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    Travel Italy Live with Victoria DeMaio of Postcards from Travel Pizzaz

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    Enjoy every step of Victoria's trip through Italy from Florence, to Rome, to Puglia, and back as she joins me on the air to chat.

    We'll be connecting live to talk about her favorite gelato spots, getting lost, her discovered travel tips, favorite wine, and much more.

    Join us as we explore Italy together bringing each day to life through the show and her wonderful trip throughout Italy together.

    Visit her site at http://postcardsfromtravelpizazz.com/ to learn more.

    This wonderful segment series is brought to you by the Italy Travel Marketplace.  Check it out at www.italytravelmarketplace.com


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    Lisa Condie of A Better Way to Italy and the Huffington Post

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    Some of us think about making changes in our life; few of us actually do it, Lisa Condie is a shining example of not only doing it, but doing it so well you can't help smiling each time you think of her.  The best part is you can join Lisa on a tour with A Better Way to Italy through Tuscany and the Cinque Terre any time you'd like.

    Imagine walking the beautiful streets of Cortona, horseback riding, yoga, shopping, wine tasting, or just relaxing at the most beautiful, hand-selected locations in Italy.

    Lisa not only offers you the chance to tour with her and Sarah, you can read along with Lisa as a contributing writer at the Huffington Post on all things Italy.

    Be sure to do the following:  Visit A Better Way to Italy's site, book a tour directly on their site or on the Italy Travel Marketplace, and last, but not least follow Lisa on Huffington Post.

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    Travel the World: Visiting Kiruna, Sweden, Switzerland and Urbino, Italy

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    Join hosts Jacquie Kubin and Bob Taylor as we explore Kiruna, Sweden and Switzerland in Western Europe before dropping back to Italy to further explore Urbino, a walled city in the Marche region of Italy, south-west of Pesaro. Urbino is a World Heritage Site notable for a remarkable historical legacy of independent Renaissance culture, especially under the patronage of Federico da Montefeltro, duke of Urbino from 1444 to 1482.

    Kiruna is Sweden’s northernmost city nestled about 90 miles about the Arctic Circle, and the local economy lives and dies with the productivity of the world’s largest iron-ore mine.  

    The most famous member of the Montefeltro family was Federico da Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino from 1444 to 1482, Thanks to his efforts, the nearly four decades of his rule the government was aimed at this purpose, which, thanks to his extraordinary qualities combined with a considerable fortune, he fully realized this dream.

    Travel the world combines unique photography and information shared by people who have actually been there. 

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    Nicole Biscardi of Your Private Italy & Trionfale Tours

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    Enjoy the finer things in life (don't read expensive) and enjoy your time in Italy with Your Private Italy.  They'll book all of the details from picking you up at the airport and scooting you quickly through customs, to a helicopter transfer, a private jet, cooking classes, wedding planning, car rentals, tours, scuba diving, kayaking, and property rentals.  

    Nicole and her husband offer a market experience in the rarely visiting by travellers Trionphale market of Rome.  It's only steps away from the Vatican so you can enjoy the market, a privately enjoyed cooking class and lunch, then find your way to the Vatican.

    The best thing to do is visit their site at www.yourprivateitaly.com or the Trionphale Tours facebook page (website soon to follow) at https://www.facebook.com/TrionfaleTours


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    Travel: Italy with guest Walter Sanders, plus the magic of Kiruna, Sweden

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    Travel writer Walter Sanders shares his journey's through Italy with a highlight on the Monstigliano Estate in Tuscany and La Marche, Italy. Also on the show CommDigiNews travel writer Bob Taylor will share his discovery of Kiruna, Sweden’s northernmost city nestled about 90 miles about the Arctic Circle, where the local economy lives and dies with the productivity of the world’s largest iron-ore mine.

    Not so very long ago, citizens of Kiruna began noticing cracks in the streets and other strange phenomena that told them something was wrong. So the are moving the town.

    This and the always enticing more as we Travel the World with leading travel experts and writers on the CommDigiNews Hour.

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    100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go with Susan Van Allen

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    Susan Van Allen joined me to talk about her amazing book, 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go.  From museums, to beaches, to villas, to spas, to gardens, to women run wineries, to the insight of other great women writers like Ms. Francis Mayes, we covered it all.

    Her book is a glorious read filled with insight that can be used by both men and women for a great trip through Italy.

    I was inspired by her perspective and her passion.

    My favorite chapter title is Bernini's Beautiful Broads and the Galleria Borghese of Rome.  Susan's ability to have fun with the content, yet deliver an insight that few books are able to will have you eager to run to enjoy all 100 sights in her book.

    The best part is you can use it as a great read and a guide book.  This is a great book to turn to when planning your trip to Italy and while you're there you can bring the printed copy or the ebook.

    In addition to this great title you can also enjoy her other book Letters from Italy - Confessions, Adventure, and Advice.  

    Be on the look out for her soon to be released new title, 50 Places in Rome, Florence, and Venice Every Women Should Go.

