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    Mirror Reflection of SELF

    in Self Help

    The SELF only knows ITSELF through others. The experience that is created is a mirror of an intention you have set inside yourself. How can you align to enjoy awesome experiences and learn about you in the process? As we take this journey, I will provide you with some unique techniques that will allow you to gain and receive it all! Everything you need, want and desire from every relationship is yours already. Discover a new way of interacting and enhance yourself naturally! 

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    learning to love when it is easier to hate

    in Lifestyle

    The show will focus on the fear that has been created by terrorists and how as Christians and people of faith have dropped the ball, saturating with racism and misunderstandings that fuel our hate.

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    A Nightmare In The Mirror

    in Spirituality

    Call-In (347)857-2383 @6:30pm est

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    Class with Cheryl

    in News

    In lieu of face to face class, for two weeks El Centro students in Cheryl Smith's Speech Communication Class are meeting in this forum.

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    Live Interview With Flora Carter, I Survived...

    in Christianity

    Ms. Flora Carter was borne on May 22, 1950.  She was raised with the best of both worlds and was able to experience the American and African culture growing up as her mother was from North Carolina and her dad was from Sierra Leone, Africa.  Her mom died when she was 11 and her dad raised her.  This resulted in Flor starting her independence early at age 17.  Flor is a product of the District of Columbia Public School system and attended college at Washington Technical Institute.  She has always been a hard working person which was instilled early by her dad.  She started working in middle school, at the nurses' office at school and has worked in the Federal Trade Commission, Department of Energy, the Justice Department and several contracting positions.  She retired in 2013 from International Monetary Fund where she worked in record management.  She has on daughter and two granddaughters.

    Flora fought to overcome verbal, physical, financial, and sexual abuse.  She has worked to help others understand and know that domestic violence is a choice that should not be made.  She says, "The cycle must be broken.  I am not a victim, but victorious, I am a survivor.  I now educate and advocate with perons to end the cycle."

    Join me Hezekiah L. Montgomery host of The Man In The Mirror and Co-Host Nichelle Johnson as we welcome this dynamic survivor to The Man In The Mirror platform.  She'll tell us more about her story, and share with us how the Lord is now using her to help stop domestic violence one victim at a time.  We'll find out how she helps turn them from victims to victors and become as she says victorious.  Just a reminder that Domestic Violence Is Real!!!


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    THE LADIES LOUNGE with Kathy B, Chisa PennixBrown, Darlene Brown

    in Entertainment

    Source Nation!! Join us tonight for the Ladies Lounge as Kathy B welcomes two amazing guests into the studio.

    At 6:15, Darlene Brown, the CEO of Divine Empowerment, established the organization in 2007 to provide training and coaching services to women and families with emphasis on personal development, healing and transformation.

    A published author, Darlene is featured in the collaborative book, The HLIC - Head Ladies in Charge book which was released in June of 2015 and also featured in The HLIC - Head Ladies in Charge film documentary released in August 2015. Darlene is currently completing her first solo book, “The F Word: finding Freedom thru Forgiveness”; which will be released in the spring of 2016.

    At 7:15, Chisa PennixBrown  

    Chisa began her professional career managing artists and planning events before emerging into entrepreneurship. Today, she is a business trainer and speaker, sharing her corporate experiences throughout the East Coast. She offers “makeovers” as a provider of business development classes and training for companies that want to be re-branded. In keeping tune with today’s business demands, Chisa also provides event production, social media management, and "Bizness Blueprints" for companies that need a clear marketing plan. Chisa teaches her own Bizness branding classes as the Social Media Concierge to aid small businesses in creating their online presence.  

    Call in and be a part of the conversation at, 619-924-0933.  You've heard it here from your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.

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    A Hezekiah Moment, The Makeover Begins

    in Christianity

    Good morning Baltimore, I pray that all of you are having a blessed and wonerful morning today.  As I said you guys are going on a ride with me as I'm emailing back and forth and calling back and forth with Purposely Created Publishing as we're, not just me, you and I are embarking on the makeover of my first novel, my first baby, the thing I worked on for over three year.....lol...I know I sound like a mother.  Hey you guys take nine months...lol… was slow, my book REDISCOVERING KIA.  I'm making the payment, uploading my file, my baby, and she will be in the oven for less than a month and will be available on eBook on December 17, 2015.  Are you just excited as I am.  

