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    WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 6TH, 2012 @9PM- TONIGHT we are celebrating DECISION 2012 and the Re- Election of President Barack Obama & the First Family!! America stood strong and is not as divided as our politics wants us to think! Special Guest Dr. Davis will hang out with us to discuss the election, education & healthcare. Call in and share your personal comments or feedback. Dial us at917.889.3926. We are TM HYMAN RADIO the day after DECISION 2012!!

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    30 min with Romey Rome

    in Entertainment

    will be discussing why Isiah Thomas was not asked to be on the 1992 Dream team and the events that lead to his omission,
    the Shelf life of a stripper. athletes know when to hang it up. so when should an adult dancer know whenits time to quit.

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    30 minutes with Romey Rome

    in Sports

    discussion on the NBA draft.
    O.j Simpson looking to confess to Oprah that he did commit the killings in 1994
    more NFL lockout update

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    Romey V Santorum

    in Politics

    Who will win the Gop & Who can beat Obama?? Campaign  spending.    1.8million the # of dead people still on the voters registration roll across the country, according to a study from the Pew Center on states.

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    TM HYMAN RADIO returns TONIGHT MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 03rd, 2012 @9PM LIVE from Virginia Beach, VA. The Republican National Convention concluded Thursday in Tampa, FL while the Democratic National Convention begins tomorrow in Charlotte, NC. After voting President Obama into office, why do people still feel voting doesn't make a difference? We will drill down on this TONIGHT and more regarding the future of America!! Dial 917-889-3926 at 9PM to join the conversation.
    We're backkkkkkkkk! Don't miss it!

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    TM HYMAN RADIO returns TONIGHT WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 05th, 2012 @9PM LIVE from Tampa, FL. The Democratic National Convention is underway in Charlotte, NC. After seeing Michelle Obama steal the show last night we continue to ask, why do people still feel voting doesn't make a difference? TONIGHT SPECIAL GUEST PASTOR MICHAEL L. WILLIAMS and others continue the conversation. Dial 917-889-3926 at 9PM to join the conversation.
    We're backkkkkkkkk! Don't miss it!

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    An Interview With Ed Decker - God Makers

    in Religion

    Join us for a re-broadcast of our interview with Ed Decker (author of The Godmakers). Ed was a high ranking Mormon who converted to Christianity and explains how it all happened. He will also give us some insight into the cult of Mormonism. Please check out our website @Remnantxradio.com and send us a friend request on facebook! Get a free audio book (your choice) down load:


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    The Deadly Sins Podcast 7/28/2013

    in Internet

    It's been a long week. But it's funny how time seems to fly by when you're on the air. :)
    It's time for another Deadly Sins Podcast!
    Paul, Lou, Mull, Romey, and Zapp break down another week in the course of The Deadly Sins and get you up to date on what's coming next!
    Gaming, challenges, collabs, we've got a full slate this week and we can't wait to tell you about it!
    So don't miss the fastest half hour on Blog Talk Radio!

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    Romey Rome

    in Entertainment

    Life Life Life-- Hey family alot has happened since I lasted broadcasted. Good things mostly but I do have few things that are bothering me. Tune in Friday @9pm.

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    The Deadly Sins Podcast 5/19/2013

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    Another week goes by and it's time for another Deadly Sins Podcast!
    This week, we talk about what we shot (Operation Carbonation, Ketchup Packet Challenge, and more), what we've done (Romey's b-day party), and what's coming up this week.
    So be sure to tune in. It's like we always say, you never know what's gonna happen next!

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    Its the R&R Express! Coming to Your Town in November!

    in Politics Conservative

    After months of speculation, Gov. Romey has picked his running mate! It is Rep. Paul Ryan R WI. JImmy and Bernie have spoke about Paul Ryan many times on the show and they picked him as a great running mate back a few months ago. Get out to support them, qusetion them and make your choice. This team is America's team and will bring honor, stablity and economic growth back to our country! Join JImmy and Bernie, this Saturday, @ 2:00PM EDT, for another edition of Let's Tal;k Justice America!