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    The Real Rosewood Story By Lizzie Robinson Jenkins

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    Rosewood was established around 1870 in Levy County, Florida on a road leading to Cedar Key and the Gulf of Mexico. It is believed to have taken its name from the abundant red cedar trees that grew in the area. Rosewood prospered as the Florida Railroad established a small depot to handle the transport of cedar wood to the pencil factory in Cedar Key and the transportation of timber, turpentine rosin, citrus, vegetables, and cotton. In 1890, the cedar depleted and many of the white families moved to Sumner, three miles west of Rosewood, and worked at the newfound saw mill established by Cummer & Sons. By 1900, Rosewood had a majority of black citizens.


    On the morning of January 1, 1923, Fannie Coleman Taylor, a white woman and homemaker of Sumner Florida, claimed a black man assaulted her. Although she was not seriously injured and was able to describe what happened, she allegedly remained unconscious for several hours due to the shock of the incident. No one disputed her account and no questions were asked. It was assumed she was reporting the incident accurately.


    James Taylor, a foreman at Cummer & Sons saw mill and Fannie Taylor's husband, assembled a vicious mob and ordered tracking dogs. The local white community became enraged at the alleged abuse of a white woman by a black man; it was an unpardonable sin for any black man to gaze upon a white woman and he most certainly could not touch one.


    James Taylor requested help from Levy County and neighboring Alachua County, where a staged Ku Klux Klan celebration was ending on the courthouse square in downtown Gainesville, Florida. A large number of KKK members had been rallying and marching in opposition of justice for black people on December 31, 1922, leading up to the January 1, 1923 Rosewood massacre.

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    Black History Month: Rosewood Massacre of 1923

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    The Rosewood massacre was a racially motivated attack on African Americans and their neighborhood committed by a white mob in Florida during January 1–7, 1923. At least six African Americans and two whites were reported as killed in the ensuing violence but the general belief of the people who were there is that it was many more. The town of Rosewood, a majority-black community, was abandoned and destroyed in what contemporary news reports characterized as a race riot (with the implication blacks had broken out in violence), but the fact tell a completely different story.

    Lizzie Polly Robinson Brown Jenkins, our guest on this broadcast was born October 25, 1938, in Archer, Florida and earned a BS Degree in Education from Florida Memorial University and a Master’s from Nova University. She taught in the Alachua County Public School System for thirty-three years.  Jenkins has amassed more than twenty years of Rosewood research authenticating, documenting, and positioning a legacy for a new generation. "For unless we remember, neither we, nor future generations will understand" states Jenkins.  

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    Manifestation: The Secret They Didn't Tell You with Psychic Natasha Rosewood

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    Find out what the SECRET didn't tell you. What if you are doing everything right to manifest your dreams--but nothing is working. NATASHA J. ROSEWOOD 

    Psychic Coach *Energy Dynamics Facilitator * TV/ Radio Personality  * Palmist  *Author * Spirit Medium * Past Life Regressionist

    With 40 years metaphysical experience, International Psychic Natasha heals and empowers by dissolving destructive subconscious blocks. Bringing understanding to unresolved events, she clears energy channels for greater joy and creativity. Her two books on psychic/ intuitive development: empower people all over the world to live more joyous lives. 

    Books: Mostly True Ghostly Stories, Aaagh! I thought You Were Dead, and Aaagh! I Think I'm Psychic

    Website: www.NatashaPsychic.com




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    The Real Rosewood Story with Historical Orator Lizzie Robinson Jenkins

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    Long before The Real Rosewood Foundation was created, my mother strongly suggested researching the real truths of the Rosewood occurrence. The two of us shared the dark secrets of the Rosewood story over the years starting in 1943, when I was only five. For me, the most significant part of the Rosewood story is centered on its schoolteacher, Mom’s sister, my favorite aunt and mentor, Mahulda Gussie Brown Carrier.

    The memory of Rosewood is constantly on my mind. I have not been able to lay the burden of its history down. To my mother, Theresa Brown Robinson, Rosewood was a “song” etched in her heart. She promised my Aunt Mahulda that she would keep her secrets safely hidden, but the thought of what happened to her dear sister in Rosewood made the vow too tremendous a task to keep silent during the making of the movie, ROSEWOOD. As the title of the old Negro Spiritual suggests, “I Said I Wasn’t Gonna Tell Nobody but I Couldn't Keep It to Myself,” my mother was compelled to share her sister’s story, reliving the horrifying and hostile events she witnessed in 1923, at age 21. Mom contributed a great deal of information to the moviemakers; however, they used her information and did not properly give credit.