    Visit Susan's Site and be sure to buy her book

    You may also join Susan on a tour of Italy on her Golden Week in Southern Italy:  For Women Only Tour this October.  Go with her to experience the pleasure of Southern Italy, Magical Capri, Fascinating Pompeii, the Best Pizza in the World, and much more.  Hurry though.  There are only 4 spots left.


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    Liz Knight of Rome if You Want To - Attorney and Travel Writer

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    Liz Knight lives in Rome and works as an attorney and a travel writer.  Her story of how she landed in Rome is a great one; one that we're all familiar with.  It goes like this, traveled to Rome with family in high-school, fell in love with Rome, moved there to live after college.  

    Liz has dedicated herself to two jobs.  She's both an attorney and travel writer.  That translates into wonderful articles about travel, not just in Italy, but throughout Europe.  

    On the show we talked about her fun and well written blog Romeifyouwantto.com (sing the name of her blog and I'll give you 52 guesses to get the name of the band that wrote the song who inspired her blog's name).  It's packed with articles about all over Italy like Puglia, Tuscany, Venice, and of course Rome.  You will also find articles about Krakow and Auschwitz.

    Liz is full of life, full of surprises, is a great writer, a great attorney, and a great guest on the show.

    Don't miss a single post.  Be sure to follow her amazing blog at www.romeifyouwantto.com.

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    Traveling with Victoria DeMaio through Italy - Tips, Fun, and Insight

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    Victoria DeMaio of www.postcardsfromtravelpizazz.com joins me to share her tips and insight on traveling through Italy with her organized groups and her independant travels.

    We talk about the great things to do, how to get from here to there, and why indulging in getting lost is the way to go.

    Even if you've been to Rome, Florence, and Venice 5 times there is always something to enjoy and a fun way to do it.

    I'm inspired by Victoria and her passion for Italy and it comes through with her every word.

    Think about enjoying the Sistine Chapel with no one else during regular visiting hours, using the new train option, tours with wonderful tour companies, and blogging about it all the while.

    Victoria you put a smile on my face and I'm certain you'll help many others find their way in Italy.

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    IT'S ALL ABOUT SEX is the show where we talk about almost everything Sex from the latest in the Adult Industry to the newest sex toy.  We talk about who's hot in the industry, sex positions and ways to get off

    Tonight we'll be talking to Adult Film Star Rome Major. The convesation will be about that sexy ass body of his.  I'll be asking him about that nice ass package he's carrying. I don't know if Rome Major can handle our nonsence, but we'll find out. DAMNNNN he's sexxy.

    You know we're going to get all up in his business and ask about what he has coming in the future.

    If you've never seen this sexy ass man in person or on film than you will definitey want to listen to this show and check him out.


    Join Ms. V and James while they are asking your questions and just having a real conversation with their guest.  It's like ease dropping on a private conversation about sex.  You never know what these two will say.  Join the conversation at 646-716-8041

    Also we'll be discussing up coming adult events in the industy and public and radio apperances we'll be making.

    This is the It's All About Sex Sex and More Sex show that you don't want to miss.


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    Arte al Sole - A Camp in Italy for Kids with Shannon Kenny

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    I am joined by the Founder and President of Arte al Sole, Shannon Kenny.  We talk about her camp, Arte al Sole for children in six locations throughout Italy and how the camps allow children to embrace, food, art, culture, natural history, and history.  We talk about Shannon’s awesome background in Medieval and Renaissance History and what motivates her, and more importantly, the children at Arte al Sole.

    Visit their site at www.artealsole.com for a profile of each of her programs and to catch up on the details of each location.  There are six to choose from.

    Arte al Sole is a summer day camp for international children offering week-long sessions based on the art, culture, and natural science of Italy with locations in Panicale, Umbria; Lucca, Montepulciano, and Florence in Tuscany; Rome; and Puglia. Children ages 6-12 will explore the artistic and natural wonders of these inspiring environments through exciting and engaging activities in art history, fine arts principles, nature walks, sketching and painting, collage, architecture, sculpture, craftsmanship, and science. Each session includes a cooking lesson preparing regional dishes and a fieldtrip to local museums and architectural sites. The program is entirely in English, offering an optimal language immersion experience for children of all ages and languages. A teen leadership program is also offered for students ages 13-17.

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    Taking Great Pics in Italy with Raffaella De Amicis of Molimogallery.com

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    It's simple...just read the manual!  I'm only kidding.  Taking great pictures in Italy is an artform and Raffaella De Amicis talks us through how to work your camera, set up the shot, and click your way to awesome memories.

    Visit her unbelievable gallery and buy some of her pics at www.molimogallery.com.  My faves are of the Nonne, the Nuns, the Colosseo, the pavement at Pompeii, and the Bridge of Sighs.

    So much to learn, but so fun to practice.

    Raffaella also talks about her upcoming photography tour where she'll be creating wonderful memories for all of us.  Be sure to support her.  Learn more at http://www.trevolta.com/travels/Forza-Italia-Capturing-Italy-23533



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