    When we're embarking on a new venture, it's not easy.  But I have to step up my game.  When you meet someone new, and they have the ability and credentials behind their name, then take that chance.  I've seen Tie just this week launch another author on her platform.  That just makes me more excited for what I'm about to do.  Please keep me in prayer because I want to be patient.  The Word says “be still and know that I am God,” and that's what I want to do.  Everyone at Purposely Created Publishing has been so good to me and that's why I did the video.  Oh yea, I updated that video as well so check out the [NEW] TMITM CELEBRATING AUTHORS THIS CHRISTMAS SEASON 2015.  

    But let's not forget we still have one more show for this November.  Please join me November 27, 2015 at 9 PM as we welcome Ms. Flora Carter.  She's a survivor of Domestic Violence and she's going to tell her story and answer your questions.  Pass the word around so we can make her feel welcome to The Man In The Mirror Platform.  


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    Everything with Kathy B, Chef Oliver, Dr Julissa, Marchelle Sutton Horner

    in Entertainment

    Source Nation! Join us tonight from 6-8 EST for our Healthy Cooking & Living Segment.

    At 6 EST, Chef Oliver is back in the kitchen to serve up another amazing dessert.  What's on the menu? Fruit compote with whip cream and honey over angel food cake. Super easy and delicious. Be sure to follow along at 6:15 for the slide show with step by step instructions.

    Source Nation! Join us tonight at 7 EST for Healthy Living with Julissa Hernandez ND DrJulissa, as she and Kathy continue their discussion about the Benefits of Meditating. Whether you're a beginner or one who meditates often, join us as Dr. Julissa shares how Meditation Affects The Body

    At 7:30, join Kathy B as she welcomes, Marchelle Sutton Horner into the studio to share her amazing journey and how TLC has positively impacted her life.
    Call in and be a part of the conversation at, 619-924-0933. You've heard it here from your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.

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    A Hezekiah Moment, The Celebration Begins

    in Christianity

    Good morning Baltimore Kia here.  This is week two of Celebrating Authors This Christmas Season 2015.  As I said we're about to have 4 Dynamic Authors on The Man In The Mirror each week in December 2015.  And as I mentioned each of these authors have been published under our very own Tieshena Davis of Purposely Created Publishing.  Remember her, the one I told you that was about to take REDISCOVERING KIA to the next level on eBook, the one we said we're going to follow each step and each process that I'm going to take you on process with me.  I'm truly excited about this new process that I'm about to take.  Yea that's the one...lol...But again, these four authors will tell their story, and bring some clarity to us about them and their books. 

    So please tune in each week on Friday nights at 9 P PM-10 PM to The Man In The Mirror.  Call in at 917.889.2271 or log into the chat room at www.blogtalkradio.com/themaninthemirror.  All of this will start on the first Friday of December which is December 4, 2015 at 9 PM.  Our first guest there will be Kemya L. Scott, she the author of I'm On Social Media, Now What Do I Say?  So yea, we'll be talking about everything on these shows coming up.  

    So join me Hezekiah L. Montgomery host of The Man In The Mirror and co-host Nichelle Johnson as we Celebrate Authors this Christmas Season 2015.  We're celebrating them and we're going on our own journey as we watch Rediscovering Kia eBook get a complete makeover.  


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    Da B Side

    in Music

    Classic R&B with A TWIST

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    Perpetual Praise Friday II

    in Christianity

    Hello family and friends, as I said during our anniversary show we're changing the program little by little this year and Perpetual Praise Fridays is one of them.  Every 3rd Friday is Perpetual Praise Friday.  We're going to pray, testify and just have a good time.  We want the Devil to be mad because of the praise and worship that we give unto our Heavenly Father.

    Join me Hezekiah L. Montgomery host of The Man In The Mirror and my Co-Host Nichelle Johnson on November 20, 2015 as we not only be thankful, but as the song goes we just want to praise Him.  So stay prayed up, keep The Man In The Mirror in prayer, and let's get ready and keep the praise reports going.