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    Supply and Demand - Show #530

    in Pets

    Join hosts, animal naturopaths, Dr. Kim Bloomer and Dr. Jeannie Thomason as the two shout from the rooftops to hopefully wake a few to the never-ending quest over the needs of animals based on true knowledge and research over simple economics of supply and demand. 

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    Tissue In The Tape Podcast: Ep 75: We Got This Covered

    in Hip Hop Music

    Check out Episode 75 of the Tissue In The Tape podcast. Think smothered biscuits.. Think rooftops.. Think quilts and blankets.. Think Primetime in his heyday.. because we are talking about covers. Welcome to The Tape Deck.If all else fails, press rewind if we haven't blow ya mind.

    What makes a good Hip-Hop cover song ? Why are there no Hip-Hop cover groups like in over genres? Would you pay to see one if there were?

    We ask all these questions and more on The Tissue In The Tape Podcast? episode 75: We Got this Covered #HipHop365 #TiTT #WRSPN #RespectHeatHolderz  #HipHopCoverSongs

    #warroomsports #hiphop365 #tissueinthetape



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    Female Dj Takeover with Dj Melody Kane on DjRia In The Mix

    in Entertainment

    Tune In Tues Aug 4th at 7 pmhttp://www.blogtalkradio.com/lightscamerasfashionradio/2015/08/04/female-dj-takeover-with-dj-melody-kane-on-djria-in-the-mix  for DjRia In The Mix Exclusive Worldwide Female Dj Series. Worldwide Female DJ Takeover Spotlighting the best Female Dj's Worldwide from the Swiss Alps to Manhattan Rooftops!!! First stop straight from London Town with  the Amazing Dj Melody Kane !!!! Let's get it Syndicated show to be played on LeMusique.Tv

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    in Health

    People are discouraged and disolushioned like never before! They feel robbed without a gun and sick without relief at all the problems facing their families and our world. While the suicide rate is up around the world, and a lack of love for one another at an all time high, we can still count on God, the maker of heaven and earth How? Why?

    The Hour for Power will speak on why we have no choice left in the land but to count on God, trust in God and fight for God until the death if necessary because the call in the streets from the hearts of man is now for the sleeper to arise from his sleep and the preacher man to put his teeth back in his or her mouth and come out swinging for God with, and for, the word of God!  

    Those in charge of spreading righteousness have almost become silent in the land and those who remain upright on two feet need to spread their cash around and concentrate on arming the masses with the word of God and to also fulfill their practical needs as they live. Period. Cut and dry! Come out of the mansions into the streets oh ye shepherds and stop the bull! PREACH, TEACH, EXPOUND AND CRY from the streets and the rooftops that Jesus is coming back again and his Father is not going to play with none left standing! Yes this good news for the weary and the wounded and those praying for righteousness on earth! YES, knowing, belivining in and having God in their lives is worth their time and their life! 

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    Caitlyn. Her irrelevance to many of us.

    in Lifestyle

    Everyone south of the moon has heard about the emergence of Caitlyn enner. She crashed the Internet with pics from her upcoming Vanity Fair photo shoot and has people heralding her name from the rooftops. BUT...there's also a lot of confused people trying to figure out what all the hoopla is about and how her notoriety will forward the LGBT movement. 

    Special guest Tyesse Jackson and I will discuss Ms. Jenner, the 'hero' category she's been placed in, and how many members of the Black LGBT community are annoyed by the newfound fame of this white republican woman. This will be a very candid and raw conversation; don't miss it. 





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    Pounding on the table, shouting from the rooftops...

    in Current Events

    Any sense of normalcy in America is an illusion. 


    Don and Doug have been calling out milemarkers on the American decline since December 2010, and each is convinced we're well into critical territory. 


    The stock market is showing increased volitility. For the time being, it's still managing upswings as well as down. But volitility makes people uneasy. Things look dicey for the months ahead. 


    As we near year's end, expect a new wave of health insurance cancellations, or extreme price hikes. It's Obamacare striking again. 


    A new polio-like epidemic may be shaping up in American cities.


    Policians treat the emerging Ebola epidemic like a political issue, and speak of travelers and patient rights, rather than even consider basic, but effective counter measures that have worked for centuries.


    In St. Louis, mobs unleased more unrest because a police officer shot and killed a perp who started the alteration by shooting at the cop.


    And ISIS continues on its march. Photos out of Kobani, Syria show women from teens to grandmothers, clutching Kalishnakovs, vowing to fight to the death in opposition. 


    How soon before we see American moms and grandmothers clutching arms, vowing to protect their homes, as our own socieity unravels?  


