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    Gastrointestinal Health with Dr Braham Rabinov Part 1

    in Health

    Many people are not aware of their gastrointestinal health, let alone their bowel habits. Yet, noticing subtle changes can be really important.

    Guest: Dr Braham Rabinov

    Dr Rabinov has has been practicing Holistic Medicine for over 30 years, with a particular focus on integrating evidence-based nutrition with standard medical practice, and where possible, addressing the underlying causes.

    We discuss gastrointestinal health over two weeks, and have a special focus on irritable bowel syndrome.

    Learn about:

    the prevalence of gastrointestinal disorders
    the most common gastrointestinal disorder
    signs and symptoms to look out for
    the underlying causes of irritable bowel syndrome
    how and why it can happen
    diagnosis and treatment that really gets to the bottom of things

    Links from the episode: ACNEM | MMC - FODMAP | RPA - Elimination Diet Book

    Dr Rabinov is holding a seminar on Gastrointestinal Health in Melbourne Australia on 29th June. Click here to book your seat.

    Claim Dr Rabinov's listener gift, the "Roadmap for Better Health and Wellness" HERE

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    The Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors"s (RPA) - Judy Belk

    in Business

    Sylvia Global arrives in Los Angeles to speak with Judy Belk, Senior Vice President for Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors(RPA).  The Rockefeller Family supports individual and insititutional donors in fulfilling their philanthropic mission, managing more than $200 million in annual giving and overseen more than $3 billion in global grantmaking.  August is "Black Philanthropy Month" and Judy joins us in a discussion on the re-imaging of philanthropy.

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    The RPA WABAC Machine

    in Technology

    We get some insight on what it takes to make it and stay in the unmanned aircraft systems sector with Jay Willmott. This guy has been a success in this industry for around 30 years. Do not miss this rare chance to listen in to a conversation with a guy who has seen it all, and is willing to share tips on what it takes to make a future in this exciting technology field.

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    The Compassionate Warrior Practical Spirituality Self Empowerment Forum

    in Self Help

    The Forum


    Animal Rights Spirituality

    Please join us The Forum.  David Cantor, the presenter of the week will speak on the spirituality of animals and animal rights.  


    David Cantor, President of Responsible Policies for Animals' Rights (RPA), A full-time animal advocate with national organizations since 1989, David Cantor has moved to strict rights advocacy, distinguishing, crucially, between abolitionism and rights strategy.

    Cantor considers popular animal advocacy too much focused on cruelty to establish meaningful protection and empowerment of all animals – which requires basic rights. He and RPA promote strategies that established basic human rights in the past; provide guidance for people who want all animals and no corporation to have rights; and urge advocates and organizations to use “rights” and “animal rights” strictly as in the Bill of Rights, other rights Amendments, and other pioneering documents – not to mean caring, helping, and so forth.



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    in Technology

    Our guests are Douglas McQueen from the law firm of LeClair Ryan. He'll be giving us a preview of his presentation for the Small Unmanned Business Exposition.
    We’ll also hear from AUVSI BoD candidate Doug Davis about his vision for the future.

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    NASA UAS Integration Into The NAS Project

    in Technology

    Our guest for episode #49 is Mr. Chuck Johnson Manager, NASA UAS Integration in the NAS Project.  We’ll hear about the challenges and some possible solutions for NAS integration. 

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    The Art of Balance

    in Real Estate

    View show notes, guest bios & share your thoughts at our website show page: http://creradio.com/shows/the-art-of-balance/   Show Description   Traditions are changing and many of us are struggling to have fulfilling personal lives while pursuing successful careers. This struggle is no more evident than the struggle faced by mothers. Some men don't think much about it while some of us are so humbled that we cannot imagine how women do it all. *Should* women do it all?   Hear from three successful women who have dealt with the family/career struggle and learned to live seeking that balance. Among other things, we will be discussing:   Issues faced in attempting to balance your professional life versus your family life Solutions or recommendations Overcoming stereotypes and guilt Is this a women’s issue?   We’ll be discussing life balance issues that may be particular to wormen with children but are not only shared with men, but are directly relevant to them as well.   Featured guests   Barbi Reuter, RPA Principal, PICOR Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc   Myriam Beaugé Editor-in-Chief, Mall Media Inc   Amy Slattery Senior Architect & Project Manager, Burns & McDonnell  

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    The Really Big Show

    in Technology

        Hard to believe the first year of production is in the can. Episode 48 will highlight some of what we listened to, liked and learned over the last 47 shows.  We will revisit a few of the topics and hopefully even hear updates from the programs many new friends.

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    Drone Law Talk Take Away

    in Technology

    Chad Partridge and I discuss the take away from the Drone Law: Opportunities, Risks, and the Future discussion at U.C. Berkley Law School. We’ll recap some of the reservations and misconceptions that were expressed by this diverse group.

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    UAS West By Southwest

    in Technology

    Gene and I discuss the symposiums that we attended this week, whom we met and the subject matter. We will also discuss the announcement of the Small Unmanned Business Exposition.

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    The Fly In

    in Technology

    Gene and I discuss current events, future shows and we will broadcast live from a First Person View (FPV) Fly In. sUAS News is blazing a new trail as we start a series of podcasts where we take the listeners out into the field to get an idea of what it is like to work in UA/RPA technology application sector. All you have to do is listen in to be a part of history.