such as Septeto Habanero and Trio Matamoros had been played over Radio Congo Belge in Léopoldville (Kinshasa), and the Congo shared the widespread popularity of Cuban music during the late 1940s and 1950s.


    In the 1950s and 1960s, some artists who had performed in the bands of Franco Luambo and Grand Kalle formed their own groups. Tabu Ley Rochereau and Dr. Nico Kasanda formed African Fiesta and transformed their music further by fusing Congolese folk music with soul music, as well as Caribbean and Latin beats and instrumentation. They were joined by Papa Wemba and Sam Mangwana, and classics like Afrika Mokili Mobimba made them one of Africa's most prominent bands. Congolese "rumba" eventually evolved into soukous. Tabu Ley Rochereau and Dr Nico Kasanda are considered the pioneers of modern soukous. Other greats of this period include Koffi Olomide, Tshala Muana and Wenge Musica.

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    Karibu Afrika Juu Ya Disc Hii-Around Africa On Dics

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    Music form different countries on the African continent.Featuring different genre ,beats and cultural tunes from North,West ,Central,East and Southern Africa.This program, in remembrance of one of my best teenage radio programs and DJs will be featured every Friday and Satruday on this radio.Aslo it shall feature musci across the times from the 60s to the present.

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    Karibu Afrika Juu Ya Disc Hii-Around Africa On Dics

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    Music form different countries on the African continent.Featuring different genre ,beats and cultural tunes from North,West ,Central,East and Southern Africa.This program, in remembrance of one of my best teenage radio programs and DJs will be featured every Friday and Satruday on this radio.Aslo it shall feature musci across the times from the 60s to the present.

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    Africa Mix

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    Moving around Africa on music.This time it is music from the Land of birth,Sierra Leone.The show will feature music from Sierra Leone in the next three editions.The next three episodes will feature music from Sierra Leone from recent to the 70s.Every show will be 60 minutes of none stop music whilst we are still on test.

    Until we have our fullblown program schedlues all braodcasts are fro now test broadcasts and wil lbe mainly music played to buld up an audicne .In about a month from now we shall begin live r\talks and others programs.Keep coming and listening to us.We have a great schedlue and lots of information,enetetainment and education for you.

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    Victor Cegarra works with a variety of artists, musicians, recording, performing in concerts at small and large venues in the USA as well as abroad. Born in Venezuela, at the age of 7, Victor studied the "cuatro" (a Venezuelan guitar with only 4 strings) Later, he studied guitar basics for some time and moved on to his first piano lessons at the age of 9. At age 13 he went yet to Lino Gallardo National Conservatory of Music to study complementary piano. Once in college, his piano instructors, Olegario Diaz and Marcus Vinicio da Fonceca introduced Cegarra to jazz and Brazilian music. Other Latin styles were self-taught as he was an avid listener of salsa, cumbia, merenge and other popular genres. The next few years Victor became involved with other musicians and performed a variety of styles ranging from American Pop, Latin, and Jazz. After performing, recording, and some light touring, he shared his knowledge of music by educating others. First, as a piano instructor for the Torrance Dept of Parks & Recreation, teaching children and adults. Later, as a regular Elementary School Teacher for the LA Unified School District where he has been teaching since July 1998. In June 2001 Cegarra obtained a Master’s Degree in Education Administration from The California State University at Dominguez Hills in Carson, California.  In early 2003 he partnered with Gilberto Torres and released his first solo project a piano and flute duo, performing traditional Venezuelan tunes with influences of Jazz and Classical Styles called “Venezuela Desde Afuera” Today, you will find Victor Cegarra performing alongside well known and talented Cuban singer Candi Sosa, also with Gilberto Torres and other LA Musicians, performing in concerts, private events, clubs and restaurants while continuing to produce and record music at his home studio.

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