    In reality, it's already here. How many stories have you seen of moms or grandmas using arms to repel or kill home invaders, in American cities and suburbs?


    Things are getting worse, people. Not better. 


    Where do they go next? 




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    Impending Revelation Radio Show! "How Far Will You Go To Tell The Truth"

    in Education

    Join James as he leaps into an important topic. How far will you go to tell the truth? The truth as many may have heard in their life will set you free, but when the truth may land you in an 8x8 cell who will still be shouting from the rooftops?

    We will go over the stigma of being a whistleblower. Attempts on whistleblowers lives, and treason charges that have been filed.

    Is the truth worth it to you? It is to me. Join us and be a part of history.

    NWO TRUTH RADIO, NWOTRUTH RADIO MASS MEDIA, TRUTH EMERGES and WORLD ALLIANCE RADIO NETWORK are proud partners and make up the body of what is known globally as THE COALITION.

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    Film Growing Cities On the Urban Farming Movement Paradigm Shifts Film Festival

    in Nutrition

    Wednesday, March 11, 6pm EDT: The Urban Farming Movement is spreading throughout the country. From abandoned lots to rooftops and everything in between, people are using space for local food growing and business developing.  The film "Growing Cities" is about two young guys, Dan Susman and Andrew Monbouquette, drove across the country with camera in hand and met with groups of people 'in action' about feeding people in what are called "urban food deserrts" with good, healthy, live food.  It's inspiring.

    Joining Mitchell today are guests Dan Susman, director/producer and Brent Lubbert, co-producer and production coordinator, discussing the adventure and the essence of the film, as well as the Movement they witnessed first-hand in urban farming across the country.

    Growing Cities is one of many films being shown at the upcoming Paradigm Shifts Film & Music Festival in NYC, March 19-29, 2015. For more information on this stunning list of eco-films and films focusing on the issues of indigenous peoples, along with top-class musical performances, go to: http://abetterworld.tv/a-music-and-film-festival-march-19-29,

    Listen on-line at www.abetterworld.tv.

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    The Mad Mad...... World Of Obama

    in Politics Conservative

    The Mad Hatter's Lament

    this week the supporters of the “religion of peace” doused a man in a cage with gasoline and burned him alive. They’ve also been crucifying children, selling sex slaves, throwing gays off of rooftops, stoning women, and burying kids alive. And our president (the one of the green lipstick interview) responds by pointing out how bad the Crusades were. Evidently he doesn’t know that the Crusades were started to fend off, guess who? The supporters of his beloved “religion of peace.”


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    Tuesday is here!

    in Sports

    Tuesday had been extended.  Tune in as the Big Jack and Dan the Man discuss all sports but break to talk Cubbies baseball with Al Yellin of BleedCubbieBlue.com  With the Bleachers not going to be ready by opening day but they purchased rooftops and now a lawsuit.  Then Justin McGuire from SportingNews.com and a member of both the BBWAA & SABR.  MLB Commissioner wish list   What would you do

    Sports Time Radio.   All sports, all the time!


    @burketime @mrfanofsports @danzeeeman


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    Heroes of Katrina: 10 Years After /The St Bernard Parish Fire Department

    in Writing

    When the winds of Katrina began to die down, the flood waters began to rise.  For St. Bernard Parish, the flooding was nearly absolute.  99% of the structures had been flooded and destroyed.  In some places 25 feet of water lapped up upon the rooftops.

    St Bernard Parish is the only county in the history of the United States to have been nearly completely destroyed.

    As of the census of 2000, there were 67,229 people (an increase of 598 or 0.9% over the previous decade), 25,123 households, and 18,289 families residing in the parish. The population density was 145 people per square mile (56/km²). There were 26,790 housing units at an average density of 58 per square mile (22/km²).

    After Katrina, with an entire population reeling from the destruction, many evacuated.  Those that remained waited for the waters to subside and began the long process of re-building.

    For perspective, as of the census of 2010, there are 35,897 people.  The community is still re-building 10 years later.

    During the storm, the St Bernard Parish Fire and Sherriff's Department deployed to aid the community as the flood waters rose and remained.

    Chief Thomas Stone is our special guest.

    Chief Stone recently told us, "So much has occurred with the recovery and rebuilding of our departments, such as building new stations, replacing our apparatus, hiring and training new firefighters. Our departments have been to hell and we’re not back yet.  We had a mass departure of senior officers in the years after Katrina, threat of layoffs of firefighters and all the red tape trying to rebuild. We have not even replaced all of our equipment lost through the Public Assistance Project Worksheet program 9 ½ years later".

    Please join us for what promises to be a fascinating show about perseverance, reality, hopes, and dreams.