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    Black Royalty in the South ! The Ruckers

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    The network that brought us “Braxton Family Values” and “Tamar and Vince” has added a new royal reality family to its lineup. “The Ruckers: Southern Royals“  is WEtv‘s latest reality show. The series  follows three successful and educated African-American sisters from South Carolina.
    “I’m attracted to older men because I know I’ll have their undivided attention and they won’t look at anyone else.” Ione Rucker Jamison, 33, is the youngest of the siblings. Last year she went through a public divorce with Antawn Jamison (Los Angeles Clippers) after the basketball player admitted to infidelities and requested a separation.  While wearing her six-carat diamond ring, cameras follow the mother of three, as she re-enters the dating game. “We’ve lived the American dream. We are a highly educated, successful, tight knight family.” Ellen Rucker Carter, 36, is a chiropractor and ex-wife of basketball player Vince Carter (Dallas Mavericks). The college sweethearts have one daughter and divorced in 2006. Labeled the perfectionist, she has yet to commit to her politician boyfriend Bakari Sellers.
    Nicknamed ‘the hot head’, Ruby Rucker Cooper, is an attorney with three kids and married to an orthodontist. Which is fitting since their father, Douglas Rucker, an award-winning dentist was the first African American dentist in Lancaster County. She is trying  to balance life after going through financial hardship.  Living with her are Aunt Dianne and Aunt Barbara, characters to tune in for. They help around the house and with the kids. Viewers will fall in love with these two show stoppers

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    One Big Disconnect

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    One Big Disconnect

    Today's show is about one big disconnect. Bigger than a set of doubles uncoupling on the interstate. Bigger than a train engine loosing 100 train cars. It's the disconnect of men. Disconnected from one another, and from the next generation.

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    Madden 2010 with Coach Ruckers

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    The founder of Madden Sim Players will talk about his experience with Madden 2010.

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    Money Talks w. Tinisha Wallace

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    Join Tinisha as she gives financial tips, and inspires you by her weekly “Rags to Riches, Riches to Rags” segment where you will hear stories of people who have lost or gained financial stability! Guest on the show will be no other than the Stars of upcoming WE TV Network reality series, The Ruckers: Southern Royals The Rucker Sisters! To get advice, have money questions for Tinisha or to speak to the Rucker Sisters, call into 347-989-8385 orwww.moneytalkswithtinisha.org

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    Choclate City Radio presents "Artist Step Your Game Up".pt 2

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    This was part 2 of "Artist Step Your Game Up". We had Rikers, Jerry Doby (chief editor of Hype Magazine) and Anthony Ford (Ruckers and former Interscope employee) back to close out this very special show giving artist the 411 on how to be successful. We focused on mannerism and approach. This show was needed to give artist valuable information about the proper steps to take in their career.