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    Today's Relationships

    in Romance

    Anthony Armstrong  A awesome artists and 35 year Russell's News to BE THERE Magazine Reader/Supporter will BE THERE with his Art..



    ON SALE NOW! http://www.betheremagazine.com/new-events.html

    Celebrating 35 Years Of Publishing - Russell's News to BE THERE Magazine Big Reunion Party

    Join us for a night to remember! 

    Friday July 22nd 2016 

    8:00pm To 12:00am

    Knights of Columbus 
    9707 Rosensteel Avenue 
    Silver Spring, Maryland  20910

    The Big Reunion Party 2016! 


    Russell's News to BE THERE Magazine  

    The Big Reunion , this year is set to be bigger and better than ever.

    Cathy Hughes, Radio Mogul - Publishers Randi Payton, African American On Wheels, Malcolm Beech, Godfather of Publishing, Anita The Diva, Jamie Foster Brown, Sister2Sister Magazine, Bev Smith Talk Show Host, Barry Fletcher, Hair Designer, Marcia Foster, Hand Dancing Queen, Sonny Brown, Jewel Elliott, Carol Robinson, Renee Starlin, Gina Sanders, Anita McRae Williams, Carla McClinton, BE THERE Magazine Women Of The Year, Herman Taylor, Arthur Rico Rush, Carolyn White- Washington Sisters4Sisters, Inc., Sharrarne Morton, On the Cover 1998, Betty "Boo" Smith, Miss Russell's News 1992, Stacy Lattisaw, "Russell's Angels" Barbara, Jackie, Angie, Valerie, and Glo. Entrepreneur Spotlight Lucinia Mundy, Gary Lock And Key.

    Good Music

    Vendor space available: 202-445-1131

    Start counting down the days now, Until JULY. 22nd The Big Reunion 2016. Don't Miss This One! It Is Going To Be A Big One..

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    CRLive 4/27: Rush Is Wrong, Weather Channel Climate Hoax, Trump Hits Globalists

    in Politics Conservative

    7 pm EST

    Join host Barry Secrest and exo-government specialist Lee Daniel as they discuss an ever-expanding caseload of governmental oddities, politics, the Supernatural & The New World Order--all from an entertaining, cutting edge, Conservative perspective.

    Listen live and CALL IN to speak to the host and co-host--(347) 996-3923.  Join the conversation!


    Tonight's topics include:

    Eyes Wide Shut: Globalist Koch Brothers Betray America on TPP/TPIP & Hillary
    Weather Channel Founder Warns Obama’s Paris Climate Change Signing Has Nothing to Do with Climate
    Trumps Wins Landslide in Five States Throwing GOP Hopes of Contested Convention in Doubt
    Trump To Get More Primary Votes Than Anyone In History
    Climate Scientists Misapplied Basic Physics
    UN Pushing Unlawful Bypass of US Rules in Forcing Syrian Refugee Resettlement in US
    Executive Order Allowing 200,000 Former Felons to Vote Issued by Virginia’s Democrat Governor
    Turkey’s Islamic Anti-Christ Dictator Arrests and Detains Dutch Journalist for Criticizing Him
    Muslim Refugees Chant “Adolph Hitler & God is Great” at Rally in Germany (Youtube)
    Human Engineered and Rockefeller-Patented Zika Virus Now Threatens 2 Billion Across Planet
    Obama Recently Delivered $ 3 Billion in Weapons & Armament to Al Qaeda Terrorists in Syria
    France synagogue converted into mosque…
    Massive security breach at German nuke plant…
    BARNES: Cruz has collapsed… Cruz is desperate…


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    CynCity Radio Presents Ideal Real Radio's Conversations w/ MoeDon WILD OUT WED

    in Entertainment

    CynCity Radio Presents Ideal Real Radio's Conversations w/ MoeDon Its Wild Out Wednesday!  



    It requires thought, intent and effort. You don't "accidentally" cheat any mre than you "accidentally" plan to get ass naked in the middle of the street during rush hour. 

    Tonight we get into it!

    Real Music. Real Talk. Real Radio. 

    in·de·pend·ence ?ind?'pend?ns/Submit noun the fact or state of being independent. "Argentina gained independence from Spain in 1816" synonyms: self-government, self-rule, home rule, separation, self-determination, sovereignty, autonomy, freedom, liberty More the industry no longer exists.... the day of the major label and the minor artist aka slave is over!!!!!! tonight we give light to all the brave artist that choose to take there future in there own hands!!!!!!

    Indie Music Wednesdays & Conversation with MoeDon are produced by Ideal Real Radio in collaboraiton with CynCity Radio. 

    Ideal Real Radio is a subsidiary of DPE TV.

