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    Finding your Roots

    in Culture

    If you don’t know where you came from, how are you going to get where ever you’re trying to go? Familiarity with your immediate family history is a requirement for personal growth and family pride. Our guest, Ms. Kelly Shea, will reveal her unique story on how she searched and located her father’s relatives. She will also reveal how that exercise gave her a hearty appetite for researching one's roots while providing tips to make your search easier.

    We will also get the details on her entrepreneurial skills. She has formed and operates Physician Fees First LLC. It’s a consulting, credentialing and billing firm whose website is located at www.physicianfeesfirst.com.  You will be able to call 347-237-4908, ask a direct question, and receive firsthand knowledge and advice during the show.

    Pictured are, (1) Ms. Shea’s business card, (2) visiting her newly found but late Uncle Calvin Hampton, (3) her mother (Kathy Steinke) and father (Joe Hampton), and (4) Kelly M. Shea herself.

    Of course, there will be music selections and a report on the upcoming midterm election November 4, 2014.

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    BeSimply...Food Alchemy {Roots}

    in Food

    Connect to your roots. The Alchemy of Food and Culture. Connect with simple ways to interact with food, develop a new relationship with how and what you eat. Discover new ways to nourish self, soil and society. This segment we talk about Maca and discuss the importance of “this root” and its relationship to the masculine and feminine energy and indigenous traditions. How to balance an energy from the sacred crops and traditions of Peru.
    Shining a light on The Whole Foods Encyclopedia by Rebecca Wood

    Healing with Whole Food by Paul Pitchford

    Maca by Essential Living Foods

    Music Breakfast with Chopin by Elizaveta

    Food Alchemy with 'She'

    Suzanne Toro

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    BeSimply...Roots {Food Alchemy}

    in Lifestyle

    The Alchemy of Food and Culture of Cooking and Dining. Engage with simple ways to interact with food, develop a new relationship with how and what you eat. Discover and reconnect new ways to nourish self, soil and society. Exploring your ROOTS through your culture and heritage. Prepare for Summer/Winter.

    Exploring their intended use, the medicine and finding moderation within the indulgence and the celebration.

    Shining a light on YOU!

    Where to learn more

    Healing with Whole Food by Paul Pitchford

    Recipes (click here)

    Music Primitive Eskimo Song Soft Summer

    Tor-Cheney-Nahaha by Soft Spirit

    Food Alchemy with 'She'

    Suzanne Toro

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    Nappy Roots, Black Hair Style, Care, Products and Economic Independence

    in Culture

    As consumer or beauty shop owner, have you wondered where are the local Beauty Supply Stores owned by African-American’s? Can you purchase quality products on-line? In a Billion dollar industry, where are the profits going? Does any of your money find its way back to your neighborhood?  These are questions we all are asking our friends, neighbors and people we know that are in the Black Hair Care business.

    We have as our special guest, Ms. Regina Kimbell, producer of My Nappy ROOTS and Founder of NAPPYWOOD weekend Los Angeles.  In her own words, “I’m a documentary filmmaker first so it gives me an objective overview of the industry also from a historic perspective.” We will get her perspective on the industry of today along with her opinion as the prognosticator for the future.

    You will hear cuts from the Nappy Roots Soundtrack. We’ll get into the facts and fiction of this billion dollar industry that manufactures for, supplying to and servicing African-Americans.

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    The Roots of Christmas & Jesus

    in Politics

    For most of the Free World, Christmas is a holiday season celebrated more for its shopping, overeating and gift giving than the actual religious significance it once contained.

    The season is represented by silver and gold adorned trees, as well as colorful twinkling lights spilling over homes, churches and businesses.

    Family and friends exchange gifts, kiss under mistletoe, burn Yule logs and yet, sadly, most people have no idea where the Christmas holiday traditions come from, but they swear that it is all about Jesus.

    The Christmas holiday as we know it is really an aggregation of a bunch of mythology and customs that were actually around before the birth of Jesus. And, the actual birth of Jesus has been placed somewhere around September.

    Tune in to The Bridge Radio on Sunday as we discuss the Christmas traditions and how they became merged with Christian traditions.

    Discuss The Roots of Christmas & Jesus with Host Darryl James and Co-Hosts, Tracy Powell, Marcus Legall III, Dr. John Hamilton & DJ Gates on one of the smartest radio shows on the Internet--The Bridge Radio.

    Tune in each Sunday at 4PM Pacific Time for "The Bridge," a smarter radio show.

    Call in and add your view! (347) 857-2846 to listen LIVE and/or comment!

