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    The Ole Sarday Staggered Swagger Struggle Routine

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    ladies and gents the Ole Sarday Staggered Swagger Struggle Routine has commenced So gather around and let us all repent we are broadcasting from an undisclosed location because we couldn't pay the rent. SPS is in the house and every creature is staggering ... even the mouse. We have all your favourite segmentssometimes just in fragments cause that's how we roll and if you don't know ... no you know Time to tilt back let it all hang out ala smellys ball sack  We got Tammys Top Ten Gookoosh Sightings Even Mr Scabs, we would have had Datumz and his Boobiish sightings but it appears he's in Rehab.So Ricky Gookoosh if you're tuning intell chi Rose where you've been whispen in her ear that you're living in sin. So put that stagger back in yo swagger raise your glasses and suck back that JagerAnd if your drinking with Blake .... I guess your drinking stinking Lager. Untill then Wikwemikong .... Keep your head Up

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    Success is in Your Daily Routine

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    Tune in and find out what type of routine will help you thrive in business and in your life for that matter. This show is geared toward entrepreneurs, but it has something for everyone. Learn to stay the course and reach your goals.  Learn the importance of a routine and how it can enhance your success, whether you are an entrepreneur or not. Repeat show with great information. 

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    Daily Gogetemism #207 The Old Routine

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    What are some things that people do everyday?

    Some people work, drink, get high, party, go to strip clubs, have sex, exercise, brush your teeth, cheat, lie, steal, motivate, hate, neglect, study etc.

    You can get into a routine of making yourself better or you can get into a routine of creating boredom or becoming destructive.

    What's it gonna be?

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    The Importance of Scheduling Fun Into Your Routine

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    We have become a society of calendars and lists. However, sometimes we forget to schedule time for fun or doing nothing at all. On Friday, Oct. 2, noon PT/3 p.m. ET/ 8 p.m. UK, we will discuss how to schedule things that most people don't schedule and the importance of doing so.  

    Join in the conversation through Skype (after the show begins), calling 347-205-9074, or in the Facebook group Purpose Talk Radio Conversations. 

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    The Life Lab: Episode 4 "Switch It Up" Freshen Up Your Routine with A New Flavor

    in Health

    The Life Lab: Mega Minds Building Mega Bodies empowers listeners be the best version of themselves through physical fitness and mental fitness on their individual path to achieving greatness. Co-hosts Jace and Lex examine the mind-body connection in live coaching sessions that pinpoint problems and strategies to overcome barriers that promote self care and positive change.

    Jace is a personal trainer and nutrition coach who loves seeing the internal transformation that comes from people taking their health and well being to the next level. Lex is a life and creative coach who loves supporting people to be their best, most authentic selves and live the life of their dreams.  Together they dig deep into the experiment of life, where you are the secret ingredient.

    Special Guest: Dee Brantley is a full time working mother and wife. Due to borderline health concerns she began her journey to health living with nutrition and fitness in 2012. Dee  completed her 1st 5K in 2012 and from there she has run several races/distances over the years. In 2014, she became a Half Fanatic completing three half marathons in 90 days. In October 2015, she proudly claimed the title of marathoner at the Detroit Free Press Marathon. Dee has lost a total of 55lbs on her journey and she has been able to keep the weight off while still having weight loss goals to attain. Dee is looking to continue her journey to overall health and wellness for years to come.

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    Late Night Routine

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    Hosted By-Edwin J Applewhite

    Divendre Hernandez-Interview


    Music By-Nicki Minaj Ft-Drake,Prince Royce Ft-Snoop Dogg,MackMilly Shineboy Ft-Jadakiss,Zoey Clarke Ft-Fetty Wap,Jordin Sparks Ft2 Chainz,Divendre Hernandez,Puff Daddy The Family Ft-Pharrell Williams,Jamie Foxx Ft-Chris Brown,Divendre Hernandez,Usher Ft-Migos,Janet Jackson,Ciara,Tink,Natasha Mosley,Snoop Ft-Charlie Wilson

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    interview with newly ordained Elder Sonya Ford

    For many, routine is life itself. If the routine is upset in any way, life becomes difficult to handle. For many, their daily routines consist of rising in the morning to a cup of coffee, rushing to shower and get ready for work. Then the kids have to be gotten up, dressed, and fed. Once all is gathered, the children are loaded up, taken to school or day care, and then there the rush into daily employment. Once the whistle blows, rush hour traffic is faced, the kids are picked up and the day is almost spent. However, once home, daily chores are performed, bills must be paid, dinner must be prepared, and any work brought home must be completed. Finally, after all tasks are concluded, it is time to collapse into bed only


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    Ministry in Life Challenges/Community Support

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    Thanks for joining me for our 7th virtual Life Challenges class about THE MINISTRY. Active participation is encouraged by sharing your thoughts with comments that inspire, encourage, motivate and enlighten. Before we get started, here is a recap. Life Challenges represent all of the activities that make up our daily routine. They are connected to our life domains, that include relationships, spirituality, housing, education, mental and physical health, financial, sexuality, jobs and what you do to relax and for the fun of it. You, the Life Challenger have committed to not settling for less and striving to reposition you in life so that you are better stewards to our family and friends.

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    Routine Operation: Marriage

    in Relationships

    Everyone, regardless of gender, marital status or sexual orientation, can have an Innerwife, Innerhusband or both.  Find out more with host Chad Hunter.   You've made it past dating.  You've survived the engagement.  Now you're married, congratulations!  But why has the spark dried up and the boredom set in?  Join host Chad Hunter on INNERWIFE ENCORE in discussing final tips to stop "Routine Operation: Marriage"   For your copy of Chad Hunter's "Love Life, Ultimate Strife, How-To Lists from the Innerwife" please go to https://www.createspace.com/3454233

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    Are The University of Memphis Tigers back in the basketball business?!!

    in Basketball

    Welcome back ladies and gents to another episode of your favorite sports show! Today I'll be covering everything from College Basketball to the NFL! You know the routine so get your popcorn ready for another installment of "The Jay Byrd Show!"