    CynCity Radio is owned and operated by CynCity Productions, LLC

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    Master Your Speech and Increase Your Bottom Line

    in Entrepreneur

    You know your worth. You know you can change lives, if only people knew about you. The internet is one way to get your message across, but it’s also like trying to drive in rush hour traffic. It’s very crowded out there. So how do you stand out in the crowd? Public speaking is one way. After all nothing beats belly-to-belly contact when it comes to turning prospects into clients. But there's more to it than just popping up on a stage and talking to a crowd. To speak effectively AND grow your client base, you need a strategy: A great message, effective presentation skills and the ability to get the gig. My guest today, Karen McGregor, is a highly acclaimed speaker who has appeared on the same stage with Deepak Chopra, Loral Langmeier, Les Brown and Brendan Bruchard to name a few. She is also speaking mentor who has coached hundreds of people to become great speakers who also grow their bottom line.

    You will learn:

    How to structure your message, so your audience will be dying to work with you
    How to gracefully ask for the sale from the stage
    How to get speaking gigs

  • BRN 204: Tuesday Night Delight.

    in Current Events

    Early workweek got ya down?
    Or is it the fact that you live in Beardstown?
    Either way,we got a little bit of internet radio goodness here with your humble hero btowntruth.

    Yep,we are still here.Despite the rush late in the game by posers,cool kids,and Facebook badassses.
    The scoreboard reads.......oh,wait,it just went final:

    btowntruth 1 posers,cool kids,Facebook badasses 0

    Live,local,LIUNA Friendly.
    And still here.

    THIS is THE btowntruth Radio Network.


    in Radio

    Making the move to New York City in 1997, Walker was named Vice President of Promotion for Def Jam. A year later, after restructuring the company’s promotions department and its field staff, Walker was named Sr. Vice President. During her tenure, her team successfully marketed Def Comedy Jam, Phat Farm clothing, Russell Simmons' co-produced movies, "The Nutty Professor,” Jackie Chan’s “Rush Hour 1 and 2” plus several #1 Gold and Platinum albums from Jay-Z, Sisqo, Kelly Price, Ashanti, Ja Rule, DMX, LL Cool J, Musiq, Dru Hill and others.

    After 15 years of tenure at Def Jam Recordings, Walker resigned and moved to Los Angeles where she was named Head of Black Music for DreamWorks Records. Known affectionately as Ms Johnnie Walker ... in 2009 Walker assumed her current position with the City of Memphis.

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    Monday Morning Rush Hour...

    in Marketing

    Time to make the donuts and also time to give away a GOLD Package....

  • Indian Country to up its game to the next level!

    in Culture

    It is time that we as Natives take a stand for who we are, and what we want to see in Tribal Communities across this land.  We also need to focus on what we can do on a national level.  Please call in tonight and share what need s to be done in our outreach for a better Indian Tomorrow.

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    SFTL 135: David Gormley | Donna Halper | Smoke & Junction Creek

    in Entertainment

    if it's Monday night - then it's the the RK sho | join Russell Hinkle and Kevin Hale as they shoot with a variety of guests - totally unfiltered.  also, Chris Lucien - Manager/Bartender - joins us for the County Line Countdown segment.


    08:30 | David Gormley - Atheists: Inside the World of Non-Believers


    38:09 | Donna Halper - author, professor, media historian; former broadcaster/radio consultant. discovered rock band Rush

    Donna's latest blog - http://dlhalperblog.blogspot.com/2016/04/putting-our-differences-aside.html

    1:07:23 | The County Line weekend gigs

    Smoke (4.29)
    Junction Creek (4.30)


    music/voice credits | Steven Clark & Jeni Carr

  • Why I was WRONG?

    in Politics

    I was just like you! I Thought “what could possibly wrong with Majority rule?”

    I thought “The RNC is stupid, this delegate thing makes no sense!”

    I thought “ Why are the Liberals NOT getting it? Are they really that stupid?”

    I thought ---Other things. BUT THEN I thought maybe the information, NAY the truth is out there!! Maybe Ben Franklin and Thomas Jeferson knew something we don't..... So I hit the “Google highway”...Listened to Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Alfonze Rachel, Ben Shapiro and my new FAVORITE of all time BILL WHITTLE!! and I found the truth!!! ( Yes there is absolute truth) Join me for a special broadcast today at 3:00 PM Central... I am NOT asking you to change sides...I am asking you to listen and think for yourself …

    “...a person is smart..PEOPLE are stupid”

    -agent K- ( MIB)

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    ANTN- Newz Blitz!!! 4/24/2016

    in Current Events

    Greetings fellows Humans!! Well this is going to be quick like this broadcast. We would like to grow as a network and provide those factual important matters up to you, the listener, the warrior ASAP. ~S~ did a amazing job On the ANT Special Report and we would like to grow further. We want to get the tools to fight with right away....So join Rush Perez ~X~ on this edition of ANTN Newz Blitz !!! 3PM Central Time Zone (USA Time Zone) btw its only a15-30 Min broadcast so it wont take long I promise I know its Sunday....