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    BeSimply...Food Alchemy {Roots}

    in Food

    Join 'She' for 33 minutes Roots {Food Alchemy}

    During this segment:

    Connect to your roots. Connect with simple ways to interact with food, develope a new relationship with how and what you eat. Discover new ways to nourish self, soil and society...Exploring eating seasonally, from your home land and how to serve others with food.

    Summer to Fall Foods!

    If you are an emotional eater, perpetual diet trend sampler and/or at dis"ease" with your inner or outer temple...these segments will shine a light on your beauty and lift you UP. (fa72713)

    Please send in your questions to  suzannetoro@gmail.com

    Music by: Random Rab Apparently

    Shylay Ray Sunshine Existence

    Connect with

    Suzanne Toro

    Bare Naked Bliss
    Meditations-Audio Book
    BareNakeBliss e-book

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    Continued Exploration of the Roots & Explorations of Violence

    in Psychology

    Continued exploration of the roots and understandings of violence.  Join us in this most important discussion.

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    in Entertainment

    Are you interested in  your Ancestral DNA? Have you always wanted to know about your family heritage? Have you truly wondered about  discovering your deep lineage? Well then this is the show for you. Join us as we welcome Ancestry.com. Spend an hour as we learn the process, talk DNA and migration patterns, answer questions from listeners as well as talking to a few people live. Finally experience what they found out about my own Ancestral DNA and that of a anonymous person. Make sure you spend the next hour listening to this fascinating topic on "Live From The Bay".with Joey.



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    in Music

    America, it looks like yall done went over to Hollywood and Forgot Your Roots! Doesn't satan run Hollyweird, think about it, Lie, cheat, steal, kill, destroy, same characteristics. America, have you No Heart anymore? Where is your Love America? You forgot that, THE GOD, THE ALLMIGHTY shed HIS GRACE on thee! You use to be close to GOD at one time, or maybe you were just naming HIM! JESUS said we will know HIS Disciples by THE LOVE that they show.

    America, Why do you Embrace the thief of all thieves, instead of THE KING OF Kings...THE LORD!!!


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    Connecting to Your Shamanic ROOTS

    in Spirituality

    Join in and harvest the richness of connecting into the Divine expressions that is right here, right now.

    Cultivate a way of being that allows you to transcend beyond the human eye understanding.

    Embrace and relish what you have always known and felt within your heart and soul.

    Shamanism is an ancient beautiful practice of holding an inner sight and knowing into the unseen. Experience and live in congruency with your divine imprint, the way you see children, animals, water, flowers, wind, rain live in theirs. We will connect plant life, animal life in unique ways and create sacred ritual to enter into these realms for the purpose of living a life aligned and integrity in today’s world.

    We will step into the ancient wisdom of this sacred practice while being fully present within the knowledge that exist here on Mother Earth.

    You’ll be provided the opportunity to:

    Explore the of world shamanic traditions, understanding energy patterns, life is sacred, clarity into the unseen
    Shifting away from the paradigms of guilt, fear, trauma that holds us back in life
    Explore the different realms traveled by a Shamanic practitioner
    Create understands of different life forms
    Establish helping Spirit Guides
    How to apply innate wisdom in everyday life moments
    An expanded and generous heart
    Deeper reverence for life in all it’s expressions
    The power of instant energy shifts
    Connect into super consciousness

    5-Week Program starting Wednesday, April 23rd at 4PM Pacific Time

    Yours for $97.00 at http://drumbeatoflife.net/shamanic-roots/

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    Country Roots & Blues Singer: Jiggley Jones

    in Country Music

    Jiggley Jones, the project, came about in late 2007. Since then, while developing his new venture, he has worked with industry pros like former Shania Twain bandleader and Nashville based producer Terry Wendt, and LA based producer Chris Tristram, a former bassist for Capitol Records recording artist Marjorie Fair.

    Jiggley has had consistent radio airplay overseas in Europe, Asia and Australia, having hundreds of stations a week spin his music for many months straight. His internet radio success has been equally successful gaining and holding Top 5 spots in two separate categories on the Roots Music Report charts. His videos have gained over a quarter of a million views to date and his live performances have taken him from New York, to Philadelphia, to Virginia, and down to Nashville where he performed at BB King’s during the CMA Festival. He’s played the legendary Bitter End in NYC, the fabulous World Café in Wilmington, De. and the renowned South Street region of Philadelphia to mention a few. His song “Baby Blue” from his independent release has also been picked up by one of the premier karaoke brokers.

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