    She was offended after watching the Rosewood movie and charged me with completing her Rosewood research, firmly stating, "Mommy didn't raise no fools. You finish my research and tell our own Rosewood story. I have given you enough oral family history to make a documentary and you must do just that!"


  • Do U Have A Greenwood/Rosewood Plan ?

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    Today on "It's My House" we shall ask the question: "Do You Have A Greenwood/Rosewood Plan ?" 

    For those of you who do not know Greenwood was a "neighborhood" located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This neighborhood is known by it's more popular name, which is Black Wall Street.  In 1921 this neighborhood was destroyed via urban rioting. Parts of the neighborhood was rebuilt, however this neighborhood never returned 100% to it's formal glory. 

    Rosewood was a township located on the west of Florida. In 1923 this township was destroyed via rioting as well, however now it is a ghost town.

    We shall take a look both of these events and what we need to do today so we are not victims.


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    The Final Word Podcast Black History Month Rosewood (1997) Review

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    Join us as we celebrate the 28 Black films that everyone must see for Black History Month at 8pm (EST) 5pm (PST) LIVE nightly. Each is a must-see as it reflects the real life circumstances that many black people have experienced or can relate to. Watch as these films represent a community with a rich and significant contribution to the world. These movies are in no particular order. Don't see a particular movie on the list? Email us: TheFinalWordPodcast@yahoo.com

    Rosewood, Florida, is a small, peaceful town with an almost entirely African-American population of middle-class homeowners, until New Year's Day 1923, when a lynch mob from a neighboring white community storms the town. Among the carnage, music teacher Sylvester (Don Cheadle) and mysterious stranger Mann (Ving Rhames) stand tall against the invaders, while white grocer John (Jon Voight) attempts to save the town's women and children. This 1997 film is based on a true story and sheds light on an often forgotten part of American history.

    If you would like to call in and share your thoughts or ask questions you can call into 347-826-7899 to appear in the queue for the show, press 1 to talk to the host.

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    Trust Factors: Mandela v MLK v Rosewood v BWS

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    Today on "It's My House" we shall discuss "Trust Factors", that is why we should ALL set up Trust entities to protect ourselves, protect our families, and protect our legacies. We shall use four cases to study.

    The Nelson Mandela Family Trust
    Infighting by the children of Martin Luther King
    Rosewood, Florida
    The Greenwood neighborhood of Tulsa, Oklahoma better known as Black Wall Street

    Have pen and paper ready to take notes and listen for our play back on: www.waterassetsradio.com

    Feel free to call in as well during the podcast.

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    The Real Rosewood Story with Lizzie Robinson Jenkins

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    The Real Rosewood Foundation, Inc.

    The Real Rosewood Foundation was created in 2002 to develop a timeline, expand the search, find lost survivors, and locate descendants – black and white, inviting cultural participation to preserve an important history.

    Though it has been ninety-two years since the massacre, the descendants are still in touch with their beginning. Each year in July they celebrate family reunions. They are not angry and do not dwell on the past destruction of their hometown. Choosing to attain higher learning, many have gone on to become educators, doctors, lawyers, engineers, superintendent of schools, and skilled workers. They never lost the work ethics and values instilled in them by their ancestors. A most recent development regarding Rosewood is the interest of white Rosewood descendants in helping protect the history.

    This foundation is dedicated to building the Rosewood Black History Preservation and Research Center in memory of the Rosewood survivors and descendants at Mahulda's Archer, Florida homestead. Additionally, the foundation sponsors a scholarship in honor of Mahulda Gussie Brown Carrier, the third Rosewood schoolteacher employed in Levy County. Carrier is the first and only black female principal employed in Levy County and is believed the second black female principal hired in the state of Florida . The foundation is working to produce a documentary recapping real truths by historian Lizzie Jenkins, founder and president of The Real Rosewood Foundation, who is writing her life story which includes how she unlocked the secrets of Rosewood through consistent research. Moreover, the foundation is producing two songs, "Rosewood Florida" and "Rosewood, No More".

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    Cosmic Contacts Show and Gianna Rosewood Relationship Whisperer

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    Welcome to the Cosmic Contacts Show my guest this Monday is Gianna Rosewood a Relationship Whisperer and former frog kisser, Gianna has conducted motivational "Playshops" since 1992 and has helped countless relationship seekers "leapfrog" past failed relationships to attract a truly available and spiritual partner. She is a gifted intuitive whose skillful, grounded guidance helps relationship seekers illuminate answers that reside in their souls's deepest longing.

    Gianna is a Reiki Master, hypnotherapist,and ordained Minister. She co-authored the book "Are You Still Kissing Frogs?" with Kenneth Paul Holmes her husband of 21 years.

    Contact info: www.rosewoodwisdom.com


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