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    Rue Volley Interview

    in Books

    Get engaged in book talk! Works Cited, LLC invites special guest Rue Volley on December 27th to discuss her 2010 vampire series. Rue's hometown is Lima, Ohio. She now resides in Indianapolis, IN with her family, husband Von and two pugs: Momo and Oshi. She is a Catholic, a musician, and a former retail person turned storyteller. Rue began writing Blood & Light in February of 2010. By December of the same year, Rue has completed four books in this five part series!

    Join Loretta and Christina from Works Cited on Monday, December 27th and hear more about this gripping series and other related projects from author Rue Volley.

    As always, we welcome you to join discussion in the chat room or call in to the show by dialing 917-932-8610. You may also email us at info@works-cited.com for more information, comments, or suggestions, if you are not able to catch the show live. Thanks!

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    Working with the Spirit with Papa Lou-Cussin' Monday with Mama Rue

    in Paranormal

    Join us for Cussin' Monday with Mama Rue!  She's coming back to the front porch to do some readings with the gang.  Y'all liked it so much we decided to ask her to come back for Round 2.  We're of course taking calls, doing readings, and a consultation or two.  Tune in and grab a seat!

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    Rue Volley is my Guest Author on October 10th

    in Romance

    Join us on October 10th when Rue Volley will be reading an excerpt from her paranormal romances Blood & Light and Smoke & Mirrors.

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    12/9 - Week 15: In which Jonas Gray has disappeared

    in Entertainment

    Hey everybody!


    Remember a guy named Jonas Gray? Whom Belichick showed the light of day?

    With Ridley gone, and redzone empty, Gray would score, and did a'plenty,

    200-plus yards on 30-plus carries, the record books he did so bury.

    But on one fateful day, an app, did not Gray wake from evening nap,

    The Belichick- all fire and flames, told Jonas "You Will Rue the Day!"

    And rue he did and will remain, in shadows of LeGarrette's fame.


    Thanks for joining us,

    Dave and Jason

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    So Not Okay, Shifting the Way We View Bullying With Novelist Nancy Rue

    in Lifestyle

    This week on The Shift we're talking with teen novelist Nancy Rue. The issue she addresses in her latest novel, So Not Okay, is bullying in schools. Her novel is written for teenagers to see through the viewpoint of a child being bullied. We have all been there when we were growing up, but what we assumed at one point in our lives to be harmless actually torments young kids so much that they end their lives. Many people don't realize the severity of the situation and should become more aware of how their children behave towards others. 

    We'll discuss the issue of human kindness, how we can stop bullying and how to deal with bullying. Help us push this movement forward and stop this once and for all. Call in and ask your questions. We're also giving away a couple copies of the book to share with your teen. Follow us on Twitter @ShiftWithSkip or on Facebook here. #bullying #sonotokay

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    Happy Holidays-The Gift of Travel

    in Travel

    As we approach the holiday season we have a great opportunity for you to surprise a love one with the gift of travel.  We'll have a great guest speaker from Karisma Resorts/Lomas Tours get us really excited about the deals, resorts, and fun activities at our closest destinations to the South of Texas. Rue Ann Adamson has worked in the business with Funjet Vacations/Mark Travel and now Karisma/Lomas.  

    And yes Mexico has made a comeback, and Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen specifically.

    We'll highlight what we already have on tap for 2015 for you to choose from and we'll tell you about the specials and promotions going on right now.  The travel industry is pullling out the stops to get you to give the gift of travel now!  We do have Black Friday in the travel industry also.

    We'll highlight the El Dorado Royale Resort in the Riviera Maya, Mexico and the Cancun market as a whole.  Plus the greatest announcement ever, direct flights Texas to the Cancun area year round, plus other destinations direct from Texas with Funjet Vacations.

    Join us as we think about warm destinations in the winter months and beyond!

    It's Travel Time and there is no better Time than Now!

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    Working with the Spirit with Papa Lou presents Conjure elder Prophet Lockhart

    in Paranormal

    We're broadcasting a day later than usual to bring you an up close and personal porch chat with Georgia Conjure legend and elder the Rev. H. Lockhart, known as the famous 21st Century Georgia Prophet.  Prophet Lockhart, 70 years young, will be live and on air with Papa Lou, Dr. Corbeaux, and Amorea sharing his insight, wisdom, and 50 years of conjuration experience.  He'll share some old school stories as well as take calls!  True to the Spirit, Prophet Lockhart doesn't pull any punches and doesn't hold back his opinion. Listen in because this will be one to remember!


    To contact Prophet Lockhart - (478)-390-6041

    Papa Lou - papa_lou@outlook.com or www.papalouconjure.com

    Dr. Corbeaux - drcorbeaux@gmail.com


    Mama Rue - http://www.mamarue.com

    Like us on Facebook



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    The power of second amendment for Black Community

    in Politics Conservative

    The year was 1957. Monroe, North Carolina, was a rigidly segregated town where all levels of white society and government were dedicated to preserving the racial status quo. Blacks who dared to speak out were subject to brutal, sadistic violence.


    It was common practice for convoys of Ku Klux Klan members to drive through black neighborhoods shooting in all directions. A black physician who owned a nice brick house on a main road was a frequent target of racist anger. In the summer of 1957, a Klan motorcade sent to attack the house was met by a disciplined volley of rifle fire from a group of black veterans and NRA members led by civil rights activist Robert F. Williams

    Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice echoed similar sentiments in 2005 when she explained her strong support of the Second Amendment to Larry King. “The way I come out of my own personal experience, in which in Birmingham, Ala., my father and his friends defended our community in 1962 and 1963 against White Knight Riders by going to the head of the community, the head of the cul-de-sac, and sitting there, armed. And so I’m very concerned about any abridgement of the Second Amendment.”



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    OTD: Zidane's Volley

    in Soccer

    On May 15, 2002, Zinedine Zidane scored the greatest* goal in Champions League Final history. Bask in the glory of Zizou's volley with Daryl and Taylor.


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    The Music of Our Faith

    in Christianity

    Music has always been a part of our Christian faith. Join us as we visit with Brianne Roehrig, music teacher at Cross Lutheran Church and School. She will talk to us about the importance of music in education and evangelism. 

    Also, we will talk with Ann-Terese Hill, Cross Lutheran Volley Ball coach, Science and 8th grade homeroom teacher about the amazing season of Lady Eagle Blue volleyball. 

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    Dr. Mary Rue Crenshaw "Why" Suicide

    in Motivation

    Join me your host, Jane Coy, as I welcome Dr. Mary Rue Crenshaw.  All of us have things that happen in our life that lives us asking “why”?  But, how we deal with the no answers to the “why” in our lives is what shapes us.  So goes the story behind Mary Rue Crenshaw, it was a personal experience with death of someone close from the result of suicide, that put her on the path of  earing a PhD in Psychology. Tune in & find out if she discovered the answer or if she discovered something else that she was not even looking for instead.  Dr. Crenshaw has a Suicide Support Group (Open Arms) in Woodbridge, VA, which is a place where all suicide survivors are welcomed with “open arms” & can receive support in a confidential, safe, & non-judgmental environment. You can connect with her Facebook or by email dr.m.r.crenshaw@gmail.com.

    "Like" the FanPage & leave a comment about the show. Remember service project the Break Free Charm which is supports a Child Sexual Abuse awareness, prevention, & healing program with purchase.  You can visit BeautifyWithJane or host a Virtual Jewelry party & help me to get one step closer to being a peer facilitator for Voice Today in the DMV area.

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