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    Raising The Roof Radio - The Budget, The Taxes, The Bullshit

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    The temporary budget has been approved, the city employees get paid, the question is for how long and at who's expense? The who's who in the city council race and the mayor on the ropes in Paterson. The Board of Education is proposing a 27% hike in taxes to make up for a $45 Million shortfall in the budget. 

    A day after state-appointed district superintendent Donnie Evans proposed a possible 27.2-percent hike in the school levy to close a $45 million gap in the district’s budget, municipal officials condemned the move.

    Council president William McKoy said the proposal is “outrageous.” He said he is convening a leadership meeting with community leaders to discuss steps necessary to ensure homeowners are not hit with a new tax increase.

    “This is a horrible idea. It’s not workable,” said the council president. He said the city’s education system under state control since 1991 has failed students and given the results it’s “unconscionable” for the state to demand property owners to contribute more money. The dire need for not only voter registration but getting people out and to the polls. Last but not least the fact that the Mayors political practises have this city in a hot spot which has some people suggesting a recall, all it takes is 5000 signatures submitted to the state to launch an investigation into the Mayors office.

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    Raising The Roof Radio - The Black Condition Conference

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    On February 27th the Save The Village Coalition will hold their 2nd Annual Black Condition Conference at Public School # 6. Tonight we will speak with some of the key figures involved in setting the conference up. As well as some key situations that are going on in Paterson. The upcoming race for city council, the opening of the re-entry program and the issues involving the raising again of taxes..

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    Test show for HOODMATTERS

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    Testing 123 The beginning of a new era with HOOD MATTERS, your host will be  Queen U'Asia and Queen Hadasa. If you have a problem this is where you let it out, if you have a gripe this is where you let it out, if you have a beef this is where you git it on..

    Bring the noise cause we will and you can count on that!!!!!!!!!! 

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    Kid City Work with Yazmeir

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    Yaz is an up and coming Radio Host who is working on perfecting his Radio game, He has the need to talk about his life as a nine yearold trying to make it under harsh circumstances, in the Entertainment world for a youngster it is not easy but Yaz is down for the work and up for the progress.

    Shout outs, school, friends and family will all be a part of the show. The call in # is 347-855-8032, join Yaz as he perfects his showmanship with Raising The Roof Radio and A World Entertainment.

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    Kid City Works - We're back for round 2..

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    Tonight Kid City Works will be discussing life for children who live in a foster home, the positive and the negative aspects of foster life..

    Kid City Shoutouts to Amy Jacobs and A World Entertainment, Kiven Womble and Raising The Roof Radio, Brother Bayan and Big City Works Productions, Paterson Cares, Ann's Little Angels DayCare & Acadamy, Young Legend, Fetty Wap, French Montana, Grandma, Uncle DaWoo, My Mother Keema, Aunt Mia, Uncle NoMoe, Ms. Wendy, Ms. Mary, Hihwayley,  and Ms. Megan.

     I want to talk about my life .

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    The Chat With Charity Show Live

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    This show will be about the Presidental Race and the Local Paterson, New Jersey Ward Election! I will have guest on all night!

    Sport Talk
    Wahts Crazy as well

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    Hood Matters 2 Queens Talk Show

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    Tonight is show # 1 of Hood Matters with Queen U'Asia and Queen Hadasa.

    This is the most controversal show to come out of Raising The Roof Media Group since the Ruckus Room aired last November.

    These young sisters are tired of what is being done to Paterson and they are letting it all out so get ready to be challenged. If it is wrong in this city they are gonna be on it. The noise will be at fever pitch tonight so join us. If you would like to be apart of Hood Matters then call in at 347-855-8032.. Don't forget people, Hood Matters including ours.

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    The Chat With Charity Show

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    Its all about Family Show...

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    The Chat With Charity Show Live

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    Charity will play music from Today and "BaCk iN tHe dAY" as she also Chats About:

    Whats going on in the Schools in Paterson, NJ and where ever you live.
    The NBA- The Warriors Break the Record with 73 wins and Kobo's Last Game
    WHAT'S CRAZY?????

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    kids city work

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    its pretty good being in a foster home,because the things im doing that i was not doing with my biological parents        like being the person who i am now as a inspired rapper,dancer,and basketball player thats what i call a great entrepreneurnuer.

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    The Jalil Express!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BIG THINGS!!!!!

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    During this show, I will be telling my story giving thanks and sharing some exciting things coming up.