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    This week's episode kicks off with on-air guest, Mr. Steve Keene.  Steve is the Director of Virginia Justice and Safety Associates.  He'll talk about the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty.  The VJSA website is www.vajusticeandsafety.com
    Also, host Flint Engleman will comment about his recent meeting with America's Mayor, Rudy Giuliani.  Flint will play Mayor Rudy's speech delivered in Richmond during a Virginia Victory Center grand opening.
    YOU can be a part of the show!  Call in anytime during the show to provide your perspective or ask a question.  Dial (951)729-8928 and select Option #1 to speak to the host.

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    Fast Food Fighting, Parade Pummeling, Rudy Ranting (and that's the

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    Your host, "The Voice", comments on things that have occurred over the past couple of weeks, from the big beatdown by a gang of girls at a fast food restaurant to a street throwdown at the St. Patrick's Day Parade and how the public in general reacts to things of that sort. Then there's Rudy Giuliani  (again) on a roll against President Obama about the behaviour of certain demographics. And some interesting reults from a recent Rasmussen poll on black/police matters and crimes by blacks against blacks provides some views EVERYONE need to take a look at (and in some cases, maybe rethink).

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    Mayor Giuliani Explains On Hannity his comments Of Obama's Love for USA

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    Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani gives explanation why he believes President Obama doesnt like America or Love America. It appears the democratic party os trying to gain some traction from the comments of the Mayor who prefaced them by saying he belived the comments to seem harsh but the procedded to say them anyway.Should he had said them in another way?

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    Buses and Dresses and Rudy, Oh My!

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    While "The Voice" has not been doing any regularly scheduled broadcasts lately due to lack of commitment, lack of opinion, lack of enthusiasm or a combination of any and all of these things at various times, occassionally something comes up in the news that he actually KNOWS a little about, such as the recent bus accidents in  New York City and how they are handled. And then on to topics that he merely has an opinion on such as the Rudy Giuliani comments about President Obama.  Then there was the missing Oscar dress that was about to get as much coverage as the missing Malaysian Airlines flight.


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    Ann interviews former Mayor Rudy Giuliani about growing the game of golf & more

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    Ann discusses NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's press conference on how they've handled domestic violence issue; the recent Royal & Ancient Golf Club vote to finally admit women members & interviews Raymond Floyd, a Vice Captain for Team USA in this week's upcoming Ryder Cup in Scotland and former NYC Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, about consulting with the PGA of America to grow game of golf and his passion for golf and The Hamptons.

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    Forget Ferguson, Blacks Are The Real Threat , Says Giuliani

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    Rudy giuliani doubles down on his comments about president obama not loving america. megyn kelly grills giuliani on his comments about con demning obamas patriotism. Rudy Giuliani continued to defend his comments about President Barack Obama not “loving” America during a combative appearance on Fox News with Megyn Kelly Thursday night. Asked if he wanted to apologize for his comment, the former NYC mayor said, “Not at all, I want to repeat it.”
    “To say that he doesn’t love america, I mean, that he could view foreign policy as a Democrat might view it and through a different lens than you or a Republican might see it, you can understand the differences between you,” Kelly said to Giuliani. “But to condemn his patriotism? To question his love of America?”
    Giuliani insisted that he was not condemning Obama’s patriotism, but instead said he wanted to hear more from the president about how “exceptional” this country is. Oscar talk and Box Office. Top pick magazine you should check out iUrban Mvpondemand Lorettas sweets potato Cookie

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    Guiliani's Comments: Out of Line or Spot On?

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    Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has all the political world talking today about his comments that Barack Obama does not love America. Giuliani's comments have touched a nerve, because Democrats and the establishment media are roundly condemning him. Given Obama's questionable associations before assuming the presidency and his unorthodox comments while in office, does Giuliani have a point? The media has been pressuring him to apologize, but America's Mayor has stuck to his guns. We will look at Obama's history, Giuliani's distinguished career and the political football of questioning someone's patriotism. 

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    Obama’s Big Promises: Has He Kept His Word

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    Two more years of Obama to go and he still has not lived up to the expectations of the change the people can believe in.  I don't think Obama cared if the people would fully embraced the change he had in mind.  Obama has made 112 unfulfilled promises in his prior State of the Union addresses, according to multimedia company Grabien. Does Rudy Giuliani have it right when he said Obama doesn't love America? What has he really done that helps America as a whole? Al Sharpton has filed a $20 billion lawsuit against Time Warner and Comcast allegeding they discriminate against black-owned media which includes $3.8 million to Sharpton and his National Action Network. It looks like his tax problems will come to an end if he is successful.  There is no reason to believe he won't be.  Pimps will tell you that "bitches better have their money". I have a message for Time Warner/Comcast...Don't be Al's bitch!!!

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    TRUNEWS 03/02/15: Islam Exposed Pt. 2 - Ian Johnson & John Loftus

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    In Part 2 of a special four day series exposing the dangers of Islam, Rick shares recent warnings from former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani; Rick then revisits the links between the CIA, Nazism and The Muslim Brotherhood with guests Ian Johnson and John Loftus.

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    Maddox represented several proven and alleged crime victims including the family of Michael Stewart, a Brooklyn man who died while in custody of the New York City Transit Police.[citation needed] Six officers were indicted for the death; all were found not guilty. Rudy Giuliani, then US Attorney in Manhattan, found insufficient evidence to warrant a federal grand jury investigation. A Metropolitan Transportation Authority report later faulted Police. Tawanna Brawley Case and more.

    Cedric Sandiford manslaughter victim Michael Griffith in the Howard Beach incident. Maddox, other lawyers demanded a special prosecutor be appointed to the case, and the request was eventua