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    Rue Volley Interview

    in Books

    Get engaged in book talk! Works Cited, LLC invites special guest Rue Volley on December 27th to discuss her 2010 vampire series. Rue's hometown is Lima, Ohio. She now resides in Indianapolis, IN with her family, husband Von and two pugs: Momo and Oshi. She is a Catholic, a musician, and a former retail person turned storyteller. Rue began writing Blood & Light in February of 2010. By December of the same year, Rue has completed four books in this five part series!

    Join Loretta and Christina from Works Cited on Monday, December 27th and hear more about this gripping series and other related projects from author Rue Volley.

    As always, we welcome you to join discussion in the chat room or call in to the show by dialing 917-932-8610. You may also email us at info@works-cited.com for more information, comments, or suggestions, if you are not able to catch the show live. Thanks!

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    James Carville & Mary Matalin on New Orleans; living on Paris's rue des Martyrs

    in Travel

    The best way to experience a city is through the eyes of a local.   We'll travel to New Orleans and walk along Paris’s rue des Martyrs with the people who know them best.

    Democratic consultant James Carville says that New Orleans is defined by its culture and way of life and that distinguishes the city from other places.  We'll talk to him to learn what he means by this.

    The beheading of Saint Denis, now the patron saint of France, was one of many events that occurred on the rue des Martyrs in Paris.  Accoring to author and New York Times writer, Elaine Sciolino, the rue des Martyrs was a cultural enclave where Degas and Renoir painted, Puccini replicated in his La Boheme opera and Edith Piaf would sing for a few francs.  Yet, this charming half-mile long street that is steeped in history has been overlooked in Paris guidebooks.  We will walk along the rue des Martyrs and flip through the pages of Elaine Sciolino’s new book:  “The Only Street in Paris”.

    We will cross the political aisle and state lines with Republican consultant Mary Matalin to talk about life in New Orleans and why she and her democratic consultant husband, James Carville, decided to leave the Washington beltway for the big easy.

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    Finding (And Hitting) The “Sweet Spot In Your Business

    in Entrepreneur

    Athletes are constantly seeking the “sweet spot” of the ball, whether it be a batter swinging at a baseball, a tennis player crushing her return volley, a kicker booting a football or a golfer teeing off on a drive. The sweet spot is that perfect place on the ball where contact is compounded and the physics of the stroke are maximized for the longest, straightest shot.

    Entrepreneurs seek a similar sweet spot in business and life.

    There are 4 specific areas that, once combined and brought into some semblance of balance, will make the difference in your business to maximize your efforts and bring more of your greatness to the marketplace.

    Join JT for a power conversation on what those 4 areas are and how YOU can hit the sweet spot in your business now.

    Fly High. Fly Fast. Fly Far!

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    Lyle Blackburn: author, musician, cryptozoologist

    in Paranormal


    Lyle Blackburn is an author, musician, and cryptid researcher from Texas. His investigative cryptozoology books, The Beast of Boggy Creek and Lizard Man, reflect his life-long fascination with legends and sighting reports of real-life 'monsters.' During his research, Lyle has often explored the remote reaches of the southern U.S. in search of shadowy creatures said to inhabit the dense backwoods and swamplands of these areas.
    Lyle is also a staff writer for the monthly horror magazine, Rue Morgue, and founder of the rock band Ghoultown.
    Lyle has been heard on numerous radio programs including Coast To Coast AM, and has appeared on various television shows airing on Discovery, Animal Planet, Destination America, A&E, HGTV, and CBS.
    Most recently, Lyle served as a consulting producer and special episode host for the tv show Monsters and Mysteries in America.

    Questions? Comments? Connect with show hosts: Teal Gray & Tui Snider. Be sure to follow @TGWWradio on Twitter!


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    Mother/Daughter Team: Success to the Crowns

    in Entertainment

    Lindsey Pearlman Bio

    This outgoing, honor roll student who is currently in 8th grade, loves spending time with her friends and family and of course her iphone!  Lindsey has been competing in pageants since the age of 6 and has held titles both at the state and National level with the Miss America Organization, National American Miss and currently holds the 2015 Miss Royalty International Jr. Teen Title. Lindsey has been donating her time to children with special needs since 2008, and just this past year hosted her first annual “I Am Me” special needs pageant, where over 20 boys and girls participated, all receiving crowns, trophies, banners, and gifts. Lindsey also enjoys golfing, singing, and has been a member of her middle school volley ball team and Poms squad for the last two years. She is looking forward to High school, getting her drivers license and yes, she is already even looking at colleges!

    Joey Pearlman Bio

    With over 2 decades of pageantry experience, this mother of 3 is no stranger to the stage. A beloved state level and National title-holder for many states including Hawaii and Illinois, Joey currently holds the title of “Miss Illinois Classic 2015” for the Miss Royalty International Pageant system. She not only teaches her children the importance of empowerment, but also mentors the young and old alike to love everything about them selves using her platform “Love The Skin Your In”. Ms. Pearlman generously uses all the proceeds from her platform to help special needs children, and to educate homeless women and children in Illinois on how to live a healthy, independent life.  A proud pageant momma, philanthropist, former pageant director, and current title holder, Joey also feels spending quality time with family and finding time to relax is key to maintaining a balanced life.

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    in Entertainment

    Joe (McMaster) Rue I was an EMTat seventeen through the Explorers program. My EMT number is 1165- 1A-D. I joined the National Guard as a Combat Engineer in 86.Advanced Demolition training, I came home and worked as an EMT on the 1987 fires on the Klamath River. In 1988 I went into the regular Army and volunteered for Airborne School Trained with the 2/159th Infantry and re-classified as Infantry. I went to college and earned a degree in world History. I was also a Level III Police Reserve while in college During this time I worked security for Billy Graham and the Shoreline Amphitheater in the Bay area.As soon as we got our logging outfit going, Al Gore / Clinton put a stop to logging in the north-west. The Timber Industry was turned into the Fire Industry. I continued to work with the Fire Department and Rescue 15. I volunteered with the Sheriffs Search & Rescue as well. I went back to timber falling and worked for the state. I was deployed to a place called Dugway Proving Grounds, Utah on Operation Nobel Eagle for a year. Then I was deployed on Operation Iraqi Freedom. I worked with a team of Infantry NCO's. We were a unique team of ten Infantry, two Combat engineers and one cavalry Scout. Several former instructors, Rangers, Special Forces and very cross trained.

    Robert B. BERGERON I joined the Army 1987 original was going to be a tanker 19kilo.Did my OSUT at Ft. Knox Ky. After coming out of ait, the army had no where to send me, as we we're pulling troops back from Germany. So ended up going 11Bravo infantry. Jump achool, the followed behind my friends went to Ranger school Deployed Panama in 89 with 2nd Batt. Desert Shield/Storm in 91. Back to Iraq 03, 05,06,08. Left active service for private contracting for awhile.Then back in the ARNG for awhile. Always enlisted, then my Colonel convinced me I'd make a decent officer, so off to OCS. Figured I'd try the dark side lol.Then finally retired April 2014. Pics to follow.

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    Ask MomRN Show

    in Family

    Actor Hill Harper, currently starring in the new hit television drama, Limitless, is well-known for his acting but did you know he is also quite the scholar? Hill joins us to discuss a new program offered by the National Honor Society to help high school students who are college-bound.

    Actress Sara Rue, best known for her roles on The Big Bang Theory, Less Than Perfect, Malibu Country and Popular, knows firsthand the ups and downs of dropping pounds. She’s teamed up with the new Resolve Now: Stay Ahead of the Curve campaign to encourage obese or overweight women who are struggling with their weight to get a jump start on the temptations associated with the holiday season, and resolve now to stay ahead of the curve by talking with their doctor about beginning or continuing their journey to lose weight.

    Actress Maria Canals Barrera joins us to share how to take great photos of your family & use them for holiday gifts. In addition to playing Selena Gomez’ mom in Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place, and starring on ABC’s Cristela, Maria is also a mom to two girls. Like many others, Maria LOVES to take pictures of her family and to use photos to create personalized gifts and decorations.

    NFL player turned NASA Astronaut, Leland Melvin, joins us from the 4-H National Youth Science Day to share how kids can become more involved in science and technology.

    Style expert and "The Real" co-host, Jeannie Mai, shares a new lifestyle site created for women living with relapsing multiple sclerosis.

    We're also discussing fun Fall travel tips; the importance of paying attention to over-the-counter medication labels; how to maximize your health savings; and breast reconstruction surgery for breast cancer survivors.



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    Rue Volley is my Guest Author on October 10th

    in Romance

    Join us on October 10th when Rue Volley will be reading an excerpt from her paranormal romances Blood & Light and Smoke & Mirrors.

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    Show #91-Engineer Your Space with Isabelle Larue

    in Motivation

    Isabelle LaRue, Creator, host and producer



    TWITTER: @EYSpace

    Isabelle LaRue is the creator, producer and host of the award winning DIY home design show “Engineer Your Space”. Affectionately referred to as “MacGyver and Martha Stewart’s love child”, Isabelle is a building engineer turned DIY home design expert with a passion for transforming less-than-prefect apartments into beautiful and functional homes. Building everything on her own, Isabelle uses simple tools and inexpensive materials accessible to everyone, especially apartment-dwellers with limited space. Her clever projects and knack for breaking down everything into manageable, easy to understand steps has made her videos and YouTube channel hugely popular with millions of views and her website, engineeryourspace.com, a favorite destination for DIY enthusiasts.


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    Pourquoi est-il important de bien définir le succès?

    in Spirituality

    Chaqun semble avoir son idée de ce qu'est le succès ou une vie réussie.

    Mais lorsque l'on pose la question plusieurs ne sont pas certains de marcher dans la direction du succès ou sur le chemin du succès.

    Je suis de ceux qui pensent que la réponse à cette question est primordiale. Et que celui est sage s,assurera d'avoir trouvé la réponse avant d'engager ses ressurces dans des voies qui pourraientnepas le mener là où il pense aboutir.

    Je sais aussi que personne ne recherche volontairement l'échec. Nous aspirons tous à réussir.

    Au cours de cet épisode nous apporterons quelques éléments de réponses à cette question essentielle.

    Nous voulons vous voir réussir et impacter cette génération pour la plus grande gloire de notre Dieu; au nom de Jésus-Christ.

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    Pourquoi les hommes rejettent-ils Celui qui a donné sa vie pour eux?

    in Spirituality

    J'entends déjà certains dire: "Je n'ai aucun problème avec Jésus...Ce sont les chrétiens fanatiques que je n'aime pas"'.

    À la lumière de la Bible nous allons essayer de répondre à cette question.

    Jésus a dit: "Vous connaîtrez la vérité, et la vérité fera de vous des hommes libres", Jean 8:32. Nous croyons que la vérité sur cette question aidera bien d'une personne à mieux se positionner pour saisir ce que Dieu donne.

    Restez béni(e).